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E3 2017: ‘Gravity-defying’ LawBreakers releasing this August 8, PC beta on June 28

Hope the start of your summer is calm, peaceful, and orderly, because it’s sure as heck not going to end that way if LawBreakers has anything to say about it.

This “gravity-defying” multiplayer shooter is coming to us courtesy of Nexon on August 8th. The launch date was revealed at this week’s E3 2017, where the team also announced that it would be holding a “Rise Up” PC beta test from June 28th through July 3rd.

LawBreakers will roll out on both PC and PlayStation 4 and retail for $30, unless you want the deluxe edition for 10 bucks more. Players can pre-order the game right now to reserve exclusive character skins.

The key hook of this FPS is the extreme gravity (or lack thereof) situations in its futuristic multiplayer maps. It is rated M, so chances are pretty good that there will be a blood splatter or two during these matches.

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Final Fantasy XIV reveals its upcoming set of Sabotender-themed weaponry

A lot of new things are arriving in Final Fantasy XIV when Stormblood early access kicks off next week on June 16th. New jobs, new levels, new areas, and all of that will be available. But the real question was always going to be about what spectacular new stuff you can buy at the Gold Saucer, and the answer to that question is a set of new weapons themed after the casino’s mascot, Senor Sabotender himself!

These new weapons will be available to purchase and glamour after the 4.0 launch, which means after the end of the current Make it Rain promotional event. However, that also means you can use the event running now to earn up MGP for spending on these weapons in the future, so it’s safe to say they’re at least peripherally connected. Why not get in there and earn a little more money? You could use it to stab your enemies with a cactus, and isn’t that all anyone really wants?


Wild West Online shows first in-game footage, offers early bird preorder packages

In other games it might be called a founder’s pack, but in Wild West Online, the team is calling it an Early Bird special. No matter what the lingo, the end result is a pre-order bundle that allows players an avenue to secure alpha and beta access, a discounted Steam key, and some extra cosmetics, such as an exclusive horse skin, a gun skin, and a character outfit.

The Early Bird packs range from $20 to $60 and will only be on sale through July 7th. The two higher-priced bundles also contain in-game bonuses such as housing plots and currency.

The team took pains to mention that this offer is only for early testers who want to get in on the ground floor and don’t mind playing an unfinished product. Fortunately, the studio promised “no fuss” refunds up until the second alpha test for anyone who buys a pack and then changes his or her mind: “This gives you a chance to play the alpha yourself and opt-out if you think the game won’t develop into the game you wanted.”

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Play some Heroes of the Storm for new Diablo III wings

The Necromancer is coming to Diablo III, and Malthael is showing up in Heroes of the Storm. Want to win some items in both? That’s the premise of the newest event in the game, imploring players of Diablo III to play 15 matches with a friend in pretty much any format as a hero from the Diablo franchise between June 13th and June 26th. You don’t even need to win the matches, just play through them as one of the many eligible characters.

Completing the challenge will earn you a new mount in HotS and a pair of Kerrigan’s Ghost wings in Diablo III as a cosmetic item. If you’re interested in undertaking the challenge because you want those wings or just like earning cosmetics in general, a Reddit user has helpfully compiled a guide to the HotS hero playstyles for Diablo III veterans.


Secret World Legends AMA says NDA drop, game owner bonuses, and roadmap coming soon

Have some questions about Funcom’s Secret Worlds Legends reboot? You and a million other players, so stand in line, pal. Actually, the studio did field an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit today to deliver some answers to pressing queries.

Topics discussed included transferring cosmetics, changes to the AEGIS system, tweaks to the story, inventory changes, combat animations, the removal of crafting, gear progression, cross-faction cabals, gold spammers, and upcoming events, such as a 2017 edition of the Whispering Tide.

The NDA for the beta should be dropping soon, and Funcom specified that while mission maps will hold no more than 10 players at a time, the social hubs are being tuned to handle up to 500 at a go.

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Paladins brings a war machine to the fight

If they bring a knife, you bring a gun. If they bring a stylized goofy fighter, you bring a war machine. That’s the Paladins way.

There’s a new champion in Paladins’ beta wreaking havoc all over the battlfield. Ash, the war machine, is an armored lady who sports a truly gigantic mobile cannon. With her gun, Ash can fire shrapnel rounds and kinetic bursts. She’s got a few other tricks up her metallic sleeves, including a siege shield, shoulder bash, and a banner that creates a damage immunity zone for eight seconds.

The game’s open beta 51 update also included a change to its skins: “We are reorganizing how we package our skin cosmetics in order to accommodate players seeking full outfits. Players will still be able to equip parts individually and mix & match as they like. But accessory and body pieces (along with voice packs when available) can now be acquired together as a unit referred to as a ‘Champion Skin.'”

Check out Ash’s champion trailer after the jump!

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Path of Exile streamlines its microtransaction system

You get a lot of stuff for free in Path of Exile. If not for the fact that the game appears to still be a financial success, it could be argued that it might even be too much for free. For those of you who have dropped some money on the game’s microtransactions, though, the latest update is all about making your life a bit easier with a new inventory and equipment slots for microtransaction items, so you should have a much easier time swapping and sorting your various cosmetic effects.

Players who aren’t into cosmetic effects can also take advantage of this weekend’s stash tab sale, offering discounts on every different type of stash tab to make storage that much easier. Players can also still grab purple footsteps, portals, and weapon effects by signing up for Twitch Prime. You can check out the new microtransaction system and the Twitch Prime cosmetics in the videos just below.

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Wisdom of Nym: The future of PvP in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

We’ve got less than three weeks until early access starts for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. That is honestly kind of crazy. By the end of the week, we will literally be counting down the two final weeks; that is also crazy. So while the live letter this past week probably whetted everyone’s appetites, we’re all waiting for more information pretty eagerly, since the expansion will stop being a theory and start being a reality sooner rather than later.

Admittedly, that anticipation is likely slightly different for those of us who have more information coming later this week. But that’s a different discussion altogether.

There’s a lot to analyze and unpack from the live letter, but for reasons which I trust are immediately obvious, there are several parts of it I don’t want to talk about right now. Instead, let’s talk about PvP, choices, and pressure. Mostly PvP, because boy, that’s a large-scale rework that’s going to have some impact, isn’t it?

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Wild West Online FAQ says the game is ‘not historically correct’

Remember the days when MMOs used to post clear and concise FAQs instead of messy AMAs and lengthy developer livestreams? Wild West Online does, which is why it has a massive and informative FAQ up on its forums containing questions the community has about this project.

The FAQ confirms that an alpha test is coming in early-to-mid summer but that the devs are still hashing out several of the game’s systems, including the character skill system. Cosmetics, roleplay, housing, clans, nudity, trains, weapons, voice chat, crafting, and death penalties are among the many topics handled.

Wild West Online is confirmed to be only loosely inspired by the real world: “WWO is based on the old west of the late 1800s, early 1900s, but it’s not historically correct and will not reference on any real world events.”

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Ashes of Creation will let you step into the shoes of a flesh-rending monster

If all of Ashes of Creation’s ambitious claims come to life in the finished product, then it does’t seem like players will wont for things to do. And if adventuring, farming, and trading gets old, there’s always the opportunity to take a vacation in the skin of a monster.

Calling it “fresh to the MMO experience,” the team at Ashes of Creation says that the game’s monster play will allow players to use special coins to take over a mobile boss for a dynamic event. Both the monster attacker and player defenders are judged based on their performance, with all sorts of cosmetics as potential rewards.

In addition to the monster coin system, Intrepid Studios announced the addition of yet another stretch goal: variant spell FX if 16,000 Kickstarter backers are reached. As it stands, Ashes of Creation has raised $2.35M with the help of over 13,200 backers so far.

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Neverwinter’s titular city comes under siege

Sharpen those swords and practice those spells, because tomorrow you’ll stop playing pretend and fight for real. Neverwinter is due for another catastrophic siege, and players will be the front line of defense against the forces of evil attempting to bring down the titular city.

Starting tomorrow and running through June 8th, multiple events will spring to life all across the city of Neverwinter, including cult invasions and dragon attacks. Players can even participate in a counter-attack to bring pain back to the enemy.

There are all kinds of rewards that can be earned by participating in the siege, including cosmetics, a battlefield medic companion, dyes, and a brand-new siegebreaker griffon mount.

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LawBreakers announces $29.99 PlayStation 4 edition with new Blur trailer

With the resumption of LawBreakers development chatter last week and the recent NDA-free closed beta round last weekend, you might have guessed that Nexon and Boss Key had more planned, and if so, you were right: The studios announced this morning that LawBreakers is coming to the PlayStation 4, launching “simultaneously” there and on Steam for PC users later in 2017.

LawBreakers will be enhanced for PS4™Pro and promises to challenge even the best players to bring their skills, get off the ground and deliver death from every angle as they experience thrilling fast-paced, omni-directional gunplay with innovative movement systems and combat abilities. From the mind of [Cliff] Bleszinski, LawBreakers is set in a brand new futuristic world where the laws of gravity have been turned upside down. A war between the Law and the Breakers rages across a variety of iconic locations such as the boiling oceans of the Santa Monica coastline to the gravity-ravaged Grand Canyon and beyond.”

We’ve also gotten our first peek at the game’s proposed business model, with a $29.99 sticker price on the base game.

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Wynncraft fashioned a free MMO out of Minecraft

Love MMOs? Have a hankering for Minecraft? Your desire for the two aren’t mutually exclusive in the case of Wynncraft!

If you haven’t heard about it already, Wynncraft is a really impressive community-made MMO using Minecraft as its bones and sinew. The free game takes place on one of the largest seamless maps in Minecraft and has all of the staples that you’d come to expect from a fantasy F2P MMO: quests, dungeons, loot, crazy cosmetics, leveling, events, exploring, and all manner of aggressive mobs.

Wynncraft’s team boasts that the game has already seen over one million players pour through its gates in the four or so years that the project has been active. Get a brief glimpse of what it looks like below!

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