Anti-grind MMO Fractured introduces its playable races, including vampires and bear-kin

Last month, we introduced our readers to Fractured, yet another SpatialOS MMO currently under construction since this past January. Its chief claims to fame include planetary colonization, crafting, housing, skill- and reflex-based combat — and most interestingly to players bored of stock MMO tropes — no grind and no forced PvP.

This week, the team behind the game, Dynamight Studios, has released what it’s calling a feature spotlight on one of its “design pillars” — character races — arguing that the “potential of the concept has never been exploited in full” by the genre.

Dynamight CEO Jacopo Gallelli contends that “races have been used to add variety to combat, questlines and, at best, environments” in MMOs, but that “no one has ever strived to employ them to immerse players in a different culture and society, and to make them feel that they are playing a whole different game if their character is a Demon instead of a Human.”

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Skyforge celebrates its second anniversary with giveaways, trivia contest

While you weren’t looking — or maybe you were — Skyforge tucked two years of live operation under its belt. The sci-fi action MMORPG is celebrating its second anniversary this month, starting with daily login rewards that dole out, among other things, actual halo and angel wings. Don’t let it go to your head (literally).

The team’s also hosting a Trivia of the Gods contest to anyone who wants to take a stab at answering all things Skyforge. This takes place online, and while there are special prizes for the winners, everyone who completes it will get a participation prize. Aww.

When you’re done getting drunk on golden mead or whatever it is that unpredictable gods do, you can leap back into the Pantheon Wars in the game. The team recently elaborated on the win conditions of this epic struggle, so make sure you read that if you’re participating.


The MOP Up: Crash Force offers arena fun at a discount (July 16, 2017)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we have stories and videos from TERAMaster X MasterEternal CrusadeWarfacePortal KnightsMapleStoryCrash ForceDroneNeverwinterElswordEVE OnlineWarframeFinal Fantasy XIVEverQuest IIWorld of WarshipsPath of Exile, and Eternal Crusade, all waiting for you after the break!

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Black Desert opens up a waterpark for summer, reduces level XP requirements

Just in time for those dog days of summer is Black Desert, which is making a splash with its new Terrmian Waterpark. Today is the park’s grand opening, and you are invited to put on your skimpiest speedo and head over to the fun.

The waterpark is part of the Terrmian Festival, which runs from today through August 9th. Players will need special coins to partake in the various activities, and fortunately the game will dish them out to everyone at the rate of one every 20 minutes (for a maximum of five coins a day).

There are about a half-dozen minigames to enjoy, ranging from the socially acceptable to the scandalously strange. These include a giant clam pop, a coconut cannon shoot, a diving contest, a spooky ship, a shooting gallery, and (why not) hurling fruit at possessed spirits.

It should be noted that alongside the waterpark, today’s patch also includes a reduction of the XP needed to level from one to 61.


TennoCon 2017: Celebrating Warframe’s con from start to Umbra

Warframe’s second annual fan convention has ended, and now it’s time to reflect back on a very fun and full day. I wondered how Digital Extremes would top last year’s inaugural TennoCon — I remember the cheers that burst out for the new Warframe announcements in 2016, but that paled to the reaction at this year’s Tenno Live.

Viewers at home didn’t get to see and hear the initial reaction to the big Plains of Eidolon announcement — it was silence. Not silence because it wasn’t impressive but silence because the audience was surprised and in total disbelief; Game Director Steve Sinclair shared that this was the first content ever to not be leaked! Whispers of “No way,” “and “It couldn’t be,” bubbled up, and the tension and awe grew palpably as Live Operations and Community Producer Rebecca Ford maneuvered through the new relay Cetus while Sinclair narrated. But everyone heard when she opened that door to the Plains of Eidolon and walked through: The audience simply erupted in cheers.

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Enter to win a Paladins Realm Pack from Hi-Rez and MOP

Paladins’ Sunsational patch — yeah, it’s really called that! — is live this week in the open beta with lots of summer goodies, a Fourth of July theme, and bans! For cheaters, that is. To celebrate the update, Hi-Rez has granted us a bundle of keys for Realm Packs, which each grant a seven-day booster, 10 radiant chests, two flair chests, as well as the new Frostmare Mount.

Read on to enter to win!

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LOTRO kicks off summer festival, talks Mordor class balance and testing

Break out the beer kegs and fishing poles, Lord of the Rings Online’s summer festival is back! The festival, which will run through July 16th, offers keg races, Hobbit eating contests, horse races, fishing challenges, scavenger hunts, and of course, dancing.

Looking past the summer festival to Mordor, one developer took to the forums to address a class balance and testing pitfalls for the expansion.

“Class balance is definitely something we want to address in coming updates. It’s a mess in several places and we know it,” Vastin wrote. “Once the new ratings, gearing, and monster statting values settle down that should give us an excellent stepping off point for updating class balance. Unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough time and testing resources to make that happen before Mordor launches. Most of those changes will have to happen during the course of our time in Mordor.”


Enter to win a copy of Wild Terra from Juvty and Massively OP

Indie sandbox MMORPG Wild Terra (official site, Steam) has been in early access since December, a nostalgia-driven medieval sim that allows players to build up settlements (and then tear them down!). Most recently, the game has released its 8.3 update, which introduces vendor stands and allows players to put loot up for sale in exchange for spice currency.

Developer Juvty Worlds has issued Massively OP 200 keys for the game, worth $15 apiece on Steam, to distribute to our readers. The only caveat is that the game must be available to you on Steam for you to use the key. Read on to enter to win!

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Enter to win a SMITE Cu Chulainn or Camazotz skin from Hi-Rez and MOP

Live in SMITE today are both the previously revealed mana-based god Cu Chulainn and the unique Code of Chivalry event, which introduces a morality bar to the MOBA and allows players to complete quests — for good and for evil — to become either a Noble Knight or a Black one.

To celebrate the update, Hi-Rez has granted us a bundle of keys for Cu Chulainn and his Hound of Ulster skin as well as Camazotz and his Xibalba’s Shadow skin. As always, skin codes can be redeemed in-game across all platforms and in all regions as long as you’re playing on Hi-Rez SMITE servers (Tencent runs the Chinese servers, and LevelUp runs the Latin American and Brazilian servers, so the codes won’t work there).

Read on to enter to win!

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The Daily Grind: What MMORPG needs megaserver tech the most?

During his interview with Gamasutra last week, Elder Scrolls Online’s Matt Firor told the publication, “I really think MMO is a technology. It’s not a game type anymore.”

Specifically, he means the megaserver structure of MMORPGs that allow thousands of players to more or less game together. “We have an interesting server structure in ESO that is unique in this generation of online game. What we do is we have what we call megaservers, where we instance all of our zones,” he explains. “Once you’re on the North American server, you never pick another server. The game kinda figures out how many instances of each zone to spin up, and which one to put you in….those are the kind of cool things that are happening behind the scenes, in game development, where it takes all of the decision-making out of the player’s hands.”

Someone could probably contest the “unique” part, given how many MMORPGs have employed versions of layered instancing and megaservers over the years, including modern ones, but I wouldn’t argue at all with “cool” — it still seems bizarre to me that any MMORPGs in 2017 are still stranding gamers on smaller servers, to the detriment of the game itself. So: What MMORPG needs megaserver tech the most but still doesn’t have it?

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Black Desert announces top 10 finalists in fan trailer contest; here they are!

Still reeling from the news that Black Desert is destined for Xbox One next year? How about some community fluff that will also please your eyeballs? Kakao has been running a fan trailer contest this past month and has culled the entries to arrive at just 10 finalists among which players can vote for their favorite.

Winners receive an assortment of BDO swag and in-game items, including a title; the top winner also gets a high-end headset. Kakao’s even handing out prizes to the most-viewed videos.

We’ve rounded up the top 10 videos to help you choose, none of which should run over two minutes, so they’re a quick watch. Who deserves it the most?

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Enter to win a Star Trek Online Fluidic Antiproton Wrist Lance for Xbox One

In honor of the launch of Star Trek Online‘s season 13 Escalation for console, PWE has granted Massively OP a stack of Fluidic Antiproton Wrist Lances, a rare ground weapon, to raffle to our readers!

“Undine weaponry utilizes cohesive antiproton streams to damage foes. These streams are known to sometimes knock their opponents away while dealing additional physical damage. The primary fire of this particular wrist-mounted antiproton lance is similar to those adapted into Assault weapons that use this same energy technology. The secondary fire is radically different however, incorporating something akin to the ‘focused beam’ technology sometimes seen in use on Undine starships. It can charge up a massive blast that will scar the surface of whatever the foe is standing on, sending out antiproton energy ripples that cause additional damage to anything they cross paths with.”

Read on to enter to win!

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind has a new trailer, and it’s all about bears

Let’s be real, here: The real new class being added for The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is the War Bear. The Warden is just kind of along for the ride. But how do you get a War Bear to go along with a Warden instead of just sitting on the ground, smashing beehives and taking a nap without a care in the world?

Wonder no longer, as the newest live-acton trailer rather cutely shows the training process of a new War Bear. We should note that the video contains far fewer bears than the title may have conditioned you to think, but we also assure you that it is both adorable and worth watching. Check it out just below, and think about ursine class features. Or just think about turning your household pet into a War Bear, as there’s a whole contest for it right now.

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