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Crowfall shares its 5.6 patch notes from the future

There will be two sorts of reactions to the idea of sharing patch notes from the future for Crowfall. One group of people will be adamant that you can’t share something from the future, that as soon as you share it that’s part of the present even if it pertains to the future. The other group will just be excited to hear about the stuff in patch 5.6 which only a small group of players get to test right now. These two forces will struggle eternally, if “eternally” means “not at all.” But the patch notes are here! In video form!

The video covers things like race and class powers, keybindings (you can now use ESDF instead of WASD if you haven’t developed years of reflexes for one and refuse to change), the command skill tree, and other options. It also covers even minor things like the changes to Sprint and Jump to make them immediate client-side powers so that the abilities feel less delayed; the team is looking into other powers to ensure that you feel like things happen when they ought to rather than “in a quarter-second.” Check out the full video just below.

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Crowfall’s nights bring a bit of winter to the game

In Crowfall, the days are for partying, but the nights… are for being very afraid. Or at least wary of the many monsters that come out during the night cycle. The latest post on the official site shows off how the game’s day and night cycle will affect the game, starting chiefly with the fact that the often-seen “hunger” versions of monsters will emerge during the night cycle instead of simply in the later seasons of a given campaign world. That may seem to remove some of the anxiety from the game, but since the seasons will move from long days and short nights to the inverse, later stages will still be crawling with corrupted monsters.

Night also means a chance for special node-blocking hunger shards to spawn, forcing players to treat harvesting differently as well. Of course, you can harvest those shards for specialized effects, but it’s going to make it harder to harvest more conventional items throughout the world. In short, there’s a much stronger shift between day and night; read all about it and get ready to be a little more scared of the dark.


Crowfall talks about the upcoming debut of world clusters and more complex win conditions

This month’s developer question and answer video from the Crowfall team is full of exciting steps forward in the game’s history, starting with the upcoming debut of world clusters. World clusters allow the studio to take a bunch of campaign servers and group them under one (non-literal) umbrella. The first step from this is data transfer between maps and zones, giving characters the ability to jump from one world to another.

The team also admitted that the current campaign win conditions are too simplistic at this stage in testing, leading to players refusing to take keeps and forts. “We absolutely need to go back and do another pass to make it more engaging,” said the team.

Check out the full Q&A below!

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Crowfall previews the armor of the High Elves

The next alpha version of Crowfall will allow players to try out the High Elf race, which means that it would be a bit of a problem if you couldn’t dress them up appropriately. Originally, the race was designed for the Frostweaver class, but while the races can now take on multiple different classes, those design elements are still in place for the High Elf garments, all of which have a looser feel and more elegant designs.

All of the various outfits were designed with an eye toward some of the more ornate armors found in traditions like ancient Persia and Thailand, functional with a nod toward high collars and sweeping lines. You’ll get to play around with it yourself in the game’s next alpha test, of course, but it’s nice to get a preview of the fashion before playing dress-up.

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Crowfall’s fly-on-the-wall series shows you how the team is making unique campaign worlds

The second part of Crowfall’s video series is now up which covers the world-building strike team and its efforts to come up with the best possible solutions for the PvP MMO’s campaign worlds.

“Today’s video wraps up the world-building strike team meeting where Creative Director J Todd Coleman, Environment Art Lead Jon O’Neal, Game Designer Jonathan Pollard, Senior Game Designer Brandon Robertson, and Principal Technical Designer Thomas Eidson discuss the particulars of procedural world generation,” ArtCraft said. “This little-discussed system will allow us to easily make unique campaign worlds.”

Make sure you’re caught up on the first part of this video series and head past the break for part two!

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Crowfall invites you to attend a meeting with its world builders

Apparently inviting players to attend ArtCraft’s actual (or cleverly staged?) developer meetings was such a hit that Crowfall is doing it once again. A new “Fly on the Wall” video series kicked off this week, giving players a rare opportunity to hang out with the devs as they discuss world building in this upcoming PvP MMORPG.

There’s a lot of discussion of the various elements that are going into making the campaign worlds. If nothing else, hearing the developers seriously consider all of the implications of roads, mountain passes, parcels, and strongholds connect can give you an idea of the complexity that this game is striving to produce. Even more so, when you consider that the campaign worlds will be generated when each opens up.

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Crowfall improves its time-based skill leveling

Similar to how skill training works in EVE Online, Crowfall uses a time-based skill-up system that accrues points whether or not the player is online. The dev team took some time recently to evaluate how the system was working out in testing and decided that it could benefit from some improvements.

While a dev blog goes into depth on the minutiae of the tweaks, the gist is that the entire system will accrue points in a “time bank” for players to spend on skill nodes when they log in each session. Many of the skill trees have been streamlined as well.

VIP players are going to have an advantage over regular players with this system, as they will get a much larger time bank (30 days vs. three days) and the ability to train two types of skill trees at once instead of one.

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Crowfall details the mechanics of building within its eternal kingdoms

If you’re going to share a plot of land with other people in Crowfall, you need to understand what that sharing will entail. If you’re still unclear as to how the game’s eternal kingdoms will allow people to work together to build up, the latest official development entry spells it all out in clear language, and it’s fairly straightforward. You just need to understand how the various ranks interact and what will be expected of any given player.

Any kingdom has its monarch, its nobles, and its vassals. The monarch is the owner of the overall area, while the nobles are invited members who can place parcels of land as they wish. Vassals cannot place parcels, but can decorate on the parcels placed by nobles or the monarch. It’s a fairly complex interrelated hierarchy, so feel free to peruse the whole rundown on the official site to find out how to work with others to build a kingdom everyone can enjoy. Assuming they were invited, anyhow.


Crowfall streams another set of patch notes from the future

Skill trees are pretty darn important to Crowfall, so it’s also pretty darn important when the development team announces that said trees are getting some overhaul and simplification. There’s also changes to the way that the game handles accrual of skill points over longer-term leveling, with a pretty stark divide between free players and VIP members, which is going to further affect players in terms of leveling things up. Be prepared for growing pains.

The reading of the patch notes also includes notes about the game’s Vassal system, which is currently working but not giving players all of the messages that might be necessary (if you kick Ron off of your property, for example, Ron won’t see a message when he logs in next time). You can hear about all of the changes coming with the aforementioned future patch by hopping down past the break and watching the whole video, although you should also be aware it’s an hour long.

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Crowfall’s 5.5 pre-alpha is live with female centaurs, player vendors, and a new map

Crowfall is ready to push its pre-alpha testing phase to the limit. A new dev video from ArtCraft this week shows off some of the new content in its 5.5 version, focusing on its new map, Wrath. Wrath includes new adventure zones, which are basically high-stakes PvE areas. I spy lots and lots of spiders! There’s also a new high-elf companion, the female Centaur variant, badges, updated visuals for specific spells and weapons, and the new health and recovery system. Crafters and merchants are in for a treat too, as player vendors are totally in. It’s starting to look pretty slick.

And that all means it’s time to break the servers! “The Pre-Alpha 1 through Beta 3 test groups are encouraged to log onto the LIVE servers and keep an eye on the in-game Global chat channel for announcements about concentrating on single servers and specific areas,” ArtCraft says. “You’ll often be playing with and against members of the Crowfall dev team as we gather data related to scalability. This is very important to ensure fun, speed and stability for players, so we need as many Crows as we can get piling onto the servers.”

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Crowfall’s April Q&A focuses on quality of life improvements

The host of small improvements and tweaks that result in a better operating game client and a more enjoyable user experience can be just as — if not more — important than a new zone or class.

Crowfall’s team knows this, which is why it has devoted April’s developer Q&A video to quality of life concerns. Topics up for discussion this week include default castles in Eternal Kingdoms, combat logs, user interface scaling, and even possible plans for a phone app. As for the last item, the team said that it’s not a launch feature but it is definitely on the list of projects that should be addressed following the game’s release.

Check out the full Q&A video after the break!

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Crowfall’s necromancy system would like to place dibs on your body

In most MMOs, when you hear the word “necromancy,” you instantly think of the Coolest Class Ever. One that calls forth zombies, binds skeletons together, and makes you very glad that there is no smell factor in video games. But when it comes to Crowfall, necromancy is not a class — it’s a craft.

As of Update 5.5, the necromancy crafting profession is “fully playable end-to-end, with all the bells and whistles.” Seems a little strange to be giving dead things whistles, but that’s the genius of ArtCraft for you.

Anyway, now that the crafting profession is complete, the developers have laid out the new and improved necromancy system in a blog post. Necromancy allows players to create stronger and more customized “spirit vessels” (i.e. temporary classes residing in bodies) that can be used by them or others. Necromancy-crafted vessels have higher base attributes, get more attributes as they level, and enjoy other perks.

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Crowfall gives players better tools to build bigger castles

Before you can storm the castle, you must build the castle. And when it comes to Crowfall, that will be a pretty fun part of the game.

Considering the sheer size and scope of these structures, players will need all of the help that they can get in putting together a castle that won’t fall down from a stiff breeze. ArtCraft has added many new building tools, such as modules, to assist in the construction of these immense structures.

“Castles are craftable in-game with the use of harvestable resources, and can be placed in your Eternal Kingdoms,” ArtCraft said. “They begin as a baseline building, and can be expanded through additional materials. These castles can reach some staggering sizes!”

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