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Star Citizen’s Around the Verse covers character concepts and the Vulture, while CCP throws shade

Set aside the many Star Citizen dramas of the week and feast your eyeballs on the game’s latest edition of Around the Verse, which couldn’t possibly be controversial, right?

Oh. Oh it’s about the Vulture too. OK then. In fact, the Ship Shape segment focuses entirely on the controversial new concept ship. CIG even discusses the ship’s origins, noting that it’s a spin on the Dragonfly ship.

Incidentally, CCP Games threw some lighthearted shade at CIG over the Vulture/Venture shenanigans, tweeting about it last night.

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Star Citizen deep-dives personal weapons as alpha 3.2 heads to the PTU

Star Citizen’s Around the Verse this week begins with a recap of what the studio is working on, including character animations, missions, planetary resources, scanning, combat AI, props, ship interiors, rest stops, hangars, and maybe the most interesting bit (if you’re suffering from sci-fi exhaustion): overland biomes for planets and moons – you know, like where you’re going to plop your home away from home.

The feature for this episode focuses on personal weapons, specifically the larger assault weapons. Pew pew, etc.

Incidentally, there are loads of leaks from 3.2 littering the Star Citizen subreddit right now, including patch notes, mining updates, and a list of ship balance changes en route. As the mods have noted, they do not work for CIG and will not be pulling down the posts, NDAs be damned, so have fun with that. It probably won’t matter much longer anyway as 3.2 is soon to hit the PTU, or so said the extended downtime notice last night.

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Star Citizen’s Around the Verse covers Squadron 42, scanning mechanics, and the Aegis Eclipse

This week’s Star Citizen Around the Verse takes a quick detour into Squadron 42 development. CIG zips through weapon animations, ship AI progress, spacescaping, the Bengal carrier, NPC AI (this part is really nifty), and character art and costumes. As the studio points out, development on S42 usually carries over to Star Citizen itself – and that includes shipboard scanning and radar systems, the subject of the episode’s feature middle. You wanna know what you’re stealing, harvesting, or blowing up before you do it, right? Right. Finally, there’s a Ship Shape segment covering the development of the Aegis Eclipse and touching on the ship roadmap and new biweekly cadence.

Meanwhile, if you’re still reeling from last weekend’s news that the game now has a de facto $27,000 pledge tier concierge level, check out this official support doc, which breaks down all of the Chairman’s Club buy-ins publicly, from the folks who have PTU access for their package on up through the $1000 and $10,000 ranks.

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Star Citizen talks legacy armor and science gameplay

Strap on some legacy armor and check out the spiffy new helmet HUDs in Star Citizen, because this week’s Around the Verse episode is all about advancements in the game’s persistent universe. There is also plenty more talk about the lore behind the game world.

Another exciting development for the space sim is talk of the science gameplay. “Science” in this case covers a lot of peaceful activities related to charting systems, scanning objects, and examining alience creatures. The team gave a few new examples of science missions, such as searching for, intercepting, and destroying a rogue asteroid, and giving some first aid to rescued critters.

Catch up on all things Star Citizen with the latest episode of Around the Verse, which is waiting for you below!

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Star Citizen: Around the Verse covers shopping as the community debates pay-to-win

This week’s episode of Star Citizen’s Around the Verse is all about shopping, and I mean the fun kind of shopping where you spend pretend money in a video game, not the kind where you spend real money on a video game. The episode deep-dives the in-game shopping kiosk, which has to feel immersive as the player is using it as well as informative without being information-overload. The team says base functionality is already there, as a branch of other types of kiosks, but of course, it’ll continue iterating the item kiosks into their own unique experience.

Meanwhile, Star Citizen fansite Relay has a provocative piece out on whether or not the game is pay-to-win. In recognizing the term’s definition isn’t widely agreed upon, author CommanderLlama settles for simply examining “how much wealth inequality from the real world are the developers allowing to leak into the game world” and whether “the real-money-paying player [is] in an advantaged position compared to the non-paying player.” Ultimately, he concludes, while Star Citizen isn “somewhere on the pay-to-win spectrum, it isn’t “an egregious example yet” in spite of the fact that the game would’ve been untenable without the ship funding model. “But the final structure is also non-existent, so we can’t exactly place it,” he concludes.

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Star Citizen deep-dives its player-generated content system

This week’s Star Citizen Around the Verse begins with a project update recap. CIG says it’s working on legacy armor sets, shopping kiosks, audio and VFX, ships (including the Starfarer’s landing sequence), props, environmental art to make spaces feel more lived-in, and planetary tech, at least some of which is planned for 3.2. The feature for the week is on service beacons, which sounds super boring until you realize they’re basically player generated content, from mining contracts to bounties. Not boring at all. This is the good stuff.

“At a conceptual level, the service beacon is a mechanism that allows players who want something to easily form a short term contract with others who want to provide it,” PU Director Tony Zurovec says. “This is a much more important feature than it might initially appear because it effectively means we’re leveraging the playerbase to supplement and enhance the scripted and systemic content that’s available within the game, while at the same time – because other players are involved – injecting a very unpredictable element that’s ultimately going to result in a lot of very unique gameplay experiences. Just as importantly, by constantly pushing players together when they’ve got compatible interests, the service beacon is going to help foster the creation of relationships within the community, and that in turn will lead to the formation of a lot of new friendships, alliances and in the case of deals gone bad sometimes even vendettas.”

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Star Citizen looks ahead to 3.2, unveils the new Hercules Starlifter concept ship for sale next week

CIG’s Sandi Gardiner and Eric Kieron Davis are back with another installment of Star Citizen’s Around the Verse, bookending a brief check-in with the 3.2 roadmap and a Ship Shape double-header. The devs say they’re working on mobiGlass, quantum travel, cockpit scanning, space anomalies, procedural props, and the planet and moons of Hurston as they trundle on toward alpha 3.2. Then, in Ship Shape, you’re not gonna believe it, I’m sure, but yes, Star Citizen is debuting yet another concept ship: the Hercules Starlifter.

Up for purchase on May 11th, the Starlifter will come in multiple variants from the new in-universe manufacturer, including a high-capacity commercial hauler, a military version with more firepower, and a straight-up gunship edition. Reddit is already in love, and we haven’t even seen a pricetag yet.

Don’t want to wait for May 11th to buy something? CitizenCon is slated for October this year, and ticket sales are live now. $87 will get you in. Premium tickets are currently sold out until the next round goes up for sale this afternoon.

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Star Citizen deep-dives the guts and glory of the character customization system

Cloud Imperium Narrative Director Dave Haddock joins the Around the Verse crew for this week’s episode of the Star Citizen community video. The majority of the studios, the devs explain, are already moving on to the next quarterly release – that being the 3.2 alpha.

But the highlight of the episode is the first iteration of the character customization system that rolled out in 3.1. It’s a pretty complicated system under the hood that hooks together everything from facial structure, hair, eyeballs, and then colors and textures for all of those bits, all properly tagged and linked together to make it easy for artists to add new assets. Hats and hair pose problems too, as any MMO player who’s even been annoyed by clipping can attest. The whole episode is below!

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Star Citizen runs down ships and kicks off a free-fly weekend

On this week’s Star Citizen Around the Verse, I can’t decide whether Sandi Gardiner or Eric Kieron Davis has the cooler shirt, but it also doesn’t matter because internet spaceships! No really, this episode is all about spaceships thanks to the fact that the entire piece is one long Ship Shape segment, sales pitch, and tease for a new ship.

Well, almost the entire piece. If you stick around for the endcap, you’ll note that CIG has laid out a free-fly event all weekend, running through April 16th, meaning that everyone – even if you’re not a backer – can jump into the game and check out the 3.1 patch.

You can watch the whole episode down below, complete with a lot of handwaving (literally) from Disco Lando, plus the chart listing off all the ships (and which ones are actually usable right now) courtesy of Reddit.

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Star Citizen homes in on the mobiGlas, checks in with the UK team, and rolls back alpha 3.1.1

The Star Citizen team is still riding high on the launch of alpha 3.1 last weekend. The latest episode of Around the Verse checks in with the UK team, which is working on, among other bits, interiors and exteriors of space stations and the tech to support them. Improved optimization, ship detail passes, and particle effects are also on the menu, and the audio team actually took a field day to play around recording banging metal up against other pieces of metal. Incidentally, I’ve just figured out what I want to be when I grow up, and it’s that job right there.

The larger half of the video revisits the mobiGlas system, which as Star Citizen watchers know is basically an elite smart watch with holograms that can tell the player everything about everything through a slick in-character UI.

Incidentally, CIG did push out 3.1.1 yesterday, but very quickly rolled it back to 3.1 because of a nasty “frequent crash-to-desktop” bug. The company stresses that the rollback is temporary but does affect insurance claim tweaks right now.

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Star Citizen’s Around the Verse updates players on Squadron 42 and flight AI

This week’s Star Citizen Around the Verse is only indirectly about Star Citizen. The episode instead centers on Squadron 42, which is either a separate game or the same game depending on which side of the lawsuit you fall on, but either way, updates for one are crossover updates for the other too. The S42 team says that lately it’s working on details for ships that are so big they basically have their own completely functional massive subway systems to help you get around them, something I can honestly say I’ve never seen in an MMO before, so that’ll be fun to see in the bigger game.

‘Course, if it takes that long to travel between areas on the ship subway, your character’s going to need a loaded mobiGlas device with some minigames to pass the time. Gems, anyone?

The larger section of the episode focuses on flight AI. “This is a single-player affair,” CIG’s Sean Tracy says of S42 specifically, “so a lot of the heavy-lifting when it comes to both gameplay and story falls on those NPCs and their AI.”

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Here’s how Star Citizen’s character customizer is coming along

Sea of Thieves’ character customization got you down? Star Citizen won’t be making that mistake. This week’s Around the Verse details the game’s roadmap for the character customizer arriving with the 3.1 alpha – and yes, tweaking your dudes and dudettes is going to be a game in itself.

“The character customizer being introduced in Alpha 3.1 is being polished by several teams working to fine-tune this highly anticipated feature,” says CIG’s Eric Kieron Davis. “The gameplay feature team is tweaking the options for eye and skin color as well as the way they’re presented within the customizer. We want to make sure the interface is intuitive and responsive as possible and the UI team continues to make adjustments to the customizer to ensure that. The character customizer is one of the most exciting new features coming online with Alpha 3.1, as it will allow citizens to begin their journey, creating an avatar that can fully represent them within the Star Citizen universe.”

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Star Citizen on some of the big ships of alpha 3.1 and the St Patrick’s Day event

I hope you like starships because in this week’s episode of Star Citizen’s Around the Verse, you’re getting two whole segments on just that. Ship Shape #1 focuses on the Aegis Reclaimer, while Ship Shape #2 is all about the Tumbril Cyclone. OK, so the Cyclone is a vehicle, but close enough. Both will indeed launch with alpha 3.1.

It may seem unlikely, but the team is doing a St Patrick’s Day event too, complete with prizes – including the Constellation Phoenix.

“The Community team will be holding a screenshot contest over the weekend. We want to see how you and your friends are ringing in St Patrick’s Day in Star Citizen. So starting tomorrow, get in the game and celebrate however you see fit. Then share you party images and we’ll choose our three favourites. Just remember to wear some green clothes!”

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