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Grim Dawn’s next big patch paves the way for Xbox compatibility

What’s doing on in OARPG Grim Dawn since the release of its apparently well-received Ashes of Malmouth expansion last month? Quite a lot, actually. Crate says it’s been working on another large update that’s already in testing and due “to go live in the next two weeks.”

“This patch will address many reported issues, whether that’s concerning loot, questing, items or otherwise,” the studio told players yesterday. “It will also bring with it some overall balance adjustments and improvements to the new Components introduced in Ashes of Malmouth.”

Additionally, the update should patch up casting skills’ responsiveness and “dramatically improve Grim Dawn’s functionality with a controller” on your PC, which Crate calls “another major step towards getting Grim Dawn onto the Xbox.”

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Grim Dawn sells 1M copies, previews Inquisitor class

While you’ve been off playing other games, Grim Dawn has become a sleeper hit in the ARPG community. The dark game just announced its one millionth copy sold since its February 2016 launch. As a cherry on top of that cake, over 200,000 batches of DLC have been purchased by players as well.

And times are about to get even better for Grim Dawn. This year, the multiplayer game will roll out a so-far-unnamed expansion, and part of this release will include the new Inquisitor mastery. Inquisitors are “hunters of all things eldritch and bizarre,” wielding skills such as protective seals and offensive runes to decimate the army of darkness. If you like classes that toss out traps left and right for enemies to stumble blindly into, then the Inquisitor is tailor-made for your desire.


Check out Grim Dawn’s new cosmetic system

Online ARPG Grim Dawn has a new NPC on the way this year that’ll change how players interact with gear, specifically cosmetic gear: The Illusionist NPC.

“For a modest fee, the Illusionist will transform your gear to look like any other item of the same category,” says Crate. “Using proprietary Illusionist mind-meld technology, any item you discover will automatically have its appearance stored. In fact, the first time you launch the expansion, every item you have in your inventory and stash will be automatically added to start your collection. That’s a lot of different looks! To facilitate your soon to be growing collection, we have created a brand new UI that stores and previews all of your appearances, accessible at any Illusionist.”

The rules are pretty similar to rules in other MMOs and ARPGs, including the fact that the Illusionst doesn’t work for free, and you can’t turn a greatsword into a dirk.

The game formally emerged from early access a year ago, having been deemed “feature complete” at the end of 2015, having been successfully Kickstarted to the tune of a half a million bucks back in 2012. Since then, it’s pumped out seven content updates, including the Crucible DLC, and has plans for its first big expansion — including the Illusionist — by this coming summer.

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Grim Dawn recaps 2016, plans first expansion by summer 2017

Grim Dawn’s latest “Grim Misadventures” featurette is a recap of its progress through 2016 in the leadup to its first birthday coming up in February. Crate put out seven content updates last year — which even I’d forgotten about — counting up survival mode, extensive modding tools, the Hidden Path storyline, the Crucible DLC, new legendary gear, the Fall of Valbury roguelike dungeon, supporter upgrades, and tech improvements.

2017 already looks promising for the ARPG, as its first formal expansion is on the way.

Grim Dawn’s first expansion is sure to be a treat. Along with a new chapter of the story, an increased level cap and two new masteries come new Devotion constellations to unveil with an increased Devotion cap, several new features, hundreds of new unique items and monster infrequents [as well as] new dungeons and environments to explore, and dangerous new foes and bosses to conquer.”

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Grim Dawn’s Crucible DLC arrives tomorrow

Multiplayer ARPG Grim Dawn is getting fresh DLC later this month. Tomorrow, in fact. Called The Crucible, the DLC

“[…] introduces a challenging new arena survival mode to Crate Entertainment’s Action RPG Grim Dawn. Enter the Crucible, a harsh battleground filled with waves of Grim Dawn’s deadliest fiends. There you will engage in magnificent combat for the amusement of the Crucible’s mysterious overlord, Lokarr. But he is not a cruel master: endure his trials and be rewarded with vast wealth; fail, and know only his scorn. Featuring multiple arenas, 150 challenging waves of enemies and all new mechanics, the Crucible offers a great new way to enjoy Grim Dawn’s visceral combat and vast character customization options.”

“Crucible isn’t the end of the road for Grim Dawn, not by a long shot,” Crate told players last week. “On the horizon, just beyond the Crucible, we are looking to introduce new high-level unique items to spice up your loot hunt. We will also be taking a look at high level Epic sets, which currently don’t quite live up to their intent as stepping stones to Legendary items.”


Grim Dawn’s story trailer is appropriately macabre

Not every game goes to the lengths of giving your character a backstory that starts before you log in, but then again, not every game is Grim Dawn. No matter what combat path they take, players will all start out the same: as a recently hanged person who was possessed by a malevolent force. Once that force fled, the player character was cut down and allowed a second chance at life, although it’s an unusual life now that the player can communicate with the etheral plane.

Grim Dawn is a multiplayer action-RPG by the makers of Titan Quest and is slated to launch soon. You can check out the new story trailer after the break.

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ARPG Grim Dawn is about to emerge from early access

If you’ve been watching multiplayer action RPG Grim Dawn since it joined the Steam early access program back at the end of 2013 as we have, then February is a big month for you: The game is preparing to say farewell to early access forever.

Crate Entertainment, whose developers are probably best known for multiplayer ARPG Titan Quest, have announced that today’s patch will be the last before the game leaves early access and becomes a fully launched game.

Build 31 is now in the final stretch of testing, its release impending. This is it, the last big build before we prepare Grim Dawn to leave Early Access behind and graduate to Full-Release status.

You may be wondering, what does impending really mean? Well, we’re not even going to make you scroll down to the bottom of this post. Wonder no more as Build 31 is…coming…later…today! With our biggest changelog ever, this one is one update you will not want to miss.

The game was officially deemed feature complete at the end of 2015.

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