Official Site: Crowfall
Studio: ArtCraft Entertainment
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: “Throne War Simulator”
Business Model: Hybrid B2P (Optional Sub)
Platform: PC

Crowfall’s guild structure allows for complex relationships

Guilds in PvP-oriented games are quite essential for one’s continued survival, and Crowfall has put a lot of thought into what it’s going to offer. For starters, to counter player espionage, an account can be associated with only a single guild. However, Crowfall’s guilds are complex structures, with alliances and nested sub-guilds, so that initial limitation isn’t as strict as it might seem.

Discussion about Crowfall’s guilds came out in the August Q&A video with the developers. Other topics covered include the general 40-second time-to-kill combat design, leaderboards, protecting players’ interests when they’re offline, and campaign world player-constructed buildings.

You can check out the whole 20-minute video after the break!

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Crowfall shows off the Confessor in action

We’ve been told quite a bit about Crowfall‘s Confessor, but words on a page don’t really give a sense for what it will look like in action. For that, you need a video. Like, say, the video you can watch down below that shows the character archetype happily setting fires in the test environment and generally having a grand old time.

Obviously this is still an early build of the game without finalized animations, but it’s certainly a good look at what the class looks like when not simply being described in a development diary. Jump on down to see the whole video; it’s quick.

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Massively Overthinking: Whither went the classic PvE MMORPG?

Today’s Massively Overthinking question was sent via e-pigeon from Kickstarter donor Apollymi. No e-pigeons were hurt in the writing of this article.

“Have you heard of any MMOs that will not be PvP-oriented — by that I mean, have completely consensual PvP — that may be coming out in the near future?”

Let’s draw out Apollymi’s question a bit and talk about the PvE/PvP divide in our genre. What PvE/consensual-PvP/classic PvE games do we love, which future ones do we have our eyes on, and why is the industry so focused lately on PvP MMOs? The MOP writers are discussing all that and more in today’s entry.
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Crowfall explains why you’ll be grouping in the game

If you hate teaming up with others, then boy is Crowfall so not the game for you. In a new combat Q&A video, ArtCraft emphasized that grouping for PvP encounters is downright essential and explained its philosophy behind the design.

Basically, combat is being balanced between groups, not individuals, with the team makeup being more important to success than any one class. “It forces you to take different archetypes with you,” the devs said. “It makes the battlefield more interesting.”

ArtCraft also reported that it’s added three new members to the combat team and went into depth on topics like crowd control, stacking effects, and projectile physics. You can watch the full 20-minute Q&A after the jump!

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Make My MMO: July 25, 2015

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, Project Gorgon returned to Kickstarter. Veteran developer Eric Heimburg clearly believes in his fantasy sandpark, and why not? Gorgon combines the best of old and new school gaming, with a heavy focus on discovery, exploration, and immersion.

In other newsStar Citizen boss Chris Roberts briefly stirred the hornet’s nest when he called B.S. — literally — on those who say that the sci-fi space sim has an acute case of feature creep. Apart from that, though, it was an uneventful week! You can catch up on that story and the rest of the week’s crowdfunding news after the cut.

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Crowfall posts an art fly-through, discusses money and stretch goals

Crowfall has been sporting a pretty distinctive art style from the word go, which is to its credit. The past few big updates on the game have been all about the combat, and that’s all well and good, but it has meant that stuff like art has been shuffled off to one side. But the most recent update from the studio is all about, well, art, which you probably guessed from the headline.

Two new videos from the team are available down below – a flythrough of the greybox model for the game’s castle structures and an interview with one of the members of the art team, Allison Theus. Even if you’re not sure if you’d like the game itself very much, you should go ahead and watch them if you’ve got any interest in the elaborate and lovely concept paintings the game has put forth thus far.

Earlier this week, Crowfall also published a founder’s update discussing its plans for licensing overseas, its upcoming rules of conduct update, and its finances, its new $80,000 stretch goal to make permanent its video contractor,.

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Crowfall shows off the first pass of the Legionnaire’s abilities

Ask about the Legionnaire in Crowfall and most people listening are going to look at you in confusion because everyone just thinks of the Legionnaire as “that centaur guy.” This is really hurtful to him. As the latest ability preview shows, there’s more to him than just being a centaur. He’s a gentle soul with a love of poetry and insightful diatribes to share about humanity’s inhuman treatment of its own members.

By which we of course mean that he’s a huge freaking horse-man with a giant axe that smashes things. (He could probably also be a poet, though.)

The Legionnaire is a frontline battlefield support character who moves really fast (it’s the whole horse thing) and has a variety of abilities focused on supporting his allies whilst demoralizing opponents. With the ability to knockback opponents and charge at them after flinging them aside, it looks like a fun character for anyone who likes galloping on a frightened and broken enemy. You know, the sort of person who would play “that centaur guy.”


Want to win at Crowfall? Become a mind-reader.

Hey, you know what would make you an incredible MMO PvP gamer? If you would just start reading the mind of your opponent already!

This is, incredibly enough, the subject of today’s befuddling Crowfall developer diary. In it, the team discusses the Japanese concept of “yomi,” which is knowing your opponent’s mind. “All the complicated decisions in game theory go away if you know exactly what the opponent will do next,” the diary pontificates.

What the diary does not state, however, is how one is supposed to go about developing yomi or exactly how Crowfall’s combat will be designed with yomi in mind other than a vague reference to counter-moves between power trees. But when you do figure out how to become a master of yomi, would you let us know?

Source: Crowfall


Raph Koster: Crowfall ‘can feel more like a living world’

ArtCraft’s Raph Koster is the star witness of an in-depth interview in which he discusses the development of Crowfall using the perspective of his decades-long career in the industry. He said that the developers aren’t strictly forging new territory with this PvP title: “A lot of what they’re doing aren’t so much new inventions as bringing back ideas that haven’t been explored in awhile […] Crowfall cleverly puts together existing ideas and existing technologies that unlock potential that hasn’t been pursued in a really long time.”

Koster praised the flexibility of Crowfall’s design, saying that if a campaign isn’t working out, the developers can simply flip the switch and run a different ruleset the next time around. He also indicated that players will have much more of an impact in this MMO than others. “In the case of Crowfall, between voxels and the limited campaign durations, we can actually let players affect the world much more,” he said. “Crowfall can feel more like a living world because, although the campaigns will end, the fact that they will end is what lets you really change things.”

Crowfall isn’t the sole topic of conversation in this interview. Koster does point a finger at World of Warcraft for cutting off MMO innovation, although he said that previous MMO ideas simply migrated to other games such as Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto.




Check out the first iteration of the Confessor’s powers in Crowfall

Crowfall is beginning to show off the skillset of its various character archetypes, and the first magical ranged character to get the spotlight is the Confessor. With the game’s emphasis on real-time and skill-driven combat, the Confessor’s ranged status means more than just standing on the back lines; she has projectiles with mass and properties that are affected by physics and the world around her, not just auto-homing bolts at her target.

The ranged system is still being adjusted to make sure that hitting other players (who don’t like to stand still) isn’t too frustrating or complex, but at the moment the game’s engine has the Confessor’s skills as pure skill shots. Not that the Confessor herself is a sitting duck, with the ability to dart about and inflict greater effect upon enemies she’s first tagged with her basic attack. Check out the full preview to see how her purifying flames look at this early stage of development.


Make My MMO: July 11, 2015

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, Derek Smart reminded everyone that he exists. Not that he’s crowdfunding an MMO or anything, but he did have plenty to say about Star Citizen and its chances for realizing the lofty goals set by developer Cloud Imperium.

And of course MassivelyOP commenters had plenty to say about Star Citizen and Derek Smart. Some other news happened as well, and you’ll find a roundup of it just past the break.

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Massively Overthinking: The MMO innovation we long for (or do we?)

This week’s Massively Overthinking topic comes from Kickstarter donor BigMikeyOcho, who wants to talk innovation:

“Sometimes when I play MMOs, I get the feeling that I’m just performing the same tasks as other MMOs, just with a new covering. What innovations would you like to see to prevent that ‘same as all the others’ feeling?”

I posed BigMikeyOcho’s question to the Massively writers and our July guest!

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Crowfall outlines its combat testing process

Artcraft is pulling the curtain back on Crowfall’s combat testing. The firm’s latest blog post outlines the two-part testing process, one of which has already started internally and one of which is an external test that will take the form of a session-based team-focused PvP game. Artcraft will start with pre-alpha peeps toward the end of the summer and then add additional testers as necessary.

Source: Combat playtesting


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