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Paragon unveils its newest character, Greystone

Dying, as a general rule, is not an effective combat strategy. You want to avoid dying when fighting people. But Paragon‘s newest character, Greystone, isn’t afraid to die. Not just because he can wade in and take less damage, either; it’s because his ultimate ability turns him to stone and allows him to reincarnate while dealing damage around him. Dying is actually an important part of his strategy.

Once you get that Greystone is kind of all about marching into the jaws of death, his ability to charge into combat and knock enemies around becomes much clearer. After all, you want to wade into the thick of battle and go down swinging, right? Check out a preview of his abilities and gameplay in the video below, and see how he manages to make dying into a worthwhile strategic component. Still probably not something to use as a general rule, though.

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Paragon adds in new weekly objectives and daily victory chests

Do you like to win games? Of course you do. You probably like the fact that winning a match every day in Paragon rewards you with a free loot chest, that’s nice. It’s a bit less nice that you might miss out on that chest if you only have time for a match or two without a win, though, and it’s even worse if you didn’t even know the chests existed. That’s one of the main reasons behind the changes made to the system. Players now earn a locked chest each day just for logging in; those chests can be stored up, and each win will open one locked chest in your inventory.

This also ties into the game’s new weekly quests, which are meant as another path toward players having a diverse set of goals to pursue. Each week, you’ll be given a list of four random objectives. Succeeding at one of the objectives gives you a cards, while succeeding at multiple objectives gives you even more cards after your initial reward. It’s just a little more incentive to log in and keep playing while also encouraging you to diversify your playstyle a bit more.


Paragon grants extra rewards to PlayStation Plus members

PlayStation Plus players, it’s time that your membership started paying dividends. Paragon thinks so, at least, which is why the game is doling out a free PS Plus pack to members in July.

The PS Plus pack includes a fast pass to the early access gameplay, a three-win reputation boost, three master challenges, and instant challenger skins. Additionally, players can enjoy a month of events and in-game unlocks prior to Paragon going into open beta on August 16th.

Want to see these freebies with your own naked, sweating eyeballs? Check out the PS Plus trailer below!

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Khaimera is live in today’s Paragon patch; watch the teaser video

Epic Games has today released yet another hero for its upcoming MOBA Paragon. Khaimera is described by Epic as a “high-risk, hi-reward” melee jungler and goes live with today’s 27.1 patch. (Khaimera is described by Kotaku, on the other hand, as Skull-Face McMoonhead, which seems pretty accurate.)

“The TL;DR on Khaimera is that he is a melee fighter who excels at singling out enemies. He is a great duelist which allows him to lock down solo Heroes in order to isolate and execute. His Unleash ability gives him massive attack speed for a short period of time. His Spirit Regeneration ability gives him Health Regen on basic attack. His ability Ambush allows him to close the gap onto enemy heroes and lock them down with his Ultimate, Cull which roots your target and pushes their allies away.”

Paragon remains in early access for PC and PS4 until its open beta August 16th.

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Paragon plans major gameplay overhaul, August 16 open beta

Epic has announced that “free open beta” for its gritty MOBA Paragon will begin on August 16th.

Two letters to the community today suggest that radical changes are on the way for the game. “We know we’re lacking in some key areas – few strong hero roles, aberrant roaming deathmatch strategies (‘Deathball’), and most importantly, a lot of the core ‘feeling’ that MOBAs give,” writes Lead Hero Designer Cameron Winston. To that end, Epic aims to remove travel mode, add teleport, alter card power sharing, reduce lane minions, adjust match length, introduce draft mode, and rebalance heroes — much of which is going live in next week’s patch, previewed in the video walkthrough below.

Epic has also posted a reveal trailer for Khaimera, “a melee fighter who specializes in disrupting team fights with close-up encounters.” He goes live later this month.

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Paragon’s GRIM.exe hero is no gentle giant

Epic’s MOBA Paragon has revealed one more hero ahead of its early access launch this week: the robot GRIM.exe. The video begins as a tongue-in-cheek advertisement for the adorable gentle giant, then morphs into a sinister demonstration of his pew pew cannon.

“This new playable character is a ranger at the controls of a turret robot that obeys the finger and the eye. His pulse cannon provides extensive damage to minions and other enemy Heroes, but it can also slow down or reverse using his shield. Its Targeted Gyro Force Orb target enemies and pass through objects and other units outside of Heroes. For a clean and responsible war, opt for GRIM.exe!”

Paragon hits early access tomorrow; founder packages run from $9.99 to $89.99 US. Open beta — which will be free — is still planned for the summer.

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Take a look inside Paragon’s $59.99 Essentials Edition

Paragon’s insane take on the MOBA field is set to go wide when the game hits open beta this summer. The specific date for that release looks to be June 7th, as Epic Games has pinpointed that day for the sale of Paragon’s Essentials Edition.

The Essentials Edition includes a bundle of goods to help get you off to a running start. These include beta access, five skins, master hero challenges, several heroes, rep boosts, and a chunk of in-game currency. “If you play a lot of Paragon, the 6,000 Paragon Coins is worth it by itself,” claims the PlayStation blog. “The whole Essentials Edition is more than $160 in value (based on in-game currency) for only $59.99 ($79.99 Canadian).”

But why read about it when you can see it in action? Paragon has released a short trailer for the Essentials Edition to show off the spiffy-looking skins, so check it out below.

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Paragon’s early access starts on March 18 with Founder’s packs

There have been plenty of tidbits coming out about Paragon lately, but you won’t have to rely upon tidbits to get a sense of the game starting on March 18th. Early access can be purchased by buying one of the game’s three Founder’s Packs, and if you didn’t expect the game to have that option we don’t know what rock you’ve been living under.

The cheapest option is $20, while players with more money to pledge for the game can go in for $60 or a princely $100 for a wider variety of skins, unlockable items, boosts, and a free pack to give to a friend. It’s worth noting for the record that all of the game’s heroes will be free, so you’re buying nothing more than cosmetics with bigger packs. Not willing to put up the money? You can still sign up for the beta, or you can wait for open testing starting sometime this summer.

Source: Reddit via VG24/7


Eight tips for success in Epic’s MOBA Paragon

Nobody ever claimed that MOBAs were easy to comprehend in full. Sure, you can get in and start playing relatively quickly, but to truly master the game and not be the video game equivalent of a Mr. Magoo, you need to study and learn all of the systems, strategies, and techniques.

Epic Games has that in mind as it presents its latest Paragon video. This time around, the studio lays out a tutorial of sorts with eight tips to succeed in the game. Some of these tips are pretty standard for MOBAs, including pushing your lane and letting minions do the work for you.

You can watch the tips video after the break!

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Epic shows off Paragon gameplay, promises no pay-to-win

Epic Games‘ upcoming third person MOBA Paragon has been getting some attention lately with its fluid gameplay and undeniably high-quality graphics. The studio has been releasing informational videos and sneak peeks on the game for the past few months, and this week’s trailer looks at some of the abilities the game’s heroes can use. We can see new hero Gideon using portals to summon damage-dealing rocks and teleport around a 3D battlefield, and Dekker’s Containment Fence force field locking enemies in place. The video was reportedly created using the game’s match replay feature and was recorded during actual gameplay.

Ever since Paragon‘s card system was revealed, some fans have been concerned that these gameplay-affecting items may end up in some kind of microtransaction store and that this would disrupt competitive gameplay. There was also some worry that the game’s planned cross-platform play between PS4 and PC would create a competitive disparity as PC users will be using more precise controls. Epic reassured players in a statement to Eurogamer today that it “will never sell card packs for Paragon” and that the studio is “very aware that pay-to-win is a bad thing for competitive play,” but so far there has been no comment on the potential cross-platform gameplay issues.

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Paragon’s latest video is basically MOBAs for dummies

How I mine for MOBAs? In its latest Paragon video, Epic is going to assume you have no idea how a MOBA works, which would make more sense if it weren’t likely that if you have no idea how a MOBA works, you’ve also never heard of Paragon.

In between action shots riddled with goofy nameplates, the studio recaps the basics, like picking a character, teamwork, leveling up, upgrading cards, teamwork, taking advantage of friendly minions, teamwork, laning and busting towers, and teamwork.

Or as an MMO player would put it, fight on the node, not in the road.

The vid’s below.

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Build a stronghold to keep the monsters out in Fortnite

The world has ended… somehow. And you’re among the few human survivors in a sea of disagreeable monsters. What to do other than to regress to your childhood and make the swankiest fort ever?

In Fortnite, an upcoming title from Epic Games (Gears of War, Paragon), you’ll trade up your old blankets and pillows for sturdier construction materials. You and your fellow players will build bases, defend them from the monster population, loot all of the loots, and occasionally get into a scrap with your fellow gamer. Currently the title is in an ongoing alpha test, and if you’re interested in participating, you can apply on the website.

Regarding Fortnite’s planned free-to-play business model, Epic Games stated: “We want folks to be able to play the entire game and have a fun, complete experience without having to drop any cash, and we are designing the game with that in mind. Anything we put in the game for you to buy will be icing on top of other delicious icing already on the cake.”

Source: Fortnite. Thanks to Kinya for the tip!


Paragon’s guide to cards for testers

Pretty much every MOBA has some system in place for upgrading your chosen hero as you play. Paragon is making use of a card system, and a new video from the development team is all about how that card system is meant to work over the course of a match. It’s not quite as random as the concept of decks might seem, but it does mean picking out upgrades and improvements with care.

All players start with three card points to buy and equip cards from their decks, meant to be spent on the starting array of health and mana potions. As the match gets underway, characters will gain a larger number of points, up to the maximum of 60 per match. This can be used to both draw and equip new cards as well as upgrading existing cards. Take a look at the video below to see all of this in action.

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