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Studio: Amazon Game Studios

Amazon Game Studios changes Breakaway following alpha feedback, adds shadow huntress Jarra

Cast your mind back to Christmas carols and unfortunate egg nog binges of late 2016, and you might recall that Amazon Games Studios was running its first title, Breakaway, through a short alpha test.

Clearly it was a beneficial test for the studio’s 4v4 brawler, as the devs said that they received a load of useful feedback for the game’s direction and development. “We identified four opportunities where we could tangibly change the gameplay for a better experience,” AGS said. “Give players better movement options, more options for combat capabilities, refine the buildable experience, and revisit the balance of gold in the game.”

As the team works on all of that, a new warrior steps onto Breakaway’s battlefield. This would be Jarra, the shadow huntress, a stealth assassin with low health and high burst DPS against single targets. The team announced her on a recent livestream, which you can watch below.

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Crucible gets Westwood co-founder as its new boss

Hands up: Any Massively OP readers play the crap out of Command & Conquer back in the day? In the ’90s, Westwood Studios was a legend for that series (and how awesome was Red Alert? Here’s the Hell March theme for your Thursday listening pleasure) before the studio was purchased by EA and shuttered.

Well, one of the co-founders of Westwood, Louis Castle, is being given another chance at widespread glory. Castle was recently hired by Amazon Game Studios Seattle to head up the company’s sci-fi multiplayer title Crucible.

Castle told Games Industry that he’s thrilled to get to work on a brand-new IP: “I don’t know too many game developers who would prefer to pursue licensed IP over the chance to create something. The new IP problem space is wide open and the possibilities are endless. I’ve personally had about equal amounts of success in both adapting and building IP.”

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Amazon Game Studios hosts Breakaway alpha weekend

The curtains have parted on the first of Amazon Game Studios’ upcoming titles, as Breakaway has launched its first public alpha test this weekend.

From today through Monday morning, December 19th, anyone can jump into this 4v4 team battler to test his or her mettle — and the mettle of the fledgling studio creating it. AGS said that there is no NDA on the test but asked players to remember that there are more than a few rough edges as it is still in alpha.

The test coincides with a new patch that adds the Atlantis map, balance changes, a progression system, and the mad scientist Victor. Why are they always called Victor?

Check out glimpses of Breakaway’s gameplay after the break!

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Twitter teasers suggest Amazon’s Breakaway probably isn’t what we’re hoping it is

If you’re still hungering for savory facts about Breakaway, Amazon Game Studios’ soon-to-be-revealed game that’s scooped up so many MMORPG developers in Seattle, welp, that dinner bell won’t be rung until Thursday. But in the meantime, you can feast on some of the appetizers being served on the game’s Twitter account.

The first in the series appeared to show the silhouette of a stock barbarian with the phrase “Tell Valhalla that I shall arrive soon,” leading players to suspect a Norse-themed title. But since then, the account has teased what appears to be a druid, a warrior, a Bothan spy with a rifle, The Gunslinger, my Diablo III Witch Doctor, Braveheart, and an orc engineer with really great hair, each with associated catch phrases.

The range of archetypes has led players to speculate the game will be more of a MOBA or shooter than a setting-specific online RPG, as have the weird assortment of media gifts and what looks like 3v3 gameplay on Twitch — but we’ll be seeing on Thursday, now won’t we?

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Amazon Game Studios’ Breakaway might be a Norse-themed game

The clock is ticking down to September 29th, a date that will witness the reveal of at least one major project that Amazon Game Studios has been developing. This week the studio’s laid some of the groundwork for the reveal by setting up a Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter account, all under the name Breakaway.

Breakaway might be the title of the game or merely its code name, but it’s still a little more to go on than we had before. On Facebook beside a silhouette of what appears to be a horned warrior carrying a warhammer, AGS left the tease, “Tell Valhalla that I shall arrive soon.” Could this be a broad hint that the game is embracing Norse mythology?

According to the description of the unboxing event, the devs said they will provide “an introduction to Amazon Game Studios, what we’re about and what we’re making, a glimpse of some of the games we’re working on, and a deep dive into the first game we’re putting in gamers’ hands.”

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