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Hyperspace Beacon: Outside-the-box features to look for in a SWTOR guild (or any MMO guild)

On my server in Star Wars: The Old Republic, there are more guild advertisements than chatter in the general channel on the starter planets and fleet. This can quickly become overwhelming to those who don’t know what to look for. I have actually seen these advertisements turn people away from joining a guild altogether. The SWTOR population has also fluctuated quite a bit, so it’s difficult to find a guild that is active and has been in the game for an extended period of time. In other words, general chat is flooded with advertisements for guilds that aren’t very old. In fact, there are many who advertise needing a person or two to help start a guild.

If you are returning to SWTOR or maybe jumping in for the very first time, you are going to want to find a good guild. It’s possible to play the game without interaction with other people, but you will not really get the full experience until you join up to play the game with like-minded individuals.

My advice on finding a guild will avoid some of the obvious questions: Are they friendly, do they have regular events, and do they fit your playstyle? Instead, I would like to focus on the questions that are a little outside-the-box but are just as important if you want to find a guild that actually makes you want to stay in the game instead of flee it.

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Guild Chat: What to do when your MMO guild is close to imploding

Welcome along to Guild Chat, the column through which the Massively commenters can join forces to help solve the guild dilemmas of fellow readers. This time, I have a sad submission from Louise, a guild officer who is at present in the middle of the worst kind of guild wars. She explains that a personal bust-up has been festering within her guild’s ranks between the guild leader and another officer, caused by an inconsequential fallout that she doesn’t know the full details of. The dispute has spilt out to the wider roster as the pair snipe at each other and manoeuvre behind the scenes to undermine the other, which is making members leave the guild, mute chat, and take sides in the row. Now Louise faces a dilemma: How can she resolve this fallout and come away with a still-functioning, harmonious guild at the other end? Read on for Louise’s full submission and my response, and don’t forget to share your advice in the comments below.  Read more

Guild Chat: Planning a long break from your MMORPG guild

Welcome along to Guild Chat, the column through which the Massively Overpowered community can discuss and solve a whole plethora of guild-related issues other readers are facing. In this edition, reader-in-need Gwen is seeking our help with finding sensible ways to take an extended break from the guild she leads. She recently has received the happy news that she is pregnant and wishes to plan ahead for the time leading up to her baby’s arrival and that crucial bonding period thereafter, and she is thinking of taking maternity leave of sorts from her MMO of choice to welcome her new bundle of joy.The trouble is that she does wish to go back to her gaming as soon as she feels ready and doesn’t wish to retire her guild, so Gwen is looking for advice on how to conduct some sort of handover so her guild doesn’t die a slow death in her absence.

Read below for Gwen’s full submission and my response, and don’t forget to leave your helpful advice in the comments too.

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Guild Chat: Can MMO progression-seeking become ‘bullying’?

Pull up a chair, help yourself to a leftover mince pie, and make yourself comfortable for another edition of Guild Chat, the place in which we gather together to test our brains with some reader’s guild issues. No matter the problem, we’re sure to come up with some solid advice between us. We’ll get straight to it: This time around, I received an email from someone who only identified themselves by the pseudonym Amatherand lest his or her guildmates recognise the submission. Amatherand needs our opinion on what constitutes a high drive for further in-game progression and what warning signs there might be for such progression-seeking behaviour pushing into bullying territory. Check out Amatherand’s full submission below or scroll on down for my advice. Don’t forget to add your two cents to the comments!

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Guild Chat: Wrestling with guild permissions and controlling leaders

Pull up a pew and get comfortable, dear readers: It’s time for another advice-filled installment of Guild Chat, my own little corner of Massively Overpowered in which I join forces with the MOP community in order to tackle some tough guild dilemmas. Pushy leaders, drama llamas, and raid team friction are nothing when we pull together to tackle the issue! The topic at hand this week comes from a reader called Nathaniel who is stuck between a controlling guild leader and a roster full of potential that is getting tired of being denied the perks of guild membership. Let’s see if we can’t alleviate Nate’s woes together.

For the full problem, see Nathaniel’s submission below, and don’t forget to add your two cents to the comments section.

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Guild Chat: Coping with the loss of your guild

Welcome along to another installment of Guild Chat, my monthly delve into my mailbag in search of some tough guild-related issues that need solving. You might want to get comfortable, readers: This one is a very long and complex scenario that needs plenty of attention and words of wisdom, so be ready to put our heads together to help out a devastated reader in need.

This submission is from a longtime reader called James who has received a nasty dose of guild drama and exclusion. I’ve provided a long version of his submission below (although that is admittedly less than half of the length of his original email), but here’s the TL;DR: James led a successful guild that was seeking sizable financial contributions toward guild housing. James was a main contributor, but finances caused friction whenever a vote passed to award those contributors special privileges, causing a vocal minority to seek change. James ended up handing over the guild to the radicals, with the agreement that he was to be made a permanent officer. James was soon thereafter removed from the guild, leaving him out of pocket and without purpose when he returned to the game after an approved hiatus.

This is undoubtedly a tough nut to crack, but hopefully we can provide James with some good advice to turn the unhappy situation into a learning experience that makes him proud of his time spent playing and guild leading. Skip on down for my two cents, or read more information about James’ situation directly below.
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Guild Chat: Taking down the dominant guild leader

Welcome along to Guild Chat, our comfy place for discussing all your guild dramas in a fun, frank, and empathetic way. You know the drill: Together, we’ll get to the heart of readers’ problems, helping them make the most out of their guild. Take a seat! Just pop that old suit of armour onto the floor… there you are. Now that we’re all settled, let’s have a look at this edition’s hot topic. This time, we’re going to tackle a question submitted by Samantha that asks for our help in dealing with a bad egg that’s holding her guild back. As a nice little twist, the player in question is her guild leader, and Sam’s fellow guildies are starting to feel weary with all the friction too. Read Sam’s question in full below to really get to grips with her gripe, and don’t forget to offer her a helping hand in the comments.

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Guild Chat: Guild size and its effect on cohesion

Welcome along to Guild Chat, my cozy corner of the internet in which we can discuss all things guilds, the place where we all gather to give advice to a reader in need. Come on in and pull up a plush purple couch, everybody! I’ll pop the kettle on while we get settled in, all ready to deal with this month’s issue. This edition of Guild Chat is focused on a question sent in from Massively Overpowered reader Loyheta that asks about balancing the size of a guild’s roster with its inclusiveness and activity levels. As pointed out, the balance can be hard to strike: Many of the largest guilds become somewhat fractured and cliques inevitably form, whereas smaller guilds may be very friendly but often rely on new players suiting the commonality of the existing core members. Read Loyheta’s question in full below to get up to speed, and don’t forget to pop your own two cents on the topic in the comments below.

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