Lord of the Rings Online team works on future ‘far-flung adventures’

Having some issues with Lord of the Rings Online Update 22? A small patch released on Wednesday may have cleared it up. The small patch contains a couple of dozen fixes to various quests, systems, and NPCs that came with the Northern Mirkwood expansion.

Destructoid recently touched base with Lead Designer Ben Schneider, who discussed the current Northern Mirkwood update and the future direction of the game. Schneider said that the team is bursting with ideas for where LOTRO can go from here.

“We will continue to fill and illuminate the map with those far-flung adventures, and the great news is that there is plenty of map,” he said. “Following up, people tend to skip ahead to the Scouring the Shire after the fall of Sauron. But there’s a lot more to explore — from Arwen and Aragorn having a wedding to the reign of Aragorn, new king of Gondor.”


Guild Chat Special Edition: Interviewing Guild Wars 2 guild POOF

Welcome along to Guild Chat, the column through which we examine all things guild-related and solve problems faced by fellow members of the Massively Overpowered community. This edition is rather different, however: I had the opportunity to interview the key players in a Guild Wars 2 guild named POOF that featured in ArenaNet’s Friend/Ships campaign, which you may have read a little bit about in Flameseeker Chronicles. Friendships have been at the forefront of ArenaNet‘s minds for the last month or so and POOF’s guild story is one that was featured within the campaign (the video is below for those who haven’t seen it). I asked them about how they organise their guild, what makes POOF so special, and how they support their members, and I’m delighted to share their insights with you in a special edition of Guild Chat.

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Fortnite is launching its battle royale on Android and iOS, will be mostly crossplatform

Have you been wondering which of the big battle royale titles would make a bid for mobile? Probably the first one that came to console, yeah? You’d be right: It’s Fortnite. Epic announced last night that BR mode is headed to iOS and Android, though iOS first, which might have seemed normal years ago but is admittedly a bit bizarre in 2018, given Android’s overwhelming market share, but there you go.

Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to mobile devices! On phones and tablets, Fortnite is the same 100-player game you know from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. Same gameplay, same map, same content, same weekly updates.”

The really awesome part is crossplatforminess. “In partnership with our friends at Sony, Fortnite Battle Royale will support Cross Play and Cross Progression between PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, iOS and eventually Android,” Epic says. “This means players across devices can squad up with friends and play together.” Note, not Xbox One. Save the World mode is also not mentioned.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds lays out ambitious 2018 roadmap

The name that put Battle Royale on the map is going to fight hard to keep that throne. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds released its 2018 roadmap this week with a promise that major releases would be rolled out every two months from here on out.

This year, PUBG players will see an experimental test server, a new 4x4km island map, the emote system, new game modes, new vehicles, an achievement system, an in-game friends list, squad voice chat, improved animation, a parachute overhaul, more client stability, better sound design, a custom game system, developer API, and limb and bullet penetration.

The team said that it is working hard to establish PUBG’s e-sports scene: “Seriously, we are not there yet, but we will be. Thanks to the amazing feedback coming from the player community and professional scene we believe we’re moving in the right direction. We truly want to build a great foundation for Battle Royale e-sports, and while we have seen some great events already using our game, we have much work to do, especially with the observing side of things.”

Source: PUBG


Massively Overthinking: Is battle royale a fad?

This week in Massively Overthinking, I want to talk about something out on the fringes of our genre: battle royale games. We’ve been watching BR take off, first with H1Z1, then the explosion of PUBG last summer and fall, and now Fortnite has taken the crown, becoming even more popular and raking in even more money, at least on console and potentially overall. And yet less than a year ago, we were embracing Fortnite as a PvE building game – see how blazingly fast Epic pivoted to catch this trend? I remember when PUBG started to plateau in the west even as it continued it climb in China, and I wondered then whether anything could ever dethrone it – and I have to say, I didn’t think it would be Fortnite.

So let’s talk about battle royale. Is it bleeding an online subgenre – MMOs, shooters, MOBAs, or survival sandboxes, or is it just something everyone’s tacked on top of existing gameplay? How will mobile keep up? And most importantly, is it a fad that’s destined to eventually fade away, or is it here to stay?

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OARG Jurassic World Alive brings dinosaur dicing and splicing to mobile

You may have thought the multiplayer online dinosaur genre is already tapped out, what with the likes of ARK Survival Evolved and ARK Park and Durango, but that’s not going to stop a classic from giving it a Pokemon Go-inspired effort.

Yep, Jurassic World Alive, built by studio Ludia, is a mobile MMOARG that tasks Android and iOS players with catching ’em all collecting and murdering dinos, snagging DNA samples, and then tinkering in lab mode to create new species – because what could possibly go wrong? There’s also a PvP arena mode where you make your dinos fight.

Registration on both platforms is up and running on the official site; you can check out the trailer down below.

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Guild Wars 2 living season AMA covers maps, PvP, API, bugs, avocado smoothies, the Olmakhan, and more

With Guild Wars 2’s latest living story episode out of the gate, ArenaNet’s devs sat for another Reddit AMA. They don’t talk much future content, but there are some useful nuggets within. We’ve summed it all up below – just beware, there are spoilers for the episode here and there!

  • The map was apparently a “challenge” because the devs wanted to show off the big central structure from as many views as possible. “Unfortunately, this meant that we had to compromise later in development by going through and marking certain objects to cull at specific distances, so that FPS wouldn’t drop to extremely low levels on moderately powerful machines.”
  • They are working on the API support again.
  • “We’re not working on GvG as a full supported game mode. We are working on some various features to support groups who engage in large scale team fights, such as an eventual custom arena map that is designed for for larger groups. But I’d never call it a fully supported new game mode.”

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EVE Evolved: EVE Online’s March balance update has players excited

The EVE Online community came down pretty hard on CCP Games at the start of the year, with podcasts, blogs, and the Council of Stellar Management all highlighting a recent lack of balance changes and iterations. CCP responded with a renewed wave of updates, and it’s safe to say that the studio is absolutely knocking it out of the park. The upcoming March patch will include surprise buffs for the Muninn and Eagle, damage increases for the Cyclone and Drake Navy Issue, and an unexpected change to Attack Battlecruisers that could turn the fleet PvP meta completely on its head. The Orthrus is also finally getting its long-awaited nerf, and some careful tweaks will end the dominance of Ferox and Machariel fleets.

As if that wasn’t enough good news for one month, developers also plan to release a completely new class of ship designed exclusively for fleet commanders, are finally adding blueprint-locking to citadels and engineering complexes, and have some big territorial warfare improvements in the pipeline. The horrible but often necessary Jump Fatigue mechanic is finally being re-evaluated, and players will no longer be able to use citadel tethering mechanics to easily move capital ships in absolute safety. The territorial capture gameplay and the Entosis Link module used in nullsec sovereignty warfare are also being improved based on player feedback. The community hasn’t been this positive about upcoming changes for quite some time!

In this edition of EVE Evolved, I lay out the details of the upcoming ship balance overhaul, the new Monitor fleet command ship, and other changes coming in the March update.

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One Shots: This is too weird for even me

I like to think that I have a fairly open mind when it comes to accepting strange sights and races in fantasy MMORPGs, but Final Fantasy XIV seems hellbent on finding my breaking point. Literal cat-fish might just be that. It’s too weird for me, I’m out of here.

“Looking for NPC comic relief?” Vincent asked. “I give you the Namazu. Half-cat, half-fish (?) and I’m pretty sure the person who came up with the design was half-baked. The other shot I took on the way back to Castellum Velodyna (Beast Tribe quest hub) just as the fog was about to lift…”

When you’ve just made Moogles look normal and mundane, you’ve really accomplished something.

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Fortnite patches in a new point of interest and more quests

The latest patch for Fortnite is out, and it has some new weaponry for you in both its Battle Royale and Save The World modes. Battle Royale players get a scopeless Hunting Rifle for picking off enemies with single shots, while Save The World players can pick up the new Dragonfire Auto-Shotgun. That might sound a little unbalanced, but Battle Royale players also get a new point of interest on the game map with Lucky Landing along the southern edge. Now who’s getting the neat stuff?

Oh, wait, Save The World players also get new quests related to Val’s ongoing efforts to protect survivors, along with new group missions. So there’s new stuff happening there too. Whether you enjoy both modes of the game or only really care about one of the two, the patch is out in the wild now, so jump on in if you want to start shooting and exploring.


Dual Universe puts community suggestions into development

Space construction sim Dual Universe wants its players to know that it is truly listening to their feedback. The team at Novaquark started up a Trello to track fan suggestions and the possibility of each to be added to the different development phases.

While the studio stresses that this outline is not a development roadmap, it does contain several features that look like they’ll make it into the final product. These include an interplanetary map, radios, support for 4k resolutions, elevators, the ability to mute players in chat, and more. The chart also lists some rejected ideas, such as killing planets Death Star-style. Aw. Now how are we to have our fun?

The Dual Universe team also showed off some of the new 3-D art it has created, such as the alpha spacesuits. Novaquark is planning several limited-duration pre-alpha tests this month, with the longest lasting up to a full day.

Source: Kickstarter


PlanetSide 2 solicits player input regarding the construction system

Do you play PlanetSide 2? Do you have opinions about the game’s construction system? Then you’ll probably want to let your opinions be known in a new thread started by the game’s newest designer overseeing the construction project. He’s already discussing plans to change the way module exclusion zones work and to start adding more objects to the system more quickly, but he’s also looking for input from the playerbase about what the system is doing well and where it could stand to go from here.

“We spent some time standardizing the construction system so we have a flat area to ‘build’ it up,” he writes. “Now from a design perspective, the system is a bit tighter, and much easier to iterate with. This opens up the possibility of creating more objects, faster. This also helped me learn a lot of our systems and get me up to speed to further our goals for this year.”

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Revelation Online shows off its 20v20 Iron Precipice Blitz map

The newest battlefield in Revelation Online is going to pit you against 20 other people! You’ll have 19 allies yourself, of course, but with your luck none of them are going to be in the same time zone as you while you try to defend a resource point against the entire enemy team. Yes, the Iron Precipice Blitz will ask players to claim resource points while fending off enemy attacks, and victorious teams can walk away with plenty of medals and Army Coins.

Five resource points are scattered throughout the map, and the longer your team controls them, the more resources you generate. The first team to reach 1,000 resources wins the map, so you’ll have to take and hold several points at once to ensure victory. Players can take part in this battlefield Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so if you’re eager to take on a large-scale conflict, today is the day.


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