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Ship of Heroes looks at ways to boost performance on older computers

While it is certainly too early for Ship of Heroes to be posting its full system requirements, the team did discuss some of the graphics options that it has included to boost performance on older or less capable machines. These include reducing the resolution, turning shadows off, and using pull-down menus.

The forum post discussing this stressed that optimization is a work in progress and that improvements and changes are being made all of the time. The trickiest aspect is, obviously, to allow the client and server to handle multiple players in the same area simultaneously.

“Most dev teams really spend the last few months trying to optimize in a sudden rush before launch,” the team said.

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City of Titans’ avatar builder is on display – and it’s pretty awesome

It has been five years since comic book and City of Heroes fans threw $678,000 at Missing Worlds Media in the hopes of seeing a superhero MMO successor. Since then, City of Titans has been taking shape at a glacial pace, testing patience, and finding itself in a spandex race of sorts with Valiance Online and Ship of Heroes.

But could it have made a breakthrough? MWM announced this week that it has finally reached the point where it is proud to show off City of Titans’ character creator (or “avatar builder,” as the studio is calling it). The preview is still just pre-alpha, but it represents a huge step toward the MMO’s hopeful launch. Backers should be able to get their hands on the beta version of the character builder later this year.

“It’s taken us years to get here, but it will take a lot less than that to finish,” MWM said. “The ‘thousand program breaking bugs’ period is past for the chargen, and now visible progress will be more rapid. The biggest missing piece, currently, is female. Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the heroic women. Overcoming the final hurdles to bringing her in is the next big push. Perhaps she’ll be ready in time for next month.”

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The stream Team: An exclusive exploration of Ship of Heroes

Back in January, Massively OP’s MJ got to tour Ship of Heroes while chatting with Heroic Games’ Founder Casey McGeever and Lead Developer Matt Wilson. Since then she has been looking forward to getting in and running around herself. Today she gets to do just that! McGeever and Wilson are joining her again as she gets to man the controls. Tune in live at 2:00 p.m. for a another romp around the massive ship.

What: Ship of Heroes
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 2:00 p.m. EST on Monday, March 5th, 2018

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Here’s your first look at newbies playing the Ship of Heroes combat alpha

Ship of Heroes has something to cheer about today as it’s just begun its combat alpha, complete with “signature heroes, the Apotheosis City environment, their offensive powers and powersets, enemies, UI, AI, and several other gameplay features, all of which are integrated into the Alpha version of the game.”

More alpha tests are expected this year, along with beta by the end of 2018, “but that does depend on the results of the intermediate alphas,” Heroic Games’ Gasey McGeever said in the press release today.

Take a peek at the combat alpha video down below: A trio of devs took a trio of total newbies and ran them up against a trio of enemy groups just to see how they’d all fare. “With one exception, each team member is playing a signature hero from SoH, and employing superpowers shown in previous videos. Sword Blossom, the Dual Swords Brawler, shows off a new offensive melee powerset for the first time,” Heroic Games told us.

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Ship of Heroes shows off the new combat features for its upcoming alpha test

It’s not really a superhero game unless you’re fighting someone or something, right? So Ship of Heroes has a certain obligation to give you a bunch of tools for doing exactly that. The latest video from the team shows off the new features added into combat to ensure that players can get as much joy as possible out of beating the tar out of criminals in the city which is on a spaceship.

Among the features shown off are target level-checking (letting you know what you’re facing at a glance), auto-rotating to face your target, and a smoother combat flow in general. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it; you can check out all of these features in the video just below. And it’s on the short side, so those of you allergic to watching an hour of developers fumble around for words won’t have to wait to see the good stuff.

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Ship of Heroes teases February combat alpha with new gameplay pics

Ship of Heroes’ latest newsletter is here, and it’s all about the escorted combat alpha due to begin later this month.

“The combat alpha will consist of a series of escorted alpha tours,” Heroic Games explains. “In each tour, 2-3 devs will form a team with 3-4 of our donors, supporters, and members of the press. Together, we’ll run through the Science Park area of Apotheosis City and fight a series of enemy mobs. We’ll be recording, and possibly livestreaming, during at least one run.”

The devs note that the scenarios aren’t balanced for launch play but instead are meant to test how combat feels, which means extending the fights. In fact, the designers have been owned in their own play. “We do not expect ordinary combat in SoH to be as challenging as these fights, and we’re considering doing some runs at an easier difficulty that would represent street-sweeping rather than a boss rush,” says the team. Likewise, don’t expect powerset balance to be finished yet either.

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Ship of Heroes deep-dives villains and new ‘body-conscious’ female hero costumes

If you cared about the lore in City of Heroes, you were probably pretty attached to certain villain groups, right? Who doesn’t remember Circle of Thorns fondly? And what about the Carnies?!

Upcoming indie superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes is all about that action and has some new details out this week on its own customized villain groups thanks to its latest stream.

“This is the first look at details of expanded villain group costumes showing four distinct villain groups in Ship of Heroes,” Heroic Games’ Justin “sensible” Roberti explains. “The Villain Groups shown are: The Nagdellians, ruthless alien invaders bent on domination of the Justice; The Prometheans, a secret sect of Cyborg/Dark Magic Users that wish to create a super race of cybernetically-enhanced humans to rule the Justice; the Yekus Mercenary Clan, a widespread group of soldiers for hire that serve as muscle for the highest bidder; and The Red Sigil, a group of powerful magic users committed to revolutionary overthrow of the government of the Justice.”

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Ship of Heroes gives more love to its warehouse district

Who knew that warehouses could be so exciting? Don’t say such things to Ship of Heroes, because this superhero MMO is currently enthralled with its improvements of what could otherwise be a mundane locale. It’s here where player heroes will go for a quick fight or an involved mission, so it’s kind of neat to see the starting point of future content.

The dev team said that it designed this district from first-hand experience: “Our team has a lot of expertise in industrial engineering, and it shows — while some parts of the city are markedly futuristic, many details in the Warehouse District are true to life. Even in the 25th century, humans still need things like cranes to lift heavy objects, and air conditioning units to transfer heat away from complex machinery. These simple solutions are both practical, and physically tough enough to survive stray shots when Nagdellian raids move through the area.”

Want a closer look? Massively OP’s MJ recently went on a super-powered tour of the district with the dev team.

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Ship of Heroes expands its dev team, updates gallery of new mission maps

Last week, Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie and our community were treated to an early preview of Ship of Heroes – specifically, two mission maps, one of which nobody had peeked at before – along with a detailed chat with the devs on the state of the game.

New information just since last week is the detail that Heroic Games has added “several” new employees to the dev team – chiefly coders, animators, graphics designers, and 3-D modelers. “Several of these colleagues joined us in Q3, but we’ve been racing to get so many things done that we kept putting this off,” CEO Casey McGeever writes. “But now we have the roster updated. Of course we are adding some additional members to the team shortly, so there will be another update in a few months.”

We’ve included our walkthrough as well as some clean screenshots of the zones we showed off down below.

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The Stream Team: A dev tour of Ship of Heroes

Want to get a look inside Ship of Heroes? Heroic Games’ Founder Casey McGeever and Lead Developer Matt Wilson are taking Massively OP’s MJ on a tour of two mission maps (one that’s debuting to the public for the very first time!) while talking shop about the upcoming superhero game. They’ll be discussing the recently released open letter and the role of the community, and even be taking questions from the audience. So join us live at 3:00 p.m. and come get answers to your burning questions.

What: Ship of Heroes
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 3:00 p.m. EST on Friday, January 12th, 2018

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Massively OP Podcast Episode 152: Allied races and superhero sprints

On this week’s show, Bree and Justin dig into the allied races that are coming soon to World of Warcraft, the non-race of the City of Heroes spiritual successors, meaty early 2018 patches, and more!

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

Listen to the show right now:

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Ship of Heroes takes you on a tour of its warehouse district

City of Heroes veterans no doubt have strong memories of their early superhero careers being spent jumping and dashing through numerous warehouses that seemed to attract the criminal element. With one of the game’s spiritual successors, the industrial warehouse setting is making a comeback, whether you want it or not.

Ship of Heroes took players on a tour of its in-development Warehouse District. During the 40-minute video, the devs narrated many of the details and possibilities present in this zone, including giant crane elevators, walkways spanning buildings, and very ordinary-looking HVAC units (which makes total sense, as this is all on board a giant spaceship).

While the tour didn’t go inside any of the buildings, the team did confirm that interior locations are being built and will host several missions in the upcoming MMO. Check out the tour after the break and don’t miss out on our exclusive glimpse into this studio’s philosophy on the superhero genre.

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Superhero indie MMOs City of Titans, Valiance Online, and Ship of Heroes say they’re not in a race

Whenever we write about the current crop of City of Heroes-inspired indie superhero MMORPGs, some of our commenters nearly always ponder whether it would be better for everyone if the three bigger studios pooled their resources, talent, and playerbases into one big game. Surely it would be better if they weren’t all competing with each other – or so the thought goes.

But following a pair of our articles earlier this week – one an exclusive from Ship of Heroes, the other a preview of Valiance Online’s map – key developers from those two games as well as City of Titans chimed in on Twitter to attempt to dispel the idea that they’re in any sort of competition to begin with.

“I wouldn’t call what we’re doing a race or battle personally,” Valiance Online tweeted out.

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