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Official Site: MU Legend
Studio: Webzen
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Action MMORPG
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Betawatch: Destiny 2 is coming to the PC (March 31, 2017)

All the speculation and hopes turned out to be true; Destiny 2 will be coming to the PC as well as consoles, with a launch in September and a beta this summer. We haven’t yet had a confirmation that the sequel will allow you to ride on magical ponies or feature a third-person camera, but I’m sure that wishing hard enough makes things happen. Why not, at this point?

Other beta news with significantly less destiny did occur this week, naturally:

Oh, and there’s a list of stuff down below. What sort of stuff? Games in testing, mostly. Some of them might have jumped test phases without us noticing though, and if so, do clue us in down in the comments.

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Mu Legend will soft launch across the globe with an open beta summer 2017

Webzen formally announced this morning that the global edition of Mu Legend — i.e., the version of the hack-n-slash sequel our readers are most likely to care about — will hit open beta in what looks to be a soft launch this summer for all regions, excepting South Korea, of course, where the game has already launched.

The studio says that “the last remaining months of development will be dedicated to the fine-tuning of the new features added to the open beta, such as the trading NPC, the 3v3 PvP mode and more.” In response to players complaining about the length of the testing period, Webzen’s Facebook rep said, “We think it’s better to take time than rush. The first closed beta was only starting 5 months ago. We’ll make sure players don’t wait too long. More news in the coming weeks.”

You can indeed still sign up for the beta on the official site, though it’s not yet clear whether there will be another closed round of testing between now and the open beta.

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The MOP Up: ARK’s console editions get a hair-do (March 26, 2017)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we have stories and videos from Destiny, Eternal CrusadeElder Scrolls LegendsHearthstonePokemon GoMU LegendLineage IIARKUltima OnlineSword of ShadowsGhost Recon WildlandsRagnarok OnlineHeroes and GeneralsElsword, and Dota 2, all waiting for you after the break!

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Betawatch: Albion Online announces its launch date (February 24, 2017)

After extending its beta well into 2017, Albion Online has announced its date for officially leaving that hallowed state: July 17th, 2017. Just a few months away! So if you were worried that “well into 2017” meant the fall, you can rest easy. The game has also looked at adjusting some of its open PvP zones, so that’s also a good thing.

Other news? Aw, of course, anything for you:

You can also find our full list just below, replete with all sorts of games which are in testing. Did something jump test phases without us noticing? That’s awful; let us know about it so we can fix it. Or just scroll down the list and look for what you’d be interested in playing, we’ll accept either.

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The Stream Team: Sharing a first look at MU Legend with closed beta codes

Are you curious about MU Legend? Massively OP’s MJ is: She’s diving in to take a first look at this sequel-in-the-making during its second closed beta. Of course, she always prefers to play game with friends, so you are all invited to join her! Grab a key here from the post and jump in to experience it all for yourself. Tune in live at 8:00 p.m. as OPTV‘s infamous Stream Team brings you a peek into…

What: MU Legend
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

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MU Legend kicks off second CBT while MU Origin opens a PvP server arena

Webzen’s been quite busy building its expanded MU universe up in its bedroom while its mom keeps calling it down to dinner. “Not now, Mom, I’ve got a beta test to roll out!” floats down the stairs.

Indeed, the second closed beta test for MU Online’s sequel, MU Legend, revved up today. The CBT will run from February 21st through the 28th and includes several new localization languages, including French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish, and Polish. Over 200,000 players pre-registered to be part of the first closed beta, and any of those that participate in CBT2 will find that their character data has not been wiped.

Meanwhile, Webzen’s mobile spin-off, MU Origin, is getting busy with its 1.6 update. This patch opens up a PvP server arena, expands the journal, introduces the Guardian Soul, and adds more character progression with Muren’s Book and a specialty system. Check out trailers for both after the break!

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MU Legend posts CBT2 teaser trailer, Valentine’s Day promo

MU Legend, the latest entry in Webzen’s MU series, has a brand-new teaser video out this week to promote its second global closed beta test, which runs the very last week of February beginning on the 21st.

“Players can use this time to explore many of the unique features of MU Legend, including the three different levelling systems. MU Legend incorporates three separate levelling systems that enhance play in different ways: EXP Level, obtained by completing quests, dungeons, and defeating enemies, this levelling system automatically improves the character’s stats; Soul Level, which acts similarly to EXP Level, except the Soul Level has its very own tree to improve stats and passive abilities; and Account Level, the sum of the Soul Levels of all the characters on the account. This offers permanent boosts for all characters.”

Webzen is currently running a Valentine’s Day promotion offering players double keys for the beta — one for themselves and one for their significant others. We’ve still got a few keys left from our last giveaway too; in the meantime, here’s the new teaser trailer.

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Massively OP’s guide to Valentine’s Day around the MMORPG verse

Ready for sappy questlines, particle effects that look like hearts, and lots — and I do mean lots — of pink? Valentine’s day has arrived in the real world and many of the pretend worlds inside MMORPGs (for some reason). And who are we to fuss when the events are all about candy and cheap romance? Nobody, that’s who. Read on for our guide to Valentine’s Day around the MMORPG verse!

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Grab a CBT2 key for Webzen’s dark fantasy action MMO MU Legend

Feb 7: Webzen has let know that the first batch of keys it sent us wasn’t working and sent us a new batch. If your key was busted, grab a new one below.

Webzen is kicking off the second round of its closed beta for the global version of MU Legend later this month — on February 21st, in fact. MU Legend is the hack-n-slash “dark fantasy action MMORPG” sequel/prequel to the original Mu Online, which itself launched in the golden age of MMOs back in 2003.

“It features fluid and stunning hack ‘n’ slash combat, content that caters to both solo and party play, and a deep and intriguing world that will satisfy new players and fans alike. Players can choose from four distinct classes – Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, and War Mage – and engage in the endless battle between the races in the world of MU. MU Legend offers spectacular visuals that will run on lower-end systems and boasts detailed art design with stunning effects.”

If you’d like to hop in and check it out for yourself when CBT2 begins, then get yourself a key! We’ve got 5000 keys for just that, courtesy of Webzen. Do note that if you picked up a key for the first round last fall, you’re already in. Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) for a key!

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Jesper Kyd scores MU Legend — and you can listen to some of it now

Webzen has brought on board a heavy-hitter to compose the soundtrack for its upcoming MU Legend. The studio announced that it tapped Jesper Kyd to create the score for the sequel to MU Online.

Kyd is an award-winning Danish composer who’s worked in the video game industry since 1990 and is perhaps best-known for his scores on Assassin’s Creed, Darksiders II, and the Borderlands series. He does have previous experience with online MMOs, having worked on both The Chronicles of Spellborn and Heroes and Generals.

You can listen to two preview tracks of MU Legend’s score after the break!

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Betawatch: The Repopulation changes hands (January 20, 2017)

The good news for fans of The Repopulation is that the game is coming back online. The bad news is… well, it’s completely changed hands, with Idea Fabrik (owners of the Hero Engine) taking the game and making it their own. Will it be as good as it could have been? Will it release and be stable? We just don’t know right now. But it’s coming back. The owners are also starting just by bringing the alpha back online, lest you expect a whole new game out of the gate.

And there’s more beta news! Oh, boy, is there ever more beta news.

And yes, there’s a list, and it’s just below. Did we miss something in there? Let us know down in the comments. Do you want to share your opinions on this week’s beta news? Do so in the comments. Sharing feelings about betas? That’s what the comment section is for, folks, don’t let us stop you.

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Perfect Ten: Mobile MMOs coming in 2017

This past year, we couldn’t seem to go a week without bumping into news of some new mobile MMO or a tablet spin-off of some existing franchise. It seems as though the mobile market is still blowing up, and MMORPG developers are looking for a way to take advantage of the popularity and market penetration that these devices offer.

What does this mean? It means that in 2017, we have a whole lot of games heading our way. With any luck, some of them might unseat the low-quality half-breeds that seem to make up a bulk of the existing mobile MMO library and set a higher standard for fun and engagement.

Let’s take a look at about two dozen mobile MMOs we could be getting in 2017 — and which ones might be the new contenders for our undivided attention. Unless we mention otherwise, these titles will be coming out for both iOS and Android platforms.

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Webzen releases G-Star trailers for MU Legend and Azera: Iron Heart

Going to Seoul for G-Star next week? Probably not, but if so, I’m jealous. If you were going, you’d be able to check out Webzen’s new offerings, including MU Legend and Azera: Iron Heart. There are art books on sale too… ah hell, we just lost Eliot to the art book line. Be right back.

“First, exhibition area for PC online game MU Legend has a theatrical 3D panoramic screen installed for the visitors to enjoy Webzen’s G-star exclusive game trailer. There will be multiple events and giveaways, giving out high end graphic cards and other quality MU Legend gifts. In the play test area for MU Legend, visitors will be able to experience the game themselves. With the Official version, players will be able to revisit popular nostalgic dungeons such as Blood Castle as well as new key content Epic Dungeon.

“Exhibition for mobile game Azera: Iron Heart contains Trick Art sculpture and a large Titan model. In the game play area, there will be a cinematic trailer and a gameplay demo for visitors to experience the pinnacle of 3D mobile gaming. PvP (player versus player) section is also prepared for users to experience Azera’s real time PvP experience. Also, Webzen has prepared cosplay of main characters in MU Legend and Azera: Iron Heart. In both exhibition area, popular racing models dressed up and cosplay to join the fun.”

MU Legend debuts early next year, while Azera should be out before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Moon over the trailers from home right here:

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