Official Site: Crowfall
Studio: ArtCraft Entertainment
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: “Throne War Simulator”
Business Model: Hybrid B2P (Optional Sub)
Platform: PC

Own, expand, and develop your own piece of Crowfall’s universe

While most of Crowfall’s playable area will be in temporary PvP campaign worlds, there will be a bastion of permanence in individual player housing zones, or as Crowfall is calling them, Eternal Kingdoms.

ArtCraft posted a lengthy FAQ today concerning how Eternal Kingdoms function. Basically, every player will receive an optional-use personal kingdom. Kingdoms start small in size but can be expanded via resources and then built upon using an interesting parcel system of pre-packaged landmarks that fit together like Tetris pieces. Additionally, groups and guilds can collaborate on a shared kingdom, and successful kingdoms may even bring in commerce and tax revenue for its owner.

[Source: Eternal Kingdoms FAQ]


Das Tal is considering a buy-to-play model

After a careful consideration of the pros and cons of various business models, including those of Crowfall, Guild Wars 2 and ArcheAge, the Das Tal team says that it is leaning toward a buy-to-play model with a cosmetic cash shop. One additional revenue path that the studio is considering is to allow players to pay to launch specific ruleset servers.

“Buy once is still the standard for almost all single player games, as there is rarely any substantial development of the game after release,” the team posted. “It has also become apparent that a buy-once model can be utilised by games with ongoing development by meshing together different aspects of other payment models.”

Whatever the team ends up deciding for its revenue plan, it doesn’t want to hurt the game because of it: “We don’t want to compromise the quality of the game, or our community’s enjoyment of it, because of the model we choose.”

[Source: Dev blog]


Crowfall promises VR support in exchange for 15,000 backers

Bet you didn’t see this coming. As it ticks down its final Kickstarter campaign week, Crowfall has added a tantalizing stretch goal if the project passes 15,000: The team will add support for virtual reality to the game.

“Thanks to Unity 5’s native support of Oculus (and we’re hoping Vive at some point!) we are excited to say that the possibility is in our grasp,” the team posted this morning. Crowfall’s Kickstarter just recently passed 13,000 backers and has six days to go.

The team also posted a couple of videos showing early Knight animation and the creation of new Duelist art, both of which you can watch after the break.

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Working As Intended: Six things I expect from serious MMO PvP

With PvP-encrusted MMORPGs like Camelot Unchained, Crowfall, and even Revival on the genre’s horizon, I have a glimmer of hope that the future of MMO PvP might not be a dreadful dichotomy of sterile MOBAs and psychopathic gankboxes after all. PvP might just have a chance at restoration to a place of honor in MMORPGs rather than be jammed into themeparks as an afterthought or unleashed into empty open worlds as the lazy dev’s idea of “hardcore content.” MMO PvP has been great before — wouldn’t it be fun if it were great again?

This is how I’d like to see it go down: Here are six things I expect from serious MMO PvP.

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Crowfall hires former CCP exec as new community manager

Crowfall continues to add experienced industry veterans to its team, as ArtCraft announced today that it has hired Valerie Massey to be the new director of community management.

Massey is CCP’s former senior director of public relations and communication and is enthused about the new project. “When it came to MMOs, I felt like the magician’s assistant who has seen the lady get sawed in half too many times. The magic was gone. But when I heard about the concept for Crowfall, I saw something unique on the horizon at last. I had to be a part of it,” she said.

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Massively OP Podcast: Episode 6

When an MMO delivers an update to nerf difficult content, it can cause a rift deeper than that of the North versus the South. Between veterans proclaiming the doom of carebearism and casuals rejoicing over being included, our podcasters wade in to deliver their thoughts before being overwhelmed by the mob.

Also in this week’s episode, llamas! Er, that should be “betas.” A different beast entirely.

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Crowfall eyes artifacts and relics as a new stretch goal

With eight days left in its Kickstarter campaign, Crowfall is pushing hard for last-minute stretch goal milestones. In addition to mounts and caravans if the project reaches $1.3M, the team will hand out a pig pack animal if the 14,500 backer mark is reached and add the God’s Reach ruleset and an artifact and relics system to the core module if $1.4M is donated.

A new dev blog attempts to explain why artifacts and relics are a worthy addition to the PvP title. These are items that are lootable in campaigns that can be brought back to a player’s permanent home and installed to bestow special benefits on that character and home world.

You can watch the devs, ahem, crow about having the 20th largest Kickstarter video game campaign of all time as well as cover the new stretch goals after the jump.

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Crowfall details mount mechanics as it clears $1.2 million

There’s no doubt at this point that Crowfall will be funded, but there is some question about how much extra stuff will be in the game when the funding period finishes. The project needs less than $100,000 to hit its next major stretch goal, unlocking mounts and caravans. With the goal so close, the team has decided to post an FAQ on mount mechanics a little early, detailing how your noble steed will work in the game and how Kickstarter backers can get a little edge.

Mounts in the game are creatures in the world, and mount figurines can be used to summon the mounts repeatedly, but those figurines can be lost, damaged, or otherwise made useless. Kickstarter backers will be able to reclaim the appearance of the special backer mounts, but that’s purely a cosmetic effect. As with all else in the game, nothing lasts forever. The team also posted two new behind-the-scenes videos, so you can check those out just past the break.

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Make My MMO: March 14, 2015

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, we learned about the Kickstarter for a “MOBA type of combat game” called Descent: Underground. Yes, it’s that Descent, and it even has Interplay’s blessing. It also boasts a few Star Citizen veterans on its dev team, and it earned an endorsement from Cloud Imperium’s Chris Roberts.

The rest of this week’s crowdfunding roundup is just past the cut.

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Betawatch: March 13, 2015

Albion Online posted an infographic celebrating its winter alpha and dished on its upcoming summer alpha, which will include a major revision of the economy. What else is new in the land of MMO testing?

Our complete list of MMOs in testing is below.

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Crowfall walks you through the life of your character

Today Crowfall treated its fans to a whopper of a dev diary detailing the path of progression that a character will take from a mewing newbie to a seasoned veteran.

The process starts in character creation, where players will pick not only an archetype but various advantages and disadvantages (with disadvantages granting more points for additional advantages). Once the character has advanced enough, it can select an irreversable promotion class to further specialize. It’s also at this point that a player can make a one-time change of advantages and disadvantages.

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Crowfall devs: ‘We see crafters as a full-time playstyle’

Crowfall‘s Kickstarter campaign has crossed the 12,000 backer mark and hit yet another stretch goal. This means that the team will be giving an All-Father housing statue to everyone who backs the game. At 13,000 backers, ArtCraft will grant every backer a free month of VIP come launch.

The studio also updated its crafting FAQ to expain how crafting skills are acquired, how decay will benefit the economy, how “junk” crafted items will be disposed of in a vendorless world, and how alting will be discouraged. “We see crafters as a full-time playstyle,” write the devs. “They fill a valuable role as much as a tank or damage dealer does. In addition to being able to enjoy the “meta-game” of inter-World trading between Worlds, Crafters also have a specific niche role — every faction/guild will need to recruit them to turn resources into valuable equipment within the Campaigns.”

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Star Citizen’s Roberts endorses Crowfall, Descent: Underground

Star Citizen boss Chris Roberts has taken a moment to endorse a couple of fellow crowdfunded games. He has high praise for Crowfall head men J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton. “These are two developers who could walk into managing any MMO in the industry, and it’s all the more impressive to me that they’ve chosen to build something different with the crowd instead,” Roberts writes.

He also enthuses about Descent: Underground, which seems only natural given that the project is led by Star Citizen alum Eric “Wingman” Peterson and features “quite a few Star Citizen veterans.”

[Source: RSI website; thanks Cardboard!]


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