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WildStar begins Chinese beta this August

As WildStar is preparing to make the grand transition to free-to-play in the west this summer, it’s simultaneously making in-roads into Asia with an upcoming Chinese launch.

The duties of handling WildStar’s China operations will go to Giant Interactive, which has previously handled titles such as Allods Online. Giant will oversee the closed beta test, with plans to begin in August. No date for a launch has been announced.

WildStar’s Chinese version will feature not only the new free-to-play business model but new facial options, panda accessories, and 22 additional pets. All of these are aimed specifically at the region’s demographics.

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Wargaming attempts to resolve World of Warships’ Humble Bundle debacle

Let us tell you a story. The story begins with the recent E3 Humble Bundle, through which Wargaming handed out not only access to World of Warships’ closed beta test but other goodies including a Russian Murmansk battleship. Initially the ship was supposed to only be for beta testing fun, but Wargaming soon posted on the forums that it would carry over to the live game.

And then Wargaming abruptly reversed its stance on this, striking out previous posts and informing players that the ship would not be given to players past the beta test. The company admitted to players that it “bungled” the offer but had no intention of giving the ship permanently: “We had only ever intended to treat this partnership with Humble Bundle as an opportunity to preview premium World of Warships content and to help drive donations to charity.” The studio then attempted to provide a consolation prize with early access to open beta for Humble Bundle purchasers.

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Tree of Savior gets a huge English FAQ

Got a lot of questions about Tree of Savior? We bet you do, you curious kitten you. Well now it’s time to get them answered, as IMC Games has posted a 139-question (and growing) English FAQ on the official site.

If you’re looking for details on upcoming beta tests and launch dates, you’ll be out of luck, however. A vast majority of the FAQ deals with in-game operations and features, although the site did confirm that there will be a full wipe after the closed beta test.

A quick read through the questions and answers will serve to give an overview of how the game functions, how characters advance, and what (among other things) are “helpers.”


City of Titans development finally ‘on track’

“The shadow of doubt has passed, and the state of the game is strong,” City of Titans President Nathaniel Downes trumpets in his newest letter to the community.

Downes said that for the first time since City of Titans’ Kickstarter campaign concluded, development for the title is firmly “on track” and moving in the right direction. “We have a live internal test server that fully qualifies as being an MMO,” Downes said, going on to thank the team and volunteers for the progress made so far.

Unfortunately, delays have forced the game’s beta to slip to 2016, although the costume builder should be available for testing by the end of this year. Downes mentioned that the team has focused on organizing better to meet deadlines and push the spiritual successor to City of Heroes forward. A second crowdfunding campaign for City of Titans is being planned for August, followed by a “more standardized model of revenue.”


Skyforge implores you to win back the Eskenian Peninsula

Even as Skyforge winds down its final closed beta test, Allods Team still has more of the game to show off to fans.

Today’s dev blog concerns the Eskenian Peninsula, a tropical tourist trap that’s quite easy on the eyes. It’s a darn tootin’ shame, then, that the inhabitants’ lackadasial nature has allowed demons to break the seals of nearby temples and begin overrunning the entire zone. So as the civilians evacuate, player forces move in to push the bad guys back and reclaim the peninsula once more.

You can get a video overview of the new zone after the break!

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E3 2015: WildStar is adding much more than F2P this fall

The fact that WildStar is transitioning to a free-to-play model this fall is old news now. Folks have been hashing out their opinions on the matter for the last month and have indeed been talking about the possibility for far longer. So what more could be added to the conversation by talking to Carbine at E3?

Information — lots of information! Sitting down with Creative Director Chad Moore and Product Director Mike Donatelli, I learned more details about the both transition itself and the mega content update coming with it. The pair also announced that WildStar will be releasing in China soon, its first step in expanding globally.

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Civ Online’s final closed beta test starts July 14

XLGAMES has announced that Civilization Online will enter its final closed beta phase on July 14th in South Korea. There’s a new trailer floating around the intarwebs, and MMO Culture reports that there are five different careers in Civ Online, including miners, builders, and technicians.

The game is still an Asia-exclusive, though XL did confirm a Taiwan server last month. Click past the cut to watch the trailer.

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Leaderboard: Which Wargaming title is your favorite?

World of Tanks never interested me much. World of Warplanes nailed the subject matter but unfortunately it didn’t meet my expectations for an aerial combat title. World of Warships, on the other hand, is surprisingly enjoyable. Granted, I’ve only played it over a beta weekend at this point, but there’s something oddly satisfying about the title that I can’t quite verbalize just yet.

What about you, Wargaming fans? Which of the company’s three action battlers is your favorite? Vote after the cut!

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LOTRO bringing cosmetic weapons, Hobbit adventures, and a PvMP map this summer

One of the long-running wish list items for Lord of the Rings Online players has been a cosmetic item system — something that Turbine previously said was too difficult to implement. However, it looks as though the studio has had a breakthrough on the tech, as it has announced that it will be introducing such a system this summer.

Executive Producer Athena Peters confirmed the details of the next patch on the forums: “But seriously, [Update] 16.2 will enter open beta this weekend so please go check it out on Bullroarer if you have the chance. This will include the new PvMP zone, Adventures of Bingo Boffin, and cosmetic weapons! Live release will be mid-summer.”

Peters went on to say that Update 17 will be coming in the fall, but she declined to provide more details on it.


Win a Skyforge CBT4 key from Massively OP and Allods Team (All gone now!)

Skyforge’s fourth and final closed beta test begins today, bringing with it two advanced classes, a difficulty toggle, a group finder, and customizable guilds, plus there’s the promise of a future open beta now in the planning stages.

We’ve got 1000 beta keys for this round of testing to give out thanks to the fine folks at, Obsidian, and Allods Team; be one of the first thousand readers to clicky the Mo button below and one of them is all yours!

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Trove plans a stress test event to celebrate the end of beta

Trove is really leaving beta for real, and to celebrate, the developers want players to break the servers tomorrow. If necessary. Ideally, the servers will handle any load without so much as flinching. But the goal is to have a stress test on June 25th, and if you aren’t naturally inclined to flood the game’s servers with login efforts to see how they hold up, you can be motivated to do so via rewards.

Every player who logs in during the end of beta event will receive a Flask Coin to unlock any Flask or Emblem from the game’s store for free, and players at 30+ Mastery will also receive five piñatas to smash open for more goodies. If the stress test does break the servers, you’ll still get your items for the attempt, and if it doesn’t… well, now you have items and a stable game to play. Win-win!


Skyforge will finalize open beta after this week’s test

Skyforge has entered its final beta test, which means that open beta and soft launch is just around the corner. If you’ve been watching the game with interest since its initial announcement, there’s a sense of completeness at its impending launch, and no small measure of satisfaction… but at the same time, we’re not out of the woods yet. There’s still another testing phase to go through, after all, and that means more players putting the game through its paces.

We took the opportunity to ask a few questions of the development team to see how the beta process was going and what elements are still being adjusted. If you’d like to know more about the testing as it’s being run from behind the scenes, read on.

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