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Massively OP’s Weirdest MMORPG Stories of 2016: The Endless Forest Returns

We’re counting down Massively OP’s weirdest MMORPG stories of 2016!

Clocking in at #3 on our list is Endless Forest Returns, which is explained in Justin’s piece The Endless Forest devs seek funds for a remake.

The 2006 MMO-kinda Endless Forest is described as “a whimsical multiplayer online magical deer fantasy” in which players play as deer that communicate via sound and perform activities like roaming through the woods and rubbing against trees. 170,000 registered players thought that sounded worth checking out over the last decade.

This year, the developers who built the game outdid themselves, turning to Indiegogo for help funding a sequel to the deer-based MMO called The Endless Forest: The Second Decade. They have raised nearly €25,000 as I write this. It’s happening. Weird, yes. But also awesome.

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The Endless Forest devs seek funds for a remake

Back in 2006, one of the strangest MMORPG-slash-screensavers ever made was released and then promptly ignored by the mainstream. The Endless Forest, “a whimsical multiplayer online magical deer fantasy,” transformed players into creatures that couldn’t speak to other players, fight, or complete conventional quests. Instead, these weredeers used sounds to communicate and did whatever they felt like doing, such as partying down, roaming the woods, and rubbing up against trees. It was, shall we say, quite odd and unique.

Last year, the married team of Michaël Samyn and Auriea Harvey departed the game development scene in a rather spectactular rage-quit following the failure of their most recent title, Sunset. However, a year must have been enough to cool them down because they are back to solicit funds from players to make The Endless Forest: The Second Decade.

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