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Massively Overthinking: Which MMORPGs should stay away from legacy servers?

Legacy, vanilla, classic, progression – call them what you like, but alternative server rulesets, particularly of the nostalgia-driven kind, are all the rage in 2018. Just since the dawn of the new year, we’ve gotten a new server type for Age of Conan, with RIFT’s on the way – not to mention World of Warcraft’s looming in our future. And those are just the new ones! Games like RuneScape, EverQuest II, and Ultima Online already run similar servers.

That said, does every MMORPG need one? Aren’t some MMORPGs already in pretty good shape without needing a spin-off for nostalgia’s sake? Is it in every MMO’s best interests to prioritize, on some level, the very older ideas it intentionally left behind? That’s the question I’ve posed to the writers this week: Are there any MMORPGs that should stay far, far away from legacy servers, and if so, why?

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Netmarble weathers a slightly down quarter while Lineage 2 Revolution drives revenue

South Korean games publisher Netmarble posted its financial report for the last quarter of 2017, ending the year on a bit of a down note. While revenues were up, net profits and operating profits saw a decline during that period.

The company continues to make inroads around the world with more revenue coming from outside Korea than within. South Korea only accounts for 32% of the revenue right now vs. 69% in the first quarter 2017. Mobile MMORPGs continue to be its biggest seller at 45%, with titles like Lineage 2 Revolution (39% of game revenue) and Tera M (5%) paving the way.

The studio hopes to have a strong 2018 with upcoming titles such as Magic: The Gathering Project M, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for mobile, and Seven Knights for the Nintendo Switch.

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Closers launches on Steam as Tiamat raid update goes live

Happy official Steam launch day, Closers Online! The episodic anime MMO’s Steam rollout is accompanied this week by a brand-new mega patch to boot.

“The Closers Launch update introduces the Dimensional Ops Center, where you can earn the most powerful gear in the game and challenge Closers’ very first Raid Boss: Tiamat,” says En Masse. Moreover, players will take advantage of a new enhancement adapter system that essentially adds enhancement socketing to gear; there’s a new pet awakening system so pets can journey up to level 50; and naturally, there’s a community launch event ongoing until February 14th.

Here’s a quick look at our coverage of the game as it ported westward, including our stream of the game and our hands-on at PAX West.

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Massively Overthinking: What are your criteria for recommending MMOs?

Last week, we got a well-intentioned email from a reader named Rick, who proposed a column in which readers tell us what they are looking for in an MMO and we offer up suggestions for just the right MMO. It’d be like Guild Chat, we imagine, only instead of dispensing guild advice, we’d be telling you folks what to play.

The email prompted some discussion among the MOP staff about whether that would be an effective column to write (or to read). We do answer some questions like that for the podcast from time to time, for example, but I seldom get the impression we’ve actually helped. Most times, the listener has already tried everything and is hoping for a game that simply doesn’t exist yet, so we’re destined to fail. And even then, it’s really difficult to recommend MMOs to people without really knowing their full history with every studio and game. Some of us can’t even find an MMO we want to play!

So we thought we’d open that discussion up for everyone. How do you go about recommending MMOs to other people? What are your criteria? When your sister says she’s done with WoW, your co-worker requests input around the watercooler one day, or Some Dude On Reddit asks for pointers – where do you start?

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TERA’s console versions are coming in the first half of 2018

In the works since its conception in 2013, TERA’s console version is finally coming to North America and Europe in the first half of 2018. En Masse published a video in which the studio said that the game was a great fit for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and obviously it hopes that it will find success on these systems.

The studio admitted that the idea of porting the action MMO to consoles took a while to gain traction in both the developer and publisher. The older consoles didn’t have enough hardware to run it properly, for starters, and handling the free-to-play model would have been more difficult a few years ago because of where Microsoft and Sony were at. Finally, Bluehole said that Korea’s relative inexperience with developing for consoles made it difficult to form a team to create the port.

En Masse said that specific beta and release dates for the console edition will be forthcoming.
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TERA’s Guardian Legion update is now live with new open-world missions

It’s time to step up and take on the hard jobs in the newest TERA patch. Players are tasked with taking on missions for the Guardian Legion faction, with the missions themselves out in the open world for multiple participants to work together even while not in a group. Complete missions against the Red Raiders, earn points, get enchanting materials and loot boxes. What could be simpler than heading out through the world and smashing whatever needs smashing?

The patch also makes several balance tweaks to various classes, with Slayers and Warriors in particular getting some nice buffs and improvements. There are also system improvements like requiring a larger number of party members to vote for any sort of vote kick and the usual bug fixes and performance tweaks. Still, the centerpiece is new things to do out in the open world, so head out into the land and see which wrongs need your particular violence-based brand of righting.


Kritika Online brings the Monk out to play for the Chosen Path patch

If a dash of mysticism and a dallop of fist-punching appeals to your playstyle, then you might want to check out Kritika Online’s newest playable character. En Masse’s action MMO released the Monk class yesterday as part of the game’s first content update of the year, dubbed Chosen Path.

The Monk is a hand-to-hand fighter who can specialize over time as either a Star Monk or Void Monk. And speaking of character customization, all classes can enjoy the update’s new imprinting system, which allows for malleable abilities.

Kritika Online is also running a Monk leveling event that will give those characters (and anyone grouped with them) various in-game prizes. A separate Lunar New Year celebration is currently running through March 7th, with special firecracker boxes dropping during play.

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TERA introduces the Guardian Legion on January 30

When the going gets tough in TERA, the tough get going! By the second “tough” we of course mean “max-level characters,” and by “get going” we mean “show up in the hopes of getting some loot.” And that’s all fine, since the game’s next update introduces the Guardian Legion, which needs exactly that sort of person. Someone tough, resolute, and willing to do lots of dangerous stuff for the prospect of shiny bits.

There are indeed shiny bits to be earned, as the more missions you take on for the Guardian Legion, the more points you earn toward specialized boxes of loot. And what sort of missions will you be taking on? Dangerous ones all across the world to counteract the activities of the Red Raiders. So go forth, a champion of the poor, the weak, the able-to-give-you-nice-loot-boxes. Really, that’s the important part. The update arrives on January 30th.

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Closers sets a February 6 launch date

Need some color and tall tales to wipe away the greyscale weather? Closers contains 350% of the RDA of vibrant colors and nutritious stories, and it can all be yours when the game launches next month on Steam.

En Masse Entertainment announced the official release date of February 6th today, at which time the publisher will bring Closers out of open beta testing and into the live environment for good. This action-packed MMO that centers around a group of futuristic high school students going on adventures in Neo-Seoul.

As players move through the game’s narrative, they’ll eventually find themselves facing off against Closers’ first raid — which, in a coincidence, is also launching on February 6th. The Tiamat raid tosses players into a Nightmare World in a quest to put an end to the Queen of Nightmares. Get a look at the raid below!

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Closers welcomes players to the sky ship

En Masse’s Closers is sprinting through open beta these days, and with today’s patch, there’s more to test and enjoy than ever.

The Sky Bridge hub arrives with this update, bringing a whole bunch of new quests, challenges, and crafting events for players to experience. The hub coincides with a level cap increase to 70, so either the developer is really pumping out the content or the western version is catching up with its eastern counterpart.

To get players up to speed — and up to the level cap — Closers is running a pair of bonus events over the next two weekends. In addition, anyone who gets up to level 70 by February 5th will receive a care package with a superclocked equalizer, a random epic skill cube, and a victory talisman box. There’s also celebration box for all players to get just by logging in after the patch updates today.

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Kritika Online preps the Monk to kick (and punch) off the new year

It’s time for us to all agree that weapons are for chumps. Kritika Online is introducing the Monk, you see, and the Monk just confirms what we have all long suspected, that all you really need to defeat monsters is to just punch them without any sort of armor, hand protection, or anything. Just punch stuff really hard. You can check out screenshots and a video trailer for the class in action just below, as he serves as the centerpiece for the upcoming Chosen Path update to kick (and punch, and possibly suplex) off the new year in style.

The update will also include new 2v2 arena modes, new pet features, pet renewal, and the usual array of bug fixes and other improvements. There’s also a new video from the team looking back at the game’s first year and discussing plans for the future, including a goal to bring in more of the features from other worldwide versions. Of course, if you were just waiting for a class to let you punch everything and eschew weapons altogether, you’re probably going to be good with this patch.

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Closers rings in the new year with the Rampage Cube

Welcome to the new year, Closers fans! Have a Rampage Cube! What’s a Rampage Cube? It’s a big challenging… cube. Full of rampages. Look, it doesn’t matter so much what it is; what matters is that it’s here until January 22nd with the game’s newest patch, and fighting against it gets you tokens used to craft trinkets and costumes. So that should be reason enough to rage against the rampage of the cube. Or inside the cube to stop the rampage. Can we just accept that “Rampage Cube” is a cool name and leave it there?

The patch is also bumping Levia’s level cap to 65, adding a bunch of new items to the EMP store, and bringing in a new daily log in event to ring in the new year. So even if you’re not feeling up to the antics of the Rampage Cube, there’s plenty to do with the latest patch. You can even learn about it in video format just below, if reading patch notes doesn’t sound nearly as cool.

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TERA doubles and triples rewards this weekend

You know how parts of the inhabited world are freezing into a solid mass of glacial ice this week? That is all the excuse that players need to get out of responsibilities and commitments this weekend and play some serious MMOs instead. At least until the internet cable lines freeze and shatter, leaving us in a Twitterless universe.

TERA definitely wouldn’t mind if you cuddled up with its warm servers for a day or two, which is why the studio us throwing a “Triple Double Winter Weekend.” As you wrap your mind around that title, try to also absorb what it offers.

From today through Sunday, players will enjoy double drop rates in the Ghillieglade and Pit of Petrax solo dungeons. Even better, all Vanguard request rewards and reputation gains will be tripled through this same period. So stay home. You can’t hack the arctic weather anyway.

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