Official Site: Dwell

Dwell is a top-down 2D sandbox MMO and it’s adorable

Let’s dash your hopes a little bit right now: You cannot actually purchase Dwell at the moment. It has been voted on to Steam’s Greenlight service, but the game is not in early access and cannot be bought. The bright side is that it’s meant as a top-down 2D sandbox, probably the closest thing we’ve seen to a Stardew Valley-style MMO out there.

The game promises to have a world with no pre-built houses or structures, leaving players to forge the world as they wish and move on to farming, battling monsters, and interacting with the game’s varied biomes therein. No release date or pricing has yet been announced. Take a look at the official site for a bit more information, and keep your eyes on the Greenlight page for details about release.

Source: Reddit