Final Fantasy XIV releases patch 4.3 on May 22

It’s almost that time again, when Final Fantasy XIV gets a big patch full of story surprises and stuff for players to do. Specifically, “that time” will be May 22nd, and there’s even a trailer below to tease at it. And it’s teasing a lot of content, from the floors of Heaven-on-High to the new Main Scenario storyline to the bosses of the Ridorana Lighthouse.

The twitter thread from the Live Letter confirms a few more things, like a new mechanical system for rewards from Heaven-on-High (which will also be adapted to Palace of the Dead to make farming that for glamour more straightforward) and new instruments arriving for the Perform action. There’s also a promise of new filters for colorblind players. Check out the trailer just below, and get ready for the patch to arrive in just a little more than a week.

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The Survivalist: The good, the bad, and the barbaric of Conan Exiles’ launch

If the survival genre is any indication, Early Access is a nigh indestructable beast! Time and time again we’ve seen where so many have failed to defeat this end boss. But that all changed when one mighty barbarian came along and did just that. Conan Exiles strangled the last breath out of the Early Access beast with its bare hands and cast it aside, then strode straight into the waiting arms of launch this week.

Now there is lots to say about this launch, and a good chunk of it is pretty glowing. However, no launch is without some troubles. And sadly, there is also a despicable element as well. Here’s my look at the good, the bad, and the barbaric of the first couple of days of Conan Exiles’ launch.

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Blade & Soul is tweaking dungeon rewards to prefer newer dungeons

Stop just doing the old, familiar dungeons of Blade & Soul. Do the new ones instead. Even if you’d rather not for whatever reason, you won’t be given much of a choice in the matter soon; the newest patch for the game is tweaking the rewards to emphasize newer dungeons and scale down rewards for the old standbys. Newer dungeons, by contrast, will get more streamlined rewards to make them more enjoyable as well, and you’ll be getting more stuff from daily and weekly challenges regardless.

The patch is also bringing with it a number of changes to materials used for upgrading to streamline that process; the time and effort should be fairly constant, but the exact materials are getting shuffled somewhat. That’s in addition to specific item changes, all of which mean that you might want to rearrange your bags and farming habits when the update lands on May 9th.


Massively OP Interview: Dual Universe demo shows off advances in city building, space travel

When you work in video games, you often get asked what new titles you are looking forward to. While experience has been teaching me to temper my enthusiasm, I do have one that I’m excited to play. I first got to experience Dual Universe in-person at PAX West last September, and since then I’ve been eagerly anticipating its release! Why? That title pretty summed it up well: It’s a persistent, seamless, sandbox universe. More than that even, it is a hotbed of creativity thanks to its voxel foundation. So I’ve had a taste of what can happen in a world that customizable, and I hunger for more!

That meeting with Jean-Christophe Baillie, the president and founder of NovaQuark, was seven months ago. How has development been coming along since then? How does the game look today? I got to sit down with Baillie for an update on progress and a new tour through the universe a few weeks ago. In my first demo, I saw promise. This time, I saw more of that promise realized.

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Stardew Valley’s multiplayer edition is finally in beta testing

With word that Stardew Valley’s multiplayer update is almost upon us, we only have one question: Which of you peasants will toil the rich fields of Massively Overpowered and bring us the harvest of turnips that we so desire?

For those who have been eager to play this farming/life simulator with friends, you can get a preview of it thanks to the debut of the beta. Steam users can jump into the open beta of the patch right now, with GOG players expected to gain access in the coming days.

In the multiplayer edition, up to four players can farm and adventure on the same server. Players can invite friends from their Steam or GOG lists, or else they may choose to send out invite codes to populate their little fiefdoms. The multiplayer FAQ answers some other questions, such as how marriage and festivals work among multiple players, but there still is no official word as to when this patch will go live.


Wild West Online crosses the launch frontier on May 10

Saddle up, pard’ners, ’cause it’s about to be a bumpy ride.

Wild West Online announced today that it is officially launching on May 10th. Yes, as in two weeks from now. On that day, the game will simultaneously leave early access and release on Steam. It’s a pretty big step for a game that has not been in open development and testing for very long.

The studio said that when it arrives on Steam, Wild West Online’s launch build will add faction global conflict, big PvP world events, many more PvE missions, and a bunch of side activities. These include mining, farming, hunting, cooking, and (most importantly) brewing that alochol. The west can’t be very wild if everyone’s sober, after all.

Check out the Steam date announcement after the break!

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Warframe moves quickly to fix Khora patch

With the new Beasts of the Sanctuary patch now live in Warframe, Digital Extremes has found that it has its hands fully trying to keep it under control. Several issues and community concerns have cropped up this week, and the studio is moving quickly to address them.

The “first of many” hotfixes to shore up the patch went live today, mainly focusing on the new Sanctuary Onslaught endless mode. Players had found exploits, experienced crashes, and even gotten stuck on the environment. Many of these bugs have been nixed, but it sounds like there’s a lot more to go.

It’s a considerable issue because so many players are farming this mode to earn the new Khora warframe. The studio laid out plans to improve upon the launch version of this pet class. Some of the changes include shortening ability casting times across the board, making ensnare hit multiple enemies, and transforming Venari into a passive skill.

Source: Patch notes, Khora changes. Thanks Sophiskiai!


Conan Exiles posts brand-new preview video with two weeks to go before launch

Two more weeks, folks! That’s how long Conan Exiles has left on its early access contract before it expires and fully launches. Funcom’s released a brand-new video this morning meant to give a top-down view of just what’s coming at launch.

“After 14 months of Early Access, Conan Exiles is about to launch complete with new content, features, and its first ever release on the PlayStation 4 platform. More than doubling in size since start of Early Access, the world players will get to explore and survive in come May 8th spans from burning deserts to the frozen highlands and include never-before-seen locations such as the swamp. There players will find the perverted Lemurians who perform orgiastic rituals to worship Derketo, the twin-natured goddess who walks the line between lust and death. This new video will introduce you to the vast, new world of Conan Exiles and show you just what it takes to survive the savage lands of Conan the Barbarian.”

Funcom’s latest community newsletter reiterates that the studio is in the final stretch, having just rolled out major upgrades on PC and Xbox One, including the new combat system, map room, and farming. Enjoy the video, and don’t forget to check out our latest hands-on and the run-down of last week’s pre-launch patch!

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Conan Exiles just patched in farming, fast travel, The Purge, and the combat revamp on both platforms

It’s a big day over in Conan Exiles, whether you’re on PC or Xbox One, as Funcom’s just rolled out a major patch ahead of the official launch next month. The highlight is assuredly the complete overhauled combat system, which revamps weapon type attacks, chain attacks, dodging, backflips, stamina, kicking, status effects, and maybe most importantly, targeting locking. Players will also be encountering the first edition of The Purge mechanics, whereby the game will spawn baddies attack your base depending on your combat and base strength. The fast travel maproom, new HUD, and farming are in too.

“By obtaining seeds from plants and making compost through the compost heap, it is now possible to plant and harvest your own crops. In order to craft fertilizer in the compost heap, you will need plant-fiber, rotten meat and bonemeal, which can be obtained by grinding (amongst other things) bone, claws, fangs or ivory in the grinder. For certain plants, you may need potent fertilizer, for which you will need to add ash and blood to the mix. By planting seeds and fertilizer in the planters, your crops will grow over time. In addition to this, should you want to decorate your land, a selection of potted plants have been added to the game, which are much less costly than the planters.”

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RuneScape’s summer plans include price increase, elite dungeons, and player farms

It’s hard to believe that summer is right around the corner, but RuneScape has its eyes on the ball and is already preparing many big changes for the months ahead.

Ripping off the Band-Aid of bad news first, Jagex announced that subscription prices will be increased starting on June 4th, with the new monthly rate going up to $11. Fortunately, all current subscribers will be able to maintain their current subscription rate indefinitely as long as they don’t drop the service.

Past that, it’s all pretty cool stuff for the summer months. Plans include adding elite dungeons, player farms, master skillcape perks, and the big, bad boss of Solak. The farms sound quite involved: “We’re planning for lots of rewards that plug into farming and other skills (magic beans are our current favourites), and you will be working towards building up the farm to its full potential and unlocking everything it has to offer.”

Source: RuneScape


Pearl Abyss tests new combat and gear in Korea as fairies flutter into Black Desert tomorrow

A big patch for Black Desert Online is being tested in Korea as we speak. Expert scientists, sociologists, game developers, and major world leaders are putting their minds together to shape this sandbox MMO’s future. You will undoubtedly be telling your children one day of this content update’s release, your voice shaky with emotion.

So what’s coming? A few major systems are getting improved, starting with the addition of combat power to character’s stats. As players work their way up the eight tiers of this stat, they’ll see their character become more effective in fights.

Next up is a new “unleash” system that allows players a foolproof, failproof way of upgrading their gear with cron stones (which can be crafted). AP efficiency will be balanced between PvE and PvP, and world mobs are going to gain both AP and HP while paying out more in rewards so that players will spread out while farming.

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The Day Online streamlines the MOBA format

Believe it or not, there are studios out there still trying to break into the heavily cornered MOBA market. For Korea’s Reloaded Studios, the strategy is simple: Make a MOBA that cuts out the fat and delivers a lean experience.

Meet The Day Online, a free-to-play third-person action MOBA that throws players into close quarters, gets rid of excessive farming, eliminates personal resources, and speeds up the gameplay cycle.

The title just went into early access this week and features three battle arenas and four game modes. There are already 28 champions from which to play, and the team has plans for even more heroes as well as a massive 25v25 arena.

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Hands-on with Conan Exiles’ launch build: Farming, frolicking in the swamp, and other feature fun

The early access days of Conan Exiles are coming to a close. In less than a month, the survival sandbox will launch. At that time players will get to explore two new regions, experience the new combat, farm, dive into two new dungeons, worship a new god, and summon her avatar on the live servers. But luckily for me, I didn’t have to wait! I joined Creative Director Joel Bylos in the game for few hours of hands-on experience with the new features, then got to keep playing for the evening.

After a farming demonstration and a quick tour of the volcano, I got to witness a Purge, watch the brand-new starter cinematic, wander around the swamp and climb into treehouses, participate in a siege, look over the new attributes and perks, parade around in new armor, and test out the new combat with all the weapon types. My impressions in a nutshell? Most of the additions really up the fun factor and improve the game (the jury is still out on the eating-to-heal mechanic). I’m pretty excited for these features to go live, and not just because I want to build a treehouse base! While there I can’t offer an elaborate play-by-play of everything I experienced during this lengthy play session, I do have additional details for those who want more than one nutshell’s worth of impression.
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