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Crowfall reveals the secrets of its crowdfunding success

With $2.7 million raised from fans and $12.5 million total in its pockets from multiple sources, ArtCraft has a wealth of money on which to build Crowfall. The studio also has a wealth of experience with crowdfunding, and in a new interview, Gordon Walton shares what he and the other leaders at ArtCraft have learned from running one of the more successful MMORPG Kickstarter campaigns to date.

The five key lessons that Walton shared were: Crowdfunding is a test of a product’s market viability, that it’s important to sell a product and not a dream, that different crowdfunding platforms require different approaches, that studios need to bring their loyal fans out for these campaigns, and that it’s vital to communicate clearly and often.

“The real trick is always about finding the right customers, who want to be part of your business, they want to support you,” said Walton. “A lot of entrepreneurs are more focused on their product than their customers. If I have any advice for people, it’s ‘always think about the customer first.'”


Crowfall explains the concepts behind skill trees and time banks

Do you like dragging yourself out of bed at three in the morning because something has finished in a game and you need to immediately address it? Probably not. That would be insane. But Crowfall recognizes that it’s a possibility with its skill training system, which is why the game has time banks. If a skill finishes training and you’re offline, time starts to fill up in the bank, and you can immediately spend it on whatever you want to train next, with VIP players able to bank up to 30 days of accumulated time. Players will also be able to use skill tomes to transfer banked time, thus ensuring that newer players can catch up with veterans.

VIP players will have the edge in terms of how many things can be trained at once, but they won’t be able to progress faster than other players while training; a VIP player can train two separate skills at once, but not the same skill twice as fast. You can catch the full overview on the official site so you know exactly how the game will help you train up your skills over time and how you can be sure to balance the demands of your time.

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Crowfall’s Q&A stream will address skill UI, race-class split, VIP accounts, and respecs

Crowfall, don’t y’all know that Friday is the unofficial industry day to slack off and stream MMOs instead of working, not Thursday? I’m kidding (or am I), at least about the slacking. In fact, Crowfall’s devs are planning to run quite a gauntlet of questions on today’s stream. Instead of just doing their traditional monthly Q&A video, the ArtCraft leads will stream it live instead, bloopers and all. They’re promising, specifically, to:

“Present the new Skills interface and walk through the revised user experience; outline the ‘ripple effect’ of the Race/Class split as it relates to Skill training; address concerns raised about non-VIP vs. VIP accounts; [and] introduce [their] plans for ‘catch-up’ and ‘re-spec’ mechanics.”

Watch along below; it all goes live at noon EDT.

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Good trees, bad trees, and Crowfall’s siege testing

Two of Crowfall’s big tests are finally converging as one, bringing the limited siege test into the larger and more persistent campaign maps. So what does this mean for testers?

Now players can engage in limited-window sieges around keeps in campaigns, attempting to wrest one for their own faction and protect it as long as possible. To claim a keep, a faction will have to plant a Tree of Life (good tree), which will protect that fortification until it comes under siege by a force that plants a Banewood Tree (bad tree) outside its walls. By utilizing this structure for siege mechanics, the team hopes to keep the process orderly and understandable.

With the pieces falling into place, Crowfall’s testing schedule looks like it’s becoming more traditional going forward. “Remember that our ultimate goal is to start our first official campaign,” the team said. “While we realize that campaign will likely be unpolished (it’s inevitable at this phase of development), we are putting every effort into making it as an enjoyable as possible.”

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Crowfall introduces the Half-Giant race

Go big or go home! If that’s your philosophy, you could do worse than to recruit Crowfall’s Half-Giant onto your team.

The product of archetype decoupling from the Champion, the Half-Giant is a fearsome fighter who might be the largest race in the game. “As the name implies, they are massive size-wise,” the team said. “Really, really big. In fact, some would say they are MASSIVE, when they unleash their inner Giant and grow in both power and physical size.”

The Half-Giant has expected strength and constitution bonuses, but it also sports a couple of interesting feats as well. Every time the character takes a relatively minor hit, it stacks a buff that eventually results in a size and damage bonus. And for foes that are truly annoying, the Half-Giant can backhand them into oblivion.

This race comes in both male and female varieties and can be paired with the Champion, Myrmidon, and Cleric classes.

Source: Crowfall


Massively OP Podcast Episode 133: Gaming Gamescom

On this week’s show, Justin and Bree shovel through the mountain of Gamescom reveals, including a trip to World of Warcraft’s Argus and Star Citizen’s elaborate Alpha 3.0 tease. The duo also mourn the premature demise of SkySaga, a promising-looking MMO that got a raw deal from its publisher.

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

Listen to the show right now:

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Gamescom 2017: Crowfall soars with its cinematic trailer

Noble heroes? More like scavengers in truth. That’s the bottom line for player characters in Crowfall, as spelled out in the MMO’s Gamescom trailer.

In the short video, a woman illustrates her multifaceted existence as she dies and is reborn countless times to be both a savior and a villain. Sharp eyes might spot siege equipment in action, a trio of Guinecean Duelists, the flying spirit crows bringing players back to life, and of course, plenty of archery action.

You can watch the game’s first cinematic trailer after the break, and as a bonus, also hang out with the devs to hear the latest developments of the game straight from the show.

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Crowfall divulges details on the diminutive Fae

Don’t call them “tiny,” not unless you want your Achilles heel slashed and your hair set on fire while screaming laughter fills your ears. Crowfall’s Fae might be the second-smallest race to come to the game, but the species packs quite a lot into its small package.

Today, ArtCraft revealed details about this race that’s coming soon to the test servers. The Fae are the first race in the game that will boast wings, and their bloodline passive grants them increased stealth movement speed, the ability to double-jump, and the ability to glide. Additionally, Fae can dodge past foes and perform higher crits with a special debuff.

The Fae were originally female-only, but thanks to a Kickstarter stretch goal, they will offer a male counterpart as well. The team said that the race can be paired with the Assassin, Druid, or Frostweaver class: “The Fae will add an interesting new element to Crowfall combat thanks to their natural affinity for stealth and the added mobility of their wings.”

Source: Crowfall


Crowfall’s class/race retooling requires significant animation work for ArtCraft

ArtCraft Creative Director J Todd Coleman and Senior Animator Eric Doggett are back for another lengthy Crowfall Q&A, discussing upcoming cons and and getting the campaign test server up. “We are rapidly approaching the point where we can actually run a real campaign,” Coleman notes.

The duo also touch on the 5.3 race and class update and the extensive animation and rigging work required to make the team’s relatively new plan to more or less map most classes to most races. This is a big deal, Coleman says, as a lot of money and time is going into the animation efforts.

“Take a character – let’s say, the human knight – it took us two man months to make,” Doggett explains. “Just for the animation part” — not the models, textures, power design, or the testing itself. The studio’s current tool, however, can cut that process down to five to ten days, speeding up the process.

The whole episode is below.

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Crowfall adds the Gryphon to its bestiary

We have all played enough fantasy games at this point to know what a gryphon is. It’s what happens when a bird and a cat love each other very much, something else happens, and then you get what amounts to an enormous cat with flight. So it’s painful, in other words. Crowfall, of course, has more to say about its own take on this fantasy staple, helped along by its steadily corrupting Hunger that makes everything become a little more… nasty as time goes by.

Of course, the fiction in this particular case is more about what happens when a scouting party accidentally stumbles into a gryphon’s roost due to an unexpected storm, but it still gives a look at the worlds and creatures populating the world. And it even has a happy ending, so that’s nice. Check it out if you’d like a look at what it’s like to live in a world where massive cat-bird hybrids occasionally show up to ruin your night.


Crowfall tests an itty-bitty teeny-weeny campaign map

Judge not Crowfall by its pre-alpha size, will you?

Let’s hope not, because for the sake of testing the team is cramming players together in a diminutive “TinyTyranny” map. It’s so small, in fact, that the devs had to make a special point of saying that the real campaign world maps will be much larger, but for now the small map works best to minimize travel time.

Campaign world testing continues apace at Crowfall with this past weekend’s Patch 5.2.2. There are a lot of adjustments and tweaks to the game mode, including fixes to catapults, balance changes to classes, and quality-of-life improvements to the building placement tools.

Crowfall recently announced a new playable race, the Elken, and added an interaction reticle for object interaction.

Source: Patch notes


Crowfall adds a targeting reticle to object interaction

Interacting with objects is a pretty core part of playing Crowfall. Some of these interactions are rather straightforward, like interacting with an arrow when it’s flying toward your face. Others are a bit more subtle, and they’ve previously been based on pushing a button within a certain range. While this worked much of the time, the latest update to the game explains that it didn’t always work when two objects had a similar field of influence. So now, you just target things.

When you’re within range of an object you can interact with, you’ll have a little targeting reticle; once you’ve aimed it at the object you want, you press the button and go. A few objects are still proximity-based, but those are the exception. Interactions now also move faster, so players should have an easier time choosing what they want to interact with and making it happen right away instead of eventually. You’ll also have more state interactions with object, so you can’t rebuild walls in stealth or capture a keep in the middle of combat. All reasonable changes, although the Ninja Architectural Guild may have some objections.


Massively OP Podcast Episode 129: Treasure Trove

On this week’s show, Justin and Bree talk about Trove’s underdog status, the impact of server merges on open world housing, playing as a deer, gender stereotypes in MMOs and more!

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

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