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Neverwinter unpacks the art of listening to community feedback

Boy, it sucks how the developers never listen to your feedback, huh? What’s the deal with that? Well, Neverwinter is going to tell you exactly what the deal with that is with the latest official post talking about prioritizing feedback courtesy of producer Vincent Malley. The short answer is that there’s no strict rules about what should get highest priority, but issues preventing people from playing the game or supporting the game tend to be bumped to the front of the queue; balance issues take a backseat to the game bringing in no revenue or players not being able to log in and play.

From there, it’s a complex system of figuring out what the long-term impact for the issue is and how easy it is to fix; sometimes the developers see an issue as very real, but with very vague reports of a bug taking place they don’t know how to start fixing it. So it’s not that the developers aren’t listening to you; it’s that they’re listening to everyone and they’re changing what they can in a large sea of feedback. Of course, there is a companion sale going on right now, so you could always pick up a companion and complain to your favorite honey badger. The honey badger might not care, but he’ll listen.


Enter to win a Neverwinter unicorn mount on Xbox One and PS4 from PWE and MOP

To celebrate last week’s arrival of the Cloaked Ascendancy expansion for Neverwinter on console, PWE has granted Massively OP 50 unicorn mount keys to give away to our readers– 25 apiece for PlayStation 4 (the cerulean unicorn) and Xbox One (the chartreuse unicorn). Quick, to your color wheels!

“These majestic beasts live to protect the forests where they dwell. In honor of these powerful creatures, the forest dwelling fey groom them and adorn them with bright flowers staining their pure white coats with vibrant color. These uncommon mounts grant 50% increased mounted movement speed and two Insignia slots to gain additional powers.”

The codes can be redeemed only once per account and expire at the end of 2017, and the mounts are bind-on-pickup. Critically, these codes are redeemable on console only in the regions as outlined below, so if you’re a PC person, you can skip this one!

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Neverwinter is making maps look creepy again and strongholds more small-guild friendly

The bright side for environmental artists working on Neverwinter’s next module is that so much of the content takes place in familiar areas. That means you can reuse old maps without designing everything from the ground up. But how do you take those areas, make them look creepy, and then drop them back into the game? A new post by environment artist Ryan Dao walks through the process of taking existing locales and giving them a coat of evil paint. (Which is paint that looks evil, mind you, not paint which shows up when adjacent clerics use Detect Evil.)

It’s interesting stuff not just for fans of Neverwinter but for anyone interested in the process; Dao talks about putting together environmental objects, then using bits and pieces of those objects to kitbash further pieces of decor to create a unified look while also streamlining the process. You can also see plenty of before-and-after shots for comparison purposes, so it’s definitely a process that works.

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Neverwinter’s Shroud of Souls endgame quest comes with a new companion

Endgamers are getting lots of love in Neverwinter’s Shroud of Souls campaign. That’s the takeaway from today’s PWE dev blog, which covers the new “featured quest” en route for endgame players, underpinning the storyline of the content.

“The quest begins with the appearance of a strange shadowy tower in the skies above the skies of the River District of Neverwinter,” the dev blog says, setting the stage. “Wraiths now creep around the back alleys and shadows, draining the life of anyone unfortunate enough to wander nearby.”

Rewards for the quest include “a unique chest piece draped in the dark essence of a powerful necromancer that lets the weak survive when their foes do not” as well as a Netherese Arcanist companion.

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The MOP Up: Overwatch gives smurfing a pass (April 16, 2017)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we have stories and videos from Heroes EvolvedDungeon Fighter 2Splatoon 2OverwatchHeroes and GeneralsAionNeverwinterElswordGuild Wars 2CS:GO, and MU Online, all waiting for you after the break!

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Here’s how Neverwinter’s ‘Stronghold Marauder’ guild events will work

When the Shroud of Souls campaign launches for Neverwinter in May, people in guilds will be treated to a special type of event called Stronghold Marauders, a new dev blog on the official site explains today.

“The Stronghold Marauders event pits guilds against hordes of enemies in order to protect reward caches spread around the exterior of the guild’s stronghold,” Senior Content Designer Charles Gray writes. “Fighting will increase in ferocity with each wave of enemies sent to steal your rewards and enemies will occasionally bring a few surprises to catch unobservant guilds off-guard. Every five waves, there’s a brief respite in the attacks when guilds can elect to take their rewards and retreat into their stronghold, or they can signal for more carts to come and add additional rewards. However, additional rewards also result in yet tougher enemies being enticed to come and attempt to steal not only the new rewards, but the existing ones as well.”

Naturally, there are nice rewards for guilds and guild members who participate, including 600 influence once per week. Unguilded peeps, looks like you’re outta luck.

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Neverwinter’s Cloaked Ascendancy arrives on consoles today

Happy Neverwinter patch day, console fans — you’re getting closer and closer to catching up with the PC master race today as Cloaked Ascendency launches for you today only seven weeks behind the Windows launch.

Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie deep-dived the expansion for you back in March; it’s designed to bring players home to the city as war heroes, but of course the city of Neverwinter itself is under attack, so your characters will be back to work saving the River District instead of playing video games and snarfing nachos on a well-earned vacation. Have fun saving the city!

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Neverwinter details the mechanics of loadouts

One character build cannot be used for everything in Neverwinter if you want to be the best at what you’re doing. Certain situations require different gear, different Feats and so on. The Shroud of Souls update announced yesterday promised a solution to that problem with the addition of Loadouts, and the latest development update explains exactly how players will use the feature to quickly swap from one build to another in the blink of an eye.

Players will automatically be granted one additional loadout slot when the patch launches, with a grand total of eight available (the remaining six are purchased in the cash shop). Upon first swapping to a new loadout, it works like a full respec, allowing you to change your powers, boons, feats, ability scores, gear, and so forth. Subsequently, you can swap between loadouts at any campfire or safe zone, allowing you to have a separate setup for solo play, group play, PvE content, PvP content, or whatever your heart desires.

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Neverwinter announces May 2 Shroud of Souls update for PC

Perfect World announced this morning another major update for Neverwinter. It’s to the point that this game gets so much content I can’t even keep it all straight — no complaining either! The studio tells PC players to expect the so-named Shroud of Souls on May 2nd, with a console update to follow “later this spring.” It’ll include an “all-new adventure which sends players after a dangerous new foe, the Loadouts feature, a new Stronghold Siege event, [and] a new Guild Hall social space” while bringing closure to the Cloaked Ascendancy plotline and dropping quality-of-life tweaks like nobody’s business.

“In the wake of the Cloaked Ascendancy’s occupancy of the River District, a mysterious dragonborn necromancer emerges wielding a powerful artifact, the Shroud of Souls. Released from beneath the River District, she now controls an army of wraiths, and is set on summoning even more powerful spirits to lead her forces. Adventurers must set out to stop this evil plan and restore peace to the River District once more.”

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LOTRO posts April event schedule, makes temporary store change

As Lord of the Rings Online players wrap up the spring festival this week, they won’t have much time to breathe before the next round of events arrive.

The game’s event schedule has been updated to include all of the happenings for this month. This includes Hobnanigans (April 6th), VIP event boost (April 13th), and the 10th anniversary (April 20th). The schedule doesn’t reveal everything, according to CM Cordovan, who teased that “there’s a specific 10th anniversary-related event that is not yet on the calendar.”

LOTRO and DDO players might have noticed that the in-game store isn’t so much “in-game” as of right now. Accessing the store now takes you to an external browser link to conduct your shady business. According to Standing Stone, this is because the team is working to resolve a tech issue with the store.


Record of Lodoss War Online is launching this week

Following a short closed beta test, Record of Lodoss War Online will be launching this week on April 6th.

Record of what now? There’s no shame in your blank look as news on this title has been quite sparse over the past couple of years. Record of Lodoss War Online is a Japanese-developed and Korean-published MMO based on the titular anime series (which was in turn inspired by Dungeons & Dragons).

Record of Lodoss War Online bills itself as a “classic MMORPG” in which players will defend the island of Lodoss by taking up the arms of one of 12 classes. Even the controls are kind of bare-bones, with most of the action taking place via mouse.

You can check out the teaser trailer and character skill introduction video after the break to see if this might be worth a look!

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The Game Archaeologist: How DikuMUD shaped modern MMOs

Even though there are hundreds and thousands of MMOs spanning several decades, only a small handful were so incredibly influential that they changed the course of development for games from then on out. DikuMUD is one of these games, and it is responsible for more of what you experience in your current MMOs than you even know.

Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone knows what DikuMUD is or how it shaped the MMOs that came out after it. You might have seen it used as a pejorative in enough comments that you know it is loathed by many gamers, but I find that there are varying degrees of ignorance about DikuMUD in the community. What is it, exactly? Why is it just the worst? And is it really the worst if we like the games that can point to this text-based MMO as a key ancestor?

Today we’re going to dispel the mystery and myths of DikuMUD to lay it out there as it was and is today.

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Neverwinter breaks out Steam trading cards

Did you have a trading card collection when you were a kid? I went along with the crowd buying baseball cards, even though I didn’t much care for sports or pictures of sweaty men looking constipated while swinging sticks. It got a lot more fun when Magic: The Gathering came around, fortunately.

Those who enjoy accumulating as many virtual trading cards on Steam as they can will be happy to hear that Neverwinter has come out with its own set of cards. These eight character cards feature characters from the game and can be used to craft badges or traded with other players. These cards are also your path to a better life through additional backgrounds and emoticons.

If you need a whole explanation of what Steam trading cards are and what they do (and this author did), there’s a whole page on that.

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