Scope out the Guild Wars 2 Dragonhunter summary

You can’t play a Dragonhunter Guardian in Guild Wars 2 right now no matter how much you might want to be wielding a bow and hunting the third most dangerous game (dragons are third, humans are second, bears with cyborg implants are first). But you can find out a little bit more about how the specialization will work with Dulfy’s summary of the most recent official livestream, which includes a detailed breakdown of the skills on display and several of the trait lines that Guardians will be able to utilize when Heart of Thorns launches.

As you would expect, several of the abilities have obvious benefits for fighting dragons, such as multiple projectile-blocking tricks from the longbow and the class virtues. The traps unique to the specialization are also detailed, with each trap having a short activation time and priming time before it’s ready to start firing; pre-placed traps are ideal if you want their effects to go off quickly. Check out the full summary for more.

[Source: Dulfy; thanks to Nreff for the tip!]


Ubisoft Annecy joins the many teams working on The Division

You remember The Division, right? We sort of do. It was supposed to be released… eventually. Was it supposed to be now? Meh, doesn’t matter, it’s not here yet. But another team has taken on some of the duties of bringing it to life, as Ubisoft Annecy has joined Massive Entertainment, Red Storm, and Reflections in the network of studios collaborating on this one game.

Ubisoft Annecy is likely most familiar to players from Assassin’s Creed multiplayer portions, up to and including Assassin’s Creed Unity. Of course, The Division is supposed to be multiplayer by its very nature, so it’s not yet clear exactly what Annecy will be doing in the game. We’ll just have to wait and see.

[Source: Ubisoft blog]


Echo of Soul trailer puts the spotlight on PvP

Don’t worry, PvP people — Echo of Soul isn’t going to leave you high and dry. The now-in-closed-beta Korean MMO has released a new video highlighting its violent interpersonal conflict resolution, claiming that players could spend almost all of their game time in PvP if so desired.

Echo of Soul has several PvP modes, including battlegrounds, arenas, guild wars, and one-on-one duels. The video takes you through the Tribulation’s Vale battleground and how combat will take place on the multi-lane field. There’s also discussion how PvP will net guilds crafting resources for the good of all. You can watch it after the break!

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EverQuest Next invites players to the Elf workshop competition

The games aren’t explicitly linked quite the same way any longer, but there’s still plenty of space for Landmark players to strut their stuff in EverQuest Next style. Hence the new forum posting that gives players a style guide for the elves of the setting as well as the architecture found in the now-ruined Takish empire. While the elves had once traveled the stars, the fall of the once glorious empire means that they simply look up at the stars at night… and, you know, incorporate those designs into their clothes, buildings, and so forth whenever they can.

Why would you care about any of this beyond the lore? Because Daybreak is beginning another building competition, this one asking players to submit Elf- and Takish Empire-style builds in Landmark for consideration in EQN.

More details on the competition are forthcoming, but in the meantime, you can check out the pictures of structures, materials, and layouts on the full style guide.

[Source: EverQuest Next forums, competition]


Heroes of the Storm confirms Kael’thas and promises a Reddit Q&A

Good news, Blizzard fans! Kael’thas Sunstrider has been confirmed as the next hero being added to Heroes of the Storm. Now you can entertain your teammates in chat by insisting that everything bad in a match – dying once, dying seven times, losing the match, being banned for profanity – is merely a setback. Also you can presumably enjoy using his abilities in combat, too; that’s probably a more straightforward approach.

Want to know about how Kael’thas will actually play rather than simply quoting absurd dialogue from his previous appearances? A question-and-answer session is scheduled for May 12th starting at 5:30 p.m. EDT. Players will have an hour and a half to ask questions about the poster boy for selling out your entire species to the Burning Legion, although again, you will probably want to focus on game mechanics over yelling about that.

[Source: Twitter]


Trove previews the upcoming Boomeranger class

Another big patch is coming to Trove in the near future, and it’s bringing along a new class. The class feels… familiar, somehow. We know it’s going to use a bow, bombs, a boomerang, and a sword. And it bashes a lot of monsters. And there’s a reference or two in there to smashing pottery in exchange for valuables…

Oh, wait, it’s riffing on Mega Man. That must be it.

Regardless of any legendary references, the Boomeranger possesses a variety of abilities, including a trick with its eponymous boomerang: catching the thrown weapon on its return flight to reduce ability cooldowns. Check out the quick preview, and get ready for the Monster Bash update as a whole headed to live servers later this month.

[Source: Monster Bash Preview: Boomeranger]


How Skyforge’s invasion system works

The world of Skyforge does not sound like a fun place to live. In addition to everything else that people have to deal with (monsters from the deep, cult leaders, occasionally overspiced Mexican food) you’ll also need to deal with full-on invasions of the planet by Mechanoid forces. The latest developer diary outlines how these invasions work, how players can repulse them, and of course what rewards are offered to players who successfully fend off the invasions.

Rather than being quick affairs, invasions are stretched out over a span of months, starting with the earliest pathfinding forces and ending with the arrival of the Mechanoid’s incarnate deity hoping to lay waste to Aelion. Adventures and special raids open up during the invasion, with only the most experienced immortals able to stand against the masterminds of the enemy forces. Still, everyone needs to pitch in, and taking part in the counter-invasion will go a long way toward advancing on the road to full godhood. Read the article and check out the video below for more details.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic cracks down on RMT ring

In the MMO community, shady websites selling game currency for real currency are considered especially heinous. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, these operations are shut down by an elite squad known as the Creditseller Destroyers. OK, not really; we don’t know what it’s called. We just know that it’s been active because we’ve been informed that it just busted up a nice big credit-selling ring.

It might not even be a squad at all, but that doesn’t play into a Law & Order joke.

A post on the official SWTOR forums reveals that the team had been watching a large ring that spanned hundreds of accounts and took action to shut the whole thing down at once. The net result was hundreds of accounts banned and over nine billion credits removed from the circle. You can probably make your own jokes about whether or not the sellers in question would have made the Hutts proud.

[Source: Official forums; thanks to Tibi and Khalith for the tip!]


Guild Wars 2 unveils the Guardian elite spec: Dragonhunter

Here we are in the wilds of Guild Wars 2 once again, and you can see we’ve got a big old dragon right there. He’s a beauty, he is. The worst thing you could do here, naturally, is shoot him full of arrows from a divinely powered bow, so we’re going to be doing exactly that! Why? Because we’re Dragonhunters, the newly revealed Elite Specialization for the Guardian, and also because killing any and all dragons in Guild Wars 2 is probably just good practice.

Despite its name, the Dragonhunter’s powers work just fine on non-draconic targets. The specialization is focused on giving Guardians a different way to play, making the Virtues more active gameplay mechanics and encouraging players to support their allies while firing from the back lines. It’s a specialization full of traps (including the healing abilities) and support abilities; check out the full reveal for more details on just how you can bring down the big dragons with your new tricks.

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Tree of Life is available on Steam

If you wake up in the morning and find yourself just unable to get enough early access sandbox titles to whet your appetite, you’ll be happy to know that Tree of Life is coming to Steam as an early access title. What is it? Imagine Wurm Online, only Korean, and you’ll be at least halfway there.

Tree of Life plans to release in full by the end of the year, although early access players will get the game cheaper than post-launch players. In its unfinished state players are already able to roam across the world, build settlements, fight off monster sieges, and work together to build anywhere. Check out the Steam page if it sounds like your cup of tea.

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Neverwinter announces its next major update, Underdark

Neverwinter is heading into a dark place with its next major update. Darker than dark, even. Tenatively dubbed Neverwinter: Underdark, the next module will bring players into the eponymous Underdark, exploring kingdoms of Drow and featuring a questline written by well-known fantasy author R. A. Salvatore. Yes, you’ll be fighting alongside Drizz’t. You knew that was coming, don’t pretend you didn’t.

The module is scheduled for release in 2015 on PC, with a console release to follow. More is in the works for players before the next module, however; there will be more fixes to the Elemental Evil content, as well as an update before the module featuring guild housing. All of it is exciting stuff for Neverwinter fans.

[Source: Neverwinter: Underdark Coming in 2015]


ArcheAge outlines the battles in the Sea of Graves

So what sort of nautical nonsense can you get up to in the most recent ArcheAge update? How about beating back a leviathan of the deep and then starting up a three-way war? The battles in the Sea of Graves – a twisted collection of oceanic flotsam overlooked by the statue known as Ezri’s Light – start when the Abyssal Kraken is summoned to the surface, launching an effort by players to defend the statue from the great beast.

Defeating the kraken spawns several valuable scrolls in the area, which can be looted by anyone in the area, including opportunistic scavengers. It also offers players the opportunity to take control of Ezri’s Light and the surrounding islands, prompting combatants from different faction to focus on taking one another down even if they worked together to put down the kraken. Once the island is controlled, however, it’s a race for the controllers to mine valuable resources before other factions sink their ships. Read up on the full flow if you haven’t yet gotten to take part in this particular naval scramble.

[Source: Dread Prophecies Spotlight: Sea of Graves and Abyssal Attack]


Elder Scrolls Online hints at Imperial City, Orsinium DLC

The next major milestone for The Elder Scrolls Online is its console release, obviously. But what comes after that? When can players on the PC actually expect to start seeing some new content? What about these whispers about the Imperial City? When do players get to reach the fireworks factory? After the console launch, apparently.

Yes, a quick tweet did not explain exact dates in detail, but it made the overall thrust of things clear. The Imperial City will be released some time after the console launch, with Orsinium slated to come out after that. That could mean both will be out in the next few months, but more importantly it means that players can expect to hear more about it just as soon as the console version is finished with testing and on the shelves.

[Source: Twitter; thanks to Ricky for the tip!]


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