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Fortnite is getting a new large-scale battle royale mode

Over the past weekend, Fortnite managed to hit a peak of 1.3 million concurrent users and 30M total users. That’s a lot of people. So how do you capitalize on that for the game’s Battle Royale mode? Why, you throw them all into an arena and make them fight. At the Game Awards tonight, Epic Games has just revealed a new limited-time mode that gives players a large-scale arena to fight in for a 50v50 battle. Last team standing wins, and to the winner goes…

Well, not being shot. That’s incentive.

There’s a trailer for the new mode just below, and the important thing is that… well, it’s big. Really, mind-bogglingly big. You might think that the current mode is big, but this is a clash of makeshift armies. Check it out if that’s the sort of thing you like to see, and don’t forget the patch notes for the new limited-time mode!

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Tencent may be bringing H1Z1 to China

The easiest way to ensure that no one is really fighting over who gets to be at the top of the battle royale genre of games is to make sure you own all of them. Tencent has already picked up the most popular game in the genre for distribution in China, but now it’s teasing that it may also be bringing H1Z1 to Chinese shores, allowing players there to enjoy the shooting action of a game that at one point was supposedly about zombies.

Nothing has yet been officially announced, but there is a teaser website, and there’s a social media page on Weibo (one of the most popular social networking pages in China) managed by Tencent. It’s a sound strategy to ensure that players who jump from one game of the type to another still remain loyal to the same company, but we’ll have to see when and if the official announcement comes around.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds teases its desert map, eyes post-launch cosmetics

Still find yourself dizzy with disbelief about how the most awkwardly titled video game ever became 2017’s biggest hit? Check out Polygon’s rundown of how PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds came to dominate the scene this year.

There’s a lot on deck for this battle royale title, which we should remind you is still in desert. The team has a new desert map named Miramar that’s coming to the game soon. Miramar is a large map with eight distinct regions, such as the metropolis of Los Leones and the oceanside resort of Valle del Mar.

The team is also looking at some post-launch plans, such as creating more cosmetics to meet player demands for cool-looking outfits. Don’t worry that the game is about to be ruined by pay-to-win crates and overpowered items, however, as the studio said that it’s being careful with additions.

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Wild West Online seems to be dropping FFA PvP in favor of faction-based PvP

Still bummed out about Wild West Online’s delay to 2018? Wait until you see the game’s latest dev blog! 612 Games doesn’t mention the delay but does go into detail about some of the bigger changes on the way.

For a start, the game seems to be shedding its free-for-all PvP stylings, as the developers are adding three factions. They’re saying it’s about roleplay flair, but as in other faction-based MMOs, you’ll be locked to grouping with just your same side, and you won’t be able to team kill – you’ll be able to fight just those on the other sides. That more or less puts an end to the game’s original plan to allow free-for-all PvP and looting hemmed in by merely a flimsy bounty system.

“Most Wanted Status is going to be removed from the game and replaced with other mechanics to prevent Kill On Sight style grieving,” 612 Games says. “So under no circumstances when you are killed will you lose your items except gold or quest/event related items such as relic artifacts etc.”

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Blade & Soul’s Dawn of the Lost Continent launches today (and it has a flying pirate ship)

Blade & Soul’s biggest update ever is live today – or will be this afternoon once the servers are back from maintenance tonight!

As we’ve previously profiled, Dawn of the Lost Continent lifts the level cap to 55, adds new ultimate skills, and launches the eighth act of the game’ storyline, which literally involves a giant flying pirate ship. There are new zones, two new heroic dungeons, and a 12-man raid to boot. There’s even something for soloers:

“Become the King of the Outlaws on Outlaw Island! Poharan, the gun-toting maniac and Vice Admiral of the Blackram, has an even more maniacal gun-toting sister, Yeohoran! And she’s the resident Force of Nature on Outlaw Island. The heroic solo dungeon will pit players in the Blackram Battle Royale to challenge the pirate queen herself in a deadly duel.”

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Survive the Nights brings back classic fort-building survival

Can we make an agreement right now, you and I? That if the world ends because of a zombie uprising, maybe we can work together for mutual survival instead of succumbing to a battle royale mentality on day two of the apocalypse? There’s no reason to do the zombies’ job for them.

The undead are on the move in yet another survival sandbox, but at least Survive the Nights is more focused on teamwork and fort building than stabbing friends in the back over a can of peas: “Survive the Nights is a unique FPS survival game focusing on teamwork, fortification, creativity and strategy. Secure a structure or roam free, the choice is yours. Survive the Nights focuses on realistic survival, post zombie infestation.”

The multiplayer sandbox ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, raising eight times its original goal. Currently, the game’s 64 square kilometers of playable area is gearing up for early access on Steam, which the team considers a soft-launch of the current alpha build. Steam keys for backers should be going out today, but you can keep your eye on the Steam page for a way to get into it if you’re not one of the game’s funders.

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Eternal Crusade considers battle royale mode, can’t comment on status of lead designer

Even Warhammer 40K Eternal Crusade might be jumping on the battle royale bandwagon. That’s according to Behaviour Interactive’s latest pair of player-directed Q&A posts.

“We already have a series of Battle Royale game mode ideas, since it’s one of many ‘standard’ modes today,” says the studio. “Ours are of course adapted to fit with the 40K universe, and with the lore limitations. I also think PUBG showed how execution and nuances to a mode can really kick off something big. Just like LOL. It’s lower down the list of game modes we’ll prototype, as we already have some half-finished modes we’re applying to current maps, part of current maps (cutouts) or unfinished maps.”

The studio also notes it is indeed aware of the “brick wall of boredom” at rank 6 and is working on fixes, maps and storylines are under discussion now, and that a lot of game tweaks are doable – the team “just need[s] engineers” to make them happen. As for Steam Workshop integration – a ton of questions are about this feature – Behaviour says that weapon creation won’t be coming to the core game and that it has its eye on abuse such that it’ll be reviewing all submissions.

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Fortnite’s latest patch adds Xbox One X support, preps custom matchmaking

This week’s Fortnite update spreads love around for both the freebie battle royale mode and the paid PvE mode and now supports Xbox One X’s 4k resolution. Battle royale gamers will see two new leaderboards as well as tweaks to loot, fall damage, and bush placement. For real. Save the World players should keep an eye out for the return of mutant storms and brand-new themed weapons.

Perhaps the most interesting bit actually arrives today as a button that doesn’t do anything. But it will! “Tomorrow you may notice a new ‘Custom Matchmaking’ button appear in-game if you’re playing on PC,” Epic says. “We are testing a form of private matches during the Dreamhack event we’re attending this weekend (December 1 – 3). We’re using private matches at this event to see how we can provide both fun and competitive, ‘special’ events for you in the future.” The button won’t work if you’re not in on the event, but expect more details next year.

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Superdata’s October 2017 revenue report: Destiny 2’s and PUBG’s dominance

Destiny 2 may be fudging up left and right, but it still sold a truckton of copies.

That’s according to Superdata, whose most recent revenue report shows Bungie’s new baby holding the #4 spot for PC and #3 spot for console in terms of global revenue for the month of October. “High attach rates for deluxe editions drove the average selling price up,” says the analysis firm, while digital games’ growth across the board “was underpinned by a 28% jump in premium PC thanks to Destiny 2’s successful BattleNet launch, and the continued blockbuster hit of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.”

Indeed, PUBG blew past D2 on PC to claim the #2 spot, right behind League of Legends. The real competitor for PUBG, however, is Epic’s Fortnite, which startled the PvE playerbase it had cultivated with a quality battle royale mode earlier this fall.

“While Fortnite has seen a higher out-of-the-gate active user base thanks to its F2P status, the game’s long-term success vs. its major and earlier-released rival is uncertain,” writes SuperData.”

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Perfect Ten: The biggest MMO stories of 2017

One thing you can say for the MMO industry: It never ceases to surprise all of us. No matter what predictions we may make at the beginning of a year, by December we will all be proven fools who lack vision and foresight.

Although 2017 isn’t quite over yet, we here at Massively Overpowered wanted to count down the biggest news stories that crossed over into our neck of the woods so far this year. We witnessed controversies and delights, shockers and sadness. We saw launches and shutdowns, expansions and bugs.

So before we move into 2018, let’s take a look at the year that was and remember the biggest stories that dominated headlines.

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Warface jumps on the battle royale bandwagon

With the insane popularity of Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds this year, it was inevitable that other titles would rush to copy the battle royale formula in the hopes of striking it big. Next up on deck? Warface.

The five-minutes-into-the-future team shooter announced a new battle royale mode for the game, which should be live right now. This update comes with a specially designed Mojave Desert map on which 16 players will engage in a free-for-all elimination as a “death zone” continually forces them into closer and closer proximity.

There are about 70 weapons and pieces of equipment for players to find and use during their fights. The developer said that it relied heavily upon player feedback to design the new mode.

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H1Z1’s latest patch adds a new insta-respawn map and new dailies

Daybreak has big plans for H1Z1 — that’s the game formerly known as H1Z1: King of the Kill, you’ll recall, as it was rebranded earlier this fall. The battle royale game’s latest update rolls out a new action-oriented 2×2 km map that boasts a shooting range, instant respawn after death, and no parachute drop – “players start fully equipped to get into fights immediately.”

The game is likewise addition new dailies with difficulty modes and Skull rewards that can be swapped for skins, plus balancing updates for specific ranged weapons. Oh yeah, and e-sports.

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Fortnite plans to flesh out its PvE mode in December and January

I’m gonna be honest: When I saw the subheader “The future of Save the World” in the latest Fortnite dev blog, I expected what followed to amount to “there isn’t gonna be one” – after all, Fortnite’s fast shift to whipping a PvP-oriented battle royale mode up from scratch for a B2P title that was planned as a builder for PvE players is legendary.

But Epic isn’t giving up on PvE at all. In fact, it’s plotting big changes. Here’s what’s en route over the next couple of months:

  • hero evolution turned up to legendary
  • inventory accessible from everywhere
  • improved loot inspection
  • improved management tools for collections
  • an event store where you can spend event-specific currency
  • a much better quest map
  • minibosses
  • and “Survival v2,” complete with skip days.

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