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Choose My Adventure tours a new MMO every month — with you, the reader, as the co-pilot, voting for how the writer plays from week to week. Our current captain is Eliot Lefebvre. [Follow this column’s RSS feed]

Choose My Adventure: Into the Heart of Thorns

Hello again friends, and welcome back to Choose My Adventure. November is upon us, and that means two things: It’s time for another round of the annual cries of, “Why are all these stores decorating for Christmas when Thanksgiving isn’t even over yet!?” and perhaps more relevant to our interests, it’s time for a new series of CMA. As the particularly quick-witted among you may have surmised from my cryptic, totally-not-obvious remark at the end of last week’s column, this month’s series will be focusing on Guild Wars 2‘s first expansion, Heart of Thorns.

You all know the drill by now, I imagine, but as is customary for the first installment of a new CMA series, this week is all about creating my character before I jump into the game itself. So with that in mind, I’ll stop dillydallying so we can get right down to business.

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Choose My Adventure: Settling the homestead in WildStar

Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest (and ostensibly greatest, depending on your perspective) installment of Choose My Adventure. This week, we’ll be bidding adieu to the wild world of WildStar, but that time hasn’t come just yet, so let’s save the tearful farewells for later and go ahead and recap last week’s vote: As I’m sure you recall, with your minds from which nothing escapes, last week I asked y’all to choose where I would focus my efforts during my playtime over the weekend: PvP, PvE, or player housing.

The PvPers in the crowd were roundly shouted down, with PvP pulling in only a paltry 9% of the total vote, but the contest between PvE and housing was a heated one, indeed. In the end, however, player housing managed to edge out a nail-bitingly narrow victory with 47% of the total vote against PvE’s 44%. And so, with that decision being made, I spent a great deal of my weekend — and a not insignificant amount of Bonongo’s gold reserves — exploring the intricacies of WildStar‘s player housing. The end result? A rather comfortable, albeit humble, abode where Bonongo can retire after a long day of Spellslinging.

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Choose My Adventure: WildStar’s crafting frustrations

Welcome, everyone, to another installment of Choose My Adventure: WildStar edition. Last week, Bonongo Jazz, Chua Spellslinger-slash-Explorer-slash-Architect extraordinaire, arrived at the Dominion outpost of Lightreach Mission in the (relatively) untamed wilds of Ellevar. Here, a new world of opportunities opened up to me as I entered what is arguably the first “real” — that is to say, non-starter — zone of the game so far, and I asked you folks, as always, to choose which of those opportunities I should pursue.

The vote on Bonongo’s tradeskill choice went overwhelmingly in favor of Architect, the profession responsible for crafting furnishings, decorations, and other assorted accoutrements for player-housing customization. Accordingly, I picked up survivalist as my gathering profession in order to supply myself with the ecosystem-destroyingly huge quantities of lumber needed to make sweet couches and beds and stuff. Meanwhile, in regard to which role I would build Bonongo to fill, DPS managed to creep ahead of healing for the win. I guess there really isn’t much point in having guns that shoot freaking magic unless you’re going to use them to viciously kill everything in sight.

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Choose My Adventure: Unearthing the mysteries of WildStar’s Levian Bay

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Choose My Adventure. Last week, you fine folks voted on whether my pwecious wittle Chua Spellslinger would continue his adventures on the planet Nexus in the scorching badlands of the Crimson Isle or the lush, misty forests of Levian Bay, and the vote went overwhelmingly in favor of the latter. I also gave y’all the opportunity to retroactively vote on whether or not I should play on a PVE or PvP server, with PvE winning out by a substantial margin, which is pretty convenient since I had rolled on a PvE server to begin with. So at least there’s that.

Anyway, this weekend, Bonongo Jazz began in earnest his domination — I mean exploration — of WildStar’s planet Nexus as he accompanied Artemis Zin in her search for the Eldan artifact known as the Elder Cube and, perhaps more importantly, the highest holovision ratings in the history of ever. So how did that pan out for her? Well, let’s just say that not everything went exactly according to plan.

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Choose My Adventure: Mad science and spellslinging in WildStar

Hello, everyone, and welcome once again to the formulaic introduction to yet another installment of Choose My Adventure. As is tradition, let’s start with a quick recap of last week’s vote. As I’m sure you recall, last week signalled the start of a fresh run of CMA. This time around, my adventures will be taking me into the world of the newly free-to-play WildStar, and last week you voted on the gender, race, class, and path of the character through whose eyes I will see the planet Nexus and with whose hands I will callously end the lives of countless of its denizens.

There were far too many options in last week’s poll for me to go into a vote-by-vote breakdown, but suffice it to say that there seems to great deal of love for the Chua. The Dominion’s fluffy, adorable, certifiably sociopathic race of rodentfolk managed to reel in a commanding majority of the votes, trailed very distantly by the Aurin. You folks also seemed to have some rather strong opinions on my character’s path, and Explorer beat out the next runner-up, Scientist, with plenty of breathing room. The gender vote was a close race, but y’all decided by a narrow margin that my wittle Chua should be male. The vote for my character’s class was likewise relatively close, and while Engineer, Esper, and Medic all put up a decent struggle, apparently the combination of magic and guns proved irresistable and Spellslinger emerged victorious. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce Bonongo Jazz the Chua, novice Spellslinger and would-be explorer.

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Choose My Adventure: Freeloading in WildStar

Hello once again, friends, and welcome to a brand-new edition of Choose My Adventure. As you have probably already surmised, assuming that you read this post’s title, I’ve decided to do things a little bit differently this month by bypassing the game-selection process altogether. I know y’all like to have choices, and I like to provide them, but WildStar‘s much-discussed and long-awaited free-to-play transition seemed like a good enough reason to skip the formalities and just jump right in. I mean, let’s be real: The chances are pretty good that WildStar would have won the vote anyway.

On the plus side, however, since we’re not spending an entire post on choosing a game, that means that we get to spend a little more time with the game itself. As is tradition, however, this first post in the series is dedicated to choosing the character I’ll be playing for the duration of my time with WildStar. Unlike the previous two games we’ve visited in CMA, WildStar doesn’t provide any method of changing a character’s class after creation, so choose wisely! Now then, I think this introduction has reached the necessary state of being long enough to look substantial while not appearing overwhelmingly dense, so let’s cut to the chase.

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Choose My Adventure: Pointy sticks and lunacy in Trove

Hello, friends, and welcome once again to Choose My Adventure. This week, our time with Trove is drawing to an end, but we’re not finished just yet. When we last met (a whole two weeks ago), I gave y’all the opportunity to vote on which class I should unlock with my hard-earned cubits to finish off this run.

Though Tomb Raiser and Boomeranger — the two classes that were not available as starting choices — put up a valiant effort, pulling in 30% and 12% of the vote, respectively, it should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that the far-and-away winner of the contest was the Lunar Lancer, which pulled in a solid 58% of the total votes. The most recent addition to Trove’s already impressive roster of classes, the Lunar Lancer, was added to the game just last week, and I — like many of you, apparently — was quite eager to find out what new goodies it brings to the table. As fortune would have it, that’s exactly what I did.

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Choose My Adventure: Trove’s brave new (uber) world

It’s everyone’s favorite day of the week — at least if you’re that annoying camel in that one Geico commercial — and you know what that means: It’s time for another episode of Choose My Adventure featuring Trove. Last week, I made an (admittedly less-than-impressive) attempt at taking on the role of architect to spruce up my cornerstone, but thanks to your votes, the pendulum has swung once again toward the more destructive end of the spectrum. While a fairly respectable 30% of you wanted me to add a few pages to my big book o’ crafting recipes, the resounding winner with over half of the total votes was good, old-fashioned leveling.

So this week, I stepped away from the crafting bench and hefted my weapons once again. Many dungeons were explored, many mobs were unceremoniously cut down, and most importantly, much loot was pilfered and plundered for the honor and glory of my delectable deity, Eis-Crom. In the end, I managed to make it to level 10 and then some, but that’s not to say that the journey was entirely sweet.

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Choose My Adventure: Setting up Camp in Trove

Welcome, friends, to another episode of Choose My Adventure: Trove edition. Last week, as you may recall, I took my first steps in the cubist dreamscape that is the world of Trove and settled into my new life as a savagely sweet Candy Barbarian, mostly by way of wandering the land and leaving a trail of voxelated devastation in my wake. This week, however, you folks decided to send me in an entirely different direction by voting for me to take some time to beautify — though as you can probably tell by my screenshot above, I’m using that term loosely — my cornerstone.

So, perhaps out of some sense of cosmic balance, I spent my weekend making up for my previous acts wanton destruction by putting my efforts toward creation. I mean, sure, I may have ravaged entire biomes of their natural resources, upset the delicate balance of the ecosytem, and left the land a barren husk of its former self in the process, and yeah, I may have done those things in the pursuit of what ultimately amounted to a mostly-empty, one-room building that has virtually no artistic merit or visual appeal, sitting atop a tiny, amateurish floating island. But hey, I built something, so it all balances out, right?

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Choose My Adventure: Trove’s Candyman can

Hello again, friends, and welcome to another riveting installment of Choose My Adventure. I hope you have a sweet tooth (and a good dental plan) because things are about to get saccharine as hell up in here. Though some of the other classes put up a good fight in last week’s poll — specifically, the Fae Trickster, which managed to pull in 19% of the vote, and the Dracolyte, which trailed close behind with 16% — it was the Candy Barbarian that remained standing when the dust and confectioner’s sugar settled, reigning in a respectable 24% of the vote.

Although my playtime this weekend was relatively limited thanks to the start of a new semester — and the accompanying panic of finding out at the last minute that there’s a small-but-essential bit of paperwork I forgot to fill out — I still found ample time to get myself settled into the Candy Barbarian’s sugar-laden shoes. While I’ve yet to plumb the deepest depths of what Trove has to offer, my time with the game so far has left quite an impression.

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Choose My Adventure: Unveiling the Treasures of Trove

Hello again, friends, and welcome once again to Choose My Adventure. The results of last week’s race are in, and holy cow, what a race it was. Out of the gate, Pathfinder Online took a strong lead, but it wasn’t long before Skyforge pulled ahead. As we entered the final day of voting, it looked like a surefire victory for Skyforge, but in a surprise upset, Trove surged from behind to win the contest, garnering 47% of the vote compared to Skyforge‘s 29% and Pathfinder Online’s 24%.

So thank you, dear voters, for a riveting round of voting, and a special thanks to those of you who took to the comments to voice your opinions. But now that the die (or vote, as you will) has been cast, I suppose I should stop wasting time and jump right in. Let’s get this started, shall we?

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Choose My Adventure: Three games enter, one game leaves

Hello again, friends, and welcome to a new cycle of Choose My Adventure. You may remember that last time around, I bypassed the whole game-voting process and jumped straight into Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, but this time around, I figured I’d take a step back and give you folks a bit more say in the matter.

Mind you, I’m not quite so masochistic as to give y’all complete free rein over the game selection; I’m sure you’re kind, caring, lovely people, but I’m not so sure that you’d be able to resist the opportunity to force me into the most mind-numbingly terrible game you could find just so that you could watch my slow-but-inevitable spiral into insanity. So with that in mind, I’ve created a little round-up of games that are currently topical in one way or another, and it’s up to y’all to choose my destiny. I’ve done my best to pick out a diverse group of titles that I hope will offer a little something for fans of all tastes and preferences, so without further preamble, allow me to introduce the contenders.

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Choose My Adventure: A whale of a time in FFXIV Heavensward’s Sea of Clouds

Hello again everyone, and happy August. It’s happy for me, anyway; this past weekend marked the first time in recent memory that I could step outside without feeling as if the Florida heat was intent on wringing every last drop of sweat from my body and leaving me a wrinkled, raisin-like husk. Not that it really matters, though, since I spent the better part of my weekend in the decidedly less humid world of Final Fantasy XIV, but hey, any excuse for a celebration.

Last week, I decided that the Astrologian had been given quite enough attention and asked y’all to vote on the next stage in my Heavensward adventures, and vote you did. Just over half of the vote was more-or-less evenly split between the remaining two classes introduced in Heavensward, Dark Knight and Machinist, which garnered 26% and 28% of the votes, respectively, but the remaining 48% of you voted for me to swap back to a level 50 character and venture out into the untamed wilds of the new expansion zones. Of the two level 50 classes I have available to me, White Mage and Monk, the vote went overwhelmingly in favor of the Monk.

Just one quick disclaimer before we get to the details: This entry will be more focused on Heavensward’s storyline than previous entries, and while I don’t think any of the spoilers are particularly major ones, they are spoilers nonetheless.

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