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Official Site: Heroes and Villains
Studio: Plan Z Studios
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Superhero Themepark
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Betawatch: A city of City of Heroes successors (January 27, 2017)

The loss of City of Heroes brought motivated fans together to rebuild it, or at least to create a spiritual successor to the game. Three of those games showed off some nifty stuff this week. City of Titans gave us a look at some gorgeous hair, Heroes & Villains explained how it's handling seamless zoning, and Ship of Heroes brought out a full-on character creation video. Now if only they could team up to provide us characters with great hair and a seamless city. (We'll add in some combat later.)

Oh, is that not enough for you? Fine! Have some other beta news, then.

Meanwhile, there's an even lengthier list of games currently in testing just below. Did something skip to a new test phase without us noticing? Is there a game on there that has opened its cash shop and is letting everyone play without future data wipes? Should pigeons be allowed to eat chili? Let us know about any of the above or something else altogether down in the comments.

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Heroes and Villains explains its goals for seamless zoning

Heroes and Villains was one chunk of the original trifecta of superhero MMORPGs that sprang from the grave of City of Heroes, but it's probably the one least known to the MMORPG community after City of Titans and Valiance Online, never mind the relatively new Ship of Heroes, which brings the count to four. The hook for H&V is that it's a "casual, community-focused" MMO, developed by volunteers, but it doesn't have the same level of videos and demo work out yet.

However, Plan Z Studios released a new dev post this week on the specifics of the game's zones. "We've been doing some more design work on how non-continuous zone transitions are handled," the team writes. While 2004's City of Heroes made use of loading screens that masked transitions between zones, in Heroes and Villains, "all adjoining zones can be crossed back and forth seamlessly, and the same underlying tech can be used to allow instant transitions between non-continuous zones."

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Valiance Online clarifies alpha and Steam launch plans

Back in October, Valiance Online announced that it was superjumping onward from pre-alpha to alpha and revealed that it'll use a free-to-play model, or rather, continue its free-to-play model into the live game, as it's free-to-test right now. This week, it clarified some of those plans.

"SilverHelm Studios has announced the impending launch of the public Alpha test of Valiance Online," declares the press release -- we'll imagine it's in a booming comicbook voice. "Prior to the actual launch of the Alpha on Steam, a private test will be run for people who have invested in the game as well as random participants chosen from registered users on the website and forums. The game will also be available to download on the website for non-Steam players. Windows, Mac and Linux will all be supported in the Alpha test."

Silverhelm is also touting its recent improvements and plans for the game, including the combat upgrade, third version of the character generator, UI buffs, and in-dev pet classes.

MMORPG gamers will recall that Valiance is one of several superhero-themed MMORPGs founded in the wake of the closure of fan-favorite City of Heroes. Most recently, we've covered some of the new heroes and villains the devs have posted to social media.

Source: Press release, official site


Valiance Online introduces a trio of heroes and villains

Even though superhero MMOs offer us the ability to create our own characters and live vicariously through their adventures, it's good to hear about some of the developer-created NPCs to give us an idea of what's possible and what this world is like.

This month, Valiance Online has been introducing a roster of its main characters, starting with Cyren, a super-charged teen split in twain:

Cyren is an anomaly of a character, which has to say something in a city full of strange and weird people, places, and things. She is an innocent teen girl with enough firepower to wreak havoc on half the city. Her brain is split between artificial development and biological growth, being fearless and highly capable in combat and paradoxically unaware of her own strength and functions. If put into a life threatening situation, her subconscious mind will access computer systems she didn’t know existed. She often is surprised by what she can do and is far more powerful than she lets on only because she is blissfully unaware of it herself.

Despite her less than savory origins, she fights on the side of justice alongside her best friend Borealis, constantly saving the day with her unique brand of positive enthusiasm even in the direst of situations.

We've got two more characters for you to meet after the jump!

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The Daily Grind: Which City of Heroes spiritual successor are you rooting for?

I was a tiny bit flabbergasted last weekend when I saw that there was yet another City of Heroes spiritual successor project in the making. I get that City of Heroes was deeply beloved by fans -- heck, by me too -- and that its loss still reverberates throughout the MMORPG community. But is this getting silly with four projects or is this a touching sign of a game's legacy?

Now we have four MMOs in the making that are attempting to don City of Heroes' cape: Valiance Online, Heroes and Villains, City of Titans, and now Ship of Heroes. I look at all of that scattered effort and wonder if it might be better if all of these parties pooled resources behind a single title. Then again, perhaps with a pool of four games, we might actually get one that launches and is halfway decent.

Are you rooting for one of these City of Heroes spiritual successors? If so, which one and why?

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SWTOR welcomes early access players to Knights of the Eternal Throne

The threat is still looming over the galaxy, but that's just the way that Star Wars: The Old Republic players probably prefer it. After all, what fun is there if you're not fighting against a sinister empire of some sort?

Today, SWTOR opened the doors to Knights of the Eternal Throne for its early access players. The expansion thrusts long-suffering heroes and villains into a nine-chapter campaign that visits two new planets and raises the level cap to 70.

There are a lot of changes that Update 5.0 brings to the game, including the galactic command endgame system, the option to fight for server-wide light or dark side points, the new uprising instances, the choice of advanced class at character creation, and the start of ranked warzone arena season 8. You're probably going to want to pore over all of the patch notes to make sure you're not missing out on something essential, so get to it!

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The Witching Hour Halloween events return to DC Universe Online

While it's been Halloween in the stores for at least two months already, the holiday festivities are just getting started in MMORPGs now that it's actually October. Case in point: DC Universe Online has already begun rolling out its spooky celebrations as part of its latest content patch.

"The Witching Hour, DCUO’s Fall Seasonal Event, has returned once again! It’s up to you, heroes and villains, to head to the streets of Gotham City and inside the Midnight Masquerade Nightclub and see if you can get a handle on the horrors that are haunting it. Heroes, you’ll look for the Phantom Stranger inside the East End Safehouse; villains, find Tala inside The Tap Room in Burnley. They will have further instructions for you! Each day of the event, look for The Witching Hour in your Mission Journal; complete the mission and earn Spooky Bites, which can be used in Skeets’ Boo-tique for the latest in scare-wear, tricks, treats, and creepy items for your Base or League Hall."

Don't actually feel like playing the game to collect the new in-game currency known as Spooky Bites? You can buy them straight from the cash shop because of course you can. They're on sale at a rate of 50 Bites for 600 cash shop currency, which works out to about $6.

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The Daily Grind: Should MMOs churn out new classes on a regular basis?

I continue to be impressed and occasionally bewildered by how Marvel Heroes keeps releasing new classes into the game, sometimes as frequently as every month. Right now we're up to an amazing 58 playable heroes and villains, with no end to the rollout in sight.

It's made me think about the viability of constantly churning out new classes for MMOs. It's not the norm, of course, as most games will only rarely enhance their rosters with a new class, but some titles seem to thrive on it. I can see how it's beneficial for games that are designed with replayable content and shallower class structures. It's also a potential goldmine for titles that sell classes or want to keep a population hooked.

Would you want to see your MMO churn out new classes on a regular basis? Should it?

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Riders of Icarus releases 'Adversaries' trailer ahead of Wednesday's headstart

Nexon has released a brand-new Riders of Icarus trailer this morning, this one spotlighting the heroes and villains of the game, with gameplay snippets of some of the boss encounters players will face. The titan is probably the biggest badass of the bunch.

Open beta begins in just over a week for regular players; those who buy founder's packsahead of time will jump into the headstart beginning this Wednesday.

Wanna see more than a trailer? Stay tuned for our own crawl through the game live on stream at 2 p.m. EDT this afternoon.

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DCUO returns to the Halls of Power with its next update

With DC Universe Online's sped-up content delivery schedule, players fresh off of the munitions update now can look forward to a new hit of superhero juice with a return to the Halls of Power.

DCUO's 14th episode, Halls of Power Part II, will take players to New Genesis for a slew of solo and group content. Apparently the nasty Darkseid is trying to gather up ancient artifacts while Granny Goodness is abducting both heroes and villains upon which to experiment. The update will contain daily solo bounty missions, new duos, the Fatal Exams four-player operation, the New Genesis Now eight-player operation, and an eight-player raid called Happiness Home.

Halls of Power Part II is slated to come out sometime "this spring."

[Source: Daybreak press release]