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Studio: Trion Worlds
Launch Date: September 16, 2014
Genre: Fantasy Hybrid Sandbox
Business Model: Hybrid F2P (Optional Sub, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Linda ‘Brasse’ Carlson on ArcheAge, community management, and her new role at Trion

Linda “Brasse” Carlson is one of the MMO industry’s most beloved community specialists, and genre fans everywhere boggled just a bit when Daybreak laid her off along with a number of other high profile employees last February. Carlson landed on her feet at Trion, and Massively OP recently caught up with her to ask about the new gig as well as her plans for managing Trion’s rambunctious playerbase.

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ArcheAge subreddit clarifies P2W censorship; Trion bans exploiters

Another day, another Reddit drama, although the one swirling around ArcheAge appears to be coming to a middle. In a message titled Transparency is key, and so is freedom of speech, the mods who outlawed pay-to-win discussion on the ArcheAge subreddit earlier this week have now apologized… to those who erroneously thought they were banning accounts. They’re not banning you, see; they’re just sending all of your P2W messages through a spam filter first and then deleting anything they decide is spam or disruptive. Also all your past messages on the subject. Yeah, so that part is still happening.

Instead of declaring that ArcheAge is totes not pay-to-win so shut up, the new AutoModerator spam filter auto-reply now reads,

P2W discussion is currently moderated in the ArcheAge sub-reddit. We’ve recently been hit with an increased amount of spam accounts. Your thread has been filtered for a keyword that reaches this criteria. Your post will be approved if it is not found to be within spam criteria and is a well-thought-out discussable topic about P2W. If you still see this post about an hour later, it may have been caught within spam guidelines and the thread will remain as a deleted topic. Feel free to appeal to the moderators if you think this is wrong. We’re sorry we have to do this, our goal is for more unique discussions.

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ArcheAge spawns fresh Reddit drama over pay-to-win

Third time’s a charm with Reddit! Remember back in March when a Skyforge moderator threatened to ban anyone using the term pay-to-win and was summarily excoriated by the community for his trouble? Apparently the ArcheAge Reddit mods rather liked the idea and have decided to ban posts discussing pay-to-win issues on their subreddit. Lead moderator NSA-SURVEILLANCE (seriously) made the announcement yesterday (quoted here verbatim):

As of writing this post, AutoModerator will now be removing any posts that includes questions about “Pay to Win” and comments of these sorts. We believe with these phrases, it dis-encourages the community to play and make them falsely believe in an all out AMEX Black card community is playing the game. We don’t want to encourage members of our community to feel as if the game is not competitive for players without spending thousands of dollars on it. This sets a bad example for new and returning players, because we all know that there is no pay to win. It’s a term being used by the uneducated or the few trying to derail a thread into a “debate” of some sort. As of now, any new threads asking about the game and if it is P2W will be removed automatically and replied to the thread with an automatically generated response by AutoModerator with a detailed paragraph of why it isn’t. This will hopefully remove a good amount of the same topics being posted everyday without the usage of the search function we have on this subreddit. We want the subreddit to be a place of discussion, not repetitiveness.

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One Shots: Bugs Bunny 2099

What would Bugs Bunny look like if he were a futuristic space mercenary who chomped on freeze-dried carrots and spat out, “What’s UP, doc?” right before he unloaded his plasma minigun on an enemy soldier? I imagine he’d look something like this.

Our headline picture is from reader Enikuo, who hails from the land of Warframe. “Warframe added bunny ears for Easter, so I took some screenshots,” he said. “Here, my Tenno is selecting a mission from the mission console. It’s not the most user-friendly menu ever, but what it lacks in usability it makes up with coolness.”

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Massively Overthinking: The return of ‘consequences’ to MMOs

This week’s Massively Overthinking topic comes to us from Kickstarter donor Antonia “Toni” Phillips aka ToniLyran, who’s hit on a sore point with our writers, it seems:

In indie game development, we are seeing a resurgence of games with “real consequences.” With the coming of Crowfall, do you think that we will start to see a trend back to MMO’s with real consequences once again?

What exactly constitute real consequences? Are games like Crowfall actually creating real consequences? Are we trending that way in general? And if we are, should we be? I pitched these questions to the team and got an earful.

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ArcheAge outlines the battles in the Sea of Graves

So what sort of nautical nonsense can you get up to in the most recent ArcheAge update? How about beating back a leviathan of the deep and then starting up a three-way war? The battles in the Sea of Graves – a twisted collection of oceanic flotsam overlooked by the statue known as Ezri’s Light – start when the Abyssal Kraken is summoned to the surface, launching an effort by players to defend the statue from the great beast.

Defeating the kraken spawns several valuable scrolls in the area, which can be looted by anyone in the area, including opportunistic scavengers. It also offers players the opportunity to take control of Ezri’s Light and the surrounding islands, prompting combatants from different faction to focus on taking one another down even if they worked together to put down the kraken. Once the island is controlled, however, it’s a race for the controllers to mine valuable resources before other factions sink their ships. Read up on the full flow if you haven’t yet gotten to take part in this particular naval scramble.

[Source: Dread Prophecies Spotlight: Sea of Graves and Abyssal Attack]


Massively OP Podcast: Episode 12

This week on the podcast we welcome Eliot Weinstein, one of the creators of Cards Against Humanity. Listen as the team takes a week off the news just to sit around playing a card game and eating cheese-dusted snacks. Oh fine, we’ll get to the news too if that’s so important to you!

Stay tuned at the end as we deliver one of our Kickstarter campaign promises: a song that contains the name of over 200 supporters! Yes, it’s as crazy as you might imagine.

Join us on the podcast as we talk about what we’ve been playing in MMOs, the top news stories from the past week, and topics that listeners have submitted!

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Perfect Ten: How to find the right MMO for you

A common question that I see posited around forums and Reddit is, “What MMO should I play?” If there is a more loaded question than that in this community, I haven’t heard it. What is usually being asked, by both newcomers and long-time players, is, “What MMO is right for me that I haven’t played yet?”

While I hear you and have been there, the truth is that there is no one universal answer to that question. There are just hundreds if not thousands of MMOs, big and small, out on the market, each with its own personality, feature set, and setting. Those have to be compared and matched up with the millions of people who all have their own unique preferences. It’s what makes recommending an MMO a difficult proposition.

I’m game for difficult! Today’s list won’t be “10 MMOs that I think you should play” but a rundown of how to sort through the important categories that are out there in the hopes of finding the game that’s right for you.

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ArcheAge releases the Dread Prophecies update

Ghost ships? An aggravated kraken? Just what in Sam Hill is going on in ArcheAge these days, anyway?

Well, the fantasy sandpark has released one of its biggest updates yet with The Dread Prophecies. The sea-focused patch adds plenty of ways to customize player ships while improving the nautical physics. These souped-up vessels will need to be at their best to tackle a new kraken encounter and fight off world boss ghost ships.

The Dread Prophecies doesn’t stop there, either. The devs have changed Freedich Isle to become a more intense PvP experience, added the Golden Ruins zone, introduced the Mistmerrow battleground, put in more housing in Diamond Shores, and tweaked the archeum and regrade systems. Patron players will also see increased offline labor regeneration as part of their subscription benefits.

On Reddit, usually a grumpy place for ArcheAge fans, the tone is remarkably pleased. Check out the patch’s release video below.

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The Soapbox: Making your own fun in MMORPGs

This guest Soapbox was commissioned through Massively Overpowered’s Kickstarter campaign and is authored by Chris “Warcabbit” Hare, a developer at Missing Worlds Media. The opinions here represent the views of our guest author and not necessarily Massively OP itself. Enjoy!

Howdy, all. I’m Chris “Warcabbit” Hare, project lead at City of Titans, and I’d like to spend a few moments talking about the things that we, as game designers, can’t do for players.
I call it making your own fun.

There are several things that make an MMO an MMO, but one of the most important elements is the entire “massively” part of “massively multiplayer online.” More than just a team, and bigger than a raid, it’s everyone around you.

And people get rewards from being in this ocean of players, whether they’re showing off their best armor, getting a little help in a public event, or playing the auction house economy. None of those systems would work without a lot of other people around.

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ArcheAge’s Freedich housing disappears tomorrow

Do you play ArcheAge? Do you own land on Freedich Isle? If so, you’ll want clear out all your chests, furniture, and crested items before tomorrow. Trion is removing housing from the pirate island with the Dread Prophecies patch, but the firm is also compensating affected players.

If you own an 8×8 plot, you’ll get 625 gold, five worker’s comp potions, materials to build your structure elsewhere, and a unique Freedich Fellowship title. If you own a 16×16 plot, you’ll get 2500 gold, 20 worker’s comp potions, structure materials, and the same title.

Dread Prophecies will be patched to the live servers tomorrow and will bring with it significant changes to both Freedich and the game’s ship systems and components. Trion is currently forecasting seven hours worth of patch-related downtime.

[Source: Forums]


Learn about ship customization and more in today’s ArcheAge livestream

There’s lots going on in the world of ArcheAge this week, and most of it is summarized in a Trion website update focused on the upcoming Dread Prophecies update. For starters, there’s an event happening this weekend that grants bonus labor points. Next weekend will feature a trade pack turn-in contest with loyalty point rewards and various prizes for top finishers.

There’s also a livestream happening today that’s focusing on Dread Prophecies’ ship customization, obsidian gear, the new achievement system, and more.

[Source: Omen of Dread Prophecies; Trion livestream]


Trion snaps up Linda ‘Brasse’ Carlson

Nothing tells your player community that the transition to a new corporate structure will be totally fine like firing a pillar of community interaction, right? That was the collective reaction when beloved community manager Linda “Brasse” Carlson was hit by the layoffs at Daybreak Games back in February. But there’s good news for Brasse, as she’s been snapped up by Trion Worlds to serve as the new director of community relations at the company.

Trion CEO Scott Hartsman stated that the company couldn’t be happier to have her on board, a sentiment most EverQuest fans would be hard-pressed to disagree with. It’s good to see people affected by the changes landing back on their feet, especially when the person in question was well-loved by her communities; we can only hope and expect that the communities for RIFT, Defiance, ArcheAge, and Trove will be as welcoming.



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