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Worlds Adrift introducing anti-cheat measures sooner than anticipated

It’s best to read the latest letter from the Worlds Adrift development team with a slightly exasperated tone of voice. After all, the developers really thought that during the game’s closed testing with limited buy-in access, anti-cheat measures were really not going to be necessary. Apparently, though, that isn’t the case, and now the developers are going to have to move people off of feature development to roll out anti-cheating solutions just to make sure people don’t cheat.

Because, you know, cheating is bad.

Aside from promising that anti-cheat solutions will be in place in the very near future, the developers also take the time to remind players that cheating is not permitted and will be punished to the full extent of… well, banning players caught cheating. Pretty straightforward. If you’ve been cheating, stop that and don’t cheat any more. And if you published videos online about how to cheat in the game, you kind of deserve whatever happens next.


Worlds Adrift adds ship pulses and ship part rotations with its newest patch

Your ships in Worlds Adrift are getting better with the latest patch. Now you can rotate ship parts to afford a wider range of customization options, although certain parts like wings will still require specific orientation. You can also deploy a special pulse from the atlas core to prevent boarders from reaching your ship, although it’ll cost you an atlas shard in the process. Add in the ability to upgrade your core, and life is much better if you’re on a ship all around.

Of course, you also have access to better light sources than the torch and more plausibly animated foliage and grass, so you’ve still got some reasons to get off of your ship. Check out the patch trailer just below and survey the patch notes for the full rundown of changes. You can read that from the deck of your ship, too. The ship is safety and covered in railings. It’s all about ships here.

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Perfect Ten: MMOs obsessed with the floating islands trope

One of the fun things about this hobby is that certain tropes repeat themselves constantly. And they’re usually weirdly specific tropes, too. Poop quests, for example. So many MMOs have one quest or another that make you dealing with poop. Someone has a fixation that is probably not entirely healthy, and that someone keeps getting hired to design quests.

But sometimes you try to come up with a trope that’s so specific that it has to be unique. Or at least rare. “MMOs that feature a zone full of floating islands requiring flight to travel around.” At least one zone, and it is traveled around via flight. That cannot be common, that has to be…

Wait. How did I not only get a full list but actually have to decline some entries? How the heck did this happen? There are this many MMOs using this astonishingly specific trope? How did this happen and why?

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Worlds Adrift update makes ships stronger and the environment more dangerous

In many ways, Worlds Adrift is sailing into new territory for MMORPGs, as there aren’t a lot of games out there that let you customize and create your own airship for exploration. When next week’s Update 0.1.4 arrives, ship building will be more accessible with free-rotating parts.

The patch will also add the ability to temporarily make a ship immune to grappling hooks and craft other light sources than the torch. Stormwalls are going to be even more difficult than before to navigate, and the entire Badlands biome will be stripped of all fuel, making it even more dangerous to visit.

“The damage calculation formula from physics collisions has been revamped,” the team posted. “The ultimate goal is to make ships less fragile, and to reduce the fear in your crewmates’ eyes when a loose part slides around your ship interior. Chain reactions should happen less often now, but this is a work in progress, with a comprehensive damage system rehaul to come in future patches.”

Get the full scoop from the developer’s lips after the break!

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Worlds Adrift has made more founders packs available

You have to pay a toll to get into Worlds Adrift right now, but recently you haven’t even been able to do that. By limiting the number of founders packs available, the studio made sure that the game was stable and letting in only as many testers as the game could support, but it also meant that people who got in a bit too late were out of luck. But good news is here, as more founders packs are now available on Steam and on the game’s official website. If you missed your chance before, you can claim it now.

The game offers the usual three-tier model for packs, with the cheapest at $35 and the high end at $65. There’s no word on how many are available or whether sales will shut down again, but if you’ve been eager to get in, it may behoove you to buy sooner rather than later. There’s also a new trailer down below demonstrating a jumping puzzle built with the island creator; whether that’s a good thing or a mark of dread will depend on the viewer.

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Here’s how to build your first Worlds Adrift airship

You might know by now that that Worlds Adrift is an MMO based around sailing airships to floating islands, but did you know that you can and will build your own ship from scratch? It’s a rather daunting process that’s made a little easier thanks to a new video tutorial from the developers, who take players though the process of constructing a vessel from scratch.

The devs said that beginning players should start with relatively small ships for their first effort: “Ships can be in any shape, size, or form. The larger they are, the more resources they will take to be built, the heavier they will be, so everything will be more complicated.”

Here’s one tip for free: You probably don’t want to build a ship out of lead.

Give it a watch after the break and see if your brain doesn’t explode from the possibilities.

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Worlds Adrift adds more test servers, says median play time is 15 hours

Is Worlds Adrift shaping up to be a sleeper hit of an MMO? Its team certainly thinks so, as it claims that in the first two weeks of testing alone, the median play time among closed beta gamers was an impressive 15 hours.

A beta report last week emphasized the team’s desire to have one server per world region, although this rule will be bent during the testing process. Right now, additional servers are opening up in the US and EU to allow the studio to test different map layouts and more player islands.

Another big change coming to the game is the addition of gameplay features to the Island Creator tool: “This means that on top of creating wonderfully-looking places of lore, exploration and awe, the creators will also be able to weave gameplay within the islands. Initially this will be rather simple: a type of surface players cannot grapple on; dangerous spikes that hurt on contact; and automated turrets that seek and fire until cleverly disarmed.”

See the developers messing around with Worlds Adrift’s turrets after the jump!

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Worlds Adrift beta trailer demos player-designed islands

If Worlds Adrift isn’t on your radar yet, your radar could very well be broken and need replacing. But here’s a way to get caught up on just what the game is capable of: Bossa Studios is hosting a fan-made trailer by player Synovus stuffed full of footage of what the studio calls “some of the most impressive islands created by the community.” The builder’s-paradise sandbox is composed of these islands, designed for exploration by skyboat, grappling hook, and good old-fashioned feet. (And by the way, the island-building tool is a free download on Steam.)

The game is currently in closed beta; the team has been doling out keys for the last few weeks in limited batches thanks to heavy demand, though you can also buy access with a founder pack.

The videos is down below.

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The MOP Up: Destiny 2’s class roster (June 18, 2017)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we have stories and videos from Twilight SpiritsThe Black DeathConqueror’s BladeWorlds AdriftRagnarok JourneyTERA, WakfuARKGuild Wars 2, and Destiny 2, all waiting for you after the break!

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Worlds Adrift offers an update on the next batch of Founder’s Packs

There’s a strange allure to something you want but can’t have. There’s testing available right now in Worlds Adrift, and the developers are happily tweeting out the coolest creations coming from players in the game, but the number of keys for entry to the game are limited. The latest post from the developers explains why the holdup is in place, and it comes down to a matter of making sure that new players log in to the best possible experience.

Development is focused on both fixing bugs and determining how players disperse to assure that new players will come in to a positive and engaging experience. The current plan is to release another batch of Founder’s Packs on the week of June 12th, but the plans aren’t yet locked in stone. So you should keep your eyes peeled for soon if you want into the game, but you should also feel slightly mollified by the effort being taken to make sure you’ll log in to fun.


Worlds Adrift’s character creation options will be limited at launch

The team behind Worlds Adrift put out a new video showing the game’s character customization options as it stands right now. The takeaway? It’s pretty limited — and likely to be so through the game’s initial release.

“We have to start somewhere,” the team said. “We have to get the game out there so that people can give us feedback on how it should be played.”

Fortunately, many more visual options are planned for development, and players who want to tweak their characters should be able to do so using some sort of in-game interface in the future. Check it out after the break!

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Worlds Adrift’s closed beta turnout exceeded studio expectations

Worlds Adrift’s closed beta kicked off earlier this week, and this would be one of those times to admit it’s gone a little too well. Bossa Studios was expecting a good response, hence the plan to run a staggered test in “limited batches” to help the team sort out “queuing problems, server instabilities, lost progress and other issues that large multiplayer games might suffer from at launch.” But it wasn’t expecting quite so many people playing all at once, which has resulted in queues and server issues anyway, so the team promises it’s hard at work on that.

More keys will be made available as the test continues. If you’re not in just yet, though, don’t fret; the game will be in closed testing all summer before the wipe and open beta soft launch, so there’s plenty of time for you to help break the servers!

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Worlds Adrift’s closed beta has begun, founder packs are now on sale

Worlds Adrift’s closed beta has just begun, Bossa Studios just announced. “If you’ve played the game before, you’ll see that the world has been completely redesigned and improved with the very best new community created islands included for you to explore,” says the studio, reminding players that the newbie starting path and character creation have all been dramatically improved.

Three founder packs ranging from $34.99 to $64.99 are now available; all of them include closed beta access. The devs have previously noted that the closed beta will run in “limited batches” to help the team sort out “queuing problems, server instabilities, lost progress and other issues that large multiplayer games might suffer from at launch.” The staggered-entry beta is expected to last up to four months before transforming into an open beta for everyone, at which time Bossa will wipe the servers. “But beta players will be able to keep special items that will not be available again after the reset,” Bossa wrote earlier this year. “They’ll also get a bit of a headstart for being a part of the closed beta!”

Check out the brand-new cinematic trailer live today!

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