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Official Site: Blade & Soul
Studio: NCsoft
Launch Date: Western ETA Q1 2016
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid Free-to-play
Platform: PC

One Shots: A sense of place

Why do you play MMORPGs? What keeps you questing through these ever-growing worlds? I think a lot of us might answer like Zyrusticae in Blade and Soul here, as we enjoy inhabiting and exploring virtual fantasy worlds.

“See, this is the sort of thing I play MMORPGs for,” Zyrusticae writes. “That sense of ‘place.’ Being somewhere else, even if it’s only behind a computer screen. Old shots, yes, but still some of my favorites just for that. It’s a very pleasant feeling, really.”

Will you find your sense of place in the following player screenshots? Let’s find out!

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Blade and Soul promises a new class, engine upgrade, and new raids

Feeling like your Blade and Soul character has hit a plateau in his or her development? Then it’s probably time to graduate to the next level, thanks to an upcoming job extension feature that will transform your class into an evolved version. Yes, that old favorite from JRPGs is heading into the game so that your character can graduate to an advanced level.

MMO Culture shared one example of these evolutions, stating that Warlocks will be able to grow up into Distortionists. Next up on the table for Blade and Soul? Other than an upgrade to a new graphics engine, players have been looking forward to the next classes to hit the scene. We may know of at least one of these, thanks to a vision preview. The class in question is the Tusan, a fast fighter than can berserk up close or deal out ranged damage.

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Blade & Soul Korea teases pair of new classes

Late last week, NCsoft’s Korean-language website for Blade & Soul began popping a “new update” tease for players: a silhouette of a fighter-type character wielding one hell of a sword emblazoned with a dragon.

The English-language subreddit is rife with speculation; the current consensus is that it’s a Warrior archetype coming in June; according to datamining claims, it’s destined for the Jin and Gon races (alas, your Lyn won’t be running around with a sword thrice her size). Interestingly, while the site teases only the Warrior, the datamined files seem to suggest an Archer coming for the Jin and Lyn. The biggest point of contention seems to be that June date, so maybe consider that part rumor, and in any case, since we don’t know when it might drop for the west, it probably doesn’t matter much yet.

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Blade & Soul promises an engine upgrade and more ‘lifestyle’ content

If you feel like Blade & Soul is looking a little dated, you’re not alone in that sentiment; the developers feel the same way. A new video from the development team reveals that work is underway to convert the game to the Unreal Engine 4, which is certainly a viable target (the game currently uses UE3) and will result in a number of overall graphical improvements. So the game’s rendering will look nicer all around as you soar through the air with the greatest of ease.

Players can also look forward to new “lifestyle” content, according to translations; things like fishing and collection minigames. There’s also word on more story episodes, but here the fan translations seem to be less effective. The engine upgrade, though? That’s pretty unambiguous. Have fun checking the video out just below, although we would caution viewers that those who don’t speak Korean may be a bit lost.

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Exit light, enter Blade & Soul’s Eternal Night update

Today is May 9th. And that is a wonderful, marvelous day if you happen to be a Blade & Soul fan, because it’s the day when NCsoft is dropping its Eternal Night update for players to enjoy.

“The Blade and Soul Eternal Night update brings with it part one of your journey into the new Nightfall Sanctuary raid as you try to stop Chol Mugo from obtaining the Celestial Emperor’s ungodly power for himself. You’ll also descend into a new heroic six-player Dungeon deep in the sands of the Zasteri Badlands, obtain a new Legendary Soul Shield, and a whole lot more!”

In addition to the new group challenges, Blade & Soul is running raid events from now through June 20th. By going through certain quests and daily tasks, players can earn Pristine Astral Oil event tokens to help with your gear upgrades. The MMO also rebalanced its upgrade costs, added an option for simplified combat controls, and improved the level 50 character creation experience.
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One Shots: All giant spiders, all the time

Sometimes I am just so proud of our One Shots crowd here at Massively OP. I keep coming up with ludicrous screenshot challenges and you all continue to rise to the occasion. Even when I ask for spiders. Giant spiders.

We got ever so many.

Vincent leads the arachnid parade with this pic from Final Fantasy XIV: “I give you Arachne Eve, the first boss in the Weeping City (aka ‘Wiping City’) raid. My alliance was not amused I was taking screenshots mid-battle — especially as I was the healer. But y’know… priorities.”

At least he has learned the important lesson that One Shots is more important than anything else in your gaming life. You should all be this devoted.

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Blade & Soul is tweaking dungeon rewards to prefer newer dungeons

Stop just doing the old, familiar dungeons of Blade & Soul. Do the new ones instead. Even if you’d rather not for whatever reason, you won’t be given much of a choice in the matter soon; the newest patch for the game is tweaking the rewards to emphasize newer dungeons and scale down rewards for the old standbys. Newer dungeons, by contrast, will get more streamlined rewards to make them more enjoyable as well, and you’ll be getting more stuff from daily and weekly challenges regardless.

The patch is also bringing with it a number of changes to materials used for upgrading to streamline that process; the time and effort should be fairly constant, but the exact materials are getting shuffled somewhat. That’s in addition to specific item changes, all of which mean that you might want to rearrange your bags and farming habits when the update lands on May 9th.


Blade & Soul’s Eternal Night patch will rebalance weapon material requirements

Blade & Soul’s next big thing, Eternal Night, is launching in less than two weeks on May 9th, and if you’re an economy player or even just occasional weapon upgrader, you should definitely point your eyeballs at what NCsoft is doing to material requirements in its efforts to balance that sector of the game’s economy.

“With the Blade & Soul: Eternal Night update on May 9, certain weapon and accessory stages will have their material requirements adjusted in order to balance around the current rate of material production within the economy. One example being that Moonstones aren’t as prevalent as they once were, therefore the amount of Moonstones required for upgrading legendary PvE weapons and legendary accessories will be lowered, and the other crystal materials will have their quantities adjusted to compensate. The balancing isn’t an overall cost reduction like we’ve done in the past, but instead a change of materials and their amounts to better match the current economy.”

Time to dump your moonstone hoard on people who don’t read patch notes? Ahhh, MMO econ. NCsoft notes that it’s not going into this blind; in fact, this balancing pass has already been tested in non-western regions and has “resulted in a generally smoother upgrading process.”


Blade & Soul delays its Eternal Night update deeper into May

Blade & Soul players are going to have to chew on a bit of a sour grape today, as NCsoft announced that it made the decision to push the upcoming Eternal Night patch back a week to May 9th.

The dev team said that it had “come across a number of issues that will require additional testing and preparation” and apologized for the one-week delay in the update’s rollout. There is a firm, sweet grape to eat with this news, however: NCsoft is going to extend its daily dash, login rewards, and the Automaton Assault event until the 9th to keep players busy and happy.

The Eternal Night update will throw players into a 12-person raid called Nightfall Sanctuary, a dungeon known as Sandstorm Temple, and allow for the acquisition of new legendary gear.

Source: Blade & Soul


Blade & Soul patches in a fight against a robot

A new Blade & Soul patch has arrived, and it is indisputably the best patch the game has seen because it allows you to fight a giant robot. Don’t waste your time complaining that a giant robot doesn’t fit the game’s milieu; you have to fight a giant robot, which brings you one step closer to being able to pilot a giant robot, which is clearly the desired end point.

Specifically, the patch introduces the Automaton Assault event dungeon through May 2nd, pitting players against Hongsil’s maddened creation, Princess Bloodlust. There’s also an associated limited-time jackpot with a new outfit in the mix, so you’ll have even more reason to throw in your lot against the crazy robot.

Other features of the patch? Well, if you really aren’t sufficiently delighted by fighting a giant robot named “Princess Bloodlust” for some reason, daily challenge quests have been updated and Chromatic Thread is now bind-to-account. But the main focus, as mentioned, is fighting a giant robot. That’s a good thing.

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Blade & Soul’s Automaton Assault event dungeon goes live tomorrow

Tomorrow’s a big day for Blade & Soul players: NCsoft is dropping a new update with both content events and gameplay tweaks. The headliner is the Automaton Assault event dungeon, which will be open through May 2nd.

“Players level 50 and above can help Hongsil regain control of Princess Bloodlust by accepting Helping Hongsil from your Quest letters. After you run to Hongsil’s Workshop and complete the Daily Quest, Automaton Assault, you’ll receive an Automaton Assault Chest. The Automaton Assault Chest contains 5 Shop Gears (event token) and a chance at 1 Princess Cannonball (cannon token), along with some additional rewards.”

NCsoft is also adjusting daily challenge quests, Temple of Eluvium accessories, and Sundered Nexus drops. The video walkthrough for the new event dungeon is below!

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Blade and Soul’s robot dungeon event kicks off next week

Call ’em golems, call ’em automatons, or call ’em war machines, at the end of the day, they’re robots in a fantasy setting, and we have to be OK with that.

Actually more than OK, because robots are awesome and sometimes they go haywire and we get a valid excuse to go beat some up. This will happen next week with the onset of the Automaton Assault event dungeon in Blade and Soul, which will be running from April 11th through May 2nd.

This level 50 limited-time dungeon tasks players with putting down a robot uprising, all for cosmetics and other rewards. Players can even secure the winner of Blade and Soul’s 2018 costume design contest, which ended up being Phantom Flower (spoiler: It has flowers on it).

Source: Blade and Soul. Thanks Rafael!


One Shots: Bleeding edge graphics

When you step back to think about it, it is amazing that we are living in a day and age in which we can enjoy such vivid, bleeding-edge graphics that are readily available on any 16-bit console! With sprites, parallax scrolling, blast processing, SFX chips, and the almighty Mode 7, we are transported beyond the television screen and into these game worlds like we were there!

We start our tour of this week’s player screenshots — taken on Polaroids — with Hikari Kenzaki’s picture of the last performance of HTR in The Secret World before the game rebooted as Secret World Legends. Look at those vibrant colors! We can now game with all the colors of the wind!

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