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The reinvented Guns of Icarus Alliance arrives on Steam with fresh PvE

The reinvented Guns of Icarus Alliance is sailing into a bold new world with its debut on Steam. Players can pick up a copy of this expanded multiplayer airship adventure for $20, or pay a little more for a costume pack and soundtrack to go with it.

So what makes Guns of Icarus Alliance different than its forefather? Basically, the game has gotten away from a strict PvP setting to include a lot of challenging and fun co-op PvE content as well. The team has created new story mechanics, large PvE mission maps, new weapons, additional ships, and a lot of costume and ship cosmetics to unlock.

“If you’ve heard of the previous Guns of Icarus, the PvP game, this is way different,” the studio said in a press release. “Think of it as you and your ragtag crew teaming up with other ships against hordes of enemies controlled by an intelligent AI director.”

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Revelation Online’s Faerie Funland amusement park is open for business in Stardust

After a long day of annihilating species and running FedEx quests for ungrateful NPCs, one needs a stress-relieving break. For this, Revelation Online invites players to come visit its brand-new Faerie’s Funland theme park.

Faerie’s Funland is only open two days a week and is structured like a large board game. Players will navigate the park and engage in mini-games to earn all sorts of prizes, such as cosmetics and golden earrings.

The amusement park isn’t the only feature that came with yesterday’s Stardust update. The game also opened up Starshatter Island, a PvP zone designed for large-scale (up to 400 players) guild vs. guild battles. The island opens once a day and auto-levels all participants to 79 so that as many people as possible can participate.

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The Stream Team: Seeking out DC Universe Online’s Starro

Have you ever met an evil demon starfish? Massively OP’s MJ is about to hunt one in DCUO. Starro the Conqueror has invaded, and facing him leads to the acquiring of cool event items, so naturally MJ has to get in on the action. To save the universe from evil really — not just get the wacky cosmetics. Join us live at 3:00 p.m. to watch either MJ or the starfish get slapped silly.

What: DC Universe Online
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 3:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, April 10th, 2017

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A creepy starfish has taken over DC Universe Online

If you’re not echinodermophobic already, DC Universe Online’s latest patch is angling to turn you with its latest patch. Yes, Starro the Conqueror and his concomitant content injection have arrived in Daybreak’s superhero MMORPG!

DC Universe Online [has] launched Starro the Conqueror, a new event featuring the Justice League’s first villain! Available for all players level 10 and up, this event features new open world missions, a duo, an alert and a raid. All players who participate in the event can also receive Starro-themed gear and cosmetics. Those who are Members are able to experience a special end-game version of the raid AND collect bonus rewards throughout the event.”

We’ve tucked the live-action trailer starring Jack Emmert and the Daybreak Austin crew (it’s actually kind of amusing!) below. Just watch out for those spores.

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Revelation Online sells new collector packs, preps Stardust patch for April 12

Can you believe that Revelation Online has been out for a full month now? It’s probably as good a time as any for the studio to look at alternative ways to earn a buck from freeloading players, which is probably why it has introduced new collector packs to the MMO.

To head off what you are thinking, no, these are not lockboxes. Instead, the collector packs are essentially bundles containing titles, cosmetics, and months of premium game time. They range from $22 to $70 in price and offer up some desirable items such as the inventor’s outfit (now with more underboob), “dazzling” wings, a dreamy Moondrinker mount, and extra boosts for your progression. The $70 pack is actually made up of the previous two packs combined at a discount price.

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LOTRO doesn’t see its shadow, extends spring festival for another week

Spring is here, so why not enjoy it for a while? That’s the philosophy guiding Lord of the Rings Online, which announced yesterday that it will be extending its spring festival for another week. The new end date is April 9th, which should allow players plenty of time to earn those new cosmetics, the kite pets, and the moth-themed mount.

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Exclusive Interview: Secret World Legends’ story, monetization, membership, Tokyo, and more

Don’t miss the first part of our Romain Amiel interview from yesterday!
Did you get your fill of Secret World Legends answers from the first half of our exclusive interview with Game Director Romain Amiel? Us neither. Luckily, we have the scoop on much more regarding the Secret World reboot. (Hey, we did mention we had lots of questions!) Here, Amiel focuses on the story and the missions, monetization, transferring your favorite cosmetics, content releases, optimization, and more. Keep reading to learn the 411.

Story changes

Don’t panic! Nothing has been taken away from the story. In fact, it has been added to. Amiel described how in some places you move to the next part of the main story mission without even knowing why — you just do. Illustrating with the example of Egypt, he noted that bits have been added to make it clearer why players must move from one place to another The basic story is the same, and the awesome cut scenes are the same, there’s just more. Whew.

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Funcom reboots The Secret World as Secret World Legends, a ‘shared-world action RPG’

Raise your hand if you felt trepidation as well as hope when Funcom announced during that last investor call that it was relaunching The Secret World? Fans have been yearning for more TSW conspiracy goodness and system improvements for so long. But the community has definitely feared the game changing away from what makes it so unique; the word “NGE” was bandied about more than once. What if we told you that it is not just different but a brand-new game altogether — that the relaunch is really more like a launch-launch?

Yep, Funcom is announcing this morning that it’s rebooting The Secret World as Secret World Legends, basically a brand-new game with its MMORPG parts minimized. Whether that statement fills you with excitement or dread, keep reading for all the details we have, including the official FAQ.

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Elite Dangerous addresses ship nameplate concerns

Yesterday’s Elite Dangerous community livestream is full of good news for sci-fi fans anxiously watching the 2.3 beta. Of note, Frontier’s Sandro Sammarco and Ed Lewis address the ship nameplates issue — and the fact that these tools will be available as cash shop items only — saying the studio means to keep to its plans. Keep your eyes locked on mega ships too; the studio promises these gargantuan edifices are super important and that it’ll divulge more in the future.

Lewis reiterated the studio’s plans on name plates in a forum post this morning, explaining that every ship will have a name, but “the ship name plates will offer an added layer of cosmetic personalisation for Commanders wanting to wear their name with pride, much like paint jobs and other cosmetics currently available in the store.”

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How to farm 570 LOTRO points in under three hours

One of the interesting quirks of Lord of the Rings Online’s free-to-play setup is that players can earn premium currency — LOTRO points, or LP — through various in-game activities. Since LP is otherwise purchased with cash and can be used to buy quest packs, cosmetics, classes, and even expansions, earning that currency through gameplay can be a literal money-saver.

What if you could get a good chunk of LP in under three hours? LOTRO player Edward Gibson mapped out and executed a run in which he used a brand-new character to farm 570 LP in two hours and 43 minutes by completing deeds. The player did use a couple of skill and deed boosts to assist with the effort.

Check out the following video to see how this feat was performed and perhaps be inspired to replicate this farming pattern to help you earn your next LOTRO store purchase.

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PAX East 2017: Hands-on with the surprisingly fun Kritika Online

It’s pretty much a rule of nature that at least one game is going to be far better and more fun to play than I expected on the PAX East show floor. This has been true every year, and while the past couple of years have involved my spending a bit less time on the show floor overall, I’ve still walked away with some surprises. This year, it was Kritika Online.

What I expected from Kritika Online was… well, nothing particularly impressive. I didn’t expect it to be bad, but that was because I didn’t expect much from it at all. It was a game that En Masse was bringing over that sounded, at a glance, like the sort of game which fades from memory shortly after you play it. What I actually got was a game that has a clean purpose and remarkably fun mechanics, like the pure product of an MMO marrying a Dynasty Warriors clone.

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PAX East 2017: Dauntless reveals new trailer, plans 2017 launch

Keeping an ear to the ground for Dauntless news? You should be: It’s a co-op ARPG from Phoenix Labs, an indie studio made up of former BioWare, Riot Games, and Blizzard devs. It’s expected to launch on PC later this year as a free-to-play (and apparently online) title that focuses on basic cosmetics and boosts to fund development costs.

It’s not massive, mind you, but it’s worth a look for multiplayer fans. The new PAX trailer is below.

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Final Fantasy XIV brings out new delivery and weapon quests with patch 3.55a

Ready to take on Proto-Ultima with several other people? Ready to finish off your anima weapon quests? Or are you just looking forward to new delivery content for a catgirl in Final Fantasy XIV? Patch 3.55a provides all of the above and even a bit more, including a new map for the Feast and some lowered requirements for previous steps of the anima weapon questline. It should be plenty of stuff to keep you occupied in the game for a while.

Not enough for you? Well, maybe you can distract yourself with the Little Ladies’ Day quests starting up on March 1st. Players will earn new emotes, housing decorations, and cosmetic gear by helping the Songbirds take Ul’dah by storm once again. So that should keep you occupied for a while, as well. There are also some new cosmetic items available for purchase in the store, including the oft-sought cherry blossom trees.


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