Dauntless details its closed beta by the numbers

As Phoenix Labs powers toward Dauntless’ open beta later this year, it took a few minutes to tally up some Big Numbers from its closed beta testing period. The team compiled all of these in a mighty infographic (which is available after the break in case you need to wallpaper an especially tall room).

So far, over 100,000 testers have dipped into Dauntless’ beta, creating 869,000 characters in the process. Amusingly, the giant behemoths of the game are winning: Only 4 million of them have been slaughtered, whereas they have managed to stomp out 7.5 million characters.

Phoenix Labs also shared the growth of its studio over the past five years. Following the foundation in 2014 with three leaders, the team has grown to 58 with 12 new hires this year alone. The studio is planning to expand from Vancouver to San Mateo, California.

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332,000 pirates board Sea of Thieves’ closed beta

It turns out that not only were players excited to jump into the role of pirates-to-be for Sea of Thieves’ closed beta last month, but even more people were eager to watch them do it.

According to an infographic boasting about the CBT’s big numbers, the closed beta included 332,052 pirates, treasure hunters, and buccaneers. Collectively, that group clocked in over two million hours of playtime.

Rare noted that the game topped out as the #1 title on Twitch with the most live viewers. With 25,563 players streaming and posting their content and an average of 104,240 viewers during that period, Rare calculated that nearly 14.5 million hours of the closed beta were viewed by fans.

Sea of Thieves has a little over a month and a half to go before it launches on March 20th for both Xbox One and PC. Get a bit more hyped for this title by watching a brief video below on its distinctive art style!

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SMITE 5.1 is a virtual do-over for the Conquest map

SMITE’s massive 5.1 patch is live today on PC, complete with the heavily overhauled and graphically updated Conquest map. There’s a new tutorial for the map, remodeled characters, an expanded map size, better jungle layout, improved pacing – it’s a ground-up revamp. Do note that Hi-Rez has been hotfixing today (yes, that’s why Thoth was unplayable). Valentine’s day goodies and new skins abound as well.

Consolers, you’ll be waiting another week for your taste of 5.1. Check out the epic player-made infographic below for the full run-down!

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MMO players have laid claim to 12% of the Life is Feudal world to date

While Life is Feudal MMO has existed for only 10 days on Steam early access, players have been testing the online title for considerably longer. To emphasize all of the community activity in the title to date, the studio put together an infographic video that shows some impressively big numbers covering all of this activity.

These stats include 53.5K characters with houses, 42.7K players in guilds, 200K player-created buildings populating the world, 7 million crafted items, and 12% of the world’s territory claimed. Of weird interest is the fact that while players have planted four million trees, they’ve cut down five million in their endless pursuit of lumber. Probably going to be an issue there before too long.

The video’s below, along with our own hands-on tours of the game since launch.

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Star Trek Online claims 5.2M players over its lifespan

If you haven’t noticed, this month marks Star Trek Online’s eight-year anniversary. There have been plenty of giveaways and events going on in the game itself, but Cryptic hopes that you will pay attention to the larger picture as well.

The studio put out an infographic yesterday that shared some of the cumulative achievements of the title. Over the course of its eight years, Star Trek Online has racked up 5.2 million players, 161 episodes, and 502 playable ships.

Right now, 62% of the population of the game is on the PC, with 19% residing each in PlayStation and Xbox territory. One interesting fact is that Cryptic has brought in 22 of the TV series actors to reprise their roles for the MMO over the years.

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Pokemon Go kicks off Global Catch Challenge with 3B ‘mon goal

Live now in Pokemon Go as of this weekend is a pretty nutty challenge for players all over the globe, daring players to get out there and catch ’em all. In fact, the more you help the community, the more the community will be rewarded, with everything from a double-experience boost to special ‘mon unlocks depending on where you live. The whole shebang has a travel theme just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend here in the US, although you have only the 26th to hit three billion, so, you know, get playing!

Can it be done? Probably. Niantic hasn’t provided a countdown timer or anything resembling a progress bar, but the fans at The Silph Road put together a gorgeous infographic that better explains the event goals, and Pokemon Go Hub has a detailed breakdown of the math.

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MapleStory players have rolled 273 million characters since 2003

Can you believe MapleStory is 12 years old? I had to double-check it myself. In fact, it’s older than 12, though it’s 12 here in North America. Nexon recently sent over an infographic to drill down some of the other stats behind the cutesy sandbox MMORPG. Of note, the studio points out the game has almost 275M characters, 1.5M of whom are close to the cap and half a million of whom are married in-game, which is too cute. There are 2.7M guilds, 1.2M players paying into the MVP system, and 28M characters sporting the Magician class – easily the most popular. My favorite stat is pets purchased: 77M. That’s a lot of pets. Almost 5M of those are pandas!

Check out the whole graphic down below.

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Fortnite’s infographic claims 10 million battle royale players within the last fortnite

Remember a few days back when Fortnite broke half a million concurrent players with its contentious free-to-play battle royal mode, the one that earned ire from both paying PvE players and PUBG studio Bluehole? That was just the peak concurrency. Today, Epic Games has put out an infographic to give a slightly more complete picture of just how the game is doing.

The studio boasts that 10 million folks have logged in to play the PvP mode in the last two weeks since it opened, racking up almost 45 million hours played. The other stats are superfluous and fun, like number of people who leaped from the battle bus (almost 300 million of you). So, 10 million bodies then. No wonder Epic’s had no public comment on Bluehole’s complaints.

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Happy birthday to Fallen Earth, Aion, World of Warships, and Warhammer Online

This particular part of September is loaded with MMORPG and MMO birthdays. In addition to ArcheAge, whose corgipocalypse we’ve been covering already, and Ultima Online, doomed to ding 20 by Monday, there are a few more we’ve not mentioned yet. Let’s remedy that!

Aion is turning eight today, and it’s putting on a pretty sweet partyplus a different one in the EU. US players can look forward to bonus experience, cake, and Kroemede’s Revenge; through the weekend in the EU, expect a Cake Hunt, in-game boots, gifts, and temporary mounts, plus an event about poppys. I don’t know, it’s Aion, man, just go with it. We’ll be streaming some of the US festivities on Saturday, so stay tuned!

Fallen Earth also turns eight today, though you won’t find any hoopla on the official site, where there’s been no news since last year. MOP’s Justin judged it in maintenance mode as of at least this past summer. It’s OK, Fallen Earth. We’ll have a slice of cake in your honor.

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Hearthstone shines a light on Global Games stats

All hail the Czech Republic! C-Z-E-C-H! That spells victory!

Blizzard is toasting players from the republic for their performance at the recent Hearthstone Global Games tournament at Gamescom last month. In a long and colorful infographic, the studio revealed that 2,345 games were played during the course of the tournament, which included 510 quests.

Forty-eight countries competed for both glory and a slice of the $332,000 prize pie. Other interesting statistics revealed include the fact that the most successful class was the Druid, followed by the Hunter and Warrior. Also, one game saw the deployment of 37 Jade Idols, which we’re just going to say is a lot despite having seen a few hundred of them at a tourist gift shop once.

Source: Hearthstone


Young adults are the prime market for virtual reality

It’s a well-known maxim in gaming circles that younger players have more time but lack disposable income while older players have the money but find themselves short on that “free time” angle. It may come as no surprise then that this spectrum extends to interest and investment in virtual reality.

Superdata published a survey — in helpful infographic form — that shows the relation of gamers’ age to their willingness to dive into VR and their ability to spend money on it. The younger set have a 74% rate of interest in the platform, but this drops to 54% by the time you get to middle-aged gamers. However, the advent of jobs in a person’s life seems to help with spending, as older gamers are willing to spend up to $47 more than their younger counterparts on VR.

The sweet spot here are 18 to 35-year-olds, of whom two-thirds are interested in VR and willing to drop $277 on such devices. It’s not mind-blowing, but it is interesting as we continue to push into this new age of technology and gaming. You can check out the full chart after the break.

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Happy first birthday and 3.2M accounts milestone, Mu Origin

Webzen is celebrating the first anniversary of the launch of mobile MMO Mu Origin — and it’s got stats! The game counts

  • over 3.2 million accounts created and two million downloads;
  • over 4 million characters rolled (Dark Wizard is the most popular, while the Elf is the least);
  • almost 100,000 guilds created;
  • and a combined total of over 7500 years played.

The birthday vid is tucked down below along with the infographic.

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