Identity announces SpatialOS integration, delays town square module

It’s time to play catch-up on another interesting indie MMORPG, Identity. You may remember this as the contemporary life simulator sandbox that has raised over a half-million dollars in funding and promises to let people inhabit a virtual world not unlike our own.

The team at Asylum Entertainment has been chatty over the past few weeks, announcing some big developments for the project. The first piece of news is that the team behind Identity is partnering with Improbable to use SpatialOS to become a “scope-changer” for the project.

“The Identity team has been testing the waters with SpatialOS for a couple of months now and we’re incredibly excited about what it’s going to mean for Identity,” the team said. “Identity can now be what we all hoped it would be, a true MMORPG in scale. SpatialOS is going to power Identity behind the scenes, allowing absolutely enormous scale for our world and the people playing in it.”

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BioWare delays SWTOR 5.2 for a week, might be working on KOTOR 3 and a ‘semi-MMO’

Let’s rip off this band-aid quickly: There will be no SWTOR Update 5.2 today. BioWare announced on the forums that it is delaying the patch, which contains the MMO’s first new raid in two years, to next week. In the meantime, SWTOR will be extending its XP/CXP event through the 18th as compensation.

The studio said that the delay was due to a quality issue with the update: “At this point in time, we are not satisfied with the quality of the Iokath update. For that reason, we are delaying the release of 5.2 by one week, to release on April 18th. This allows the team more time to make improvements to address some of the issues still pending.”

And as one Old Republic game sees a delay, another might be forthcoming. Scuttlebutt this week is that BioWare Edmonton is working on a Knights of the Old Republic game. The rumor’s source said that it is unclear whether this is a remake of the original, a revival of the franchise, or something else entirely, but that BioWare is currently working on Star Wars games exclusively.

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Dual Universe announces alpha delay

You’re going to have to wait a little while longer to see a playable version of Dual Universe, as the team announced last Friday that it will be delaying the alpha release to September, with a possible preview in August.

“We first aimed at the first half of 2017, as we said many times in interviews,” the team reported in a video. “But we feel today that we will need a bit more time to include a more complete game and a better experience.”

It’s not all just bummer news about delays from this sci-fi title, however. Dual Universe has been growing thanks to new placement tools, more finished ship design elements, and a rendering technique that will show planet surfaces in breathtaking detail when you’re halfway between the ground and outer space.

Check out the February update video after the break!

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Guild Wars 2’s Head of the Snake is slightly delayed

ArenaNet has just announced what will presumably be a brief delay for Guild Wars 2’s Head of the Snake, the fourth episode of Living World Season 3 that was expected to launch today.

Stay tuned!

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Hellion delays Early Access launch until February

PvP-based survival sandbox Hellion has been taking aim at a January Early Access launch for quite some time now, but it looks as if that target was a little optimistic after all. The development team announced today that in order to make sure the game is at the highest possible standard, it will be launching into Early Access in February rather than the remainders of January.

The exact launch date will be announced on January 25th, which will also provide a decent idea of whether the game has a little more work needed or if it may well get delayed again. Still, February’s not that far away now; you can probably make it another month without tearing out your hair in frustration, right?


Skyforge delays political system indefinitely

In a calendar year dominated by politics, one game is putting a hard stop to its own election process.

Today, Skyforge announced that its in-development political system, the Council of Gods, is being postponed indefinitely. The system was to allow for the in-game election of a player council that would enjoy bonuses and be able to shape events in the game going forward. According to the team, evaluation of the system did not meet its expectations and so the Council of Gods will be need to be reworked if it is ever to arrive in the game.

“We have been forced to make a difficult decision and the political system will be reviewed,” the team said. “The concept requires a serious rethink and many of the mechanisms will need to be redesigned from scratch. This means that the Council of Gods will not be arriving in the game soon. We are very sad that this innovation has to be postponed. But it is our desire to deliver well-developed innovations that has made up our minds.”

Source: Skyforge


Star Citizen: CitizenCon recap and Squadron 42 delay

Star Citizen’s rolled out its massive CitizenCon finale last night in LA, with multiple Cloud Imperium reps hitting the stage during the presentation to talk up everything from the Spectrum community tools to the Star Citizen progress report and roadmap, finishing out with a long, in-engine video on procedural planet tech.

Probably the big news was that Chris Roberts admitted that the star-studded, standalone, story-driven Squadron 42 wasn’t ready to be shown as planned and indeed has been delayed beyond this year as rumored — we just don’t know when. One journalist told Reddit, “Talked w/ Erin Roberts at the Con, he said it was animations for different things, such as repairing and the like. It would not have looked as fluid as it was needed to be. Literally EVERYTHING else was finished. They want to have that one shot to show off SQ42 in its top condition. Hope I am paraphrasing everything correctly. I’ll be glad to wait for the finished product.”

That doesn’t mean the event was without any detractors; there’s a massive thread complaining about the show on Reddit. While the planetary tech is indeed gorgeous, backer concerns center on SQ42, delays, and a lack of desired gameplay previews for specific types of content, like capital ships.

We’ve tucked the whole presentation below, but if you’re strapped for time, jump to about 1:25:30 — that’s when it starts feeling like an IMAX show.

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Riders of Icarus delays the Rift of the Damned update (again) until October 5th

If you’re an avid fan of Riders of Icarus, you probably weren’t happy when the game pushed its next big patch back by a day or so. It’s unpleasant, to say the least. But at least the time came around, and now – oh, wait, it’s been delayed again until October 5th. Please do not flip over your desk in anger; that’s expensive and it costs real money to replace it. You don’t want that.

No specific reason is cited beyond additional testing to meet quality thresholds, although it might have something to do with the rollback of plans to remove the Alliance system. The announcement from the team thanks players for their understanding, so there’s not much left to do but wait for next week and hope that it doesn’t undergo a third delay.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Darthbawl!


Riders of Icarus slightly delays patch due to ‘critical issues’

Players looking to engage in heated PvP battles in Riders of Icarus are going to have to wait a little while longer, as Nexon announced that it is slightly delaying its Exarahn Badlands update due to “critical issues.”

“Although we officially announced that the Exarahn Badlands content update was going live on August 17th, 2016, we have decided to delay the release of the update to August 18th, 2016,” the studio said. “We found some critical issues in our testing that we feel need to be addressed prior to releasing the update to the community.”

The update will allow players to jump back in time 1,000 years to compete in vicious open world PvP. Other PvP modes will become available, such as Alliance War and Manastone Battles, and there will be plenty of incentives for fighting in this area (such as being able to tame long-extinct beasts).


Livelock’s launch delayed, no new date set

Friends, the headline pretty much says it all: Livelock has decided to delay its launch without announcing a new release date. The delay affects all platforms on which the robot MMO shooter was to release (PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4). Originally, Livelock was going live this week on August 2nd.

Earlier this week we announced that the PlayStation 4 version of Livelock would be delayed and other platforms would still release on August 2nd. After serious debate, we decided that we would much rather have everyone be able to play Livelock on the platform that they prefer globally on the same release day. Since that was our original intention when we started developing Livelock, we’re pushing back the release date for Livelock on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Currently, there is no confirmed release date for Livelock.

Source: Livelock


The Division’s Underground DLC is live for the Xbox One and PC today

There’s a secret war raging in the streets beneath Manhattan in The Division. You know, in addition to the very obvious war raging above the streets. Players who pick up the new Underground DLC will be able to take on the story content and pick up new gear sets while facing off against vicious foes, but everyone will be able to enjoy the latest major patch, which brings a decrease to SMG damage, nine new weapon types, and several quality-of-life fixes like more high-level enemies for level 30 players in free roam.

Everyone on Xbox One or PC can start enjoying the DLC and/or the patch today. PlayStation 4 users, on the other hand, will have to wait until August 2nd for the DLC… and at least until next week for the patch. No specific reasons have been cited for the patch delay, so all that players know is that the balance changes are going to be held in the wings. It’s kind of a kick in the teeth for any PS4 players, although the upside is that you can enjoy your soon-to-be-ending overpowered SMG build for a week more. There’s a video just below running down everything in the patch for players who don’t purchase the DLC.

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No Man’s Sky developers thank players for their understanding of its delay

Those eagerly awaiting No Man’s Sky must continue to eagerly await a bit longer, as the game’s current delayed release is August 9th in the US and August 10th in Europe. Managing director Sean Murray penned an update to the fans apologizing for the delay recently, noting that the title is the hardest job he’s yet had while also stating that failing to deliver the game in its best state is not an option:

This is the hardest working, most talented team I’ve ever worked with, and I’m so proud of what we’re doing. For all our sakes though, we get one shot to make this game and we can’t mess it up.

Murray goes on to thank players for their understanding the reasons behind the delay even as he apologizes for such a delay being necessary. The development is apparently still on-track and producing a better game, so while you’ll have to wait a bit longer to get the finished product in your hands, hopefully the end result will be better for the wait.


Elder Scrolls Online delays PS4 Dark Brotherhood DLC launch

You wake up in a cold sweat in the dead of night. “Honey,” you say, “I just had the worst dream. I dreamt that The Elder Scrolls Online was delaying the Dark Brotherhood DLC on PlayStation 4 consoles until June 15th, and also you had the head of an ant.” Then you look over to your husband, and you scream, because he does have the head of an ant, and he’s holding your PlayStation 4 console with a note saying that the Dark Brotherhood DLC really was delayed! It wasn’t a dream!

It’s a horror story that could happen to you. Except for the part about the ant-headed husband and the note on the console. That stuff was all nonsense. But the DLC really has been delayed until the 15th due to unforeseen issues. Xbox One and PC players won’t have to suffer through this delay, so you’ll have to hope that any of your friends on different platforms can avoid being smug about it.


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