NetEase soft-launches WoW-like mobile MMORPG Crusaders of Light today

Soft-launching today on both the iOS and Android markets is a new mobile MMORPG from Netease dubbed Crusaders of Light. It was originally released as Land of Glory overseas last month (and was tremendously popular in China), but it’s gotten a name-change and a spruce-up for the western market. You’ll notice immediately that it seems to have an awful lot in common with vanilla World of Warcraft, from its stylized graphics to its 40-man PvE raiding endgame. It boasts 25×25 battlegrounds, small-scale ranked arenas, guild ladders, mounts, and loot out the wazoo too.

As I write this, it’s not yet up for download publicly on either platform for me in the US; it looks to be trickling out to Oceania first today, then Europe, Russia, Brazil, and North America in time for the official launch this summer. You can preregister on the official site, and yes it’s free-to-play with plenty of stuff to buy on the side.

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Revelation Online shows off the many paths to wings

You don’t want to walk in Revelation Online; you want to fly away. (Just like a dragonfly.) Fortunately, the game gives you wings pretty early on, so you can explore the world from the air as you wish. The most recent preview on the official site shows several of the diverse wings available to players in the game, ensuring that players of all styles can soar through the air with the greatest of ease.

Wings are available from dungeons as drops, but wings can also be crafted by breaking down unwanted sets of wings. You can also earn specific sets by crafting a new set from several reputation items. In short, you needn’t worry that you’ll suffer from a paucity of wing options, from insect-like dragonfly wings to billowing energy in vague wing shapes. Check out the full dispatch for more information on how to take to the skies.


Revelation Online explains the leveling and advancement of Special Skills

Your normal skills in Revelation Online are what you use for 90% of the game, obviously. That’s why they’re normal skills, after all. You rely upon them and they serve as stalwart workhorses. But then there are the Special Skills, detailed in the most recent post on the official site. You can earn a few of them almost automatically through tutorial quests and consecutive logins, but most of the others must be earned through raising reputation.

The skills themselves have large effects that can turn the tide of a battle in your favor, so it only makes sense that they’d also have entirely independent advancement options for players. You can level up several aspects of your special skills including cooldowns, duration, damage, and cost; higher-ranked skills will obviously take more time to improve than lower-ranked skills. The Special Skills are your big guns that allow you to do things your class otherwise would be unable to do, so it’s worth understanding just how big the guns can be. You can try them out yourself when the game hits open beta on March 6th.


Revelation Online starts open beta on March 6

Are you unwilling to pay for beta access but also desperately curious about playing Revelation Online? You won’t have to wait much longer. The game’s open beta begins on March 6th, starting in English only with French and German localizations to come afterwards. Early access, however, will start on February 27th, so if you do own an appropriate founder’s pack you’ll be able to get in on the action this month. Pretty shortly, even.

Players will also be able to access the name reservation feature starting today for owners of the deluxe founder’s pack. Players who own a lower tier will be able to reserve their names starting on February 16th, so you’ll have to let people who spent a little more get first dibs on xX_Naruto_Xx. There’s also a new video showing off the Occultist in action, which… isn’t really related to anything else, but it’s still there for those who want it.

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Revelation Online’s third closed beta is over, the next steps are in the works

The third closed beta for Revelation Online has come to a close, and that means it’s time for players to start speculating about the game’s next test phase. There’s no firm announcements on what comes next, but you can tell the game is approaching its more open stages, as name reservations are opening up on February 14th for players. There is, of course, the possibility that something will go wrong and the feature will have to be postponed, but the plan is in place.

As for more elaborate testing plans, the developers will be sharing more finalized future plans for the game with a new schedule sometime next week. Considering when name reservation is happening, it seems unlikely that you’ll have to wait long before open testing, but nothing is certain just yet. Still, it’s another closed beta down and another step closer to everyone getting to play.


Revelation Online details the many ways to travel the world

There’s a bit of a problem with Revelation Online when it comes to transportation. You get wings, you see, and that begs the question of why you would ever use another mode of movement to get anywhere if you can fly. Fortunately, it’s a question that is also answered right away, as detailed in the most recent entry on the official site. You gain access to your wings at level 29 and slowly gain access to aerial combat skills and upgrades after that, but that’s a lengthy process.

Your first ground mount, however, is available fairly early on and will allow you to get from place to place far more efficiently. You also have access to class-specific mounts at level 69 (nice) that can both walk and fly, and there are mounts that carry passengers such as the mount included in the Founder’s Pack. So there are some situations where you actually will not want to be flying. It might seem strange, but occasionally being on the ground is a good thing.

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Revelation Online introduces future players to Akuta

Look, over there! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the main character an anime that you’d stop watching two episodes in! It’s Akuta, one of the first storyline NPCs you’ll meet in Revelation Online, and if you’ve played through the game’s beta tests you’ve probably met him. If you haven’t, though, you can catch up on what his deal is courtesy of the official site.

The short version is that he’s a guy who likes three things: eating lots of food, shooting demons, and being totally extreme and in your face, dude. You get the idea. Despite all of this, there’s more going on beneath his exterior, and you’re going to have to deal with him as you start your leveling in the game. So it’s a chance to peek beneath the surface if you have met him, or just get an idea of who you will be dealing with if you’re not already well acquainted.


Revelation Online offers players bonus currency for buying currency now

The third closed beta for Revelation Online is running, and you can test out the game’s cash shop right now if you’re in the testing. But maybe you’d like to spend some money on the game while it’s testing? Aside from buying a Founder’s Pack, or possibly in addition to it. Because the game wants you to spend a bit more money, and it’s enticing you to do so by… giving you money.

It’s a very simple promotion at the core. Spend money for cash shop currency now while the game is in beta, and you can spend it freely within the cash shop in this test phase. Since the servers will be wiped, all of that money will be refunded to you after this test, but 15% extra on top of what you would normally get. So you get the money back and more besides, which is a pretty good deal if there’s stuff you already know you want to buy when the game goes live.


Revelation Online details the fine points of aptitude

You’ll earn experience by doing a lot of things in Revelation Online, but don’t you wish that you could earn more experience for doing the same things? That’s where Aptitude comes in. Aptitude is a constantly renewing resource, with characters receiving a certain amount of Aptitude on a daily basis, allowing for additional experience gains so long as there’s more Aptitude in reserve to be used.

What if you can’t log in for a bit? Well, your Aptitude continues to accumulate, and any “overflow” accumulated is stored by an NPC who will sell you that banked Aptitude, up to a daily limit. You can also purchase even more beyond the daily limit, but that will cost you. So you can catch up if you’re unable to log in for a little while or you can just enjoy the daily fruits of your login labor. (For a very generous definition of “labor” here.)


Revelation Online details the basic of its PvP options

In Revelation Online, Saturday night is all right for fighting, as is Sunday night through Friday night. There are lots of ways to fight other players, in other words. A new post on the official site details the most basic routes to PvP, starting with just beating the crap out of other people in the open world. To prevent indiscriminate murder, the game penalizes attacking another player who doesn’t fight back with the Killer mark, which makes you open season for other players to assault you without penalty.

Players can also take part in arenas and battlegrounds, with the former available in 3v3 and the latter hosting 10v10, 20v20, and 30v30 modes. The battlegrounds will also contain PvE elements, and both types will be available in 10-level increments past level 40. If your first thought about getting to play a new MMO is about how you can kill your fellow players, you’ll be happy to know that you have a variety of options to choose between.


Revelation Online shows off its foxes

They’re mysterious. They’re ancient. They’re elegant. They are also, presumably, hiding in the bushes to steal your chickens. They’re the Foxes of Revelation Online, and they’re the subject of the game’s latest lore article. While they tend to look a bit young, Foxes are apparently ancient, differing from humans only insofar as they’ve got, well, enormous fox ears on their heads. Also, they can turn into actual foxes, so that’s a bit different.

Players who seek to curry favor with the Foxes are clearly individuals of discerning taste and will eventually unlock decorative items to make even player characters look appropriately vulpine. Of course, players should also expect to be put to sleep and pranked a few times; Foxes are benevolent, but they also love a good prank. Check out all of the details in the newest lore entry, or just start scouring the current closed beta to find these elusive individuals.


NetEase announces Justice, an MMO four years in the making

If you have more than a passing interest in NetEase’s upcoming Revelation Online, you should also keep an eye on another title that the studio has been developing for four years now. Called Treacherous Waters overseas, the martial arts MMO has been dubbed Justice for English audiences.

Justice is supposedly based on a Chinese novel and will contain plenty of martial arts-style combat and luscious eye candy. The first character from the game, a woman clad in red silk, was shown on a Chinese website and paired with a cryptic description.

We are still waiting to hear more on this MMO-in-the-making. A beta schedule for Justice will be revealed in early 2017.


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