Bossland gives up on WoW’s Honorbuddy cheat following Blizzard’s 2017 court victories

If you weren’t convinced that Blizzard defeated Bossland in its string of lawsuits already, you will be today. As The Nosy Gamer noticed, Bossland announced today that it’s ending sales for multiple hack, bot, and cheat programs that affected Blizzard games, including Honorbuddy (for World of Warcraft) and Hearthbuddy (for Hearthstone), though it looks as if Demonbuddy (Diablo III) will remain intact. Support for the discontinued cheats ends on December 31st.

The Bossland announcement is super classy, and by super classy, I mean not at all classy, as you might expect. The developers insist their paid cheat programs “provide no edge” and were intended to help time-starved players. They also claim Blizzard is winning only because of its supposed “decision to compromise the privacy of their players” by using checks that any studio that cares about cheating uses.

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Black Desert devs responds to datamining dust-up with stat transparency and apologies

Remember a week ago when Black Desert dataminers dug up dirt on the game’s so-called hidden stats, only to be booted off the subreddit by mods doing Pearl Abyss’ bidding? Remember how the dataminers just put it all up on a different sub beyond the reach of PA, practically daring PA to follow through on the legal action it threatened dataminers with earlier this year?

Consider the situation effectively defused. Kakao has apologized for creating “confusion among [its] beloved players by failing to deliver accurate information,” promising clarity on those stats. Indeed, clarity is arriving in the form of a producer letter from Pearl Abyss (which also apologizes profusely).

Executive Producer Jae-hee Kim says PA now plans to add accuracy, evasion, and damage reduction numbers to tooltips, noting that while hidden stats seemed like a fun idea originally, there is now too much of a “gap” between people in the know and everyone else. The studio also aims to tweak “ambiguity” on elixirs, boost drop rates party to the node level system, and provide transparency on future stats.

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Black Desert’s Reddit community erupts over Pearl Abyss’ datamining suppression

So how do you feel about dataminers? One player apparently datamined a significant chunk of info about Black Desert’s so-called hidden stats, posting everything to the game’s subreddit to finally end arguments over what those stats entail. But Pearl Abyss (the Korean developer, not the western publisher Kakao) put an end to it, requesting that the mods remove it, and one did just that.

In the midst of player uproar over what the community perceived as independent mods doing a Korean studio’s dirty work, the moderating team on the BDO sub told players that while it had been removed by an over-eager junior mod, the mods were suppressing the information until such time as Pearl Abyss could confirm or deny whether the datamined info could by used to “bypass anti-cheat safeguards and/or manipulate the client in ways that haven’t been done before,” which is a bit of a head-scratcher. The mods also casually mention, for some reason, their desire to stay in Pearl Abyss’ good graces for the purposes of running contests and events on the sub, giving opponents a sackful of ammo.

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The Daily Grind: Which MMO soundtrack makes you the most nostalgic?

In covering MMORPG music for the past five or so years, I’ve discovered something interesting (yet not truly surprising). I can appreciate and even love pieces of music from games I’ve never played, but there’s this strong and compelling connection between the ones I have enjoyed and music that I listen to from them at a later date.

These soundtrack pieces can trigger a tidal wave of nostalgia for my gaming days of yore, such as stepping into Elwynn Forest for the first time, gazing in awe over the Shadowlands, or heading to Freedom Court for a costume contest.

Which MMO soundtrack (album or select tracks) makes you the most nostalgic for certain titles? Are there any newer pieces that you’re sure will be imprinted into your brain as long-lasting favorites?

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Vote for your favorite player-created Guild Wars 2 instrument of death

Power to the people! Guild Wars 2 has opened the polls for players to cast their vote on which fan-created weapon should be made into an actual in-game item.

The design-a-weapon contest resulted in over 900 entries, out of which 20 were selected by ArenaNet to advance as a finalist. Players are being encouraged to vote on which of the 20 should be turned into a Guild Wars 2 weapon, with the three finalists receiving the most votes to get this honor. The voting process will conclude on November 10th.

And while Halloween is over, the minipets live on! Check out the weirdly adorable Mini Choya Pumpkin Gang after the break.

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Escape from Tarkov adds a small arsenal, eyes open beta, and celebrates Halloween

What happens when you take a city full of trigger-happy mercs and toss in even more weapons and instruments of destruction? Escape from Tarkov is finding out this week thanks to a “major” update that introduced 70 new items, more communication commands, better optimization, improved starter gear, and advanced weapon handling.

Not stopping to even take a brief break, the dev team is barreling to bigger and better things: “The next important stage in project development will start with the open beta, which is scheduled for launch at the end of 2017. By that time, the game will be expanded with new game mechanics, improvements of existing ones, more optimizations of graphics and network components, as well as additional game content, including new weapons and locations. Also, in the coming months, we plan to localize the game into new languages, including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Polish, Czech, Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean.”

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Star Trek Online tells a scary story for Halloween

Despite its utopian idealism, Star Trek isn’t a stranger to the occasional scary tale or horror-themed outing. Captains in Star Trek Online have faced many terrors in the night, but perhaps none are as creepy as the one in Hearts and Minds.

This special quest only pops up in the game on Friday the 13ths and Halloween, so you have a very limited time to check it out before it goes away again. It’s a “mad science” theme with a total of 13 (!) enemies that is decidedly different in tone than the rest of the game. The mission features some neat rewards, like a rare duty officer and a Vulcan Lirpa, and since it’s relatively short, it’s worth running to snag these items before they vanish.

Star Trek Online is also running a Halloween costume contest on Risa tonight at 6:00 p.m. EDT that will be judged by the development team.


Chronicles of Elyria raffles off a throne, retools community event to avoid exploits

Strange things are afoot in Chronicles of Elyria. For starters, there is a single throne available on a North American server that’s up for grabs. Instead of simply selling it outright, the team has decided to raffle it off in a convoluted format.

Basically, fans will have to buy $10 tokens to gift to players that each one feels is the best to lead this kingdom. These tokens do convey 100 EP to the purchaser and 50 EP to the receiver on top of being part of this raffle. At the end of the year, the most popular recipient will be given the throne.

Not all players are delighted with this decision. As one poster pointed out in the forum, this is a glorified (and paid) popularity contest, ignores open monarch spots on an Oceanic server, and excludes fans of other regions and servers from taking part.

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Revelation Online lets you trick-or-treat from the comfort of your web browser

Here’s an interesting Halloween notion from Revelation Online: letting players trick-or-treat whether they are playing the game or not.

As of the event’s start yesterday, players can simply log onto the website and head over to a trick-or-treat page to choose between two doors to see whether they got a goodie or not. If a treat is found, it is delivered to that player’s inventory. The best part? This process can be completed every hour from now through November 1st — that’s a lot of potential treats! There’s even a five-person legendary mount that’s part of the trick-or-treat loot table.

In addition to web trick-or-treating, Revelation Online is running a couple of contests and has redecorated the official site to be more seasonably appropriate.


Enter to win a Gigantic Ezren Ghal hero unlock or Voden skin from PWE and MOP

In honor of the launch of Gigantic’s Halloween update and its concomitant new hero and map, PWE has granted Massively OP a bunch of goodies to raffle to our readers! They’re intended for the PC audience, so consolers can sit this one out.

A hundred winners will be taking home a code for the Desolation skin for Voden, the MOBA’s shooter hero. And 10 winners will also score an unlock for Ezren Ghal, the brand-new caster hero known for “wielding necromantic powers to damage his opponents, collect souls and trade them for powerful abilities,” twisting “the very being of his foes by draining souls in combat, which can be turned against enemies as devastating ability attacks.”

Read on to enter to win!

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Paragon Chat to host City of Heroes shutdown vigil on November 30

Almost five years ago, the City of Heroes servers shut down for the last time, as thousands of online superheroes (and supervillains!) were unmoored from their favorite MMORPG and set adrift. Most of those gamers are still around, however, and have since found their way back to Paragon Chat: a player-hosted version of the game that allows players to log into the game, roll and costume characters, travel to zones, play with movement powers, and chat. It doesn’t, however, include actual combat or questing, which is probably what’s kept NCsoft’s lawyers away from it.

In fact, Paragon Chat will next month play host to an in-game (in-chat?) event to honor the sunset of five years ago, bringing together anyone who wants to memorialize the community. The so-called “Shutdown Vigil,” hosted by Titan Network’s Hero Event Resource Committee, will take place on November 30th, and really all you need to bring is yourself. And maybe a torch.

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Final Fantasy XI prepares for a spooky harvest festival

You honestly can’t scare Final Fantasy XI players with anything short of a shutdown notice at this point, so if you were hoping for this year’s Halloween event to be a terrifying collection of wraiths and shades, you will be sorely disappointed. If you were hoping that it would give you a chance to ride around on a chair flanked with monster heads, though? You’ll get exactly that, apparently by taking part in this year’s trick-or-treat antics across the major cities.

Of course, that’s hardly the only event you can take part in. Jump into one of the game’s costume contests and have a shot at winning some new pudding-themed costume pieces. Help out some novice exorcists in driving out harmful spirits. Work with moogles to drive out actual supernatural beasties crawling through the cities. The event runs from October 24th through November 6th, so there’s not much time to do everything, but there’s no shortage of things to do for the Halloween season.


Ashes of Creation is hosting a virtual costume ball for Halloween

Can a game that isn’t even in alpha yet have a Halloween celebration? Heck yes it can, Intrepid Studios says, and it has one such planned for Ashes of Creation, which was crowdfunded earlier this year. In fact, participants may even win keys to test the game.

“Alpha Zero keys, so many Alpha Zero keys! How do you get them you wonder? You must please the Sandal King Steven! Every day leading up to the 31st, our undead team of developers invite you to unleash your creativity upon the world. Our spookiest minions will be rewarded for their mischief with a chance to playtest Ashes of Creation this December exclusively with the Devs and their brood!”

Players can expect a “spook-a-thon stream,” a fan art contest, a pumpkin carving event, a horror short story night, and maybe the best bit, a virtual costume ball where you can submit a costume (with appropriate game logo). Damn, I’m exhausted just thinking about doing all of those. What would you dress up as for a free alpha key?

Source: Official site, press release


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