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The Survivalist: Another year, another Survival Game guide

A new year, a new batch of survival games! Yes, the genre has become so popular that one guide, no not even two guides could contain all of the survival goodness. More keep cropping up. I certainly can’t say as I mind, since this is the style of game that has been giving me the feeling of having an impact on my environment. And it’s not all the same collection of zombies, although there is still plenty of that. It is interesting to see what new takes developers are bringing to the table. Want to do a survival reality show? There’s a game for that! How about living like a viking? Yup. What if you want to be the psychotic killer that survivors are trying to, well, survive? Got you covered. Fell like upping the ante and surviving via VR? There are a few of those available.

If you are looking for a new survival to sink your teeth into, here’s the addendum for some newer games in development as well as some newly discovered ones since the last mega double guide. Note: This collection will be a mix of multiplayer and single-player titles with some uniques thrown in.

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Wild Terra outlines upcoming system changes to improve post-launch issues

Bears! What are they good for? Hides in Wild Terra (say it again)! Except that actually getting those hides proved a lot harder than players expected because the game never communicated that bears were supposed to be big challenges taken on by well-equipped groups. Instead, players have been falling into a habit of using exploits to kill bears, which isn’t good for the game and is probably not much fun for the bears either. The latest dispatch from the developers states that the intent is to make killing bears harder to exploit while also making it much more certain that you can get some skin off a bear’s back when you succeed.

The developers are also working on the issue of an insufficient amount of iron ore in the world and the attribute issues, with one attribute (intellect) being uninvolved in combat entirely and artisans being unable to effectively fight in any context. New lighter armor is being introduced to allow for lightly armored melee fighters, iron spawns are being reworked, and new systems are being introduced to allow the Corrupted Lands to be free of unintended “ghost” enemies. Check out the full post for all of the details to see how the game is patching up its post-launch issues.

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The MMOs of the Steam winter 2017 sale

Another December, another Steam sale to entice you to spend money on games you don’t have time to play just to have them for a rainy day! Here’s a quick look at what’s on the list for MMO and survival sandbox players.

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The Stream Team: Happy launch day Wild Terra!

It’s a great day when a game launches! And today’s that day for Wild Terra. That means Massively OP’s MJ gets to go in and check out the new servers and start a new life in this indie sandbox. Will it be smooth sailing, or will she struggle against the forces of nature to eke out her living? Will she even live? Tune in live at 8:00 p.m. as OPTV‘s infamous Stream Team brings you a launch-day look at…

What: Wild Terra
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EST on Monday, December 18th, 2017

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Wild Terra officially launches out of early access today

It’s a big day for Wild Terra, as the indie isometric sandbox we’ve been watching for years is officially launching today on Steam. No more early access! The B2P MMO is regularly $14.99 but should be marked down 34% when it launches at noon.

The launch update opens four more servers for a mix of hardcore, casual, PvE, PvP, and regional choices. It also tweaks the crafting UI, resources, equipment popups, and miscellaneous bugs. Further, Jutvy Worlds says, “Due to the opening of new servers, mines, sieges and auctions are temporarily disabled so that all have equal chances for development and their capture. About the end of the restrictions will be notified in the news. For the same reasons, the appearance of monsters in the Corrupted Lands is temporarily disabled.”

The launch trailer is tucked down below along with our last stream of the game – anyone giving it a go? We’ll be streaming it on OPTV this afternoon, so stay tuned!

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Wild Terra announces launch for December 18th

‘Tis the season for surprise launches, fa la la la and so on. Wild Terra is officially launching on December 18th, bringing the game out of its test state and into the wild and woolly world of just being live. It’s a process starting on December 15th, with the game shutting down its current servers and forcing you to pick which of your characters you most urgently want transferred to the new live server.

Veteran supporters of the title will get a bit of a headstart, though; they’ll be able to play on the new servers over the weekend, with the first wave of players being admitted on December 16th. But December 18th remains the for-real big-time actual launch, and it will be difficult if not impossible for it to be more launched. So start thinking about who you want to save among your characters now, and prepare for the transition this weekend.

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Wild Terra compensates players for server issues, adds tutorial and dailies

Emerging from a rough stretch of server issues, Wild Terra has apologized to its testers and offered to make it up to them with some good old-fashioned bribes.

“We experienced great problems with the stability of the servers in last three days,” the team said. “In compensation all players entering the game before the end of the week will receive a premium scroll for three days which you are free to use at your discretion.”

Some of the fixes for these issues were incorporated into the fantasy sandbox’s newest patch. This update also added tutorial quests for new players, the revolution that is simple daily quests, and a redesign of several user interface windows.

Wild Terra is currently 15% off at $12.74, in case you want to get into the Steam early access program.

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Wild Terra’s latest update adds guild storage, reset scrolls, and pet taming

Ever feel lonesome while playing Wild Terra? No need for that with the latest patch! You can tame animals and have them follow you around, serving as your new set of best friends as you adventure through the world. Of course, the patch also adds new guild-based systems including guild warehouses to the game, so perhaps you’ll notice the difference between having lots of friends playing the game and having a small army of animals following you around, but you go to war with what you have, right?

The patch also adds in new scrolls to reset your stats, several UI confirmation windows for various actions, improvements for castles, and a large array of bug fixes. If you’ve been hoping to be able to reset your stats or just hoping that you could have an army of animals following you about at all times, this is the patch you want.

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Enter to win a copy of Wild Terra from Juvty and Massively OP!

Indie sandbox MMORPG Wild Terra (official site, Steam) has been in early access since December, a nostalgia-driven medieval sim that allows players to build up settlements (and then tear them down!). Most recently, it’s released update 8.35, which introduces what the team is calling turnkey, ready-built player home kits to make town and fort setup that much easier.

Developer Juvty Worlds has issued Massively OP 270 keys for the game, worth $14.99 apiece on Steam, to distribute to our readers. There are no regional restrictions, other than the caveat is that the game must be available to you on Steam for you to use the key. Read on to enter to win!

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Wild Terra’s castle capture and auction systems are live

Indie sandbox MMO Wild Terra has a big update this week that’ll make guild-oriented players particularly happy, as the castle system has rolled out to the live servers. Guilds can build everything from cheapie wooden forts to brick-laid castles that can actually withstand a siege, taxing guild members for cash, spice, and resources to make it all happen.

But of course, first you have to capture a castle from somebody else or bid on an unclaimed (or contested) one in the castle auction system, also new to game this summer. Once you do win a castle? Yeah, make sure you build walls first if you want to stop everyone from just waltzing on in (and ensure that you can appropriate tribute from the surrounding regions). If it sounds like a lot of work to do for a video game, it is, but maybe you should just watch the video instead. It’s the thing to do these days.

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Wild Terra is free to play all weekend

Who doesn’t love free things? How about free isometric MMO sandboxes? Wild Terra is putting itself in the free bin for the weekend as it runs an open stress test, nullifying its usual $14.99 early access buy-in. And you’re invited!

Studio Juvty Worlds notes that would-be testers can download the client or simply play in their Chrome/Opera browsers. “Actively testing the game, you’ll get a reward – game currency and Steam keys,” promise the devs. “Report any errors or problems found in Wild Terra.”

Most recently, the game played host to an in-game player wedding and patched spawn rates, planting systems, HUD, and auction bugs.

The event runs until July 24th, at which point servers will be wiped, the pricetag returns, and your carriage turns into a pumpkin.

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Wild Terra adds auction halls, shops, and character stats

One of the benefits of dipping your toes into a gritty sandbox is that you may get to shape the game world according to your own preferences instead of having to conform to the devs’ design. Wild Terra is adding shops and auction halls with its Update 8.31, but as construction projects that allow players to add them to their own settlements.

Also arriving in this week’s patch are the confusingly named “characteristics,” which are actually character stats like strength and dexterity. All players will start with five points in each stat and can increase them via use to a maximum of 12. There’s also a combined stat cap of 35 points, so you won’t be able to max out everything.

The devs said that these stats won’t be getting in the way of all of the other character systems: “Characteristics will only complement the gameplay, without worsening or interfering with other possibilities. They can be improved even if you have already improved skills.”

Source: Patch notes


Enter to win a copy of Wild Terra from Juvty and Massively OP

Indie sandbox MMORPG Wild Terra (official site, Steam) has been in early access since December, a nostalgia-driven medieval sim that allows players to build up settlements (and then tear them down!). Most recently, the game has released its 8.3 update, which introduces vendor stands and allows players to put loot up for sale in exchange for spice currency.

Developer Juvty Worlds has issued Massively OP 200 keys for the game, worth $15 apiece on Steam, to distribute to our readers. The only caveat is that the game must be available to you on Steam for you to use the key. Read on to enter to win!

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