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Betawatch: The Repopulation is back in the saddle again (March 17, 2017)

It has been an odd and not altogether happy ride for The Repopulation, but the good news is that the game is back into a playable state. It’s also the exact same game from when it got shut down, so if you were expecting some huge changes, you will be somewhat disappointed. And, you know, there’s the whole change in ownership that’s left a bad taste in many people’s mouths. Still, it’s online!

Other beta stuff also happened this week as it turns out. Which is good and hopefully will be less depressing. Let’s see.

Some of that still found a way to be sort of a downer, huh? Well, you can check out the full list of games in testing below, perhaps that will bring you more joy. As always, let us know if something hopped test phases in the comments! We’re trying to get rid of all the cash shops that take your money in supposed beta tests, but they’re remarkably resilient. Some of us suspect there’s a hive.

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LawBreakers rolls out massive patch today with first closed beta test

Nexon’s CliffyB-designed online shooter LawBreakers enters its first round of closed beta today.

Back in August, dev studio Boss Key told fans it was going “back in the lab” to work out some of the kinks and take into account feedback from alpha testers.

This weekend’s closed beta event, which runs until March 19th, trots out those lab-baked changes, including Discord chat, three new roles, two new maps, an updated UI, fresh tutorial elements, achievements, a balance update for most of the original roles and modes, and performance optimizations. There’s also some testing going on with regard to customization and stashes.

Launch is still planned for later this year; you can sign up for future beta rounds on the official site!

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Betawatch: The soft launch of Revelation Online (March 10, 2017)

Revelation Online departs the hallowed halls of Betawatch this week, having emerged from closed beta into open beta. No more wipes are planned, and the game is now freely accessible, making the import well and truly soft-launched. Fly free, my pretty! What else happened in the world of MMO betas this week?

  • Elder Scrolls Legends dumped the beta tag entirely and is now officially launched on PC.
  • Shards Online is getting a name change ahead of its planned Steam early access launch. You may now refer to it as Legends of Aria.
  • The Repopulation’s alpha is expected to resume this weekend under the new ownership. Welcome back, Repop! Don’t screw this up!
  • Gigantic just cannot catch a break: It laid off a sizable portion of its staff with the aim of “reducing the burn rate” until it can emerge from open beta and land on Arc later this year.
  • Project Gorgon tasked players with testing dungeon difficulty.
  • Camelot Unchained is still teasing its long-delayed beta one, but it sounds as if we’re inching closer now.
  • Albion Online is pushing out a big patch next week, heavily overhauling the beta.
  • Crowfall is working toward 24-7 test servers.
  • LawBreakers is planning a big beta weekend later this month. Breakin’ the law!

Follow along below for the complete list of all the games still on the grill.

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MMO giant Nexon has suffered a small round of layoffs reported this morning that Nexon has suffered a round of global layoffs, though small indeed.

“In order to provide enhanced live game support, Nexon America has streamlined its operations and eliminated six positions, representing less than 1% of Nexon’s global workforce,” Nexon’s statement reads. “Nexon America remains committed to executing its strategy of continuously supporting People, Games and Players as it expands its presence in North America and beyond.”

Most recently, Nexon announced plans to bring LawBreakers to this weekend’s PAX event, with a beta effort on the way. The game is expected to launch later this year.



LawBreakers plans closed beta weekend in March

Hey, remember LawBreakers? The Nexon-produced, CliffyB-designed online shooter that went semi-dormant last summer following alpha with plans to retool itself before beta? We already knew that beta was on the way this year, and today, we’ve inched a little closer with the news that the first closed beta test is slated for later this month on March 16th through 19th.

Nexon and Boss Key will be present at PAX East this coming weekend as well with both a playable demo and a late-night panel covering the game’s “unprecedented gravity-defying combat” and “cast of unique ‘verti-killers,'” a word I hope I never have to type ever again.

By the way, launch is also planned for this year, according to last month’s Nexon investor report.

Signups for the beta are open on the official site already. While you wait for that, why not check out the latest talk-through video?

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Nexon Q4 2016 financials down slightly QoQ and YoY, 2017 LawBreakers launch planned

Nexon released its Q4 2016 and full-year 2016 financial results today, painting a mixed picture for the quarter and year: Revenues are down slightly year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter, but the company’s portfolio performed better than expected all the same thanks to “robust performance of key titles primarily in China and Korea” and depreciation of the Yen.

Of note for the western market is plenty more content on the way for 2003 MMO MapleStory, a 2017 launch for LawBreakers, and of course, production on Titanfall Online. HIT is also apparently doing better than expected. Just 11% of Nexon’s revenue is generated by countries other than China, Japan, and Korea.


LawBreakers releases new trailer, plans 2017 beta test

LawBreakers has been super quiet all fall following Boss Key’s announcement that it planned to dig back into development based on the feedback from the summer’s alpha test. But the quiet is coming to an end, as last night’s Game Awards coaxed a brand-new trailer out of the game and CliffyB. The video teases new maps, new modes, and new roles, including one called the “XXX”. (Nexon tells us this was a typo, and that is not his name!)

Beta testing is now planned for 2017. Check out that trailer below!

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Nexon is bringing a truckload of MMORPGs to G-Star this year

Nexon’s MMORPG catalogue is about to get a whole lot bigger. In a press release issued today, the studio has announced 35 new games, quite a few of them MMORPGs and mobile MMOs. Some of them were already known to us, and many are even at the stage that they’ll be shown at G-Star later this month.

Of note, we’re looking at

LawBreakers is also heading to South Korea after its debut here earlier in 2016. And there are a few other MMORPGs with little information available, including Project Meta, Dragon Nest II: Legend, and Durango. Given Nexon’s track record of porting its games westward, we think there’s plenty to be excited about. Check out some of the trailers below!
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Betawatch: Das Tal becomes The Exiled (August 19, 2016)

There’s a certain risk involved in changing your game’s name after people have already gotten used to a name. After all, people might not know about your new name and just keep asking about what happened to the old name, never knowing what happened. On that note, it’s important to make it clear that The Exiled is the game formerly known as Das Tal, so if you’re wondering what ever happened with the latter… that’s what. It changed names.

Most of the beta world was a little quiet this week on account of Gamescom, but there’s still some interesting stuff to chew upon. Behold!

As always, there’s a list of games down below. Check it out! Let us know if something slipped into a different testing phase without us noticing! Tell us how great our new shirts look! We spent a lot of money on those.

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LawBreakers returns to development following alpha

Boss Key’s CliffyB and Rohan Rivas star in a new dev vlog today rounding up the results of LawBreakers’ recent alpha playtest and offering an explanation of what’s next for the studio. In short? More iteration, more feedback, and more testing.

“We’re only at like 65 to 70 people right now,” CliffyB says. “Essentially right now the time period is back in the lab. So you’re hearing like [sound effects] hammers and drills and whatnot as everyone’s opening the game back up, opening the patient, kind of reoperating and retuning everything.” We’re glad he’s a game designer and not a doctor!

The duo have big plans in particular for the Enforcer, the Assassin, matchmaking, game modes, and maps. Expect to be able to play it at GamesCom too. The whole vlog — and a new infographic from the team — is below.

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Glimpse Lawbreaker’s high-flying Vanguard in action

If the none of the classes revealed for LawBreakers has tickled your fancy yet, perhaps the Vanguard will. Nexon released a short clip that features the high-flying Maverick (on the side of Law), and Toshka-9 (with the Breakers). The Vanguard utilizes a personal flight suit to soar above battle and shower destruction down on enemies with a high-powered cannon. And if any enemies get too close, there’s Pulsar, a blast of energy that not only damages the target but knocks the Vanguard backwards out of the situation.

Read up on the other skills in the infographic, then check out the action in the clip below.

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LawBreakers’ Assassin is totally gonna gank you

Last week, Nexon previewed LawBreakers’ Enforcer role. This week, it’s all about the Assassin. “With her razor-sharp blades, powerful Romerus energy shotgun, and hyper mobility, she can bring death from above, below, or any other direction she pleases,” says the studio. “Use the Arc Blade’s grapple tech to swing circles around your opponents, disorient them with a Flux Blast, and Dash in to land the killing blows.”

Check out the new images, infographic, and video below, then catch a bonus video of summing up the latest test patch.

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