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WildStar’s Jen Ortiz leaves Carbine

WildStar is down another high-profile member of its development team this week with the loss of Carbine Senior Product Manager Jen Ortiz.

On Twitter Friday, Ortiz said that she had just punched in her last day at the studio and was leaving for undisclosed opportunities. “Today was my last day at Carbine Studios (moving on to other opportunities),” she wrote. “I wish the team the best… we’ve done a lot in the past years […] To the fans, I appreciated the hell out of you and so do the rest of the Carbine crew. Thanks for everything. You’re the best.”

WildStar Game Director Chad Moore expressed his sadness at seeing Ortiz go: “We’re going to miss you, Jen! Couldn’t have asked for a better partner this year. Family won’t be the same without you.”

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Carbine previews WildStar’s Primal Matrix horizontal advancement, defends ‘massive’ scope

WildStar kicked off 2017 with a bang last week with the reveal of the Power of the Primal Matrix update, a “massive” endgame update that not only adds new endgame dungeon content but creates a complex character development system allowing character progression after level 50 — essentially horizontal advancement.

Game Director Chad Moore and Community Coordinator Jonathan Brown led a stream on Friday giving a broad overview of the update’s systems, lore, rewards scaling, content scaling, instancing, new classes abilities, and the new dungeon, though the pair promise future deep-dive videos that will explore them even more.

“There was a little bit of skepticism when the third [reveal] came out and said ‘massive,'” Moore says. “I just wanted to say that I think we actually came through on that one.” We’re inclined to agree.

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WildStar devs tour through Winterfest, hint at ‘exciting’ additions to come

As 2016 comes to a close, the WildStar team is scooting down your chimney to talk about the year in review, the current Winterfest event, and the developments to come in January and beyond.

Game Director Chad Moore promised players that they would be hearing about the “exciting” new content and systems coming in 2017 very soon — as in a couple of weeks. One thing we do know that is coming in the next patch is account-wide dyes (outfitters rejoice!) and color-shifting housing decor.

You can watch the full hour of developer livestream fun after the break.

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WildStar promises ‘exciting features’ and new content in 2017

WildStar is “rocketing” into 2017, declares a new dev blog from Carbine’s clearly indefatigable Chad “Pappylicious” Moore today. After recapping last month’s Redmoon Mutiny patch and 2016 in general — with its Steam launch, tutorial revamp, Destination Arcterra, Vault of the Archon, Heroes Evolved, and Redmoon series — he vows, “We’ve made some great strides this year on both fronts, but we have a lot more in store for the future.”

“Over the last year, the WildStar team has been asking some important questions about our game and the direction that we want to take it. What is the best way to provide our players with compelling and meaningful character progression? Do our players feel adequately (and appropriately) rewarded for the time they spend in our game? What new experiences should we create, and how can we give continued relevance to all of our existing content? With these questions in mind, the team has been working on a number of exciting features for WildStar, along with some brand new content that will take players to exciting (and dangerous) places, both on and off planet Nexus. We’re looking forward to sharing more with you in the next few weeks—so stay tuned!”

It’s vague, but it’s at least some good news to cap off the year, as it doesn’t appear NCsoft is giving up on the game soon.


WildStar’s Arcterra Q&A says Carbine is working on LFG queueing

Carbine has posted a video version of its WildStar Arcterra Q&A from Friday for those who missed it. Community Manager DD “Sunshine” Hollis and Game Director Chad “Pappylicious” Moore introduce the update and charge into the brand-new Shiverskull Tower with player volunteers in tow. The questions and answers are interspersed throughout the dungeoneering; Pappy says the team is working on LFG queueing, the account inventory, and the Steam launch, and it’s planning to look at quest logs and auction house UI improvements, among other things. The whole video clocks in at 90 minutes — enjoy!

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WildStar performs three-hour rollback due to technical glitch

Yesterday wasn’t one of WildStar’s better days of operation, as a technical glitch started causing players to lose characters, items, and saved wardrobe outfits. Carbine took the game offline and then performed a three-hour rollback as part of the fix.

“As it turns out, we did experience a technical error that requires us to perform a server rollback. We were able to quickly recover much of the database information, but unfortunately we are unable to recover character progression (including items, XP, in-game currency, etc.) for about three hours,” Game Director Chad Moore posted.

Players should have all purchased and claimed items restored to them, and Carbine announced that it’s giving 250 OmniBits to everyone who was impacted by the event. Currently the game is down for the better part of a day for maintenance.


WildStar’s Chad Moore: ‘There are still exciting days ahead’

Last Friday’s announcement from Carbine about its layoffs and WildStar’s cancelled China launch was doused in a double-dipping of PR-speak. For those who found that statement cold and lacking comfort, then bask in a new letter from Game Director Chad “Pappy” Moore, who delivers honesty, sympathy, and encouragement over the situation.

“There are still exciting days ahead for WildStar,” Moore promised. “It’s important for everyone to realize that the next few months will be a transitional period for Carbine. We still have a passionate group of core developers here who are focused on improving the game and creating new content, but transitions like this take time, and I’d like to thank all of you for being patient as the team gets settled and our development timelines get solidified. We’ll continue to communicate with you every step of the way.”

Moore commiserated with those who lost their jobs and stressed WildStar’s upcoming events, such as its Steam launch, Destination Arcterra patch, new systems, and additional content. He also thanked the community for its continued support.


WildStar is definitely still launching on Steam

WildStar’s Chad Moore reassured Reddit and Twitter today that the game’s Steam launch is still on the way following last Friday’s news that 40% of the studio’s employees had been laid off and still-unconfirmed rumors that NCsoft was planning to sunset the game.

He’s further promised more details on Steam as Carbine nears launch. “I’ll be reaching out to the community next week,” he tweeted.

Source: Twitter, Reddit. Thanks, I-Spy!


WildStar’s PvP plan means server consolidation on PvE worlds

WildStar Game Director Chad “Pappy” Moore has big plans for reigniting the PvP flame in the beleaguered sci-fi MMO. “Increasingly over time the majority of WildStar players prefer to play on PvE servers,” he says, leaving the PvP servers in a dire state.

The solution? Well, it boils down to de facto server merges and PvP incentives. “We’ll be bringing all players together on the PvE servers (Entity for NA, and Jabbit for EU),” explains Moore; those voluntary merges will occur by way of a fresh round of free transfers that begins today.

The studio had added new servers following WildStar’s free-to-play transition last fall but merged them back into the separate PvE and PvP megaservers by December. Following this move, it appears the game will no longer offer PvP servers.

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WildStar’s new game director Chad Moore on the state of the game

Chad Moore is moving up the ranks in Carbine Studios; after a long tenure as the lore expert, Moore is now the director behind WildStar. What does that mean? Well, that’s all to be found in his letter to the community on the state of the game. Moore looks back over the past year of updates and development for the game and provides a picture of what the game will look like, starting with Destination Arcterra, the game’s first major patch following the free-to-play transition.

The development team is also working on the game’s next big raid (The Redmoon Terror) and taking players beyond Nexus proper with a trip to the Halon Ring. There’s also another Expedition in the works alongside an item upgrading system and the vague promise of more work going into the game’s PvP. It’s an optimistic letter and should hopefully give players awaiting more content reason to look forward to the future. We’ve also taken the liberty of reaching out to NCsoft concerning the status of product director Mike Donatelli in the wake of Moore’s new position.


E3 2015: WildStar is adding much more than F2P this fall

The fact that WildStar is transitioning to a free-to-play model this fall is old news now. Folks have been hashing out their opinions on the matter for the last month and have indeed been talking about the possibility for far longer. So what more could be added to the conversation by talking to Carbine at E3?

Information — lots of information! Sitting down with Creative Director Chad Moore and Product Director Mike Donatelli, I learned more details about the both transition itself and the mega content update coming with it. The pair also announced that WildStar will be releasing in China soon, its first step in expanding globally.

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WildStar is going free-to-play this autumn

Critics, current players, former players, people who had briefly heard about the title from friends and family – a lot of people didn’t think that WildStar could keep its subscription model forever. The question, for most observers, was when it would go free-to-play, not whether. But Carbine Studios has remained silent on the subject… until now.

Yes, WildStar is going to be transitioning to a free-to-play model this fall. And we do mean free-to-play, not buy-to-play; you’ll be able to download and play the game without paying a cent, whether you’ve purchased a copy in the past or you have never played a day in your life.

At a recent press event in California, I sat down to talk with product director Mike Donatelli and creative director Chad Moore about the transition, the team’s overall plans, and what it all means for the game’s past, present, and future players.

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