Black Desert Online makes amends for ‘disorderly’ patch and plots out a better path forward

Black Desert Online players who were taken aback at some recent and rather sudden changes to the game have the full apology of Executive Producer Jae-hee Kim to console them.

Kim wrote a letter to the playerbase in which he outlines the vision of the game, promising that the developers are taking action to “improve the fundamentals” of Black Desert’s structure to shore up the title.

“If you have to define Black Desert Online into four keywords, it would have to be MMORPG, combat, life content, and open world gameplay. In retrospect, it is true that we were afraid of making radical changes instead of improving and highlighting upon these four key themes,” he said.

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WildStar compensates players for March downtime

WildStar’s North American server, Entity, recently went through the ringer as a procedure during downtime to optimize its backend caused a host of issues that required even more downtime to revert.

Because of this, players experienced severe connection issues from March 21st through the 26th, a circumstance that was compounded by the fact that they ended up missing out on WildStar’s Blessing of Essence event.

To make it up to Entity players, WildStar is going to run the event again from April 6th through the 9th for all players and throw three extra days of subscription time to subbed members on Entity.


Black Desert offers NA players a compensation package for emergency maintenance

Good news for Black Desert players in North America, you got some free compensation! The bad news is that it’s to make up for emergency maintenance on the game; the good news again is that you probably were not playing at the time? It’s a multi-faceted situation, that’s what we’re getting at here.

While the official sources seem oddly reluctant to state the nature of the compensation, a player has posted a screenshot of the package, which buffs gains to combat experience, skill experience, life experience, and item gain, along with a boost to recovery across the board. It should last for an hour, so that’s something. Players on the forums are complaining that this is a result of the game’s reduced maintenance schedule and that regular maintenance would avoid this issue instead of requiring unexpected maintenance and compensation.

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Albion Online wings a week of extra time at players for DDOS disruptions

Albion Online emerges this week extremely battered and bruised after a prolonged series of DDOS attacks against the game and even demands for ransom payments by the perpetrators to make it stop.

Hopefully it’s in the past now as the studio has taken steps to shore up the game’s defenses. For players who found themselves bereft of a game experience, Albion Online is gifting some extra subscription time as compensation. All players who have been subbed between July 17th and August 11th will get an extra week of game time credited to their account (this is on top of an additional week of subscription gifted for launch issues).

“Properly defending against well-executed DDOS attacks is a very challenging task, and far harder than a quick Google search might suggest,” the team posted. “In close collaboration with leading experts in the field, we are making significant progress. Recent attacks have impacted the server’s performance, but generally were not successful in bringing it down. Our defenses are constantly being optimized and fine-tuned. Having said that, we are not in a position to give the ‘all clear’ just yet.”


ArcheAge offers compensation to players for server outages

Who here likes server issues? Sure, they kind of suck while they’re happening and prevent you from being able to play the game you want, but they also mean that at a later date the company behind the game will shower you with riches. ArcheAge players are the latest recipients of the aforementioned riches shower, with compensation offered to anyone who logged into the game (or tried to) between January 6th and January 11th.

Players will receive two Daru Warrior’s Chests, 12 Warrior’s Medals, 5 Merit Badges, 2 Bound Worker’s Compensation, 2 Eternal Hero Potions, 20 Bound Hereafter Stones, and an undisclosed quantity of lords a-leaping. Patron players will also receive an extra day of patron status on their accounts. Just make sure to claim all of this bounty sooner rather than later, as the compensation goes away on February 12th; that’s more than enough time to brave the sea of servers and grab your compensation. Assuming, of course, that the people logging in to grab compensation doesn’t trigger another server meltdown, thus creating some kind of cascading reward scenario.

It should be noted that this is separate from the last compensation package for server issues.


Trion offers compensation to ArcheAge and Rift players for server outages

Good news for players of ArcheAge and RIFT: You’re getting some free stuff as an apology for the unstable servers that both games have been experiencing recently. Bad news for those same players: You had some pretty unstable servers recently. But the issues are hopefully resolved, and players with Patron status on either game (or both games) will be receiving a free five-day time credit with no further action needed.

Meanwhile, players in either game can claim a free bonus pack from the in-game stores if they logged in between November 9th and November 22nd. RIFT players get 100 Affinity, which is an account-wide currency; ArcheAge players get a login badge and the Thanksgiving event pet. It appears some of those server issues may have migrated to Europe temporarily, but for now you should be able to log in and claim your compensation.


RIFT compensates players for server instability

Fans of RIFT have a new expansion to play, but that requires the game’s servers to be cooperating in order to actually play it. Unfortunately, the game has been suffering from server issues recently, so Trion recently announced planned compensation for players to help ease the sting there. If you’ve logged in since the instability began and have Patron status on your account, you will be credited extra time to your Patron subscription, although the exact amount is still up in the air as the team tries to permanently solve the problem and see exactly who has been affected.

Players can also log in and claim a free bundle of Affinity in the game’s store from now until November 30th. You can also earn bonus Affinity through gameplay, with Patrons gaining 10 for logging in on a daily basis and another 6 for staying logged in for each additional hour; non-Patrons, meanwhile, will gain Affinity at the same pace that Patrons would under normal circumstances. It can’t fix server issues in and of itself, of course, but compensation does help take the edge off.


Black Desert compensation horses trot out May 6th

A horse is a horse (of course, of course), unless your horse was part of the Black Desert pre-order equine controversy. Then it wasn’t the horse you thought you had at all. However, that’s about to change: Daum is reversing its decision to not compensate players for the tier 5 horses sold in the Conqueror’s Packs that had only tier-3 breeding capabilities. Black Desert CM Jouska outlined the compensation deal:

On May 6th every Conqueror Package Owner will receive one Tier 5 Female Horse as well as a Breeding Reset Coupon for Female Horses.  As many of you probably know female horses are significantly more rare than males, so we have chosen to provide a female to make up for lost time. We will offer this through the coupon system to redeem, this will be found on your account page.

Jouska also issued an apology for the lack of details in the pre-order package as well as for the delay in in finding a solution, stating, “It took quite some time from both sides to understand what could be done and how big of an impact this situation had.”


The Division gives everyone free Phoenix Credits to compensate for glitches

Have you endured some glitches in The Division? The developers are aware of the issues, and they’re working to fix them. By way of apology, all players are being granted 150 Phoenix Credits this weekend, even if you’ve managed to avoid any sort of major glitches yourself. And if you have… well, your experience is worth 150 Phoenix Credits. That’s the most immediate takeaway from the recent state of the game livestream, embedded below if you’d prefer to watch it.

The stream also covers the issue of cheating, acknowledging that handling the issue will be a continuing struggle and that keeping an eye out for exploits is no simple task. If you’re mostly interested in your free Phoenix credits, keep your eyes on Twitter before the weekend.

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Black Desert details headstart compensation plan with ‘shitstorm matrix’

Black Desert has elaborated on the compensation and support it will offer players in the wake of its headstart issues:

“We all know that every game launch is bound to have problems, but this does not negate the trouble and confusion that they cause for everyone. The success of Black Desert and the Community supporting it has been and will continue to be our primary focus because we know without you there would be no Black Desert Online. As such, we would like to extend a token of our appreciation and apology for any and all inconveniences you may have experienced. Below you will find our break down what you can expect.”

Guys. There’s a chart. They labeled it “Shitstorm Matrix.” You cannot make this stuff up.

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Daum compensates Black Desert players for headstart server mixup

A goof-up on the Black Desert headstart servers over the weekend saw some North American players unintentionally placed on the wrong servers, and Daum decided not to move them.

“[U]nfortunately the characters affected by this will remain on the server they are on currently. If you do not wish to continue playing on that server you will need to make a new character on your preferred server. After our analysis it has been determined that due to the limited number of player impacted versus those not impacted and the amount of time invested, this is the best course of action. To perform a full wipe, or to manually relocate the Serendia characters would simply take too long and would nullify the benefit from the head start period.”

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Destiny Mega Bloks, event compensation, and leveling shenanigans

Howsabout a Destiny news threesome this afternoon?

First, Bungie is teaming up with Mega Bloks for a series of Destiny toy sets this year. Family Gamer TV has the video scoop.

Second, the studio admits that drop rates during the Crimson Days event have been way lower than intended. “That’s no way to tell you that we love you, so a fix is in the works,” says Bungie, which now promises fixed rewards for everyone at the end of the event.

Finally, Destiny player SerfaBoy has joined the honorable ranks of gamers who break weird records: He leveled up to 40 without ever leaving the tutorial, a feat that took 98 hours of boring repetition.

Last week, Activision casually mentioned that Destiny is getting a full-fledged sequel in 2017. Vids are below!

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Firefall updates players on missing items following patch 1.6

The most recent Firefall patch had some significant issues when it first went live, but those issues are still being sorted out now. Players were not properly compensated for the modules that they had before the major system update, and the first fix turned out to not work as intended. So the team is trying again, bringing up the pre-maintenance database, running scripts, and awarding players a new set of compensation packages.

Compensation is also planned for epic prototype cores that players previously held. Kanaloa weapons are also not salvaging properly into Titan tokens, so the developers will be awarding tokens to players who owned these weapons while allowing salvage of said weapons for lesser amounts. It’s proven to be a rocky road for the studio getting players back up to speed after the patch; hopefully the latest round of compensatory gestures will settle things for good.

Source: Official Site. Thanks, I-Spy!


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