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Gloria Victis outlines animation, character, rep, and settlement plans for November

This week’s Gloria Victis patch tweaks crafting material merchants, server performance, combat, and the interface, but the more intriguing announcement from Black Eye Games is about what it’s working on for the rest of the month.

For starters, all that work on the animation system has required a retooling of the player character model too. “Our artists are currently adding more details and customization options and they will work on playable female characters next,” says the studio. “Due to rework of the character’s model also we had to improve character creation system. It will come with questions a player will have to answer, therefore writing personal story of their avatar. Answers will also have an impact on the starting archetype.”

Black Eye also promises an expansion of the reputation formula via a new Glory ranking system, adjustments for the Midlander town of Dunfen, new animation recording (the older video showcasing that is below), and the overhaul of player-run settlments.

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Gloria Victis overhauls animations, promises playable female characters ‘soon’

Gloria Victis has a new video out today showcasing its overhauled combat and movement animations, done by one of the animators who worked on Geralt’s animations in The Witcher 3. In fact, the animation work will help speed up the arrival of playable female characters (which Black Eye says are coming “soon”) as well as the character creation system:

“With reworked model of the player character, new character creation system will come to life! One of the biggest changes will be addition of questions a player will have to answer, therefore writing personal story of their avatar and having impact on the starting archetype, which will be picked basing on their choices. Players will also be able to design their personal coats of arms! Meanwhile we are reworking our database system. It will not only greatly improve communication between database and servers and solve numerous issues, but also greatly improve game and servers performance, stability of database-servers communication and certanity that no problems will occur in future. More than half of the game mechanics has already been moved to the new system.”

This week’s update will launch Halloween content; in the meantime, here’s that animations trailer.

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Gloria Victis debuts its dynamic events system

Gloria Victis has a way of downplaying its updates for its fiercely loyal tester playerbase, but this past weekend’s announcements deserve a spotlight. The star is the game’s new global event system, which spawns dynamic events and is already live in the game. Here’s how it works:

“The first one, which launches right after each PVP tournament, engages entire nations into sieging and defending selected town or castle. On this occasion we have also implemented siege camps which are temporary spawn points, allowing attackers to organize fierce assaults easier. Another event, which happens after the described siege, calls one nation to defend an NPC commander of a broken ally unit, while the opposite faction has to locate and kill him. This event introduced not only brand new location – river outpost build upon a waterfall – but also new mechanics. Mentioned commander is protected by large group of soldiers but attacking nation can clear the scouts’ camps scattered nearby to disable them from battle. Right now we are working on next Global Events which will launch either after tournament or capturing specific location, making world bosses to appear in response to actions taken by players. Many of these events will come to life with new locations, such as multi-level mountain fort which we are currently developing.”

The team has also reworked the PvP tourney map, introduced a wintry location to the game, and added high-quality workshops and “dozens of new items and crafting schemes” for crafters. Improved combat and emote animations are still en route.

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Gloria Victis unleashes a trio of pre-alpha patches

Early game development is often marked by frequent patching as the team feverishly works to shape and mold the title. Gloria Victis is definitely in this mode, as the game has received three pre-alpha patches in the span of about a week.

So let’s break it down for you. The July 27th update added more landscape features on a peninsula, two-handed hammers, and the ability to reset character attributes. Moving on to July 29th, Gloria Victis upgraded crafting to generate experience and worked on the interface for its upcoming tournaments. Then finally, the August 2nd update included high-quality crafting workshops and a redesigned rewards window.

Source: Patch notes #1, #2, #3. Thanks to Kinya for the tip!


Gloria Victis adds short spears and client improvements

The long spearless nightmare that has affected Gloria Victis is finally over. With the game’s most recent patch, players can craft all of the various short spears found within the game, and the weapons can also be looted from NPCs. The patch also addressed other technical issues, like hotbar functionality, but it all would have been meaningless without access to spears that are not quite as long as some other spears. Now you can enjoy improved hotbar functionality and better animation sync with short spears.

You want more out of the game? Is there even more to be added aside from short spears? Yes, apparently; the design team is hard at work on the Valley of Death and adding more points of interest on the southwestern peninsula near Dunfen. Those features should be in the game’s next patch, which gives you time to practice on familiar things before taking your short spear into new content. Or other weapons, if you must.


Gloria Victis has sold 30,000 copies in early access

The early access switch was flipped on for Gloria Victis a month ago, which has been a big transition for the team. It’s been a transition that’s brought plenty of work along with it, to boot; a retrospective after the first month notes that the game has had 10 regular patches and several smaller updates applied to help trim up issues, correct errors, balance systems, and otherwise keep the game accessible and fun for everyone.

“Thanks to this effort over 30,000 copies were sold within these 30 days – this income boost will allow us to expand the development team and therefore to work faster on implementing new features and polishing existing systems,” writes the studio. “We have also established our office – so far we have been working remotely – which allows us to increase our efficiency.”

Of course, they’re not going to stop there, and the retrospective also outlines the next major development goals such as replacing the current player models with something better animated and motion-captured (and allowing you to play as a lady). There’s also the implementation of sailing, naval combat, siege combat, housing, and dynamic events still to come. So if you’ve been enjoying your first month with the game, it’s only going to get better, and if you’ve found the first month a bit underwhelming… again, it’s going to get better.

Source: Official Site. Cheers, Kinya.


Gloria Victis puts its best foot forward following early access launch

Following its early access release on Steam, Gloria Victis has gotten off to a good start with strong sales and fairly positive user reviews. The studio is boasting that the medieval MMO has topped the chart for early access sales and risen to #14 in Steam’s bestsellers.

Reviewers seem to find aspects to both like and dislike about Gloria Victis. One player cited its graphics, music, and setting as the MMO’s strengths, while dinging it for a lack of guidance and needing a lot of work to flesh out the concept.

Currently the game is 10% off until June 16th, knocking the price down from $19.99 to $17.99. YouTuber TheLazyPeon took a closer look at Gloria Victis following its release, so check out his first impressions video after the break.

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Gloria Victis comes to Steam early access this week

Since orange is the new black and early access is the new MMO launch, we must change with the times and celebrate Gloria Victis’ upcoming Steam release. The fantasy sandbox announced this weekend that it will be coming to Steam early access on Wednesday, June 8th.

The early access release will trigger two major changes for Gloria Victis’ playerbase. The first is that the game will perform a full wipe from any progress made in the current pre-alpha world. The second is that all testers will need to convert their game accounts to Steam ones to keep playing.

To get you pumped up for the release, we’ve got the Steam early access trailer waiting for you below! Will you be one of those trying out the game on Wednesday?

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Gloria Victis patches in bigger and better rewards for player participation

Boy, isn’t helping out your home nation in Gloria Victis just the worst thing? You didn’t come here to help out those losers; you came here to stare meaningfully at the sunset. Your nation wants you to, like, do stuff. But with the latest patch to the game, you get bigger and better rewards for improving your reputation with your nation. So with a sigh and a rolling of eyes, you set off to actually help people, which is technically why you’re here, you guess.

Surly medieval teenage antics aside, the game hasn’t just buffed rewards for improving your reputation; players will also get better rewards from taking part in tasks such as logging in, completing daily events, and hitting leveling milestones. This comes along with a full reworking of the buff system to allow for bigger and better rewards. A rework of the territory control system is coming up next, which will give players a bit more to do; right now, you can enjoy better rewards for the stuff you’re already doing.


Listen to Gloria Victis’ majestic main theme

Gloria Victis is gearing up to feature an impressive soundtrack, if its new main theme is any indication. The studio released the title track, called Another Story Begins, to YouTube this week. The soundtrack is being composed by Marcin Przybyłowicz, who previously worked as music director for The Witcher 3.

And just because the team is jamming out to this tune doesn’t mean it’s neglected the actual game. A small patch was introduced to the game that includes “tweaks done to the territory control system, introduction of the dynamic events markers displayed on the minimap and improved server performance.”

Listen to the new main theme for the upcoming game after the break!

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You can see further and play better in Gloria Victis than ever before

You can cite all of the fancy, flashy features in your MMO, but at the end of the day, if your game looks horrible and runs sluggishly, nobody’s going to play it. So let us rejoice that Gloria Victis has taken the time to tune up its game engine, offering players a smoother ride with improved visuals.

This week’s alpha patch “greatly improved” the performance for both the client and server, which the team said will contribute to more enjoyable skill-based combat. The draw distance for terrain and characters has grown significantly as well. “Defenders will be able to see invaders way faster, while the latter can sneak to a town or castle they want to claim, making use of the landform and hide in the woods,” the team explained.

The Valley of Death tournament also received some tweaks, including changing how NPCs respawn during the fight.

Source: Patch notes


Gloria Victis further balances combat while improving account management

The last patch for Gloria Victis focused on combat balance, and this patch does too. Adjustments for player HP, passive abilities, and weapon damage are all meant to close the gap between veteran characters and newer ones, making combat more about smart choices than just having an overwhelming numerical advantage. Of course, the woodworking craft has also been improved with this patch, so it’s a bit easier to get that advantage if you want it.

Players will also be dealing with a new account management system to simplify the process of registration and address some persistent issues found by players. It’s an incremental change to the game, but one that should make the game a bit more fun to play. Unless you liked the old account management system (unlikely) and having a huge advantage over newer characters (reasonably likely).


Gloria Victis patch balances weapons and adds armor penetration

The combat in Gloria Victis is a big part of the game, so it makes sense that the developers are taking their time to balance it just right. The most recent patch adjusts the damage and balance of several weapons while also introducing armor penetration to the game, making for a better overall combat experience. Unless you’re feeling very secure in chain armor when someone starts smacking you with a mace; that’s probably not improving your feelings about combat.

The patch also introduces several quality of life fixes for the game, including auto-closing doors in keeps and towns along with a more unified set of environmental interactions. There are also new NPC enemies to slay down toward the south, which is especially valuable for those who manage to claim the Lord’s Wrath Abbey. It’s all about quality of life, or in the case of weapons, quality of tools to end it.


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