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Ship of Heroes shows off improved character creation in new video

Supporters for Ship of Heroes are going to be able to test out the alpha version of the game’s character creator this year. That is awesome. But what will it look like? Take a look in the video just below; it’s right there in the game’s 14th released demo video, clear as day. The developers take the opportunity to recreate the game’s “signature” hero while looking at the plethora of powers, costume options, and body options already available even in the early development state.

“This is the first time the improved ‘big guy’ character model has been shown in the character creator. The standard version of this character is 6’7″ tall, and heavily muscled,” Heroic Games says. “A number of technical improvements have been added to the CCT, including an eye zoom camera, a hide helmet buttom, and additional morphs to precisely control the character’s facial features.”

Obviously, the video doesn’t go through every single part line-by-line; this is a superhero game, so that would take forever. But you’ll get a good sense of the fine control over body parts and the diverse options you’ll have available to you in the game. Check out the video just below, and if you’re a supporter, get ready to try it all out for yourself sometime this year.

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PAX West 2017: ARK Survival Evolved on optimization, the Aberration expansion, and future development

This past summer, ARK: Survival Evolved finally officially launched, ending its stint as an early access game just three days before PAX West, then promptly announced its second expansion on the first day of the convention. There wasn’t even a week between launch and the second expansion’s unveiling, and there will be fewer than two months between the two launches; Aberration is scheduled to launch in October.

While at PAX, I sat down with Studio Wildcard Senior Producer Navin Supphapholsiri, who thanked fans for supporting the game: “We really appreciate the support for the past two years. Just to see how far we’ve come along, it’s all thanks to the community.” Then we talked about the launch, about Aberration, and about the team’s focus going forward.

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PAX West 2017: Hand of the Gods’ Japanese pantheon and the possibility of 2v2

While the full Hi-Rez portfolio wasn’t in attendance at PAX West, Hand of the Gods was on-hand with a fan tournament as well as machines to introduce folks to the game. Devs were also available to discuss this tactical SMITE spinoff. I sat down with Lead designer Scott Lussier and Executive Producer and VP of Design Scott Zier to talk about the game’s name, its progress, the reception at the convention, and plans going forward.

In fact, one of the tidbits Lussier shared is that the Japanese pantheon is next on the list after Hindu is released later this month.

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PAX West 2017: Ashes of Creation’s combat, crowdfunding, characters, and the infamous hat

You don’t have to be a massive MMO studio to have a big showing at PAX West – Intrepid Studios proved that. The indie studio developing Ashes of Creation had a large booth with a giant TV broadcasting videos, hands-on demos for players to see what the game is about, a merchandise counter (which appeared to be doing good business), plenty of devs on hand to answer questions, and a full panel to discuss the game’s progress and plans to a large audience. And Founder and Creative Director Steven Sharif was on hand the whole time to talk about his game with everyone who came by. As he told me, “That’s our job here today, to expose more people to [AoC’s] potential.” He wants players to know that it isn’t about promises without delivery

Between a demo and a couple of interviews, I had the opportunity to chat with Sharif about the game a few different times. We talked about classes, crowdfunding, and character customization. I also got to team up with a group and run through a short PvE adventure narrated by a dev, testing out skills and exploring a few features. Then I delved into a PvP match. And yes, we also discussed the red hat controversy.

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Massively Overthinking: The best and worst MMOs of 2017’s PAX West

PAX West 2017 has come and gone, and though MJ is still feverishly working on her last few articles, we wanted to pause a moment to reflect on everything we’ve seen and read and recapped so far. So for today’s Massively Overthinking, I asked our writers to tackle three topics from an MMO player’s perspective: the biggest surprise of the show, the most disappointing bit, and the games that grabbed them and won’t let go.

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PAX West 2017: Ship of Heroes on exploration, community, and recapturing the magic of City of Heroes

Sometimes MMORPG players might get the feeling that game companies will let just about anything slide in order to keep the most revenue streaming in, but that’s not the case with one particular hopeful City of Heroes successor: Ship of Heroes. Studio Heroic Games is predicating the game on a positive atmosphere, which starts from the ground up.

At this year’s PAX West, I sat down with CEO Casey McGeever to talk about the game: where it’s coming from, where it is now, and where it’s going. We discussed funding, rivalries, community, and the wild backstory about the massive ship that heroes will be living on. After that, I attended the CoH successor panel to hear about the three largest superhero MMORPG games currently in development. Let’s suit up and dig in.

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PAX West 2017: Ship of Heroes’ demo trailer outlines testing for 2017 and 2018

During the superhero MMO panel last night, Ship of Heroes’ CEO, Casey McGeever, demoed the game in a new trailer that heralded several announcements for the game: It’s planning a character creator alpha for September, an “escorted combat” alpha for December, and beta testing of raids for June of 2018.

The video jumps around a bit, including a flythrough of the second and heavily updated version of Apotheosis City, a look at combat, and a tour of the character customization with its “three base character models and countless morphs.”

Ship of Heroes breaks with the clichés of games these days – their city is neither post-apocalyptic, nor set in a dystopian future,” Heroic Games says. “Instead it is a beautiful yet dangerous place, safeguarded by superheroes.”

We’ll have more on Ship of Heroes from PAX after our chat at the con later today; in the meantime, the game’s PAX trailer is below.

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The Daily Grind: What wishful-thinking PAX West MMORPG announcement would blow you away?

Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie is at PAX West (formerly known as PAX Prime, a much catchier name if you ask me!) for us this weekend as it kicks off today, accompanied by a huge roster of stuff to see, from Ashes of Creation and Ship of Heroes to Chronicles of Elyria and Dual Universe — and a dozen more. She might get to eat lunch, but she will definitely not get to sit down!

The good news is that the con is gearing up for a much better showing for MMORPGs than we’ve had in the past two or three years, something that ought to fill you with cheer. On the other hand, what I’d like above all else is to be getting major MMORPG announcements — new AAAs, new expansions — in addition to these solid in-progress games that actually have the PR prowess and cash to show up (which is good too!). It’s a changing landscape out there, folks!

What PAX West announcement would blow you away? What would you most want to see? And of the games in attendance, what do you most want us to see and ask about for you?

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Ship of Heroes talks indie scope, community positivity, and designing the world

Ship of Heroes is gearing up for PAX with drop-ins with community vloggers, including The Positive Gamer, who has a flythrough video of Apotheosis City in the game accompanied by an interview with Heroic Games CEO Casey Mcgeever, Environmental Artist Eric Gooch and PR lead Justin Roberti. Mcgeever shows off some of the newer corners of the city, including some of its more unusual, organic architecture and tactically designed bits (glass ceilings that provide cover, for example). The group also demonstrates how players will move between levels of the ship — remember, the “city” part is only one level of the spaceship the whole shebang is flying on. There are even massive “windows” out of the cityscape that look out into the starry void and betray the white clouds and blue sky in the level.

Heroic says it’s focused on creating a positive community, and crafters and market monkeys, take note: All that is still planned for the game, including an auction hall, though that last may not make it for launch.

“We were originally planning to build a bigger game, as you know,” Mcgeever says. “If you’re BioWare or EA, you can do anything you want. […] But we’re a small indie team, so we need to make a game that’s going to be really fun to play and has excellence in everything it has, even if it has only one city, only one ship level to begin with — it’s going to be a cool ship level.”

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Ship of Heroes takes you on a tour of a short instance

Time to get your eerie City of Heroes vibe on with Ship of Heroes’ latest video. If you still have regular flashbacks of fighting through office spaces and high-tech warehouses from the former MMO, then you might be right at home here.

During the short video tour, a team of five developers jumps into a sci-fi-themed instance to fight cyborgs and repair a small machine. It’s not very long at all, but you can see how the group uses a variety of powers to take down foes and quickly clear out rooms. The devs also report that one of their number was playing from Europe without any noticeable lag.

Check it out after the break and let us know in the comments how you think Ship of Heroes is shaping up so far!

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The PAX West City of Heroes and Ashes of Creation panels are a go

A few weeks back, we reported on the City of Heroes-themed panel coming to PAX West in Seattle at the beginning of September. With the release of the PAX schedule on Friday, we can confirm that it is indeed happening on Sunday, September 3rd, at 8 p.m. in the Cat theater, with reps from City of Titans and Ship of Heroes [update: and Valiance Online] in attendance.

“When the venerable MMORPG City of Heroes shut down in 2012, it gave rise to several projects often called spiritual successors. Each of these efforts took the same inspiration, yet have developed very different titles. Join Casey McGeever of Heroic Games, Chad Dulac of Silver Helm and Nathaniel Downes of Missing Worlds Media for a conversation a conversation about the challenges in making the game, the progress so far, and how these games will build on and stand apart from City of Heroes as something different and new while serving the great gameplay and positive gaming community that has been looking for a home.”

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Ship of Heroes demonstrates team persistence and combat

One superhero might be a threat, but a whole team of them is an unstoppable force of in-your-face justice. But what happens when Kevin disconnects? Is all hope lost? Will the world fall into the clutches of evil because Kevin’s cat tripped over the power cord? Why didn’t you feed the cat first thing this morning, Kevin?

Ship of Heroes has an answer for this Kevin-plagued situation. Teams retain persistence after being formed, even when one or more team members disconnect. In a new dev video, Ship of Heroes demonstrates how practically an entire team can leave the game and come back without losing their place in the group. Additionally, there’s some pulse-pounding combat, which you may watch if your parents say it’s OK.

Check it out below!

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City of Titans and Ship of Heroes team up for City of Heroes successor panel at PAX West

There will be a City of Heroes panel at PAX West… after a fashion. The game may be gone, but the City of Titans development team will be there to talk about carrying on after the game’s closure and making a spiritual successor. They’ll be joined by representatives of the teams behind Valiance Online and Ship of Heroes, as well, talking about keeping a strong community going between divergent teams with similar goals.

This panel will be in the Werecat theater in the evening of Sunday, September 3rd, so it’s going to require you to stick out most of the convention if you want to see it. On the other hand, it also features three community-led movements to resurrect the spirit of a beloved game, so that may be motivation enough right there.

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