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Official Site: DC Universe Online
Studio: SOE, now Daybreak Game Company
Launch Date: January 11, 2011
Genre: Superhero Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid F2P (Optional Sub, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, PS3, PS4

Massively Overthinking: The City of Heroes Master X Master debacle

On Tuesday, NCsoft announced that it plans to introduce Statesman, from the long-sunsetted City of Heroes, as a playable character in its MOBA, Master x Master.

Complications ensued, as anyone familiar with the history of MMORPGs can probably imagine.

For this week's Overthinking, I asked our team of writers -- both those who loved CoH and those who never much played it -- what they think about the whole ordeal. Are gamers right to be angry? What exactly is NCsoft thinking? Have we seen the end of any hope of the game being resurrected or sold, or should we infer just the opposite?

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A space starfish is attacking DC Universe Online, seriously

To honor the upcoming Justice League movie, the devs over at DC Universe Online are roping in the very first villain that fought this supergroup, which so happens to be an alien starfish named Starro.

Starro is part of a wider 2017 initiative with the MMO: "We wanted to provide a new type of content, a bridge for what we saw as a gap between our larger episodes and our relatively smaller seasonal events. We wanted content that would reach out across the entire spectrum of players [...] We wanted to build content for you that is more dynamic than the seasonal events, easier for us to add to and bring back at different times, and that also still reached most players."

This bridge content will come in the form of two-month events, starting with Starro. Players can take up the fight against this tyrannical echinoderm in missions, group content, and even a raid that takes place on an Atlantean research outpost map. Starro-themed gear and costumes are the primary rewards for this event, because who wouldn't want to terrify one's foes by brandishing starfish fashion in a fight?


Battle Bards Episode 93: It’s a madhouse!

It’s taken this long, but the Battle Bards have gone completely and irreversibly insane in the membrane! Today the team cracks open the door of the MMO music funhouse to see what off-kilter, crazy, and manic tunes may be found. WARNING: Once you’ve entered the asylum, you might find yourself a resident… for life!

Battle Bards is a bi-weekly podcast that alternates between examining a single MMO’s soundtrack and exploring music tracks revolving around a theme. MOP’s Justin co-hosts with bloggers Steff and Syl. The cast is available on iTunes, Google Play, TuneInPocket CastsStitcher, and Player.FM.

Listen to Episode 93: It's a Madhouse! (or download it) now:

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DC Universe Online makes Weapon Combos more potent over time

Weapon combos are the main source of damage for players who focus on weapons in DC Universe Online. This is not a complex or unusual concept. But for players who focus on powers or employ a hybrid style, weapon combos aren't nearly as important. So as part of the stat rebalancing for the game, the developers had to find a way to make weapon combos useful for those focusing on them without making them overpowered. The solution is giving a scaling damage buff for combos over 2.5 seconds up to 4 seconds, thus meaning that long combos become far more useful for players relying upon them but short ones are still used for other functions.

The most recent stat revamp has also targeted the Light, Rage, and Nature powersets, all of which have had balance tweaks without any huge function overhauls. Despite this, the developers are aware that several powers will undergo functional shifts and need a new set of mods once the stat revamp goes live, and players are assured that a system is already being put in place to address this. What that system is remains unknown, but it will exist.


DC Universe Online tests survival mode and St. Patty's Day

Do you lack a Fortress of Solitude? Well, Superman does now too because Braniac has moved in and is causing no end of trouble.

Right now on the DC Universe Online test server, players can engage in a new survival mode that takes place in Supes' arctic retreat. If players are tough enough, they can queue up to fight 20 waves of increasingly powerful foes in the hopes of gaining pants. Seriously, you can get Kryptonian pants from this, and if you've ever seen superhero attire, you'd know that pants are at a premium in this community.

Also on the test server is this year's St. Patty's Day event starring the always-fun-to-spell Mister Mxyzptlk. "For 2017, Mister Mxyzptlk has new base and style items, as well as a speaker that plays tunes that will make you want to dance. This year he's also brought a House Leprechaun that grants 'The Runaround' task, where if you collect all the coins you are awarded a special Green Prize Satchel!" Daybreak previewed.

Don't forget that the FLASH freebies end today!

Source: Patch notes


DC Universe Online celebrates the Flash in a flash weekend event

He's the fastest man alive, and so it only makes sense that DC Universe Online would have an appreciation weekend for the Flash that shows up in the blink of an eye. The Flash Appreciation Weekend is running right now, and it ends on February 12th; you'd better act fast, or you'll miss it. Fortunately, there's not much you need to do, as just logging in will award Members with the Flash cowl costume piece. Not a member? That's all right; becoming one this weekend will also award you the costume piece.

You can also earn the Flash base pack just for logging in regardless of whether or not you're a member, and everyone can take part in the Flash Selfie Sweepstakes. Take a selfie of your character with any version of the Flash, upload it to Twitter, and maybe you'll win some cash for the game. Just make sure to hurry it up; you don't have that much time.

Source: Official Site. Thanks, Noel!


Massively Overthinking: Unholy MMORPG hybrids

Massively OP reader and frequent tipster Gibbins wants us to play match-maker.

"I love the wonderful world that Bethesda created with the Fallout franchise, not too bleak but very post apocalypse with a very kitsch '50s feel from the time of duck and cover educational films, but I wish it were multiplayer. The huge volume of mods for Fallout is also is a massive bonus, giving the game great variety and replayability. On the other hand, I also love the satirical in your face style of GTA Online and its no-holds-barred multiplayer experience, but I wish there were more to the story and more support for mods. Both games offer so much, and I would love to see how each studio would add to the other's game. Which two development teams would you like to see married... and which game would be their love child?"

Let's complicate Gibbins' request and say that the love child game must be an MMO! I've posed his question to the team for this week's Massively Overthinking.

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DC Universe Online adjusts abilities to have a little more impact

The stat revamp for DC Universe Online is an ongoing process with a lot of moving parts, and that means that none of those parts are finished moving until all is said and done. The most recent adjustment to the revamp is only about three changes, but those three changes ripple outward to have a big impact. Tank pulls have their cooldowns lowered, some heals have increased potency, and weapon buffs have increased duration. That's it.

It sounds small, but all three have big implications for actual gameplay. More potent heals make the healing process less focused on spamming one ability and more focused upon landing something with impact, while faster tank cooldowns make it easier to pull things and move faster without fear of losing control. The weapon buffs also synergize better with other ability and help ensure that weapon-based playstyles will still work. These changes are on the test server now, so you can see how they shake out for yourself if you're so inclined.


DC Universe Online patches in vendor discounts and its Valentine's event

Love is in the air in DC Universe Online with the game's latest patch, which is happening today. It might be happening right now as you read this, with the game's servers going down at 8:30 a.m. EST and downtime expected for up to eight hours. But when the servers come back up, you can spread the love... to your alts, who you presumably love. The game's vendor discount is going live with this update, you see, so it's going to cost you less to equip your alts in vendor sets.

If you'd prefer a more conventional celebration of affection, you can take part in the game's Valentine's Day event with the arrival of the Star Sapphires, who may have wound up giving Mr. Freeze an opportunity to put the entirety of Gotham City in danger for the sake of his wife. Yeah, that plan didn't work out so great. There's new stuff available on the holiday event vendor for players who take part in the event, so enjoy a new daily race, seasonal missions, and possibly scolding the heck out of the aforementioned Star Sapphires.


DC Universe Online discusses the playstyles supported with the stat revamp

As DC Universe Online overhauls its stats, it's helpful to know how the game actually expects players to play the game. The answer as of the latest revamp rundown is that you get to choose, but there are three main playstyles that the game is being built and balanced around. The hybrid playstyle is the "default" style and the one that most players are likely familiar with, but the play-from-tray and weapon styles are a bit more unusual, especially when one considers that all three playstyles are meant to have roughly similar performance.

Play-from-tray as a playstyle means focusing almost entirely upon powers, specializing on doing most of your damage with powers while minimizing any weapon use. The weapon playstyle, naturally, is the inverse; almost all of your points go into maximizing weapon damage and your powers are secondary at best. The goal is to ensure that damage-oriented players can be dealing just as much damage using a powers-only approach, a weapons-only approach, or the usual hybrid build. Check out the latest dispatch for more details on how everything is being balanced.


EverQuesting: Scoring our EverQuest franchise 2016 predictions

January 14th, 2016. On that date, I said we'd get to look back in a year and see just how many of my EverQuesting predictions were accurate. Well, it's been a year... and man, it's been a year. So of all those things I anticipated happening, that I wanted to happen, and that I thought needed to happen in 2016 for Daybreak and the EverQuest franchise, what actually happened? How many hopes survived the 12 months? When you tally it all, there were some fails, some near misses, and some right on the nose. Which game -- EverQuest, EverQuest II, EverQuest Next, or Landmark -- had the most accurate predictions, and which had the most misses? Let's take a look at the 2016 predictions before we even think about creating some 2017 ones.

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DC Universe Online is adding a discount for further vendor sets

Earning a full set of the best possible gear you can wear is a good thing in any game. It takes a lot of time and effort, and DC Universe Online isn't backing off from that. The problem is that players who have already done that might very well need to do so again, either for secondary characters or another specialization on the same character. That's historically required the same amount of effort as the very first set, which can turn players off. It's a problem that the developers are aiming to fix with the upcoming vendor discount system.

Under the new system, players who have purchased all of the vendor set or the elite vendor set will receive an achievement which halves the price on any subsequent sets purchased, including on alts. Purchasing the full elite set then means that any other sets you buy on the same character or another character will cost half as much, so all of your specs and characters can come out to play. It's a quality of life improvement that you can test as part of Game Update 67, currently on the game's test server.


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