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MMORTS-turned-MOBA placed on hold indefinitely by Trion Worlds in 2014.

Not So Massively: Diablo III thieves sentenced; LoL begins automatic bans

League of Legends launched a new system to hand out immediate automatic bans for chat infractions this week, leading to many claims of unfair bans and false positives. The LoL player who stalked and harassed female gamers pled guilty to a string of serious offenses this week in court. Dota 2 finalised the teams for the qualifiers of its upcoming world championship tournament, and the community mourned the passing of beloved player ProfessorFiercE. Diablo III players Patrick Nepomuceno and Michael Stinger were convicted of computer misuse offences this week for their theft of virtual items back in 2012.

Petroglyph launched its new tank-based MOBA Victory Command on Steam Early Access. Swedish developer Ghost Games announced plans to reboot the Need for Speed franchise with a focus on storyline and an online open world. Path of Exile deployed the first test of its Deterministic Lockstep mode in a new expansion beta patch, and so far players are reporting desync-free gameplay. Heroes of the Storm has now entered open beta ahead of its June 2nd release date, and Blizzard defended its decision to remove Tychus’ signature cigar in order to maintain the game’s Teen rating.

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