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Crowfall delves deeper into crypts with its latest video Q&A

Are you still struggling to wrap your mind around the way that Crowfall’s new Crypt system is going to work as character selection? The team has been working overtime to explain the system, but you can get another explanation and demonstration with the latest community Q&A video just below. That includes a rundown of the system and the way that the Crypt system interacts with the various campaign world rules (short version: it’s another dial for campaign worlds, like everything else).

You can also get a glimpse of the lady centaur model, new environments, new cairns, and the usual array of questions taken direct from players. Fair warning, as always, the video below runs for more than an hour. If you’re looking for quick, punchy information, you might be disappointed. But if you’d like to see how Crypts work, this is your opportunity.

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Crowfall’s most recent video Q&A covers crafting, stats, and demonstrations

Are you ready to make some ornamental accessories?! That may not seem like Crowfall’s whole raison d’etre, but one of the major points covered in the most recent live Q&A session is showing off just how Jewelcrafting is going to work in the game. And it’s relevant, as the session also covers game mechanics and how the system is being developed through patches. For example, your jewelry is an important part of how you actually gain crafting and/or gathering stats as you play; all of the stats related to those activities are placed on armor or rings.

Meanwhile, pure offense and support is found on weapons, which both makes weaponry very important and also allows you to be an excellent crafter with an incredibly scary sword. The full video is an hour long and covers more stat breakdowns along with the crafting demonstration, so if you’re eager to find out more about the game’s fine art of digging stuff up and putting it together to make new stuff, settle in for the video.

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BlizzCon 2017: World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth expansion live Q&A liveblog

Ah, here we go again. It’s time for our final liveblog of BlizzCon 2017, and it’s the World of Warcraft Q&A. And they’re live questions, which means that there are going to be several questions about the new expansion (that will not be answered because all of the information that can be shared right now has been shared), several questions about lore (that will be laughed at), and several questions about when we’ll get Jaina’s hair (it does look nice).

At this point, who knows what could happen? They announced World of Warcraft: Classic. They could do anything. Blizzard badger don’t care, apparently. Of course, if you don’t want to watch all of that, why not just watch our liveblog down below? It’s still speeding along at a fair clip, and it’s what we’re doing here. You can catch up past the break if you missed the start.

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Diablo III sums up why Necromancers are getting smaller sets and weaker cooldowns

Had you forgotten about the Diablo III Q&A stream about the Necromancer? Because that happened. Not to worry, though; there’s a full summary available for those who missed it, going over all of the important questions. For example, Necromancers will not get 7-piece item sets, specifically because the developers want to retain the identity of sets and mixing and matching pieces eradicates that.

This is not, it seems, the answer many players wanted, but it is an answer.

Blood is Power and Bone Armor are both receiving changes as well, as it was possible for testers to more or less become wholly invulnerable with the right loadout. Players who jump between platforms for the game will also note that the Necromancer pack is not purchased cross-platform; you’ll have to buy it for every platform where you’d like to play a Necromancer. You also will not be able to increase the total amount of time your pets remain up and active. So that collection of answers may not give you the answers you’d really like to hear across the board.

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Chronicles of Elyria answers player questions in a two-hour video

The Chronicles of Elyria team hosted a public community Q&A session, and players had questions. And those questions… well, they were answered. Extensively. The resultant stream was just shy of two hours long, which means by all rights it should have its own trailers and a cast poster. And now you can watch the whole thing just past the break.

You will probably not wish to do so if you are at work, however. Your boss will probably notice two hours of video.

Of course, as you might expect from a lengthy video, the topics range far and wide, from PvP penalties to combat systems to elaborate conspiracy theories regarding the shooter on the grassy knoll. (All right, that last one’s a fib.) Strap in, grab some popcorn, and if you want to do some voiceover work for the trailer you’re workshopping in your head… well, don’t tell us.

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Crowfall answers questions about stuff that doesn’t exist yet

The latest video Q&A from the Crowfall team answers a whole lot of questions about things that don’t exist in the game at this point. For example, one of the first questions is why backers with the very largest houses can’t test their houses yet. The answer? Those houses are still being worked on and don’t exist yet, so you can’t test them because there’s nothing to test. Once they do exist, players can test them. Which is a bit of a needling answer, but it also does nicely cover things that aren’t finished in a developing game.

The same disclaimers apply for some of the skill descriptions currently in the game and some of the Eternal Kingdom server management technologies; “in development” does not mean “this stuff is ready to test but we’re not letting you.” Of course, there’s also discussions of the way that the game’s locational armor works, and that is most definitely in the game even if the UI could use refinement to clarify that fact. Check out the full Q&A just below.

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Dark Age of Camelot developers are looking to clean up unused games and general balance

It sucks when you have a great idea for a character, but all of the names you’d like to use have been taken. That’s a problem particularly affecting Dark Age of Camelot at this point, but the developers confirm in the latest community Q&A that the team is definitely considering freeing up unused names on unplayed or particularly old characters. The staff is also holding off on another Come Back to Camelot campaign until more balance concerns have been addressed, with a potential new rulest server in the works to give player population a shot in the arm.

The developers also addressed some mechanical questions, laying out the soft and hard caps for various stats and pointing out that many understood soft caps really do allow for more variation. There are also more hidden skills for some dual wielding lines, although those hidden skills shouldn’t substantially alter damage dealt. Check out all of the answers for the full rundown.


PAX East 2017: Final Fantasy XIV’s Q&A panel

At the time of this writing, there’s just over a hundred days until Stormblood launches, expanding the world of Final Fantasy XIV for the second time. We’ll no doubt learn more about the expansion before that launch happens, but the second day of PAX East gave players a chance to ask about the game directly from the producer and director himself, Mr. Naoki Yoshida. He’s kind of a big deal.

Much as the team has done with previous PAX East events, Yoshida took both pre-written questions from fans on the show floor and live questions taken directly from the audience in attendance. While there were no huge revelations, there were plenty of tidbits for players to chew on as the game moves along through the remaining months until the launch of the second expansion. And, of course, there’s plenty of stuff to speculate about, but isn’t there always?

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Crowfall examines the ins and outs of crafting in its latest Q&A video

The latest community Q&A video for Crowfall is out, and it covers a lot of the details for the game’s crafting mechanics. For example, despite appearances and the current test version, the game’s crafting is not balanced around having eight pips to play with for crafting; players will start with one or zero, and more will be gained up to around 12 in the final version. However, you shouldn’t expect to master everything just the same, as the designers intend for there to always be more things to experiment with than you have space to maximize them. If everyone could just make the best everything, after all, there would be no choice involved.

The designers also field question about dropped NPC armor, which isn’t in the cards for the future; crafted armor, even the most basic versions, is meant to be how you arm up, even though NPCs should feature useful things in their drop lists. There’s also some clarification on the nature of refined metals being used for armor and weaponry and specializing in certain gathering fields. Check out the full video just below.

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Skyforge answers player questions about future development plans

Power scaling in video games is weird, and it gets even weirder than usual in Skyforge simply because you’re playing actual gods. So you find yourself wondering if you’re stuck just playing a junior god and never becoming an Elder God, thereby becoming even more powerful and also giving some bad nightmares to anyone who knows a lot about Cthulhu. Good news, though; the most recent batch of community answers confirms that the mechanics for becoming an Elder God are in development to ensure that players can become that much more powerful.

There are also plans to introduce some sort of scaling for Pantheon Wars to avert lopsided conflicts and for more classes to join the game. There are also distant plans for counter-invasions for players to take the fight back to the homeworlds of the various invaders, but those plans are still far in the future. There’s no timeline provided for all of the changes promised, but you can be sure that you’ll be just a bit more powerful before all is said and done.


Chronicles of Elyria answers questions about biomes

The world of Chronicles of Elyria is full of biomes. That has a bigger impact than you might be thinking, as detailed in the game’s latest video Q&A session. It’s a brief session, but that means it runs for “only” half an hour, whilst answering a huge pile of player questions along the way. Whatever you want to know about how the game’s biomes will affect gameplay, you can probably find it in here.

A biome, of course, includes the environment, resources, and creatures found within a given region. But there’s more going on than simply the animals you find to kill; players will be able to alter the biomes (say, by cutting down or planting trees), and the natural environment will affect things like food storage and safety. You can check out the full video just below.

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Crowfall answers player questions on server size and QA work

What ever happened to Crowfall’s stretch goal for a QA lead? The answer is nothing happened to it; it’s still a goal for the future, but at the moment the studio’s finances are just such that the bug-tracking needs to be handed off to people already working on the game, including J. Todd Coleman himself. The work of tracking down bugs and issues is still being done, and hiring someone to lead the hunt is still in the cards for the future. But you needn’t take our word for it, since you can watch the latest community Q&A in video form just below.

Many of this round’s questions cover more general QA or technical issues; the game is still planned to allow 1000 people per campaign world as a bare minimum, but major optimization work has not yet been done on the server structure. There’s also more information about how bugs are tracked internally and what’s next for the game’s milestone updates; check out the whole thing past the break.

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Eternal Crusade Q&A covers map imbalances and short-term development plans

Overwhelming force is a valid tactical decision, but it’s not fun when you’re playing a severely lopsided match in Eternal Crusade on either side; either you’re outnumbered beyond your ability to cope, or you’re just steamrolling to victory with no challenge. The latest community Q&A stresses that these sorts of imbalances were never meant to happen, and some of them came about due to bugs in matchmaking that are still being addressed. Nor is the team working on just adding more players to maps; the goal is to make maps that feel fun with the right number of players, not just expanding numbers.

Of course, the short-term focus for the game includes a new PvE mode for players to take on cooperatively along with more tuning for the existing game modes. Players can also look forward to more cosmetic options and more skin options for rogue trader skins, although the goal is to ensure that high-tier weapons don’t look like low-tier weapons and vice versa. You can read the whole Q&A yourself to see if your most pressing question was answered, although it’s a bit scattershot.


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