The Daily Grind: Why don’t more PvP sandboxes have consequences?

Eco’s recent stretch goal reveal tickled my fancy, mainly because I’ve been ranting about the lack of meaningful criminal justice systems in PvP sandboxes for years. If you missed the announcement, Eco’s proposed system has teeth in that possible consequences for criminal behavior include not only permadeath/character deletion but a ban that prevents the account from creating another character on a particular server!

As I did that Citizen Kane clap and mouthed the word “finally” while reading the announcement, I got to thinking about why all these other PvP sandbox devs lack the stones to do something similar. Is it too hard? Is it too impractical? Is it because they don’t care about building an actual sandbox and would rather build another meaningless me-too MMO that’s a combat simulator instead of a virtual world? What do you think, MOP readers? Why don’t more PvP sandboxes have harsh consequences for criminal gameplay?

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Ask Mo: The state of Massively Overpowered

Ask Mo is back, and today Mo and I are answering a few meta questions about Massively OP itself. Our first question is from long-time supporter Pierre:

Hello guys! I’ve been worrying for a long time now about something. I think I know the answer to my question, but I wanted to be sure because MOP is such a great website and I feel you’re in your element with the freedom you get from running the site yourself, and I don’t want to see the site disappear in the near future. So my question basically is: How does it go financially? Can the site live on with all the incomes from the Patreon (not much but normal for Patreon) and from advertising? Do you need another Kickstarter or crowdfunding campaign?

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The Daily Grind: What are your fall MMO gaming plans?

Hope you had a good summer, ’cause it’s pretty much over. Yes ma’am, we’re staring right into the pumpkin spice corridor known as “fall,” which means that things are about to get downright crazy in MMO town.

So what are your plans for this fall? Will you be picking up Heart of Thorns? Is WildStar’s free-to-play conversion got you anxious to head back? Do you anticipate BlizzCon sparking back up your World of Warcraft interest? What about Star Wars: The Old Republic’s new episodic content? Or maybe you have grand plans for a project in a game you’re already playing!

Whatever it is, spill. We’re all ears.

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A fireside chat with Firefall’s executive producer

For a tumultuous period of time, Firefall was in freefall, having crossed the spectrum of gamer goodwill about as fast as was humanly possible. This talked-up title was soon dismissed for Red 5’s radically shifting design that alienated more than it attracted.

However, Firefall’s been making steady and encouraging progress over the past year with content updates, welcome features, and market expansion. We checked in with Executive Producer Chris Whiteside to get more details on what’s going on behind the scenes, both in development and operation, of this sci-fi MMO.

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The Daily Grind: What’s the best MMO testing experience you’ve ever had?

I know I’m not alone in feeling beta-fatigue. I hear the same things I feel from you folks in our comments and from our writers too. We’re tired of being asked to pay to perform QA duties for game studios. We’re tired of games rushing to “open beta” soft launches so they can make a quick buck. And maybe above all else, we’re tired of having so much of the game experience spoiled before the “real game” begins.

I didn’t always feel that way, though. When MMORPGs were few and far between, I gobbled up testing experiences, which meant that while I alpha’d classic Anarchy Online (yes, it was that bad) and love to tell the “monsters-that-way sign” story from Horizons, I also got in on the ground-floor with insanely fun betas like Asheron’s Call’s and Star Wars Galaxies’. I even got to test a very early version of World of Warcraft thanks to a dear friend, and I pretty much had to be dragged back out of it because I had such a great time.

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The Daily Grind: How much money have you spent on MMO player housing?

I’ve got player housing on the brain this week, as decorating my Nar Shaddaa sky palace has accounted for most of MMO playing time here lately. It’s so expensive, though, that I might not be able to finish it!

For starters, you have to pay huge amounts of either in-game credits or cash shop funny money to unlock all nine rooms in the house. Then there are 475 item slots to fill, and depending on your tastes, you’ll be spending a pretty penny on those, too. MassivelyOP’s Larry once told me that he spent $30 million in-game credits decorating a SWTOR stronghold!

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MMO Week in Review: Guild Wars 2 reimagined (August 30, 2015)

Were you too busy gaming this week to pay attention to MMO news? Get caught up every Sunday evening with Massively Overpowered’s Week in Review!

It’s been a giant week for Guild Wars 2 as we count down to the now-50-odd days until Heart of Thorns launches, though it’s not been without its bumpy roads. ArenaNet announced the Thief elite spec and next beta date, handed out its third anniversary gifts, committed to an October 23rd expansion release, and revealed a new raiding endgame and free base-game business model, though the last pair bobbed in the wake of a badly timed leak. Plus, Massively OP’s GW2 columnist, Tina Lauro, debated the merits of datamining.

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.

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The MOP Up: Another stab at Game of Thrones

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. See any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we’ll look at another attempt at working the Game of Thrones franchise into an MMO, get a sneak peek into Colonies Online’s alpha, rejoice in Elsword’s new guild housing, and more!

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One Shots: Pin-up calendar

Here’s an interesting idea: using screenshots to make a calendar! Reader Elana was part of a team that did just that in The Secret World: “Earlier this year, Radio Free Gaia DJ Psywarrior proposed the idea of creating a ‘pin-up calendar’ on the RFG forums, from which I ended up covering 10 months of players out of the 12 months as their screenshotographer.

“Each player signed up for a Miss or Mister January/February/etc. slot, from which they would have to DM me to generate ideas of where they could have their images taken, and schedule what could run up to an hour at a time posing and going through all sorts of emotes and weapon abilities together.”

DJ Psywarrior added that the project took “long, long hours” and that she is already hard at work preparing for the 2016 calendar, the proceeds of which will go to charity. It was incredibly hard to pick just one of the pin-ups for today’s headliner, but I really liked the rich gold hue in this one.

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The Daily Grind: Would you buy toys based on your favorite MMO?

I’m not going to lie – I want a goblin playset from Final Fantasy XIV. They’ve got so many fun accessories to play with, what with all the tanks and vangobs and so forth. It seems like the sort of thing that would be endless fiddly fun. And I can’t be the only one, as those little World of Warcraft action figures and so forth keep getting made.

Maybe you’re not one for having physical objects cluttering up your desk, and maybe you really hate when you have a new statue or toy inside of a collector’s edition that forces you to find somewhere to put things. But perhaps the only thing keeping you from spending a few hundred dollars on your favorite game’s toys is that they don’t exist. So if your game of choice had toys, would you buy them? And if they do exist, have you bought any in the past?

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WRUP: Eorzean power couples edition

Usually, my introduction to our weekly What Are You Playing feature is a testament to the things I find funny. It’s not meant to make a great deal of sense, and in fact in those cases I usually try to back off if it feels like I’m piecing together too much of a narrative or something. Other times, I just have a really nice picture of my character and her wife in Limsa Lominsa and I decide that I just want to use that as the header without any larger joke.

It’s a good picture, that’s all. I think they look like they’re posing for a movie poster.

Anyhow, you probably know what I’m playing (because it’s always the same things) but you don’t know what the rest of the Massively Overpowered staff is playing. You can find that out down below. You can tell us what you’re playing in the comments, too! We find that stuff genuinely interesting.

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The Daily Grind: The best MMO ever will be announced tomorrow

Tomorrow, it will happen.

Tomorrow, the curtains will be pulled back and the greatest MMO ever will be announced. Millions will gasp. Thousands will swoon. Pre-orders will be swamped. Competitors will quake in their crocs.

Tomorrow, we will discover what this incredible game will be. It will be everything you have ever wanted in an MMO, and it will be perfect. It will please not only you but the larger internet community. It will be an instant hit and endure for decades to come.

But we don’t want to wait until tomorrow, so why don’t you tell us right now what this game will be?

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