knights of the frozen throne

Hearthstone returns to Northrend in Knights of the Frozen Throne

There’s a chill wind sweeping in from the north(rend) today: Knights of the Frozen Throne is now live in Hearthstone!

The expansion is one of the biggest and most significant for the game yet, taking fans back to one of World of Warcraft’s most beloved eras. Frozen Throne contains 135 new cards and several free missions for all players, as well as the ability to turn heroes into Death Knights for kicks and giggles.

Players who log in by November 1st will be gifted three free card packs from the new expansion, so don’t let the time get away from you!

It’s obvious that the dev team is having entirely way too much fun with this expansion’s theme, as evidenced by the Lich King himself taking on comments from actual players below. But beware! If you displease the king, you might be sentenced to the comment dungeon!

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Hearthstone’s Knights of the Frozen Throne arrives August 10th

It just wouldn’t be a Hearthstone launch announcement without another goofy Lich King video, would it? And Blizzard’s delivering both today as Knights of the Frozen Throne has been formally slotted to launch on August 10th, at which point we can only assume the dude inside the Lich King costume in the videos will be out of a job.

“In Knights of the Frozen Throne, journey to Icecrown Citadel and experience:
135 new cards
Legendary Hero Cards – when played, transforms our nine heroes into fearsome Death Knights and gives players modified hero powers.
Eight free missions – fight epic bosses and a final showdown against the Lich King himself. Reward: get a free legendary card from completing the prologue and earn a card pack for each completed wing.
Lifesteal – new keyword and strength that heals players for damage dealt.”

Check out the video down below.

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Hearthstone’s Arthas is going to fight dirty, but there’s a great reward for roflstomping him

Arthas and his really, really, really cold seat are almost here, as Hearthstone will be pushing out its Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion some time in August. Among all of the new cards, the Death Knight hero transformations, and the Lifesteal keyword are several missions that players will enjoy for free for the first time.

Lead Mission Designer Dave Kosak explained that during these missions, players will ascend the Frozen Throne and fight the Lich King himself. Kosak said that the team tried to retain the same “cocky, egotistical, fallen Paladin you love to hate” while giving Arthas the ability to break the fourth wall in his comments.

When players do face off against the Lich King, they’ll find that Arthas doesn’t play fair and uses “alternative rules” to give himself an edge. We’re liking this guy better all the time! If players can beat Arthas with all nine classes, they’ll get a special reward: a young version of Arthas to play as a Paladin hero.

Grab a chair for a Hearthside Chat after the jump!

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Hearthstone’s game director fields questions about the expansion, ladder experimentation, and new heroes

With Knights of the Frozen Throne coming to Hearthstone next month, excitement is reaching a fever pitch for this already-popular card title. Game Director Ben Brode took advantage of this interest to raise awareness of the game and answer community questions in a recent AMA session.

Among the topics covered were minion placement, the collection manager, the expense of the game, and confirmation that the team is experimenting with a new ladder format.

Possibly the most exciting news is that the team is working on both a Druid and Warlock hero, although Brode indicated that we shouldn’t be expecting a new class anytime soon. “I think we are already having trouble carving out awesome space for nine classes,” he said. “I want us to find more unique things for Warlock to do, for example. I think adding a 10th class makes this problem much more difficult, as we could be using that space to make our core nine classes more fun.”

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