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TERA’s EU branch claims player numbers have ‘risen massively’

We see a lot of odd press releases around here, many of them loaded with vague commentary on how well a game is doing or how big it is. This one from TERA’s EU branch today is definitely up there with those that make you wonder whether you’re spying doublespeak or a funky translation that somehow lost the details.

“Gameforge and Bluehole, Publisher and Developer of TERA, proudly announce that players numbers of the MMO have risen massively since the game is available through the Steam platform as well as Since the launch TERA has held a spot in the top 30 of F2P on Steam and received lots of positive user reviews.”

Risen massively.

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HEX and Gameforge are parting ways

HEX Entertainment released a newsletter today announcing that its TCG HEX: Shards of Fate will return to self-publishing. As publisher, Gameforge has been responsible for operational procedures such as community management, customer support, promotion, sales, and marketing; going forward those duties, along with all other live operations, will be handled directly by HEX Entertainment along with all development.

Both companies assure that this mutually reached agreement will have no impact on the game itself, and that migrating accounts will be as easy as two clicks when you log into HEX. HEX Entertainment also expressed its excitement over the “many new features [it has] in store for the game.”


Gameforge is hit with layoffs as the company turns away from mobile gaming

German company Gameforge was recently hit with a round of layoffs as the company shifts its development efforts away from mobile. Yes, you read that right; it seems more common for a company to fixate on mobile games, but Gameforge is shifting to be more laser-focused on PC gaming. That means about 90 employees laid off according to a report on MediaBiz (which is in German, so you’ll need to translate it if you don’t already read German).

The shift was explained by CEO Andrew Rösner as being born out of increased opportunity in the PC free-to-play marketplace. By contrast, the mobile market is clogged with an ever-growing amount of competition, and Gameforge has thus far been relatively unsuccessful in the space; losing employees is unfortunate, but a necessity in a competitive and evolving marketplace. Gameforge serves as the publisher for several games, including TERA and HEX, as well as the European publisher for Aion. Our condolences to all those affected by the layoffs.


NCsoft previews Aion 5.1 for EU with new instances and battlefields

If you’re thinking, hey, didn’t Aion just put out a patch like 10 days ago, then congratulate your memory on retaining that information. Indeed, Aion’s Lost Memories update launched on August 9th for the EU region, but NCsoft and Gameforge are already hyping 5.1.

At Gamescom this week, the company announced the upcoming patch with a teaser video. What’s in the update? Two instances (Garden of Knowledge and Kroban Base), three battlefields (Runatorium Ruins, Balaur Marching Route, and Ashunatal Dredgion), new quests, new UI adjustments, magical crafting, and “fire, water, earth or air transformations to overcome your enemies.”

Earlier this month, NCsoft called the revenue of its game franchises like Aionstable,” though sales for the game had fallen slightly.

Check out the Gamescom announcement trailer below.

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EU Aion 5.0 offers more character customization at beginning and end game

Aion 5.0 Lost Memories not only brings new instances, new regions, and new quests to the EU but also introduces a new Creation Power system for high-level players. Gameforge has released the patch notes ahead of tomorrow’s expansion launch that details this new system as well as the other changes to the UI, character creation, increased level cap, and more.

The Creation Power system activated when a player ascends to High Daeva by completing the mission at level 65. Doing so not only auto-grants level 66 but gives creation points that players can allocate into enhancing six character stats, acquiring four transformation skills, or boosting other skills. Each level up to the new cap of 75 will grant more points to spend.

Beginning characters aren’t without changes of their own. Lost Memories also offers a multitude of new character creation options, from new hairstyles and face forms to eye shape to new (or no) eyelashes for female characters. Additionally, eye color can now be adjusted for each eye individually. And in a twist, players can now choose to hide the Asmodian back mane.


Here’s how TERA’s European server merges will go down

Players of the European version of TERA, it’s time to prepare for a big wave of server merges planned for the end of August.

Gameforge writes today that it’ll whittle down its servers to just four on August 30th:

1 PVP server (Killian + Icaruna): KILLIAN
1 EN PVE server (Fraya + Veritas + Arcadia + Zenobia): MYSTEL
1 DE PVE server (Kaidun + Hasmina) : YURIAN
1 FR PVE server (Akasha + Elinu): SEREN

Will you lose your name? Maybe. According to the studio,

“Names will probably be chosen on ‘Time spent online’ basis. This means, when multiple players have identical character names, the character that has spent the most time online will keep their name while all other characters with the same name have to be renamed after logging in to the game.”

You need also be aware that you can have only 16 characters per server under the new configuration, which means you’ll need to rejigger them now if you have more than that.


Peek into EU Aion 5.0’s new dungeons

While Aion’s 5.0 expansion, Echos of Eternity launched in NA earlier this month, Aion 5.0: Lost Memories will launch in EU on August 10th. Don’t let the difference in names confuse you; traveling back to the Tower of Eternity (the first moniker) is all about retrieving lost memories (the second moniker). And Gameforge is giving players a sneak peek into the new dungeons where they will be seeking out those memories.

In just under two weeks, Daevas levels 66 and above will be able to wind their way through the labyrinth of the Library of Knowledge, cut the strings of an evil puppeteer in Adma Ruins, prevent the Element Lord form gaining eternal life in Elemental Lord’s Laboratory, and try to weaken Beritra by defeating his devotee in Arkhal’s Hidden Space. Get a glimpse these new dungeons in the gallery below.


HEX has purged inactive accounts, but don’t despair yet

If you woke up this morning to an email in your inbox telling you your HEX account has been permanently deleted, you’re not alone, and it’s not a joke.

The trading card MMO announced the impending purge on its official site and on Kickstarter a few weeks ago, explaining that Gameforge, the game’s publisher, is bound by German privacy laws, which mandate that a company may not hang onto user data if the user does not actively agree to it by accepting a user agreement and TOS. In this case, the accounts of players who had not not done both since November 9th were required by law to be purged. Of course, if you opted out of Kickstarter spam and don’t watch the official site like a hawk, you probably never saw that notice.

At least one affected player on Reddit who contacted customer support received the following message of hope:

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Gameforge confirms western plans for SoulWorker Online

Last week’s rumors are now locked in and official: SoulWorker Online is definitely coming westward thanks to a cooperative partnership between Gameforge and Korea’s Lion Games.

“Fans of Japanese Animes and action MMORPG lovers alike can look forward to a cinematic gameplay experience in SoulWorker, which makes full use of the HAVOK Vision Engine+. An extraordinary cinema visualisation is created with an exciting background story, detailed cel-shading animations, cutscenes and NPC dialogues set to music, making Anime fans feel at home from the very first moment. Fresh classes such as the ‘Howling Guitar’, which has a magical guitar for surface area attacks and healing effects as a weapon, feel familiar for the genre while escaping popular clichés as players fight against the threats coming from another dimension.”

No release timeframe has been announced.

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The MOP Up: GTA Online makes every bullet count (December 13, 2015)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week GTA Online players got to play a new ammo-limited mode, two Lineage games were announced for mobile, Eternal Crusade streamers made fun of their own mistakes, Hearthstone talked about basic cards, and more!

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Aion Europe is planning a summer event series

Looking for something to do in Aion? Gameforge recently posted plans for its summer event series. It starts tomorrow with the Legendary Symphony, which involves looting sheet music from mobs and collecting parts of a symphony which can be exchanged for rewards. The Trillonerks’ Gold Vault instance opens its doors for parties of two or more players on August 5th, while various boosts including kinah, abyss points, and drop chances will be in effect through August 26th.

For a full listing of events, see the Aion Europe website.


HEX opens PvE content, announces $100K global tournament

Thanks to the latest update, HEX: Shards of Fate fans can now enjoy solo PvE content that boasts 30+ new AI enemies in the digital trading card MMO. Each of the four tiers in The Frost Ring Arena will throw four champions and one boss at players who will battle using either the new PvE cards or any existing PvP cards. The campaign ends after beating all tiers or losing three rounds; players, however, get to keep all loot acquired during the run regardless of their finish. This update also includes a new card interface and an upgrade to the deck building interface (to differentiate between PvE and PvP decks) as well as new deck management and chat systems.

Just because HEX has introduced PvE, don’t think its going soft on PvP. Gameforge has announced a global PvP tournament later this year with prizes totaling at least $100,000. Registered NA and EU players who want to test their mettle against others will earn qualification points through daily tournament play; ten points will grant automatic eligibility to participate in the 12 qualifier tournaments. The winners of each of those tourneys will then be invited to compete against each other in Lake Forest, California.

[Source: HEX Entertainment press release]


TERA dungeon triggers player controversy

A new TERA dungeon named Ghillieglade has raised the ire of European players who discovered that the “extremely easy” instance delivers incredible rewards with minimal effort. So what’s the controversy? The problem is that the dungeon is primarily accessible to paying members with free-to-play gamers being limited to a once-a-week run (and that only after running 20 related quests).

North American players worried that they will be dealing with the alleged play-to-win design can sleep easier knowing that En Masse will be making adjustments when it arrives in the region. Of significant note is that all players will be able to run Ghillieglade at least twice a day and that some of the premium rewards, such as crafting mats, have been changed or eliminated.

[Source: Reddit #1, Reddit #2, TERA EU, NA forums]


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