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WildStar’s Jen Ortiz leaves Carbine

WildStar is down another high-profile member of its development team this week with the loss of Carbine Senior Product Manager Jen Ortiz.

On Twitter Friday, Ortiz said that she had just punched in her last day at the studio and was leaving for undisclosed opportunities. “Today was my last day at Carbine Studios (moving on to other opportunities),” she wrote. “I wish the team the best… we’ve done a lot in the past years […] To the fans, I appreciated the hell out of you and so do the rest of the Carbine crew. Thanks for everything. You’re the best.”

WildStar Game Director Chad Moore expressed his sadness at seeing Ortiz go: “We’re going to miss you, Jen! Couldn’t have asked for a better partner this year. Family won’t be the same without you.”

Source: Twitter


WildStar dev hints at adding path options

Yesterday the WildStar team hosted a Reddit AMA about the new Cosmic Rewards system, and during that conversation one player asked about being able to change paths on characters. Carbine Senior Product Manager Jen Ortiz shot back this intriguing reply: “Or, how about, add a path? (Note: I am not promising anything at this time.)”

No follow-up to this comment was made, but it certainly opens up a lot to speculation. Could Carbine be considering allowing players to take on multiple paths or is the studio merely gauging interest?

The path system allows players to pursue secondary activities in the game to level up explorer, settler, soldier, or scientist tracks. Each path comes with rewards at each level gained.

Source: Reddit. Thanks, DK!