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The MMO blogosphere is bigger than Massively Overpowered. Join Justin Olivetti on his epic quest to find and elevate the best MMO blog posts of the week. [Follow this feature’s RSS feed]

Global Chat: ARK invents new types of griefing

Just when you thought you’ve seen every type of online griefing known to man, here comes another. In An Age grouses about how ARK: Survival Evolved recently added handcuffs to the game, allowing players to keep others chained up indefinitely while force-feeding them so that they couldn’t starve to death. He said that this moved raised the bar for “sociopath simulators.”

“There’s fun, and then there’s fun. I’m more in the mood for the latter,” he said, concluding that he was going to leave the game not just for this move but also because of its low frame rate.

This is but the start of our exploration of the MMO blogosphere this week. Read on to see bloggers bite back against cash shops, defend licensed IPs, and explore the concept of the “single-player MMO experience.”

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Global Chat: The death of EverQuest Next

There are some MMO industry events that, when they occur, spark a wildfire of blog posts across the community. This past week’s announcement by Daybreak that the EverQuest Next project was to be canned and that Landmark to be quietly pushed out the door this spring was one such event. It seems that just about everyone has an opinion or a perspective on what this means, not just for Daybreak, but for MMO gamers and the future of the genre’s development.

We’ve rounded up 17 articles and quotes on the subject to pass along as these writers have come together for an impromptu roundtable of all things EQN. For those dealing with grief, frustration, or bewilderment over the announcement, it might help to hear what they have to say.

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Global Chat: What is Daybreak thinking with H1Z1?

Daybreak’s announcement earlier this month that it will be splitting H1Z1 into two games triggered a flood of responses from the MMO blogging community, some pronouncing doom while others offering insight into what might be going on behind closed doors.

Healing the Masses considers the move part of an ongoing scam with the game and “abnormally idiotic.” The Ancient Gaming Noob predicts that Daybreak will further change at least one of these games’ names to avoid confusion. Inventory Full notes that splitting MMOs up into two or more games or parts is hardly new. Tyrannodorkus said that the different game modes probably warrant separate development but selling them as two titles is a “scummy move.” And Me vs. Myself and I finds himself confused, bewildered, and losing faith in Daybreak.

We’ve got more captivating discussion from the MMO blogosphere after the break, including a look at World of Warcraft’s impermanence, an exploration of Otherland, arguments over the holy trinity, and more!

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Global Chat: Saying farewell to City of Steam

No doubt by now you have heard that the indie steampunk City of Steam has been shuttered. And while its demise won’t change the lives of most of the people you know, it has made at least one blogger sad, as he attempted to squeeze out the remainder of the game story in those last couple of weeks.

Bhagpuss writes that he found City of Steam surprisingly populated for a title under a death warrant: “For an MMO that’s about to close for good in a week’s time it seems in unusually robust health. A deal of content’s been added since my last visit including airship missions and holiday gifts. Arkadia’s central plaza still buzzes with activity. Endless messages ping across the screen exhorting players to join in this activity or that. The chat box ticks with reports of purple and orange purchases and discoveries. For a game about to die it feels oddly alive.”

We pour out a pint of 5w30 in its memory. Read on for more takes from the MMO blogosphere, including the heartbreak of ArcheAge, level-syncing in RIFT, learning when to quit a game, and more!

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Global Chat: Oculus Rift, GW2’s philosophy shift, and emulator exploration

The high cost of Oculus Rift brought a lot of discussion to the MMO blogosphere recently, with writers taking sides for and against the price, the platform, and the possible future of virtual reality gaming.

“I guess for me virtual reality has been this failed promise for so long that I have doubted that it would actually really arrive,” Tales of the Aggronaut wrote. “It gets even more risky when you start thinking back to horror stories of peripherals touting new and interesting ways to play games that didn’t make it,” Overly Positive cautioned. “VR is a part of the future, not the future,” In An Age noted.

When the dust settles, will people buy? Nobody can seem to agree on this. “I am more concerned with it being the price of ‘scare away adoption’,” Sagacyte said. “The Oculus Rift goal to make VR more of a mainstream thing seems to contradict its pricing,” The Tankquisition stated. “That price, for all the loud complaints it has yielded, doesn’t seem to be hurting the popularity of the pre-orders,” The Ancient Gaming Noob observed.

Beyond virtual reality, our round-up of MMO blog posts today includes an exploration of emulators, a criticism of Guild Wars 2’s philosophy shift, and more!

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Massively OP Podcast Episode 48: Blade & Soul runner

The big news this week is Blade & Soul’s long-awaited western release, and you can bet that Bree and Justin are going to be talking about jiggle physics, wuxia movement, and awesome character creators on today’s show. Does this mark the beginning of a promising 2016?

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

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Blade & Soul impressions from around the MMO blogosphere

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that Blade & Soul managed to rope in a lot of excited fans and curious casuals this past week. I mean, in the east it’s been a popular and successful hit, and in the west its release has been hoped for and anticipated for literally years at this point.

MMO bloggers are always on the front line of any charge into a new game release, especially with one boasting this high a profile. So I’ve been keeping track of some notable first impressions of Blade & Soul from around the blogosphere, with the end goal of sharing them with you.

So if you’re still on the fence even after reading our first impressions piece, then here are some additional perspectives, opinions, and recommendations from your fellow gamers!

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Global Chat: Making gaming resolutions

Do you make New Year’s resolutions for gaming? I do and I’ve seen more than a few bloggers come out in early January to announce what they want to do with the year. Take for instance Telwyn, who has quite the laundry list of to-dos for 2016.

“Thinking back on my first impressions of Trove and also the time I’ve spent in EverQuest II recently, I really should give housing some attention this year,” Telwyn writes. “Rather than just plonking items down in my shadowknight’s house where there happens to be space, I want to take a play-session or two to actually decorate the Kromzek Keep I bought using the daily quest tokens. That place is enormous and could accommodate a more logical and artistic arrangement of all the various zone rewards I’ve accumulated.”

What are your resolutions? Hopefully one of them is to check out some of these great blog posts, which include a couple of first impressions piece, a look at a popular emulator, 2015 game awards, and more!

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Global Chat: Wrapping up 2015 across the MMORPG blogosphere

As the final pages turn on 2015, MMO bloggers engage in a favorite pastime of recalling their best and most notable gaming experiences of the year.

Light Falls Gracefully ranks the author’s eight most-played MMOs of the year, starting with a gloomy prediction about WildStar. “I am still in love with WildStar,” Mesmer posts. “With that said, it’s going to die in 2016 just as City of Heroes did in 2012.”

Meanwhile, Clean Casuals said that there was only one game that ruled them all this past year: Final Fantasy XIV. “FFXIV has demanded most of my online gaming time and staved away other MMOs,” Aywren wrote. “Part of this is due to the nature of the subscription game. Part of this is due to the efforts to foster a free company and a community that I wanted to be a part of.”

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Global Chat: Being thankful in MMOs

Last month’s Thanksgiving holiday in the US prompted several MMO bloggers to share their thanks for gaming and other geeky goodness. Stars of the Spiral had an entire list of thanksgiving, including a shoutout to CMs: “I give thanks to the community managers of Pirate101 and Wizard101 as well as #JuliaFromKI. Without them, the KingsIsle community would not be the same.”

Braxwolf is thankful for the discovery of personal creation: “Writing blog posts, producing podcasts, dabbling in video, designing wordpress pages, even organizing communities…these are all things that have tapped into a deep-seeded desire that I didn’t even realize was there. I prefer creating content to actually playing the games!”

Belghast shared a desire to be more thankful on a regular basis: “I should have more childlike joy about the things I am doing, rather talking about how this or that is a portent of a big coming failure.  I am tired of seeing the bad in my hobby, and I am tired of feeling like everything is going to s**t… and quickly.”

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Global Chat: Sifting the good raiders from the bad

Game designer and blogger Psychochild posited an interesting question recently: How can you tell the difference between a good raider and a bad one?

He acknowledged that rating raid performance can lead to exclusion and bragging but can also help a group improve as a whole. In his post on the subject, Psychochild notes that raid performance can be measured as DPS, tanking, healing, hybrids, within disciplines, and the group entire.

“The right answer is probably some balance,” he concludes. “A carefully designed equation that balances all the measurements of the different roles and overall performance.”

This is just the start of our exploration through the MMO blogosphere. Join us today as we look at goofy fashion, first impressions, and — yes — more chatter about raiding.

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Global Chat: Gearing up in WildStar

If you’re anything like me, when you get to the max level in a game, there’s a general flailing of hands and a feeling of inner stupidity that go along with the thought of “what do I do now?”

That’s why I’m deeply and profoundly grateful for Asmiroth, who put together two incredibly helpful guides to WildStar’s endgame PvE gearing and rune system. Seriously, he’s doing all of the heavy ‘splaining that the game should’ve done in the first place. It’s quite straight-forward and useful, which are two qualities that I find attractive in a blog post.

If WildStar isn’t your jam, don’t worry. Today’s blog tour includes stops at Asheron’s Call 2, World of Warcraft, and Guild Wars 2, among others!

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Global Chat: The frustrations and joys of Guild Wars 2’s Heart of Thorns

The player debate and analysis over the virtues and vices of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns has — unsurprisingly — evoked strong opinions on both sides of the aisle.

Blogger Bhagpuss at Inventory Full said that he’s a satisfied customer: “For once I’m getting what I want. It feels these maps have been made with my playstyle squarely in mind. Instead of achiever maps with a nominal nod to exploring these are real, explorable maps with a few lifebelts scattered around for drowning achievers to cling to.”

Alternatively, Creeping had an epic-sized rant about how the expansion felt like a bait-and-switch from the beta. “I really, really, don’t understand why they had to add the hero point grind, on top of the masteries grind on top of a story arc grind,” she wrote.

Agree? Disagree? We’re only getting started with a look at the opinions across the MMO blogosphere today!

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