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Star Citizen threatened with class-action lawsuit

Internet Warlord Derek Smart is at it again: This morning, the dev behind Alganon and Line of Defense ramped up his crusade against Star Citizen and Chris Roberts with a demand letter from his attorneys and the threat of a class-action lawsuit.

“I have decided to make good on previous statements calling for accountability,” he writes. “Aside from the FTC guidelines on crowd-funding, as well as actions they have taken against companies that seek to defraud consumers, and because I have reasons to believe that this entire project now borders on consumer fraud, regardless of the risks to myself, my family etc or the amount of aggravation (attacking the messenger is an exercise in futility) that this is no doubt going to cause me, I am going to continue fighting this, while working with the Federal authorities, including the FBI, to get to the bottom of what is going on with this project and where backer money is going.”

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Derek Smart defends Alganon against review bombing

It’s safe to say that Alganon has not been a well-liked game on Steam since its arrival on the platform on May 5th, at least if you judge by its player reviews: There are twice as many negative reviews as positive criticizing the fantasy MMO. Derek Smart, who is still in charge of the project as well as his upcoming Line of Defense, claims that this title has been unfairly assaulted by “review bombing” and has issued a warning to those who attempt to put down the game without justification.

“If you violate any of the community guidelines in our forums, you WILL be banned (temp or perma-, depending on severity),” Smart posted. “NO EXCEPTIONS. And now also, you will be banned from our game servers. In case you were wondering; yes, we can in fact do that, same way we treat cheaters and their ilk.”

Smart did assure players that “nobody gets banned for their opinions” as long as they bow to the Steam community guidelines.

Source: Steam via MMO Fallout


Alganon is coming to Steam on May 5

Remember Alganon? It’s still alive and kicking, and it’s probably about to get a player infusion since it’s heading to Steam on May 5th. The game’s latest expansion, Rise of the Ourobani, added a new playable race, a new leveling experience on the continent of Aeon, flying mounts, and mercenary companions that players can hire to help them in combat.

Alganon’s April newsletter also mentions a one-shot comic book as well as a fix to some of the bugs that cropped up with the expansion’s launch.

[Source: April newsletter; thanks Zariarn!]