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Here’s what Civil War-themed MMO shooter War of Rights has been up to since Kickstarter

Two years ago, Civil War-flavored multiplayer shooter War of Rights raised $118,000 on Kickstarter to see the title to completion, at which point it rather fell off our radar. But it’s been pumping out regular updates since then, including a user interface overhaul, the playable musician class, uniforms, multiple authentic locations, engine upgrades, and skirmishes.

“The biggest event for us in 2017 by far was the release of Skirmishes back in late May,” Campfire Games writes. “It brought actual combat and game mechanics into the game for the first time. We’ve been hard at work improving the alpha the entire year. Countless of bugs and server stability fixes, updated animations, new game systems, updated and expanded character models and going from the initial 3 skirmish areas released back in may to 12 today. Update 86 marks the 48th update in 2017 alone. We intend to continue keeping our update pace up in the next year.”

We’ve tucked a ton of screenshots and videos down below so you can get caught up, but it’s looking pretty impressive!

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Civil War multiplayer shooter War of Rights has been Kickstarted successfully

Civil War reenactment fans rejoice! War of Rights, the multiplayer shooter set in the Maryland Campaign of 1862, has reached its Kickstarter funding goal and then some. The game was asking for $107,000 but raked in over $118,000 when all was said and done.

“After a month on Kickstarter, our campaign for War of Rights is now over and we’ll get the funds needed to complete the game!” Campfire Games announced over the weekend. “We want to thank all of you for your support because thanks to you we’ll now be able to continue working on War of Rights!”

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