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The Daily Grind: How many MMOs are you currently playing?

After a long time of fighting my habits, I have finally figured out that I just need to stick to one MMO, maybe two, at a time. I have tried and tried to mimic Justin’s system for rotating through MMOs — all games, really. I always feel that I should be playing a little bit of everything, no matter how absurd that is. And his schedule-centric system should be great for playing seven or more games and never getting bored. Clearly it works for him.

But I lose interest long before the rotation starts over again. I far more enjoy being single-minded and almost obsessive about a game in chunks longer than one session or day. I can sometimes get away with two games if they’re very different, but it turns out I like the idea of variety a lot more than I like actually playing that way. In short: I prefer to binge-MMO.

Does this happen to you guys? Can you rotate through half a dozen MMOs, or do you like to focus on one at a time — or somewhere in between? Take stock of your current situation: How many MMOs are you currently playing?

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