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Demon’s Souls servers turn off tomorrow

There’s been a trend over the past several years of games that are not MMOs but still have a pretty robust suite of online functions. Demon’s Souls, which is either the first installment in the Dark Souls series or a precursor to same depending on who you ask, is one of the many games with online functionality… until tomorrow, anyhow. The servers for the game are shutting off completely as of tomorrow, thus blocking out all online functionality.

Of course, the game remains playable, since the online components were always optional, but players who still enjoyed summoning helpful or harmful players into the game will be losing something in the process. One of the game’s bosses is also getting changed to no longer use the online functionality to summon aid, which made for a rather unique fight while it was in place. It’s a smaller sunset than that of a fully online game, but it’s a sunset nonetheless.

Source: VG24/7


Demon’s Souls ends online services after nine years of operation

Has it already been nine years since Demon’s Souls first appeared on the scene, bringing its now-famous brand of ultra-hardcore action combat and progression? Apparently is has, and the studio behind the original game of the series has decided that nine years is long enough to keep the servers up and running.

While gamers can still enjoy Demon’s Souls as a single-player title, after February 28th, 2018, nobody will be able to access the multiplayer components that connected the community. The team announced this week that it is shutting down the online servers early next year, which will effectively kill coop play and multiplayer features such as leaving notes for others and seeing death markings of other players to help avoid your own demise.

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