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Official Site: ArcheAge
Studio: Trion Worlds
Launch Date: September 16, 2014
Genre: Fantasy Hybrid Sandbox
Business Model: Hybrid F2P (Optional Sub, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

ArcheAge is adding skills, a cap increase, and the Library this week

The North American and European versions of ArcheAge are finally getting the level cap bump that Korean players have enjoyed for months.

This Tuesday’s Secrets of Ayanad patch adds five additional levels and five additional skill points to go along with a new power for each of the game’s 10 base skill sets. Trion says that “you can battle creatures in Sungold Fields, Exeloch, and Diamond shores that have evolved to meet your growing power, and delve into the Library itself to test your mettle against arcane foes.”

The devs have also “eased the amount of experience required to gain levels after 50 in the NA/EU version of the game,” but the firm says grind fans need not worry as it’s “not an adventure that can be finished overnight.”

[Source: Secrets of Ayanad]


The Daily Grind: Do you use bugged items to your advantage?

Did you hear about the latest bit of ArcheAge tomfoolery? There’s this mirage donkey mount available in the game’s loyalty point store. It was bugged, and the bug basically allowed players to ride it backwards for a huge speed buff while carrying trade packs, thereby allowing faster trade runs and quicker money-making.

Lots of players bought the bugged donkey specifically because of its bug, and one of these upstanding individuals even had the stones to ask Trion for a loyalty point refund now that the exploit is fixed. That’s not even the best part, though. Would you believe that Trion is actually granting the refunds?!

How about you, MassivelyOP readers? Have you ever knowingly used a bugged item to your advantage?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!


The Stream Team: MOP’s 12-hour Kickstarter countdown extravaganza

We’re down to the wire, folks! Our Kickstarter clock is ticking down, and there are only 12 hours left in one of the greatest reroll endeavors ever. And just how are your favorite writers going to spend that time? With you, of course! From now until the campaign closes, Massively Overpowered’s MJ Guthrie will be living it up (and trying to live some things down) in a mega stream extravaganza! Throughout the day she’ll be joined in-game and in-chat by the rest of the Overpowered crew.

Ever wondered if Bree and Justin could actually play while talking about games at the same time? Don’t miss the Podcast Hour at 1:00 p.m. Want to influence which games we play? Select our Sandbox at 6:00 p.m. Want a chance to win your very own custom Mo drawing? Tune in at 8:00 p.m. and watch a Mo spring up before your very eyes. There will be more contests, keys, and events as well, so don’t miss out.

It all goes live starting with Waking up with Wakfu at 10:00 a.m. Join us as the MOP crew brings you 12 full hours of OPTV goodness. Read on for an approximate schedule of events!

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ArcheAge is getting obsidian weapons in March 10 patch

Trion is preparing to release ArcheAge’s Secrets of Ayanad update on March 10th. As such, producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai has posted a new preview on the game’s official website that details the patch’s obsidian weapons. Each existing weapon type will get an obsidian counterpart, while a quest series will help you craft your first obsidian weapon.

“The path to creating an ultimate obsidian weapon is long and arduous,” Khrolan writes. “Only the most dedicated will succeed in evolving a weapon to its final form.” Trion is also planning a livestreamed Q&A session with the ArcheAge producer team on Friday, March 6th, at 5:30 p.m. EST.

[Source: Age of Obsidian]


The Stream Team: Hanging out at Hadir Farm in ArcheAge

MassivelyOP’s MJ has done many things in ArcheAge, but one thing she’s never experienced is the Hadir Farm dungeon. In fact, none of the Minions has! It turns out everyone just out-leveled it and never came back. So now MJ’s inviting you along for the Minions’ very first trip down into the depths of this dungeon. What will they find? Possibly death… hopefully riches… but definitely fun!

Tune in to OPTV at 12:00 p.m. when this Stream Team goes live!

What: ArcheAge
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 12:00 p.m. EST on Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Enjoy the show!

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Lost Continent: Is it worth returning to ArcheAge?

Last time out I said some pretty mean things about ArcheAge. And let’s face it: The game earned every one of them. It’s inarguably pay-to-win, the comically intrusive cash shop is the bane of both immersion and economy-based sandbox play, and Trion made a lot of anti-consumer decisions in 2014 (hello “normalization,” Auroria launch, and so on and so forth).

Regardless, I’m back in ArcheAge because the rest of the MMO space sucks worse if you crave non-linear virtual worlds.

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Defiance switches up leads while ArcheAge and RIFT elaborate on game worlds

Trick Dempsey is out as Defiance’s creative lead, but he’s pleased to pass the project on to his successor: Carble Cheung. Cheung has been with the team since 2013 and has grand plans for Defiance going forward. “Speaking of the future: ‘YES!’ we are planning for Season 3 and beyond,” he said. “This includes updates to arkfalls, sieges, expeditions, and more.”

In other Trion Worlds news, ArcheAge posted a dev diary about the Ayanad Library and RIFT spent time interviewing Lead Content Designer Julia Fleming. Fleming did drop a not-so-subtle hint about one change coming with Patch 3.2: “One of the Senior Designers (Tacitus) and I have been talking a lot about improving some of the INSTANT aspects of the game, especially those related to ADVENTURE. He’s got some interesting plans on how to make the current system more engaging for players of all levels — and a few surprises as well.”

[Source: Defiance, ArcheAge, RIFT. Thanks to Celestial for the tip!]


Trion Worlds weathers DDoS assault

If you’ve been having a hard time logging into one of Trion Worlds’ games today, you can thank DDoS instigators for that.

On both the ArcheAge and Defiance forums, the team said that Trion’s servers are currently under attack. “The North American servers are experiencing crashes due to a DDoS attack pointed at our Dallas center,” the team posted. “This instability is unrelated to this morning’s maintenance. We’re in the process of getting the affected servers back online.”

[Source: ArcheAge forums, Defiance forums]


The Daily Grind: Do you see hate speech in your MMO?

The other day one of our readers, Joe F., pointed us at a conversation between Trion Worlds CEO Scott Hartsman and an ArcheAge customer who was banned. In the exchange, Hartsman said he reviewed the chat log that led to the ban, concluding, “In 2015, those two words aren’t ‘cussing.’ One is hate speech, the other racism. We wish you the best.”

Obviously, there are lots of kind players who exist together in peace in MMOs, but there are also bad eggs who do like to sling slurs against others out of anger or as part of their “gaming vocabulary.” In your MMOs, do you see much hate speech in chat and tells, or are most folks pretty much behaving themselves?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!


MOBAs dominate Raptr’s January rankings as WoW playtime falls

According to a Raptr press release posted today, MOBA League of Legends dominated the service’s January rankings with just under 20% of total playtime share. World of Warcraft held onto second place with not quite 11% of total playtime share, but it “lost 5.28% of play time in January compared to December.”

DOTA 2, SMITE, and Hearthstone scored well; Diablo III, in particular, saw its playtime rise 77.27% percent month-over-month, likely a result of the 2.12 patch.

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ArcheAge takes a look at the Diamond Shore

The Diamond Shores are no stranger to love in ArcheAge. Nor are they a stranger to militant factions taking control of its spaces. Trion has posted a new article detailing the history of the Diamond Shores, which is being added to the game with the Secrets of Ayanad game update. Even if you’re an ardent fan of the game’s lore, though, you’re probably a bit more interested in its incredibly affordable housing.

As no lord rules over the Diamond Shores, the taxes for residence are extremely low, influenced only by how many plots you already own. The down side, of course, is that the area is flagged as a contested zone and PvP is always on, so you might have to fend off more attacks than you’d like on your new farm. With some new vendors and a few safe spaces by the base camp, the Shores should serve as a new high-level attraction without being the sole destination for players at or near level 55.

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