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Ultima Online on the fall patch, 19th anniversary, and cash shop bugs

Ultima Online's latest newsletter teases publish 94, on the way this fall in the game, which ought to turn 19 years old the same season.

Broadsword says the patch will celebrate Halloween in a big way with news quests, updates to the trick-or-treating system, and the re-implementation of the beloved Treasures of Doom event, which will take place not in the dungeon Doom but in a brand-new dungeon in Eodon called The Kotl City. A new round of veteran rewards for the anniversary is likewise planned.

The studio also says it's still hard at work fixing bugs and crashes related to UO's cash shop, which was recently pulled from the website to an in-game interface. "Items will be rotated in and out of the store so please keep an eye on the featured section of the Ultima Store for the latest additions," writes Producer Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong.

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Ultima Online tests invasion quest, teases future content

It's May, so that means it's time to start planning for Halloween, right? Well, maybe if you're Ultima Online. In the game's latest newsletter, Broadsword says that it's already looking past publish 93 to 94, which will bring back traditional Halloween events and conclude some of the storylines begun with last year's Time of Legends expansion.

In the nearer future, however, the studio is pushing publish 93 to the test server and some of the smaller production shards for feedback. This patch includes the Myrmidex invasion quest, complete with new alchemy craftables and rewards; the newsletter also teases more distant content in the works, like website vendor search, a pet revamp, and an update for the oldish High Seas pirate content.

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Ultima Online rejects F2P rumors, says Steam launch has been held up by EA

If you were waiting to try Ultima Online when it launches on Steam as devs have been promising for over a year now since it was greenlit there, prepare to keep on waiting. Broadsword Producer Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong helms a new Ultima Online newsletter this week that says her studio is simply waiting on EA to give the go-ahead.

"UO cannot go onto Steam unless EA gives its final approval," she writes. "We do not have an answer as to when UO will be going to steam."

Armstrong says that publish 93 is planned for May and that in June, it will begin selling a new conversion currency called Sovereigns in the Origin store (which already dispenses a few dozen cash shop bundles and items for the game). That move has prompted some players to worry that the game might be going free-to-play, but Broadsword has soundly rejected those rumors. "UO is not going FTP," Armstrong told players on Stratics just over a month ago, "and if and when it does, we will talk to you guys about it when and if we ever start the planning for it."

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Ultima Online's next patch lands this March

Ultima Online latest newsletter, part of a new initiative to insert itself into your inbox, reveals the Broadsword team is hard at work on new content on a new publish that will land in early March and include "new quest content, bug fixes, and new art."

Producer Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong says that the spring update will continue the exploration of the Valley of Eodon, the lands introduced by last fall's Time of Legends expansion.

"Many adventurers have visited the Valley, seeking to profit from its bountiful resources. The indigenous peoples of Eodon have not taken kindly to the Britannian invasion, yet a larger and more sinister threat is on the horizon. This spring join us as we further encounter with the Tribes of Eodon and we find out the answer to an important question, what will it take to gain their trust?"

She further answers questions from players about stacking bugs, loot nerfs, per resurrection, and glassblowing tweaks. Because of course Ultima Online has glassblowing. It has everything.

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Exclusive: Broadsword on the state of Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot

Today we're hanging out with Broadsword Online Games, the indie studio that emerged from the implosion of Mythic Entertainment a while back. Broadsword is now steward of the Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot franchises and is actively developing both of these veteran MMORPG titles.

We've got three members of Broadsword with us today: President Rob Denton, UO Producer Bonnie Armstrong, and DAoC Producer John Thornhill. Check out what they have to say about expansions, developing for classic MMOs in a modern era, and the future of Broadsword.

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Ultima Online seeks players for expansion focus group

Ultima Online producer Bonnie Armstrong has put out a call for player focus testers. Broadsword is searching for somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 people for a first look at UO's new Time of Legends expansion, after which the devs will expect "constructive feedback."

You'll need an active UO account, and you'll also need to fill out a playstyle survey and sign a non-disclosure agreement. Further details on the signup process are located on the official UO website.

In preparation for the expansion, Broadsword is also beginning a series in-game live events. A new story to kick off the first such event has been published today. And you thought truly dynamic events were dead!