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Make My MMO: Crowfall’s EU servers, Camelot’s newsletter, Star Citizen’s perks (February 3, 2018)

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Camelot Unchained’s idea of a “short” newsletter is still over 3000 words, but it’s live this week with a rundown of the news that’s still buzzing from January: that the studio is making new hires left and right in the wake of a huge cash investment that’ll speed up production of the game. It’s also called its first alpha a success now that it’s smashed some lag bugs.

And in surprising news, one of the principals on Greed Monger actually began processing refunds for its 2012 MMORPG Kickstarter after years of abandonment.

Meanwhile, the Elite Dangerous community thwarted griefers, Star Citizen added earliest test access to subscriber perks, Legends of Aria began another round of beta, AdventureQuest 3D teased its new Paladin class, Albion Online rolled out another update to the Kay patch, Dual Universe’s pre-alpha edged up to R0.8.16, and Crowfall made good on its promise to get the EU test servers up and running.

Read on for more on what’s up with MMO crowdfunding over the last week and the regular roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’re following.

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Greed Monger has actually begun refunding Kickstarter backers from 2012

Way back in 2015, Kickstarted MMORPG Greed Monger was dead in the water, ripped apart by development delays, infighting amongst the developers, lawsuit threats, and then abandonment. The word “scam” was used copiously, given that the devs had raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter in 2012 in the service of building out a crafting sandbox that never happened.

It got weirder in 2016, when one of the original devs resurfaced, promised to work on the game, and then quit once more, this time citing its small playerbase. And then last year, a totally different former developer showed up with an apology and plan for refunds. As recently as a few weeks ago, that dev, Jason Appleton, was cheering his apparent luck in the cryptocurrency market and promising refunds.

I’m astonished to report that those refunds are actually happening.

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Greed Monger creator says its failure ‘plagues’ him, offers recompense to backers

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you; we’re going to be talking about Greed Monger today, because some very interesting developments have just transpired on Kickstarter.

The long defunct MMO’s former owner, Jason Appleton, posted a lengthy mea culpa to the community over how everything went down and taking responsibility for it. “My failure with this game has plagued me now for years,” he wrote. “I truly had a dream and invited you all along for the ride with me, and I failed you.”

Appleton went beyond a mere apology, as he indicated that he was going to make some manner of financial amends with the backers of this project. He encouraged these players to sign up to a certain digital wallet, into which Appleton would deposit some cryptocurrency for them to sell when they so desired. Fans have until September 30th to link the wallet with their backer information.

“All I ask is that if things go very well for you, that you forgive my failure with Greed Monger,” he said.

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Make My MMO: Star Citizen’s Starfarer, Dragon of Legends’ Kickstarter win (March 26, 2016)

This week in crowdfunded MMO development, Dragon of Legends’ Kickstarter ended successfully, netting over $15,000 US for the OARPG studio; Star Citizen released alpha 2.3, complete with the long-awaited and gorgeous Starfarer; and Shroud of the Avatar previewed the once-glorious kingdom of Valhold.

Meanwhile, we peeked at Grim Dawn’s modding tools, watched as Greed Monger was abandoned (again), saluted Project Gorgon’s flower arranging patch, and considered whether William Shatner should voice all the things and not just Elite: Dangerous.

Don’t forget to drop by our Q&A collection thread for Camelot Unchained’s Mark Jacobs, who’ll be a guest on the Massively OP this week and needs at least a few thousand more questions to tackle. Then read on for more on what’s up with MMO crowdfunding this week and the roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’ve got our eye on!

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Greed Monger’s development comes to the ‘end of the road’

Not that you’ve been holding onto incredible hope that Greed Monger would somehow see a revival after an extremely troubled development cycle, but you should probably know that the game is now officially cancelled.

“After careful consideration [given the] GM’s track record and the number of people we still have in the community we have decided it’s best to put Greed Monger to rest for good,” Lead Developer James Proctor posted today. “There is no way that Greed Monger could support itself with as small of a user base as we would have. It’s been fun working with you guys all these years and I hope you guys find homes in future MMOs.”

This is, of course, not the first time that Greed Monger has called it quits; the fantasy game has given up several times before. The crowdfunded MMO did announce a return of sorts back in January, but today’s announcement under the title of “The final end of the road for Greed Monger” makes us think that this will be the last time we’ll ever hear of this game.

Source: Greed Monger. Thanks to Higasho for the tip!


Make My MMO: Oculus Rift, Greed Monger’s return, and TUG’s $8.5M (January 9, 2016)

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, the Oculus Rift, once a crowdfunded venture, is now asking a whopping $599 for its final product, befuddling market analysts.

Meanwhile, Greed Monger returned from the dead, Divergence Online staggered to Steam early access, and TUG picked up a cool $8.5 million in funding to start over in a new engine, meaning a year’s delay to content updates.

Check out the rest of this week’s MMO crowdfunding news below.

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Abandoned crowdfunded MMO Greed Monger is apparently back in production

Just when you thought the Greed Monger drama was so 2015, now it’s back.

The crowdfunded MMO sandbox appeared to have gone belly-up last year when its lead programmer quit as a result of not being paid by the game’s project lead, and then the project lead himself quit, and then in May, the lead programmer announced the game was dead. MMO gamers who’d backed the game to the tune of $100,000 were understandably ticked, and the game became one of the favorite poster children for MMO crowdfund disasters.

Today, James Proctor, the same lead programmer who declared the game dead last year, announced on a refreshed but barebones Greed Monger website that the game is now back in production.

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MMO Year in Review: A Star Wars Galaxies postmortem (April 2015)

This year, we’re taking a time-machine back through our MMO coverage, month by month, to hit the highlights and frame our journey before we head into 2016.

Raph Koster kept our commenters occupied in April with his long retrospective on how Star Wars Galaxies worked and whether it failed. The Button took hold of the gaming world, WildStar F2P rumors ran rampant, and Greed Monger completely imploded.

Bonus: Someone coined the term “SHMOBA” unironically. That makes it all worthwhile. Check out the whole month below.
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Perfect Ten: MMO terms that have overstayed their welcome

My original plan for this week – during the few moments that I was capable of coherent speech rather than just babbling about the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion – was to give you lovely folks a drinking game. Each time you see certain things come up in indie MMO Kickstarters, take a shot. And I might still do that one day, but I decided against it for two reasons. One is that it feels a bit like punching down, which I don’t like to do.

But the second reason, and the more important one, is that not all of the fault can be laid at the feet of indie Kickstarters. The part where you expect to build a functional MMO on a budget that won’t pay for a single programmer, yes. Pretty much everything related to Greed Monger, that’s on you. But some of these terms come up over and over because they’ve been bludgeoned into formless masses now, and so it’s not really the fault of the indie folks that you can throw these terms in front of more or less everything.

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Make My MMO: May 30, 2015

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, Square Enix pimped out 2-D action MMO hopeful Dragon of Legends as part of its Indie Collective showcase. In slightly less positive news, Greed Monger’s development team was “forced to admit defeat” and informed the game’s community — which had coughed up more than $100,000 in Kickstarter donations — that it was shutting the project down.

Oh, and Das Tal released a ton of updates for its ongoing Kickstarter drive.

The rest of this week’s MMO crowdfunding roundup is just past the cut.

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Betawatch: May 29th, 2015

We don’t usually list expansions in our little master list, but Guild Wars 2 has started doing some testing of its first expansion. In very, very small doses. Another dose of the Stronghold beta is also due for the game in the not-too-distant future, hopefully ameliorating the current lack of information about when the expansion will actually launch.

Other beta news? Oh, fine, I guess we can.

And of course we have that lovely list of games in testing past the break. Did something slip into open testing or soft launch without us finding out? Let us know down in the comments.

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Greed Monger officially calls it quits

After staff defections and general developer drama earlier this year, there really wasn’t much hope for the future of Greed Monger. Now there is no hope whatsoever, as the team has run out of funds and is unable to even get a smaller title out the door to backers.

Programmer James Proctor delivered the bad news to the community: “With no means of funding and Jason [Appleton] refusing to take GM back from us, we are forced to admit defeat and close GM down […] I’m sorry things have had to end this way and will do everything in our power to make things right in the future.”

Greed Monger raised over $100,000 in crowdfunding in 2012, promising that it would create “a crafting-focused sandbox MMORPG.”

Source: Official forums. Thanks to EponyxDamor and Leilonii for the tip!


Betawatch: April 10th, 2015

Would you like to talk about Black Desert? Stuff’s happening with the game. You can learn how to hunt whales, white or otherwise, and you can learn about the game’s next class. Or you can read a fandom rant about the issues that have cropped up with the game during its testing phases, although as always you might want to take that rant with a grain of salt or two. It’s a good habit to get into.

Elsewhere in the MMO space, meanwhile:

You want more? Ah, all right, jump on past the break and check out our full list as always.

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