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Deep-diving Gloria Victis’ swordplay and siege warfare

We’re in the midst of a sort of sandbox renaissance, with numerous sandbox titles under development and more seeming to scuttle out of the woodwork on a regular basis, all vying for the attention of the masses of gamers weary of the World-of-Warcraft-inspired theme park formula that has dominated the market for so long. Among these contenders is Gloria Victis from indie developer Black Eye Games, a medieval, low-fantasy title that aims to meld an open-world sandbox MMO with the frantic swordplay action popularized by games like Mount and Blade and Chivalry.

Gloria Victis, like many of its compatriots in this new wave of sandbox MMOs, is still in development, but players can get a look at the current state of the game through Steam’s Early Access program. But if you’re one of the many who are (justifiably) wary of dropping money on unreleased games, don’t fret: I’ve taken the plunge in your stead to take a look at how things are shaping up.

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Gloria Victis’ patch this week adds desert-themed region and crafting changes

Gloria Victis is gearing up for a big patch tomorrow: The indie hardcore sandbox will debut a brand-new desert-themed territory packed with a new racial city and quests.

“Prepare yourselves for the upcoming update, which will include the long-awaited Azeb nation, along with their very own city and questlines. With the new city and nation, there will of course be new areas to see and explore on this ever-changing map!”

Black Eye Games is further promising new roaming mobs and bosses spawning randomly, retool AI system, new NPC animations, new strafing and blocking mechanics, a new Glory ladder season, and — yay — crafting stuff.

“We will also be implementing new crafting items and features,” the devs write, “such as the possibility for players to disassemble their items, which will recover some scrap materials for crafting, 70 new items to loot and craft, and some changes based on community feedback, such as lowering the necessary fuels for crafting and taxes.”

Source: Official site, press release


Gloria Victis sings a song of improved combat and performance

Sometimes it’s the small details that makes a patch memorable. For Gloria Victis, it’s something as simple as additional music during character creation, terrain footstep sounds, and a Chinese translation.

These come courtesy of Wednesday’s patch, which also factored in plenty of new combat and performance improvements. Hit detection, player synchronization, and being able to block arrows with a shield strapped on a character’s back were all fixed thanks to player feedback and developer response.

We’ve got a buffet of Gloria Victis videos for you after the break, including one of the new music tracks, a look at crafting, and the combat update. Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Gloria Victis shows off the results of its combat upgrade

We don’t mean to surprise you, but Gloria Victis involves a whole lot of fighting things. You have various sharp bits of metal that you insert into some living creature or another, hopefully before they can do the same to you. So it’s important that combat feel as solid as possible, hence the new combat upgrade. You can watch the full trailer for the upgraded battle system below the break.

While the developers are still tweaking the specifics, the overall goal is for combat to feel more responsive, intuitive, and just plain fun. Hacking away at enemies should involve more skill and give players more options for how best to take on combat. It’s also worth noting that we are in the middle of the Steam summer sale, so perhaps you should take a gander at the trailer down below and then consider jumping in to do a bit of hacking-and-slashing of your own after all.

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Gloria Victis adds new things to fight over in its new map spaces

There are a lot of new lands in Gloria Victis, but what use are new lands if there’s nothing to fight over? You’d have to wind up just hacking other people to pieces for nothing more than the fact that you’re unconscionably violent; that’d make you some kind of monster. Fortunately, the most recent update has added new resource flags so that you have plenty of things to fight your fellow players over. Now you’ve got a proper motivation, so everything is fine.

The update also adds the ability to add a custom marker to your map, so you can more easily navigate the landscape by reminding yourself where that great hiding spot was located. This coincides with smoother map zooming and more quality-of-life features for map functionality. So go forth and fight people over things that actually matter, and then have an easier time remembering where the heck you are! It’s all good.


Gloria Victis massively increases the size of the world

It’s a great big world out there, full of opportunities for adventure. It’s also a great big world in Gloria Victis, made even bigger when you consider that the most recent patch has added more than 50% more world on to the existing… er, world. That means more land and more regions to explore, ranging from mountain villages to houses scattered through the wilderness. You’ll also have more animals to hunt, more resources to gather, and more overall world to explore and tame.

That in and of itself is cool, but players can also look forward to the game’s long-awaited major combat upgrade taking place next month. There’s even another world expansion being planned, along with a new culture for players to explore. So the game is getting bigger, the combat is getting more satisfying, and the space to roam is getting wider. That’s going to give you some opportunities for adventure right there.


Perfect Ten: Exploring MMORPGs from the far corners of the world

Have you ever noticed that while there’s an entire world out there, most all of the MMORPGs we discuss and play tend to either be ones crafted in the USA or imports from China or Korea? We even have a shorthand for this: “western” and “eastern” MMOs. We’re usually not talking about entire hemispheres with these references, but rather about categorizing three countries that are big into the MMORPG business.

But what about the rest of the world? Are all of these other countries so uncaring about this genre that they’ve never tried their hand at making an MMO? Of course not; as I’m about to show you, there are plenty of online RPGs that have been made in countries other than China, the USA, and South Korea. It’s just that for various reasons, those three countries ended up fostering concentrations of video game developers who knew how to create these types of games.

So let’s take a tour around the world and see if we can’t give some credit to other countries for their contributions to the MMORPG genre past, present, and future. Before you click the link, see how many you can name off the top of your head!

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The MOP Up: Aion has spring fever (April 23, 2017)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we have stories and videos from EVE OnlineWurm OnlineGloria VictisBrawl of AgesTERAWorld of Warships, H1Z1Champions OnlinePortal KnightsFinal Fantasy XIAionWakfu, and The Black Death, all waiting for you after the break!

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Castles get an upgrade in Gloria Victis

If players or guilds are going to put the effort in purchasing and building up a castle in Gloria Victis, they are going to be rewarded with one fine-looking structure. Thanks to this past week’s alpha patch, the biggest building in each of the six main settlements has received new and improved models for the keep’s final form.

The patch contains an additional hodge-podge of changes, including the ability to interact with non-dialogue NPCs, bigger buffs for countries being dominated by others, and smiths that sell better wares than before.

The team also reported that it is continuing to work on making combat look and feel better: “We know, that combat/animations overhaul is long overdue and community is getting impatient, to say the least. So, just a quick heads up for you guys: we are polishing. It’s a long, yet rewarding process, as we are tweaking little details over and over again to exterminate bugs and make sure it feels great to roam and fight.”


Gloria Victis readies major change to character animations

Saying that the it wants to make sure that Gloria Victis’ combat “not only looks great, but also feels great,” the team at Black Eye Games is prepping a huge update to how characters animate and handle during fighting encounters.

The team said that there are three parts to this update. The first is adding and improving the animations a character can perform, which is more complex than you might think. For example, the devs said that each weapon requires “over 200 animations” due to all of the interactions and transitions. The second part is the controller, which handles the character as the server and client talk to each other as these interactions between players are thrown about.

The final piece of the puzzle is making sure that synchronization handles properly: “Almost none of these mechanics changes would be possible without major synchronization model remake we are currently performing. Players will no longer fall off stairs after rapid turnover or get stuck when going through door. This will also greatly affect combat, especially PvP – we will greatly reduce desync, thus making combat mechanics more reliable.”

The update is about 60 to 70% complete and should go live within a few weeks.


Gloria Victis brings out new character models

The “biggest update ever” for Gloria Victis has finally arrived, welcoming brand-new character models that should make the game look better than before. This is the 34th update since the game went into early access six months ago.

“Not only we have implemented new character models and reworked character creation system — you also receive seven redesigned settlements, great expansion of the locations upgrading system and Christmas content!” the devs said last week.

As a Christmas present, all players have received a point to reset their attributes. There are also Christmas decorations and events in select game towns.

Source: Gloria Victis. Thanks Halldorr and BabaGra.PL!


Gloria Victis enlists Witcher animator for weapon overhaul

Have you ever picked up a class in an MMO, only to find yourself disenchanted by the lackluster or wonky way that the class would use its weapon? Combat animations can add so much to a game if done right, but be a major detractor if it’s handled sloppily.

Gloria Victis wants to bring out the best for its community, which is why the team has enlisted the help of Jakub Kisiel to help with some of the weapon animation overhauls. Kisiel’s portfolio includes Gears of War and The Witcher 3, and one of his first tasks for Gloria Victis is to make longsword combat look real and visceral.

Did he succeed? Check out the longsword animations teaser after the break and let us know what you think.

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Gloria Victis promises faster town creation, improved character models

Speed is picking up with Gloria Victis’ development. The dev team reports that it is close to finishing a new building system that will allow it to add locations to the game much faster than before. Character visuals are due to improve as well, with changes planned that will make models 10 times as detailed than they are right now.

In the meantime, last week’s alpha patch mostly focused on tweaking the glory system. Bank them glory points, kids, because they’re going to come in handy: “In near future you will be able to spend them for precious rewards, including attributes restart points, unique titles and many more.”

Finally, the dev team offered a sneak peek at some of the new character animations that will come with those spiffy upgraded models. Want a look? Sure you do, and we wouldn’t dream of holding you back. See them after the break!

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